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Found 2,663 results

  1. Katy: Mind Maze Gaga: Donatella
  2. Hello all. I've been asked by several new users over the last few weeks to direct them to the KPOP discussion. And I had to tell them we don't really have any. So since we're growing quite nicely i thought it was time for an official KPOP thread! You can use this thread for general KPOP discussion with fellow COP members. It could also be an educational thread for our western members to learn more about KPOP by asking the knowledgeable members about it. So bookmark this thread and 'FOLLOW' it if you're a KPoper!
  3. Britney’s Original Doll (I know the album itself isn’t a theory but the drama surrounding it), Gags and Lina Morgana, Richey Edwards’s disappearance, etc. - stuff like that. Do you believe any of that stuff? And, if not, which theories are at least entertaining to you?
  4. This is to discuss electronic music, old and new, and its many subgenres which include... EDM, house, techno, electronica, glitch, trance, industrial, and many more.
  5. As most of you should know, Miss Grande-Butera (Davidson) released her fourth studio album this week. I've taken time to examine the vocals and notes she hits throughout this album. I'll start from lowest to highest with time stamps of each note CHEST NOTES C3 - Borderline ft. Missy Elliott 0:13 C#3 - Goodnight n Go 01:01 D3 - Borderline ft.Missy Elliott 0:56 Eb3 - R.E.M 0:48 F3 - Breathin 0:17 F#3 - Blazed ft. Pharrell 1:08 G3 - No Tears Left To Cry 0:38 G#3 - God Is A Woman 0:58 BELTED NOTES A4 - No Tears Left To Cry 1:05 Bb4 - God Is A Woman 2:45 C5 - No Tears Left To Cry 1:06 C#5 - Raindrops (an angel cried) 0:24 D5 - No Tears Left To Cry 2:17 Eb5 - Everytime 2:12 E5 - No Tears Left To Cry 1:54 F5 - Breathin 2:40 F#5 - Everytime 2:21 G5 - No Tears Left To Cry 3:00 G#5 - God Is A Woman 3:02 Bb5 - God Is A Woman 3:00 (Falsetto) Eb6 - God Is A Woman 2:17 (Falsetto)
  6. In the style of it's predecessors (R&B, Alt, Metal, Country), starting a thread for the rock fans on COP to discuss their fave rock acts/songs/etc. Share videos, opinions, whatever ... ya'll know how this goes.
  7. It’s relatable, catchy and already smashing on it’s first day. will it be her first #1?
  8. We are just 3 days away from Arianas highly anticipated album, ‘Sweetener’. What are your predictions for her first week sales? I’m predicting around 200k at least, hopefully around 150k of those pure. This would make it her biggest album debut to date. I would predict 250k but don’t want to put all of my eggs in one basket too soon...
  9. Breathing is the only one with a hit potential....Breathing is that bitch,Breathing is that Powerful rat,Breathing is coming for the charts Which song u think should be the third single?
  10. The song Ariana used on Sweetener under the name R.E.M
  11. Rank Ariana's albums from best to worst.
  12. Please don’t post 748484 # of Pop songs of your faves, switch it up a bit, be objective. What are perfect Pop songs you have heard and like? I discovered this last year. It’s so darn catchy and good. I also discovered this last year. This should of been a Pop smash. It’s very good. Perfection. One of the best pop songs I have heard this decade.
  13. LADY GAGA - ENIGMA 1. I Drove All Night 2. Like a Cat 3. Change of Heart 4. ENIGMA 5. All through the Night 6. My First Night Without You 7. Rainbow 8. When You Call 9. Heading West 10. Unconditional Love 11. Summoning Joanne 12. A Night to Remember
  14. Mine is Don't Play That Song You Lied
  15. Makeup mogul Jeffree Star was actually signed to Akon's 'Kon Live' Record Label between 2010 and 2013 and he put out an album independently called Beauty Killer in 2009. Now that his 'star' is shining brightly thanks to Shane Dawson's mini-documentary on him called 'The Secret World of Jeffree Star', could he make a successful comeback to music? He's been hinting at possibly doing it recently.
  16. Today, the Queen of Pop turns 60 And she’s still killing it, with new music on the way - so lets celebrate her, a living legend Say no to the disrespect and stream Erotica!
  17. i think that the theme of LG6 is gonna be this deformed/distorted/monster theme her making PC music fits in perfectly and the visuals match with what SOPHIE or Umru might make Also the enigma logo from the instagram pics and the joanne world tour just look at these thots?
  18. 1.Praying - Kesha 2.Chained to the Rythm - Katy Perry 3.Water Under The Bridge - Adele 4.Cut to the Feeling - Carly Rae Jepsen 5.Witness - Katy Perry NOT IN ORDER
  19. We got one for country rnb and indie music but im making one for one of the best genres out there metalcore. The genre that owns andy biereack, denis stoff and oli skyes. Metalcore can come in all kinda rock. Even panic! At the disco belongs here under post hardcore. My chemical romance even good charlotte can be talked about. Our inner emo/scremo comes all these amazing bands. Here is a few playlists of these great genres We got Asking Alexandria & New Years Day badges too if ya apart of the metalcore scene ♡
  20. Adam

    Your Hoe Anthems

    Title says it all. Which songs make you feel like a hoe?