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  1. Which 'Wow' song do y'all prefer? Avril recently released Bigger Wow as part of her new album. However, Kylie released her iconic bop Wow several years ago. Which do you prefer? I like both but Wow is slightly ahead for me!
  2. If Simone was still alive? They had so much potential, they can sing, dance, perform, they had star power and they were all pretty and attractive. And unlike some other groups G.R.L's members had a great relationship with each other and they're still friends they released bops after bops They had 4 strong vocalists, some groups don't even have ONE
  3. Did you like it? Tbh I feel like she keeps releasing the same cheesy songs since 2010 and I'm not here for it! There are some cute bops on the album though and the iconic classic Dumb Blond ofc
  4. Hey guys found something cool! Post your most played of 2018 which spotify mixs up for you. https://spotifywrapped.com/en/ Mines a lie and half because I know I dont listen to that much Nicki but eh
  5. This absolute BOP comes to mind. It should have been the last single from Dua Lipa. The hit that got away!
  6. A thread for people that collect CD's! Since I'm 24 and know the time before Spotify and youtube excisted. I used to collect money as an 8 year old to buy my fave's latest album. When I had it I felt like I was the happiest girl in the world! My collection: Katy Perry: One of the Boys MTV Unplugged Teenage Dream Prism Witness Lady Gaga: The Fame The Fame Monster Born This Way ARTPOP(x2) Cheek to Cheek Joanne Fifth Harmony: Better Together Reflection 7/27 Fifth Harmony Christina Aguilera: Christina Aguilera Stripped Back to Basics Keeps Getting Better Bionic Lotus Sugababes: One Touch Angles With Dirty Faces Three Taller In More Ways (With Mutya and with Amelle) Overloaded Change Catfights and Spotlights Sweet 7 The Spice Girls: Spice Spice World Forever Greatest Hits I also have: Mutya Buena - Real Girl Natalia Kills - Perfectionist Natalia Kills - Trouble Foxes - Glorious Foxes - All I Need Ke$ha - Animal and Canibal Alesha Dixon - Do It For Love P!nk - Greatest Hits TLC - Now & Forever (Greatest Hits) Pussycat dolls - PCD Meghan Trainor - Thank You Kimbra - Vows Jessie J - Who You Are Gwen Stefani - This is what the truth feels like Esmee Denters - Outta Here Cascada - Evacuate the dancefloor Alexandra Burke - Overcome Liberty X - Thinking It Over Dido - Life for Rent I need a new CD case CD's that I still need: Katy Perry - Teenage Dream the complete confesion. Alesha Dixon's other albums What about you? Post your collection!
  7. This thread is dedicated to all the R&B lovers on Church Of Pop where you can discuss anything related to the genre (as shown below) - Artists - The Genre Itself - New Music - Albums/EP's/Mixtapes - Style anything else you want to discuss that's also related to the genre are also welcome to this thread (Neo Soul & Alternative artists can be mentioned here too since both these genres can sometimes fall into the R&B category) Since COP is mainly about pop artists and most R&B artists don't get talked about a lot here I want to show more variety to members who have a different taste in music Enjoy this thread and happy discussing
  8. I have to go with B'Day. It was too funk for my taste and too much noise?What about u
  9. Albums in the picture: Kate Bush - Hounds of Love; Animal Collective - Merriweather Post Pavilion; Lana del Rey - Born to Die; FKA Twigs - LP1; Big Black - Atomizer; They Might Be Giants - Flood; Grimes - Visions; Talking Heads - Remain in Light; Radiohead - OK Computer; Allie X - Collxtion II; The Velvet Underground - The Velvet Underground & Nico; David Byrne - Feelings; St. Vincent - St. Vincent; Beck - Sea Change; Fiona Apple - Tidal; The Shins - The Worm's Heart; Tame Impala - Currents; Björk - Post Thought of making this thread for those who like their music less mainstream, be it old or new.
  10. What is an era that you think was highly successful during one part of it but it also flopped during the rest of the era? (Doesn't have to be in that order btw)
  11. Both #1 debuts and bops that came in 2011. Which bop is superior?
  12. Ariana Grande - "Into The Clouds" 1. Moonlight 2. Imagine 3. Breathin' 4. Touch It 5. Daydreamin' 6. NASA 7. In My Head 8. Goodnight N Go 9. Only 1 10. Love Me Harder 11. Thinkin' Bout You 12. Ghosthin
  13. Well it’s been 11 hours since TUN has been out a full day for some users so which songs are in your trinity laid ease?? Fake Smile, Ghostin & Bloodline
  14. In the style of it's predecessors (R&B, Alt, Metal, Country), starting a thread for the rock fans on COP to discuss their fave rock acts/songs/etc. Share videos, opinions, whatever ... ya'll know how this goes.
  15. I personally love remixes... even to the point where I have a playlist full of Mariah remixes that weren't included in her original remix album Also I'm talking about dance remixes, and my favorite remixes are from Mariah and Gaga. They both have remix albums and multiple dance club hits for a reason! Also I don't mind rap/hip-hop remixes either, and once again Ms. Carey excels in this field too! How about y'all? How y'all feel about remixes?
  16. I am making a general discussion thread for all country music because I want somewhere to discuss it and post about what I am listening to in the genre. I also don't think individual country artists would have a big enough fanbase for a stanbase thread. So to start off I will post the amazing current #1 on Billboard's Country Radio chart:
  17. Love Me Harder> Breathin> STS> Break Up GF> That other one
  18. *tonight's random Blue question brought to you by BoyzIIMen* Let's talk about flops. Not what y'all consider flop artists ... songs. Literal commercial failures. What are some songs y'all absolutely adore that were considered to be major flops? I mean singles that were released that barely charted/didn't chart. This is the song that provoked the inquiry ... Released in 1998 as the final single from BoyzIIMen's third album, Evolution, Doin' Just Fine peaked on the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Airpay at #33. This following on the heels of two Billboard Hot 100 top 10s with 4 Seasons of Loneliness (peaked at #1) and A Song for Mama (the group's final top 10 hit, peaking at #7). The group's previous albums garnered 7 BB Hot 100 top ten singles. They also share the record for most weeks spent at #1 on the BB Hot 100 with Mariah Carey. After Evolution ... things went downhill, but I still love them. And I always will bc their music is amazing and they're still just as great today as they were in 1991. Your turn ... gimme the flops! Y'all know I enjoy 'em!
  19. Hello COP, today I would like to discuss the Britney Album that is named Britney Jean I think that this album is very under-rated. It has gotten better with time and it has a lot of bops like Body Ache, It Should Be Easy, Tik Tik Boom and Chillin’ With You. Some of these tracks would be killer at a party! I am not saying this is her best album, or on the same level as Femme Fatale or Blackout but it is actually a good album and it has some good tracks that are are enjoyable to listen to. Thoughts?
  20. Would you watch Selena Gomez live if she came to your city? I definitely would
  21. Let's face it ... some of these fandom names are silly af. So ... I'm curious (I know, I know ... what's new) if y'all could change the name of any of the fandoms you're a part of, would you? If yes, what would you change it to?
  22. So I noticed that both albums have 12 songs let's do a track-by-track comparison of Ari's debut and most recent releases! Honeymoon Avenue vs. Imagine Baby I vs. Needy Right There vs. NASA Tattooed Heart vs. Bloodline Lovin' It vs. Fake Smile Piano vs. Bad Idea Daydreamin' vs. Make Up The Way vs. Ghostin You'll Never Know vs. In My Head Almost Is Never Enough vs. 7 Rings Popular Song vs. Thank U, Next Better Left Unsaid vs. Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored
  23. Well, now that TU,N is out- which album is your fave?