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  1. For me, Teenage Dream is, the strings that make you feel reflective and melancholy, the subtle synths that make it poppy, the lyrics that tell a story but don't sacrifice the melody, it's timeless, wow...yeah
  2. yass maddie https://soundcloud.com/aliennia/mccannt
  3. I always thought they said “hoesen/hosen up my buttons” and I don’t know English that well so it made sense now I checked the lyrics and it’s actually LOOSEN??? I literally can’t hear it even if I’m trying to
  4. rip to an icon EDIT: The title makes it seem like they're moving to streaming only. However, they're just making a dedicated music app. iTunes features movies, music videos, music, etc. So they're stopping that and they're just going to make a music only app where you'll be able to purchase songs. However, iTunes will be gone so still, rip to an icon
  5. Quite a few people are releasing singles/EPs tomorrow. Which release are you more excited for?
  6. In the style of it's predecessors (R&B, Alt, Metal, Country), starting a thread for the rock fans on COP to discuss their fave rock acts/songs/etc. Share videos, opinions, whatever ... ya'll know how this goes.
  7. If you use last.fm you can see it there, but if you don't I'm sure you remember the songs you've listened to the most this year. Mine: Ariana Grande - 7 rings BTS - Boy With Luv Ariana Grande - thank u, next Ava Max - Sweet but Psycho Ariana Grande - break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored Very diverse
  8. We got one for country rnb and indie music but im making one for one of the best genres out there metalcore. The genre that owns andy biereack, denis stoff and oli skyes. Metalcore can come in all kinda rock. Even panic! At the disco belongs here under post hardcore. My chemical romance even good charlotte can be talked about. Our inner emo/scremo comes all these amazing bands. Here is a few playlists of these great genres We got Asking Alexandria & New Years Day badges too if ya apart of the metalcore scene ♡
  9. HEY I'M BACK AFTER A 5 MONTH OR SO HIATUS okay so uh your birth month is a song from "thank u, next" (I got 7 rings) January: imagine February: needy March: NASA April: bloodline May: fake smile June: bad idea July: make up August: ghostin September: in my head October: 7 rings November: thank u, next December: break up with your girlfriend, I'm bored
  10. Ally fans rejoice! I can hear the hit already Ally is coming to serve!
  11. Was this a surprise release or was there promo? Because I never heard of this until @Burning Up told me to stream a song in it which featured Madge Stream Soltera!!!!
  13. OTR is 6x #1 on H100. OTR blocked Taylor, Shawn and will probably block Justin. Its streams are insane pulling in 100m streams every week W/O a music video. Imagine the streams and views once the music video drops and plus the song is still growing on radio Who will stop Nas Maraj? How many more weeks will it stay at #1? Will it beat Mariah's record?
  14. For Iggy, when I watched and listened to Work so many times and I realized she hustled her fucking PHAT ass off, I had to stan ha, her debut was digestable, she was a badass, I just had to stan When Love by Lana finally grew on me and I listened to her whole discography...yeah I had to stan on that one too JT - Sexyback made me stan, then when I heard True Blood, Not A Bad Thing, I died Carrie Underwood - Church Bells Panic! At The Disco - Hey Look Ma, I Made It and Miss Jackson Katy - Her whole damn discography tbh
  15. Find yours here: US: https://playback.fm/birthday-song UK: https://playback.fm/birthday-song-uk
  16. And I am ANGRY because I can't find it anywhere online at all! I clicked through all the ads on that stupid pathetic site xclusivejams only to find the link there already EXPIRED. Then I PM-ed 3 different madonna nation members (you'd think they'd have it since they are her OG fans) and guess what? None of them shared it with me! Which is just rude, if I had good material from one of the pop girls I'd spread it to everyone like I did many times on here too. So then I logged onto GGD (and I haven't been on there in forever) and PM-ed some people for the link but of course they are not online now...I am annoyed, I just want to know what it sounds like Why is there not a good site that collects leaks anymore
  17. Well it’s been a good amount of time since ME! has been rihleased and these are my rankings Love Story > WANEGBT > SIO > ME! > Mine > LWYMMD > Tim McGraw lets see if over time ME! Shall rise or fall
  18. This thread is dedicated to all the lovers of Rap and Hip-Hop where you can discuss anything related to the genre (as shown below) - Artists -Producers - Feuds/Diss Tracks - New Music - Albums/Mixtapes - Lyricism Rap/Hip-Hop producers are always talked about in the urban community so you can feel free to discuss about them too Unlike most genres, Rap is seen as the most objective so anyone can feel free to have arguments in this thread on who has better lyrics, flow etc. But try not to get too personal in here when discussing about this to avoid any tension between members on COP (Pop songs with Rappers featured in them don't count since they fit in the Pop Category obviously) Happy discussion
  19. Keep it cute please, this is about your own faves not anyone else's so if you can't be objective then log out! I wish Iggy didn't retaliate to people online during 2014-15 when she was at her peak, she sorta bit the bait and sabotaged her own career, and I can see Cardi B doing the exact same thing, you in danger girl!
  20. Hello all. I've been asked by several new users over the last few weeks to direct them to the KPOP discussion. And I had to tell them we don't really have any. So since we're growing quite nicely i thought it was time for an official KPOP thread! You can use this thread for general KPOP discussion with fellow COP members. It could also be an educational thread for our western members to learn more about KPOP by asking the knowledgeable members about it. So bookmark this thread and 'FOLLOW' it if you're a KPoper!
  21. For me, Beyoncé is most likely right now. I do think Adele has a shot as well if she keeps up her successsssssssssssssssssssssss. Kanye and Drake could still do it, depends on their career moves.
  22. I am making a general discussion thread for all country music because I want somewhere to discuss it and post about what I am listening to in the genre. I also don't think individual country artists would have a big enough fanbase for a stanbase thread. So to start off I will post the amazing current #1 on Billboard's Country Radio chart: