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  1. I'm not a huge fan of songs that have a 2.0 version, I can't think of any examples but yeah that ain't too cute I'll be honest I don't care for interludes, I mean Tinashe's we're great but some interludes from other artists are just...what does it do? What was the point of it? Slapping original singles/stand alone singles or remixes at the end of the album, such a STAIN What are some of y'alls
  2. omg i HATE the cover and that the title is not even centered Swae Lee, Quavo & another Maluma song apparently you can presave it on AM, but haven’t heard much about it do you believe it’s real girls? Or a fake leak?
  3. Albums in the picture: Kate Bush - Hounds of Love; Animal Collective - Merriweather Post Pavilion; Lana del Rey - Born to Die; FKA Twigs - LP1; Big Black - Atomizer; They Might Be Giants - Flood; Grimes - Visions; Talking Heads - Remain in Light; Radiohead - OK Computer; Allie X - Collxtion II; The Velvet Underground - The Velvet Underground & Nico; David Byrne - Feelings; St. Vincent - St. Vincent; Beck - Sea Change; Fiona Apple - Tidal; The Shins - The Worm's Heart; Tame Impala - Currents; Björk - Post Thought of making this thread for those who like their music less mainstream, be it old or new.
  4. Feel free to discuss your J-Pop faves in this thread! I haven't been staying on top of current J-pop lately, but I enjoy Perfume, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Nana Kitade (She's back so go support her here!) and I enjoy Vocaloid music also!
  5. https://twitter.com/arianatoday/status/1115011184082731013?s=21 https://twitter.com/arianatoday/status/1115325769163657216?s=21
  6. I really dislike short albums tbh. Albums that are between 8 & 12 tracks just annoy me. Idk if I am just being greedy, but I'm left wanting more And like, I appreciate that it takes time to create and stuff... but, like, you surely must have enough material to give at least 15 songs LSD (Labrynth, Sia + Diplo) finally released their album yesterday. 10 tracks, including a remix of one of the singles. AND they released like 6 songs before the album dropped The album is actually decent, but again, its like where is the rest of it? You're gonna make us wait all this time to release 4 new songs? And Mr. Mark Ronson... his delayed album, Late Night Feelings will be released on 21st of June. He announced yesterday that it has 8 tracks including NBLAH with Miley. Like I just expect more, especially since the album has been delayed. He has had so much time, he must have recorded so much material... just give us MORE I was hoping this short album idea would die out... I guess not What are your feelings on this?
  7. Rate the single out of 10 and It'd be better if you would leave a cute lil comment as well. I will sum all the rates and divide it by the number of people who posted their rates in case you didn't know. I'll try to update with a new single every 2 days and arrange a COP chart for the best singles of recent years. NOW : Ariana Grande - no tears left to cry
  8. This thread is dedicated to all the lovers of Rap and Hip-Hop where you can discuss anything related to the genre (as shown below) - Artists -Producers - Feuds/Diss Tracks - New Music - Albums/Mixtapes - Lyricism Rap/Hip-Hop producers are always talked about in the urban community so you can feel free to discuss about them too Unlike most genres, Rap is seen as the most objective so anyone can feel free to have arguments in this thread on who has better lyrics, flow etc. But try not to get too personal in here when discussing about this to avoid any tension between members on COP (Pop songs with Rappers featured in them don't count since they fit in the Pop Category obviously) Happy discussion
  9. Britney really did THAT This song is such a bop!
  10. Girls Like You - Honestly when I first listened to Red Pill Blues I thought GLY was such a filler track, I always skipped it so yeah I'm surprised it broke so many records... Close To Me - I love Ellie but this song is SHITE, I thought she was bound to flop after Delirium as well so I'm surprised the lead single did this well, I hope the album delivers at least What are some of yours new/old?
  11. Hello all. I've been asked by several new users over the last few weeks to direct them to the KPOP discussion. And I had to tell them we don't really have any. So since we're growing quite nicely i thought it was time for an official KPOP thread! You can use this thread for general KPOP discussion with fellow COP members. It could also be an educational thread for our western members to learn more about KPOP by asking the knowledgeable members about it. So bookmark this thread and 'FOLLOW' it if you're a KPoper!
  12. Whew the resemblance is uncanny! What a look
  13. Mariah would be Jigglypuff, obvs and I think Bey would be Milotic, rare and beautiful and thicc Riri a be Froslass cos she got that cold chic vibe
  14. Mine are God is a Woman (Ariana) Love Lies Shallow. Just search 'kelly clarkson cover 2019' on youtube
  15. I am making a general discussion thread for all country music because I want somewhere to discuss it and post about what I am listening to in the genre. I also don't think individual country artists would have a big enough fanbase for a stanbase thread. So to start off I will post the amazing current #1 on Billboard's Country Radio chart:
  16. I spent the weekend listening to some of her albums and omg?? It’s actually so good! I started on Caution and worked my way from that, I still have a lot to listen to but I really regret hating on Mariah without even having listened to her music before.. I was turned off by her attitude and her stans but I really liked the music I’ve listened to so far.
  17. This is to discuss electronic music, old and new, and its many subgenres which include... EDM, house, techno, electronica, glitch, trance, industrial, and many more.
  18. A thread for people that collect CD's! Since I'm 24 and know the time before Spotify and youtube excisted. I used to collect money as an 8 year old to buy my fave's latest album. When I had it I felt like I was the happiest girl in the world! My collection: Katy Perry: One of the Boys MTV Unplugged Teenage Dream Prism Witness Lady Gaga: The Fame The Fame Monster Born This Way ARTPOP(x2) Cheek to Cheek Joanne Fifth Harmony: Better Together Reflection 7/27 Fifth Harmony Christina Aguilera: Christina Aguilera Stripped Back to Basics Keeps Getting Better Bionic Lotus Sugababes: One Touch Angles With Dirty Faces Three Taller In More Ways (With Mutya and with Amelle) Overloaded Change Catfights and Spotlights Sweet 7 The Spice Girls: Spice Spice World Forever Greatest Hits I also have: Mutya Buena - Real Girl Natalia Kills - Perfectionist Natalia Kills - Trouble Foxes - Glorious Foxes - All I Need Ke$ha - Animal and Canibal Alesha Dixon - Do It For Love P!nk - Greatest Hits TLC - Now & Forever (Greatest Hits) Pussycat dolls - PCD Meghan Trainor - Thank You Kimbra - Vows Jessie J - Who You Are Gwen Stefani - This is what the truth feels like Esmee Denters - Outta Here Cascada - Evacuate the dancefloor Alexandra Burke - Overcome Liberty X - Thinking It Over Dido - Life for Rent I need a new CD case CD's that I still need: Katy Perry - Teenage Dream the complete confesion. Alesha Dixon's other albums What about you? Post your collection!
  19. Is this true? Saw this on twitter and another forum. If it is, they need to collab! Dua Lipa's collab with BLACKPINK 'Kiss and Make Up' is a bop. Would you guys be here for a collab between these 2? Even Ariana appreciates KPOP and y'all still here hating on it.
  20. If you can't think of ten or too lazy then write any amount you want. Here are mine: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Couldn't find a gif