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  1. Gaga asks her girlfriend if she has seen this Monster around before. She recognizes the man that sexually assaulted her, and wants names. Feeling broken and vulnerable after her assault, she engages in promiscuous sex with her female friend. Typical men flirting in degrading ways and cat calling, possibly in a club or in the streets somewhere. Here Gaga describes her assault. She expresses that she wanted to "just dance" (also referencing her debut single) and have fun in the club, but this monster had other plans for the night. He tears her clothes off, and "eats her heart and her brain". Here, Gaga uses the metaphor of cannibalism to describe her sexual assault. She says "he ate my heart and then he ate my brain" because after this traumatic experience, Gaga has grown cold, "numb", isolated and depressed. The assault also took a toll on her psyche, her mental health. Thus him "eating" her heart and then her brain. Very sad song from a very dark album! Gaga has said that all of the songs on The Fame Monster represent a fear, with Monster's fear being Fear of Men, now we know why.
  2. Going back to the album has made me fail to realize why this album is so trashed among stans. It's really not that bad and has some solid tracks. Some messy production (Gypsy) and unnecessary enchantments (Manicure, Sex Dreams, Aura) but the album is far from the trainwreck stans make it out to be. The only thing truly horrendous about the album is its artwork. Thoughts?
  3. I've created this quiz for the real die-hard Navy stans to take and test their knowledge about the legendary Robyn Rihanna Fenty ! In this quiz, I've enlisted some of the toughest questions any Navy would ever face -- with some lenient ones as well! When you take the quiz and it asks you for your name, just type in your COP username! PLEASE don't google the information!! This is only meant for fun and to test your own knowledge, there's no need to cheat as you won't get an award or anything of that sort! You can post your own results or I can post them for you, as they're automatically sent to me. Click here to take the quiz!
  4. The instrumentals alone shits on several careers. Legend X did that
  5. Take these news with a grain of salt, but according to @Music News & Facts, Super Bass is just 150K copies short of becoming a diamond hit !
  6. So here's the list girlies, https://blackboybulletin.wordpress.com/2018/03/22/every-ex-act-album-ranked/ Do you agree? Who deserved a top ten spot that didn't get one? Feel free to drag!
  7. well ... ? i would post stats but I think we are all well aware of how massive it was ..
  8. I've always expected the G.P. to be trash but what I didn't expect was for the only song on all of Bebe Rexha's three E.P.s that isn't good ... to become a hit. Like, I don't get it. Country is barely on the charts right now and the song's about to become Florida Georgia Line's highest charting hit so we can't say it's their impact or the country sound's impact. It was promoted just as much as her other singles too (A music video here, some T.V. performances there). I really don't get it. How the fuck did this become Bebe's only hit as a lead artist?
  9. NEW! Hello! I am remastering Kesha’s unreleased songs during her ‘$’ era. I have remastered “Get In Line”, “WooHoo” and “Aliens Invading” so far, in my SoundCloud channel so you should check it out there. Or play them here… I am needing help with this project for the Animals. Suggestions are open – ask tracks that can be remastered with my potent abilities. Ciao!
  10. I don’t know if y’all are still waiting for this in full but…
  11. was Demi's performance a poison that destroyed the song's success?
  12. - upcoming Marshmello collab - possibly Calvin Harris collab - xtina collab - still that promised EP or whatever she called it where she gon add songs to TMYLM will she snap with bops this year as well?
  13. "No reason to stay is a good reason to go."
  14. we love a pop girl with an iconic videography!
  15. Group acts in pop have always been unstable compounds. Even when the pieces fit, the blowup is inevitable. It can happen many ways. The management can be so corrupt that it’s intolerable, for one. Lou Pearlman, the former manager for Backstreet Boys, ‘N Sync, and virtually every boy band in the ’90s ended up being sued by most of the groups he managed for gross financial chicanery. Sometimes the group just runs out of steam: Witness the fate of the Spice Girls, who sank out of sight almost as rapidly as they’d risen. And then there’s dissension. Fame magnifies imbalances in talent and, as intramural tensions grow, the allure of a solo career becomes irresistible. Justin Timberlake and Beyoncé are the classic examples, but the most recent instance is that of Camila Cabello, who struck out from Fifth Harmony to achieve even greater success on her own. Meanwhile, the remainder of Fifth Harmony has taken Cabello’s acrimonious parting rather less well. Today the quartet announced that it would be suspending operations until further notice. Along with One Direction, Fifth Harmony had been the defining pop group of its generation; the end of both in the last three years now raises questions about what could follow them. Pop groups have always been ephemeral by nature, but it’s not impossible that the pop group itself, as a general format, is no longer viable. Few types of acts have been more reliant on the music industry than the pop group. With the partial exception of family-based units like the Jonas Brothers or 98 Degrees, its chemistry has always been entirely artificial, and the rise to stardom of any given group is rarely organic. The members’ contribution to their own artistic direction is secondary; all considerations of quality are tied to market appeal. It follows that the relative weakening of the music industry over the past two decades has dampened the prospects for aspiring boy bands and girl groups, plus their managers. Though the industry remains powerful by objective standards, its ability to dictate tastes has fallen off considerably due to the internet. Even if a group is loaded into the catapult, there’s no way to ensure that it hits its mark. It’s telling that Fifth Harmony, One Direction, and the Jonas Brothers came to the industry only after having gained great visibility through television: 5H and 1D were forged on The X-Factor while the Jonases were graduates of the Disney Channel. Yet as streaming services eat away at the audience for television, particularly among the young, even television seems like less of a sure road to music stardom. It’s telling that a fledgling boy band like Why Don’t We owes most of its recognition to their affiliation with big-league YouTube vlogger Logan Paul rather than publicity arranged by music-business publicists, or that Paul’s brother and fellow YouTube celebrity, Jake Paul, could land his posse Team 10 on the Billboard charts with a song named after Jake’s catchphrase, “It’s Everyday Bro.” To say that Team 10 qualify as a musical act would be generous, but they’re the closest thing to a future model for the pop group that we have at this point, which is a nice way of saying that there may be no future at all. And then there’s the state of pop itself, which seems more and more like a saccharine sub-variant of rap than the main attraction for the masses. Pop groups thrive on the spotlight and the spotlight only, but as pop is progressively eclipsed by hip-hop on streaming, it’s evident that however well individual solo acts adjust to the new environment, any new pop group will have a hard time gaining traction. Who needs the next Jonas Brothers when the Migos already exist? Why invest time and money to invent five different characters for a girl group when Cardi B is realer than anyone the industry can manufacture? Of course, the prospects for the pop group are hardly dire everywhere in the world. For at least a decade, the liveliest girl groups and boy bands have come out of South Korea, where a rising economy and a relative absence of competition has made fresh-faced acts like BTS, BIGBANG, Wonder Girls, and 2NE1 not only major stars in their own country but superstars within much of East Asia. Backed by ferocious fan hives with access to the world’s fastest internet, K-pop groups sit at the peak of the Korean music industry. And though the music industry abroad is no less exploitative and groups are no less prone to dissolution, it’s still a given in Seoul that when one group goes down, another one, just as big if not bigger, will soon replace it. As far as a successor to Fifth Harmony goes, though, we’ll believe it only when we see it. http://www.vulture.com/2018/03/fifth-harmony-break-up-explained.html?utm_campaign=nym&utm_source=fb&utm_medium=s1
  16. We all know Dua Lipa is working on her second album. What do you hope its gonna sound like? Discuss!
  17. Austin Mahone (sadly) gets dragged on the forum sometimes so I thought it would be cool to have a thread where people can mention something positive that they like about this gorgeous hunky singer! I will start, he is beautiful inside and out and can slay multiple genres of music, he has released lots of quality music over the years and I can't wait to see what else he brings out this year as he continues his Japanese dominance! Over to you!
  18. There was a time when a week wouldn't go past without Gaga doing some weird random shit and ending up in the news for it Such as her iconic meat dress: Now she is rarely in the news and doesn't seem to do all this weird shit anymore Is she trying to come across as more "normal" now? Did she run out of weird ideas or just get bored with trying to be wacky and crazy?
  19. who is your pick for the ultimate Queen of the Ex-Acts (excluding Brit + Xtina) am gonna post their biggest Hit & COP you decide who wins Ari : Miley: Selena: Demi: Hilary: Raven:
  20. from each Generation of pop girls there are always TWO that stand out from Madonna/Janet + Britney/Xtina + Rih/Bey + Gaga/Katy + now Dua/Camila which one of these new Pop girls have better music... the one that you listen to the most? let's start with DUA: CAMILA: