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Found 658 results

  1. Hello! Bonjour! I am a huge fan of Gaga if that's not already obvious. What am I supposed to say here anyway?
  2. Hi! I recently joined here and I just want to say that Fifth Harmony, Little Mix, and Camila Cabello are my life. I like to think that my taste is as basic as you can get.
  3. For all of you who don't want to make an extra thread to introduce yourself, you can give us a short introduction here! Tell us something about you and be open for smalltalk with new members! Have fun and rihmember: First impression does count!
  4. Hellooooo everyone some of you might know me from twitter (I’m elusivegaby), some others might not. I’m Gabriela, I’m 18 and a friend of mine encouraged me to create this account saying that it’s a lot of fun. Anyways, I’m an aspiring singer and I’m inspired by the legendary, ICONIC singer songwriter, vocalist and producer Mariah Carey (who isn’t lmao) 💁🏻‍♀️. I also love Xtina a lot. I try to post singing covers as often as I can and I write. That’s about it ! Can’t wait to talk to you guys soooooon
  5. Amanda Bynes


    hey uglies (jk)! my pronouns are she/her but people love to refer to me as that bitch because I AM that bitch. I'm new on this site (looks awesome btw, love the design, the purple theme, those little little extra touches, really well donee) although I think the logo could've been better, not that it's ugly, but I would love it of it had some colors in it, you know, I mean, it's in black and white and it screams "pretentious", "boring" etc... which is the total opposite when I see some of the posts here. this place seems very joyful, fun and cool. I actually love this place I'm so glad I moved in here. the other forum was too strict and DULL, discussions here seem more festive. I hope it stays that way. we love some positivity and a good kiki. however... I love riding things like bikes, motorcycles, bicycles and dick-bicycles, I love drawing, listening to music, watching movies... yeah I pretty much enjoy anything that doesn't request a lot of energy. But I ain't lazy tho. I'm a very hard working woman who gets her salary monthly and pays her taxes, like a good citizen should. I am currently single, I live in a house in LA. I think it's haunted. Don't laugh at me. I think a ghost just flicked my v**** as I'm typing this... Oh, nvm its my doggo. Anyway, I think there's a family of ghosts in my house. I do talk and have casual conversations with them at 3 am because... why not? People say it's weird but if we're allowed to own guns, why not talk with ghosts? speaking of, does anyone get weird pegging vibes from Drake? I think he's into that I read it somewhere. ugh he can murder my puci anyday. I also think horror movies and Mila Kunis are overrated. no offense but it's so bleak like... why would u watch something that's only gonna get your adrenaline level sky high? I believe in conspiracy theories and aliens. I think Ariana is in some Illuminati kind of cult. No shade I stan her music but she legit looks like an evil bitch. I love poppers and liquid soap is the only soap I acknowledge i stan the one and only Amanda Bynes (whom I share a lot of things in common) and fuck pomegranates.
  6. Tanooki


    What is your name? - Noah/Tanooki Where are you from? - Colorado Who do you stan? - Juice WRLD, Ariana Grande, Travis Scott Do you have any other hobbies? - Chart predicting, playing drums, playing video games Is there anything else you'd like to share? - I'm 17, bisexual, and I respect women
  7. Hi my name is Josiah, but a lot of my friends just call me by my middle name Blue. I’m from Ohio in the U.S. Ohio’s not a very fun place but it is beautiful in a simplistic way. I stan Lady Gaga the most, but I have a general love for pop music and I can get into about anyone. I love singing, dancing, playing piano, hanging out with friends, theater, and playing Nintendo games with my best friend Sarah. My Instagram handle is @ hoesiahblue11 if you wanna follow it. Thank you for welcoming me into Church of Pop and I hope you all have a wonderful day.
  8. Vhedza1


    Hi. My name is Vernon and I'm from Cape Town South Africa. Cinema, Music and Writing are my equal first loves. Careerwise, I'm a wanna-be Full Time Blogger and Internet Publisher in a state of what I can only describe as a mid-life career 'transition'. Glad to have found this community to share and discuss Pop Culture, the Passion that started me on this new and interesting road. Hope to learn, make a contribution and be entertained.
  9. *TayTay*

    My Intro

    First I'd like to wish anyone from the United States a Happy Thanksgiving. I suppose I could be thankful for getting religion from The Church Of Pop by joining here today. My name is Taylor and I am 18 years old. I am a Freshman Art Education student at a local University. I am also a huge advocate for the LGBQT community and have been in a wonderful relationship with my girlfriend Joana since 7/9/2016. We pretty much finish each others sandwiches even though we do differ highly in our musical tastes. She listens to Heavy Rock and I of course listen to Pop Music. We make it work though. My most major stan is Billie Eilish. I also love Lorde, Madison Beer, Halsey, Bea Miller, Hayley Kiyoko, Olivia O'Brien, Dua Lipa, Julia Michaels, and Melanie Martinez. I look forward to chatting and gossiping about all things Pop Music and Pop Artists with you all. *TayTay*
  10. Ken Zahn


    HELLO STANS its is me, the iconic KEN ZAHN About me: I stan lady gaga very hard and i love her so much!! I am the proud owner of an iconic stan discord server!! I race hydroplanes which are race boats and its a hobby of mine!! i also love to cook, especially Italian food!! I am very nice and funny and would love to make some new friends!! bye for now
  11. Hi, I’m from stan twitter (same username) and I decided to join COP. I stan mainly Lady Gaga and Britney Spears, xoxo
  12. Hi. Music lover here. Into all sorts of music. I had been following/lurking COP several months. Discovered this place through twitter. What else do you wanna know?
  13. Hey, I'm Sophie, 21 from Malta I am a music producer/student and also wanna be a singer. Right now my favourite song is Sweet But Psycho by Ava Max. My favourite artists are Die Antwoord, Charli, Ava, Kim Petras, and Slayyyter please check out my soundcloud:
  14. Hey? Introduce yourself, fag? Well, hello there. I am phoenixstar and I stan for Lady FadGa because she is, simply, TABS (for those who don't know, you will find one in your browser and click "x" while you are there, jk it means Talent, Acclaim, Beauty and Sucess) I am also kinda into KPOP because POP culture is kinda fading (don't worry LG6 is coming to save the day or year or idk but it is COMING!!!!11!!!) so I stan for the talented one obviously so like MAMAMOO, BLACKPINK, EXID and more. What about L**N*? Um, no thank you! But yes, I also stan for Leona Lewis, Carrie Underwood, Dua Lipa (heard she is new pop star, not sure if it is true, how fucked up tho), Rihanna, Marina and I like most of the artist based on the casual stan and nothing more, anyhow. I am graphic designer myself, here is my portfolio (yes, I am inserting shameless promo, a bitch gotta do what bitch gotta do. Whatchu gonna do, bitch?) As you can see from the message above, you can CLEARLY tell that I am a fucking messy bitch but trust me, I can be nice too!
  15. What is your name? Aaron Where are you from? I'm from Ohio, pretty close to Cleveland. Who do you stan? Britney Spears, WWE, Fifth Harmony, Jessica Simpson Do you have any other hobbies? I enjoy going to the gym. I lost 150lbs about 10 years ago so I try to keep up with it. I love a good podcast or Netflix series. Is there anything else you'd like to share? OMG I'm so bad at these. Feel free to checkout my social media.
  16. Well,i'm into Mariah CAREY,i don't know j-lo. tbh i also like to make videos in my free time with Mariah Carey( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjoacS_1UUqzO-DndWONANA ), it's called the same name as i have,ok i'm quite shady,so y'all better be ready!
  17. Hey everyone! I'm just a lazy college student who has too much and too little time on their hands. Admittedly, I could be more of a pop primadonna. But I stan: Rihanna Lana Del Rey Taylor Swift Lady Gaga Florence and the Machine Lorde Grimes Angel Haze And the Primadonna Queen, Marina (Yeah, not all of them are pure pop icons. Fight me 1v1.) (And I also love Azealia Banks's music, but her mouth is savage. Not in a good way, of course.) Well, that's all you really need to know! I'll post more once I finish this coursework. RIP me. Also: you've got some kick-ass emojis
  18. Hell-ow! I'm a bot and I'm from Antarctica. Music is like therapy to me, and I'm a hardcore Melanie Martinez stan! She is such a inspiration to me and her music has helped me alot I like how her music is so dark and meaningful that some ppl only see the dark side and they never get the hidden meaning and messeage given through such dark vibes while I analyze everything and can relate to it. She also talks about dark and real issues ppl nowadays face through her music which I think any other POP artist would not even consider talking about. Apart from that these are some of the artist whom I like listening to: ▪ Liam Payne ▪ Marina and the diamonds ▪ Billy Eyelash (Ik that's not how you spell her name but like it this way XD) ▪ Lana Del Ray ▪ Charlie Puth ▪ Nicki Minaj ▪ Madonna (Etc) My hobby is that I'm a doll collector and a die hard Winx Club fan (don't judge me lol) I have whole collection of MH, EAH, Winx Club, Mattel, Totally Spies and many more dolls and I also love collecting vintage clothing and stuff. That's all you need to know about me Byeeeee!
  19. Physically and by human count i am 3 decades plus. So by my dimension standards i am 65MENTALLY trapped inside of what looks like a teenage body. i have physically seen more bands and have single handedly heard of more music/artist than any human will ever experience throughout their whole lifetime. it is futile to resist the all knowing REXKWONDOCARREY and he'll drop you like a buttered cane i have 0 years of schooling i was completely self taught all on my own how to read and write so please bear with me as i'm currently learning English, sorry for the imperfections in my grammar. PS the real reason i use a lower case i is specific to my self worth... meaning i think very low of myself Professional Piece Of Shit Extraordinaire #hugsfromhEll
  20. Hello there. My name is Andrae and I'm 20yrs old. I love Pop music, but I don't limit myself to just pop only. My favorite artists include Christina Aguilera, Bruno Mars, and Demi Lovato. I love these artists because of their singing abilities as well as their discographies. That's it I guess...
  21. but we can't all make the winning moves on day 1 can we.. Anyways! Hello! Aloha! I've been lurking for a short while, just in time for SWEETENER, and I really enjoyed reading some of the threads made here. Your opinions are very refreshing! I am a big fan of Carly Rae Jepson and my favorite current charting artist is Ariana Grande. I am new to pop forums like this! I like watching movies and engaging in the arts in my free time. I hope you're all doing well, and we can discuss our favorite singers nicely. Mahalo! is there way to change my username besides making another account? Please... Also, songs I am listening to (and recommend!) currently are Delicate - taylor swift Blue - lolo zouai WOO WOO - DIA In The Next Life - kim petras Breakaway - kelly clarcksan What are you currently listening to today?
  22. hello ladies and bussy boys✨ Its your good sis Devin aka C0UXPER2 on twitter. As a legendary twitter user and known clap backer I can assure you my content on this realm of the internet will be filled with laughs, the hard truth, and some serious dragging. I am a hardcore Mariah Carey stan She is my inspiration as a singer and songwriter she IS the queen of music and no one else will tell my black ass other wise. I also stan (Tamar braxton, Lady Gaga, Azealia Banks, Amy Winehouse, Ariana Grande, Beyoncé (sometimes)and etc) I love making friends and expressing myself so if you want to engage with me I’m ready 😘❣️
  23. after years of lurking i finally decided to become a more active stan hahaha nice to meet y'all!!!
  24. Hello Everyone, First of all, i think i had an account here before but forgot the username and password , so sorry for the duplicate account, i barely got in here so yeah I'm sorry anyways... Hello everyone, I'm 24, i'm a guy, I love kpop mainly And also stan others like Britney, Katy, Ariana, Jlo, Xtina, Jojo, Rihanna, Maroon 5, and many more I'm nice and i hope i make some friends in here any questions ? yeah I'm gay AF btw