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Found 2,834 results

  1. Some people claim it's still getting recurrent radio airplay. But I had to discover it all by myself a few weeks ago. What is the truth?
  2. Both have similar beats Both feature the Rap Queen Both are bops Which one is better?
  3. For me it’s Taki Taki. It’s lowkey sooo catchy and addictive. I HATED it when I first heard it and up until a few days ago, but now it’s stuck in my head. Taki taki rumbaaaa What about you?
  4. She said so herself when will KKKardi??
  5. Wow this girl has shook me with all her bops! come through GP and give her a hit!
  6. With You is chill bop but not lead material .I can't stop listening to the Distance and GTFO.They are so skinny. This is about to be Mariah's best project in years Mariah is skinny
  7. Post some underrated gems released this year here These all slap so be sure to listen to them and eachothers
  8. 0:15 0:36 1:18 2:20 ( ) I just discovered this song and boy did she fucking SNAP with that yodeling YOU'RE WELCOME
  9. I feel like this song is everywhere, at least in Sweden. It’s on the radio all the time, it’s advertised on TV and even hit #1 on our singles chart. Anyway, Perez Hilton called it “the Poker Face of 2018” and it’s really catchy and a quality POP song. Could she be the next big pop girl if she plays her cards right?
  10. Hello all. I've been asked by several new users over the last few weeks to direct them to the KPOP discussion. And I had to tell them we don't really have any. So since we're growing quite nicely i thought it was time for an official KPOP thread! You can use this thread for general KPOP discussion with fellow COP members. It could also be an educational thread for our western members to learn more about KPOP by asking the knowledgeable members about it. So bookmark this thread and 'FOLLOW' it if you're a KPoper!
  11. Here we post songs that you think most of the people don't know about but you think they are a bop! Give a chance to new music! Like @Barbie said: Y'all better post one song at a time btw cuz if you spam this shit with your taste aint nobody gonna click on that shit so choose ya bop wisely" My first song that i think it's good and i want people to discover is:
  12. In the style of it's predecessors (R&B, Alt, Metal, Country), starting a thread for the rock fans on COP to discuss their fave rock acts/songs/etc. Share videos, opinions, whatever ... ya'll know how this goes.
  13. Kelly Clarkson (11 times) Pink (3 times) Lady Gaga Britney Spears Prince Carrie Underwood Cher (4 times) Madonna U2 Janet Jackson Adele Maluma Prince Royce Celion Dion Betty Who I guess I like concerts lol
  14. Honestly, pretty much the whole Lord of the Rings trilogy music score fucking SLAYS MY EXISTENCE
  15. Albums in the picture: Kate Bush - Hounds of Love; Animal Collective - Merriweather Post Pavilion; Lana del Rey - Born to Die; FKA Twigs - LP1; Big Black - Atomizer; They Might Be Giants - Flood; Grimes - Visions; Talking Heads - Remain in Light; Radiohead - OK Computer; Allie X - Collxtion II; The Velvet Underground - The Velvet Underground & Nico; David Byrne - Feelings; St. Vincent - St. Vincent; Beck - Sea Change; Fiona Apple - Tidal; The Shins - The Worm's Heart; Tame Impala - Currents; Björk - Post Thought of making this thread for those who like their music less mainstream, be it old or new.
  16. Like @Barbie's general COP Room discussion thread but for just general music discussion that doesn't really warrant a new thread.
  17. Ariana's already teasing her next album. Not on no1curr Snapchat this time but actually on TWITTER. I don't get why she would throw this era away. GIAW could just be Into You 2.0 ffs Edit: She just took a break, and still plans to shoot a video for Breathin
  18. We got one for country rnb and indie music but im making one for one of the best genres out there metalcore. The genre that owns andy biereack, denis stoff and oli skyes. Metalcore can come in all kinda rock. Even panic! At the disco belongs here under post hardcore. My chemical romance even good charlotte can be talked about. Our inner emo/scremo comes all these amazing bands. Here is a few playlists of these great genres We got Asking Alexandria & New Years Day badges too if ya apart of the metalcore scene ♡
  19. Look What You Made Me Do- Taylor Swift