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Found 2,302 results

  1. In your pov, who are the top 4 pop girls with the biggest impact/influence from the past 10 years( 2008-2018) My list: Beyonce,Rihanna,Katy Perry and Lady Gaga Wbu?
  2. This is a reliable source that was right on Xtina's new songs releases
  3. Any guesses on who it is? I would say Justin or Ed, but...
  4. Hello all. I've been asked by several new users over the last few weeks to direct them to the KPOP discussion. And I had to tell them we don't really have any. So since we're growing quite nicely i thought it was time for an official KPOP thread! You can use this thread for general KPOP discussion with fellow COP members. It could also be an educational thread for our western members to learn more about KPOP by asking the knowledgeable members about it. So bookmark this thread and 'FOLLOW' it if you're a KPoper!
  5. Let's debate sweaty pies! https://blackboybulletin.wordpress.com/2018/05/21/every-performance-at-the-bbmas-ranked/
  6. OMG @Bartier&Bentleys do u stan Kelly C now? She was hilarious. Best performance of the night. Shawn was so cute watching her, like he was watching his fave pop gurl. Taylor looks like she has a crush on Shawn but it's not reciprocal for a reason 1:40
  7. Rumors are spreading that Normani and Calvin Harris have a song together. Would you be here for that?
  8. What a bop. I love them because they're Brad from The Vamps' idols! They released a new album and its their lead single. Love this vibe hihihihihih
  9. Albums in the picture: Kate Bush - Hounds of Love; Animal Collective - Merriweather Post Pavilion; Lana del Rey - Born to Die; FKA Twigs - LP1; Big Black - Atomizer; They Might Be Giants - Flood; Grimes - Visions; Talking Heads - Remain in Light; Radiohead - OK Computer; Allie X - Collxtion II; The Velvet Underground - The Velvet Underground & Nico; David Byrne - Feelings; St. Vincent - St. Vincent; Beck - Sea Change; Fiona Apple - Tidal; The Shins - The Worm's Heart; Tame Impala - Currents; Björk - Post Thought of making this thread for those who like their music less mainstream, be it old or new.
  10. Or albums. I have been playing basically nothing but these albums for the past week.
  11. It's currently the most viewed Voicenotes track. Talent won! Gay baiting song titles won! This should be the next single.
  12. So, now that these two gems are out... And honestly, the bitch did THAT. She has her foot on the other girlies’ necks! But between these two bangers, which is the better one? Discuss below and BUY AND STREAM THESE SOON TO BE HITS!
  13. bajtss

    Bebe Leak

    Does anybody have full “All Hands On Deck” Demo by Bebe or something else from her? I want it so bad and I’m tired of searching 😩 I know it’s leaked
  14. In the style of it's predecessors (R&B, Alt, Metal, Country), starting a thread for the rock fans on COP to discuss their fave rock acts/songs/etc. Share videos, opinions, whatever ... ya'll know how this goes.
  15. This is to discuss electronic music, old and new, and its many subgenres which include... EDM, house, techno, electronica, glitch, trance, industrial, and many more.
  16. I am making a general discussion thread for all country music because I want somewhere to discuss it and post about what I am listening to in the genre. I also don't think individual country artists would have a big enough fanbase for a stanbase thread. So to start off I will post the amazing current #1 on Billboard's Country Radio chart:
  17. A thread for people that collect CD's! Since I'm 24 and know the time before Spotify and youtube excisted. I used to collect money as an 8 year old to buy my fave's latest album. When I had it I felt like I was the happiest girl in the world! My collection: Katy Perry: One of the Boys MTV Unplugged Teenage Dream Prism Witness Lady Gaga: The Fame The Fame Monster Born This Way ARTPOP(x2) Cheek to Cheek Joanne Fifth Harmony: Better Together Reflection 7/27 Fifth Harmony Christina Aguilera: Christina Aguilera Stripped Back to Basics Keeps Getting Better Bionic Lotus Sugababes: One Touch Angles With Dirty Faces Three Taller In More Ways (With Mutya and with Amelle) Overloaded Change Catfights and Spotlights Sweet 7 The Spice Girls: Spice Spice World Forever Greatest Hits I also have: Mutya Buena - Real Girl Natalia Kills - Perfectionist Natalia Kills - Trouble Foxes - Glorious Foxes - All I Need Ke$ha - Animal and Canibal Alesha Dixon - Do It For Love P!nk - Greatest Hits TLC - Now & Forever (Greatest Hits) Pussycat dolls - PCD Meghan Trainor - Thank You Kimbra - Vows Jessie J - Who You Are Gwen Stefani - This is what the truth feels like Esmee Denters - Outta Here Cascada - Evacuate the dancefloor Alexandra Burke - Overcome Liberty X - Thinking It Over Dido - Life for Rent I need a new CD case CD's that I still need: Katy Perry - Teenage Dream the complete confesion. Alesha Dixon's other albums What about you? Post your collection!
  18. stranger than a stranger pink flamingos always fascinated me
  19. promoting her music like a normal artist should? A lot of people (especially Selena and Zayn stans) seem to drag Ariana and the success of NTLTC because of ‘heavy promo’ when she’s doing what is expected. Just because she’s able to go up on stage and promote her work, they shouldn’t be able use that as an excuse for their fave flopping.
  20. It's about time the gays have a sexual summer hit, by a gay man! Actually good though, nothing cringey like Bubble Yum Yum, an anthem like CFTS! Troye Sivan anyone?
  21. which bi-wannabes gay-pandering pop guys would do a male version of 'Girls'? Nick Jonas for sure. Who's next. Sometimes I just wanna fux guys, guys, guys White rum, I just wanna fux guys, guys, guys
  22. Post a pic of your fave or faves when they were your current age. Demi at 20: She SNAPPED here, I can’t believe she was my age in this photo