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Found 32 results

  1. Heartsigh

    Song Alphabet

    We all know it. I will start off with a song starting with an A then the next a B then so on. All That Ive Got - The Used
  2. robi

    Now Playing

    Self-explanatory. What song are you bopping to right now? Astrid S - Party's Over
  3. https://brackify.com/bracket/20595/The-Beyonce-Madness-Bracket The game is pretty simple. I pit 64 Beyoncé songs against each other and it's up to you guys to decide which song is the best. There are six rounds, the round of 64, of 32, of 16, of 8, the semifinals and the finals. Each round you'll have to vote between two songs, which means only half the songs will make it into the next round. A round will last anywhere between five days and a week. I'm going to do a second Madness Bracket in a couple of weeks for Ariana after Sweetener comes out
  4. Same as song one but with artists. I will start with A and go from B and so on. Asking Alexandria
  5. This is just simple, each week or day (If i get enough ratings). I will post a single and you can give it a rating. Now this is quite similar to COPCritic but this is more of a ongoing event. Basically it's never ending. We got the 3 medals that are rewarded to the song ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Gold, Silver, Bronze 100 - 80, 79 - 50, 49- 0, Here is an example ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Now, i need the forum users to suggest me songs. You can post them in the thread or PM me them. They will go in rotation to make sure everyone gets a fair chance! Since the thread can get hectic with all the ratings, i will be doing a taglist that i will use to tag you whenever a new song is announced. Tell me if you want to be added! I know this idea has been done before but it has been abandoned time after time but i promise to try my best to keep this cohesive. And i can do that with the help of the COPers. One way to keep in touch with this thread is to follow it (top right). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ FAQ How do we rate? Ratings should be out of 100. After i post the next track (usually with an artwork), you can instantly post the track. Should we add a reason? No! If you want to, you can! Simply calling it shit or a complete bop is fine too What if someone plans to sabotage a score I'll talk to that person, and see what's their deal nnn. Ill keep an eye out! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Taglist ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. This is a very easy game. You pick your favorite song between the 2 posted above you. And then you put your favorite song against the new song. This thread is about Fifth Harmony songs Starter: Worth It vs. Down
  7. Welcome one and all to my game show thread! Really it's just a game I stole from FB or Twitter or something and wanted to bring here so ... How to Play: It's as simple as it gets, every day I'll be pinning a post with a new "topic" and anyone, everyone, whoever wants to get their post count up can share their song choice for said topic. You can, but don't have to, post a link via YouTube or Spotify if you want. And that's it! It's a good way to share some good music and to kinda get a glimpse into each other's minds a wee bit (y'all know I'm nosy af and I like asking questions lol.) In the spoiler below you can find the themes for past days of the Challenge, incase you miss a day and wanna go back.
  8. How the game works: I will provide lyrics from a song and you will try to guess what the song is. First song: 'I feel like I'm on top of the world...'
  9. It's simple. Add "in my ass" to the last song/current song you're listening to! Let's begin Bad Blood in my ass
  10. Alien - 15 Work Bitch - 15 Perfume - 15 It Should Be Easy - 15 Tick Tick Boom - 15 Body Ache - 15 Till It's Gone - 15 Passenger - 15 Chillin' With You - 15 Don't Cry - 15 Brightest Morning Star - 15 Hold On Tight - 15 Now That I Found You - 15 Perfume (The Dreaming Mix) - 15
  11. shmeur

    Initial War

    Simply say who the superior artist with each initials is. I'll post the tallies in a week or so. Dua Lipa vs Demi Lovato Mariah Carey vs Miley Cyrus Avril Lavigne vs Adam Levine Britney Spears vs Big Sean Cardi B vs Chris Brown vs Clean Bandit Jessie J vs Janet Jackson Taylor Swift vs Troye Sivan
  12. I would have given the album a lot more promotion, a tour, a movie (that we all could see), and changed the singles. What would you do to make this great album smash?
  13. Y'all know how this game works Vision of Love vs There's Got to Be a Way
  14. I know this isn't real, I just thought it was hilarious So recently BHAD BHABIE put out a song called "I Got It", a few months prior to that song being released Demi Lovato put out "Tell Me You Love Me" (the song). Today, I noticed that in the pre-chorus of Demi's song she mentions BHAD BHABIE and predicts "I Got It". Evidence: [Pre-Chorus] And all my friends, they know and it's true I don't know who I am without you I got it bad, baby Got it bad
  15. Take the tracklisting from both of these successful pop albums, put them side by side, and bold the track you prefer of the two. At the end, tally which is the winner! 1."Roar" Vs "Welcome to New York" 2."Legendary Lovers" Vs "Blank Space" 3."Birthday" Vs "Style" 4."Walking on Air" Vs "Out of the Woods" 5."Unconditionally" Vs "All You Had to Do Was Stay" 6."Dark Horse" (featuring Juicy J) Vs "Shake It Off" 7."This Is How We Do" Vs "I Wish You Would" 8."International Smile" Vs "Bad Blood" 9."Ghost" Vs "Wildest Dreams" 10."Love Me" Vs "How You Get the Girl" 11."This Moment" Vs "This Love" 12."Double Rainbow" Vs "I Know Places" 13."By the Grace of God" Vs "Clean" 14."Spiritual" Vs "Wonderland" 15."It Takes Two" Vs "You Are in Love" 16."Choose Your Battles" Vs "New Romantics" Prism: 5 1989: 11 (WINNER)
  16. Bold which song you prefer and then which album won. Y'all know the rules. 1. "Gimme More" vs "Consideration" 2. "Piece of Me" vs "James Joint" 3. "Radar" vs "Kiss It Better" 4. "Break the Ice" vs "Work" 5. "Heaven on Earth" vs "Desperado" 6. "Get Naked (I Got a Plan)" vs "Woo" 7. "Freakshow" vs "Needed Me" 8. "Toy Soldier" vs "Yeah, I Said It" 9. "Hot as Ice" vs "Same Ol' Mistakes" 10. "Ooh Ooh Baby" vs "Never Ending" 11. "Perfect Lover" vs "Love on the Brain" 12. "Why Should I Be Sad" vs "Higher" 13. "Outta This World" vs "Close To You" 14. "Everybody" vs "Pose" 15. "Get Back" vs "Sex With Me"
  17. Now, I’m just wondering. What if a certain artist covers a song that could suit their vocals/style. Try to suggest one in this format: <artist> – <song title> by <original artist>, <era>. This is like a ‘what if’ kind of thing like, “What if P!nk sung “Here’s to Never Growing Up” originally by Avril Lavigne? It suits P!nk singing it during her The Truth About Love era.” Of course, I’ll be the first to do so, so I could demonstrate… Katy Perry – “Complicated” by Avril Lavigne, when Katy collabed with The Matrix. And this is why… Also, you could just read the member’s answers and Upvote/Downvote if you agree/disagree with them.
  18. This game is very simple to play Take the tracklisting from both iconic albums, put them side by side, and bold the track you prefer of the two. At the end, tally which one won! Also, check out my other this or that topic! I did Baby One More Time vs Oops! I Did It Again
  19. This game is very simple to play Take the tracklisting from both iconic albums, put them side by side, and bold the track you prefer of the two. At the end, tally which one won!
  20. I'll change the artist after the first page of responses ARTIST ONE: Xtina
  21. Charli XCX

    Song Sorters

    This website has vs. questions that'll decide what your favorite songs are. Try it here: http://jesseepinkman.tumblr.com/songsort And here's my results (for Gaga)
  22. This thread is to post any questions you may have about an artist you don’t stan. I will make sure that a stan of the artist you’re asking about gets back to you quickly. This is not a hate thread. I will not accept questions like “Why is ____ so terrible?” If you want to do that, go to SYG.
  23. POKEMON POP STARS Fight against the pop stars in gym battles to become the best pop girl in the region! GYM 1 GYM 2 GYM 3 GYM 4 GYM 5 GYM 6 GYM 7 GYM 8 ELITE FOUR CHAMPION EVIL TEAM Region 2 coming soon Credit to brex_art for the Images
  24. For this game you will describe your perfect NYE night and post a soundtrack of 8 songs starting at 5:00 PM, going until Midnight, and then chosing ONE song to represent the entire day after Mine would be spending it with someone who admits they like me and we kiss at midnight but like it's unexpected And for the majority of the night we're just running around downtown having fun The Soundtrack 5:00 PM : Love - Lana Del Rey (Lust For Life) 6:00 PM : Dreaming Of You - Cigarettes After Sex (I.) 7:00 PM : Hymn - Kesha (Rainbow) 8:00 PM : Just Like Honey - The Jesus And Mary Chain (Psychocandy) 9:00 PM : Carry Me Home Pt. 1-2 - Jorja Smith (Project 11) 10:00 PM : Ribs - Lorde (Pure Heroine) 11:00 PM : Dress - Taylor Swift (reputation) 12:00 AM : You Are In Love - Taylor Swift (1989) Day : New Year's Day - Taylor Swift (reputation) Three Taylor Swifts In A Row
  25. The game is simple. Take the track listing of both iconic albums, put them side by side, and bold the track you prefer of the two. At the end, tally which one won! Copy and Paste this to respond cuz I know you all are lazy af Here is mine: Drowned World/Substitute for Love vs. Hung Up Swim vs. Get Together Ray of Light vs. Sorry Candy Perfume Girl vs. Future Lovers Skin vs. I Love New York Nothing Really Matters vs. Let It Will Be Sky Fits Heaven vs. Forbidden Love Shanti/Ashtangi vs. Jump Frozen vs. How High The Power of Goodbye vs. Isaac To Have and Not to Hold vs. Push Little Star vs. Like it Or Not Mer Girl vs. Fighting Spirit Ray of Light - 6/13 Confessions on a Dance Floor - 7/13