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Found 186 results

  1. do you stan horror movies? I used to (and still) stan the Scream movies.
  2. This is my most anticipated movie of 2019 Spider-Man is my favorite superhero lol.
  3. OMG I have watched so many amazing documentaries on Netflix and I need some people to fangirl over them with. I'm also obsessed with their true crime, prison docs, and the foodie section. I'll start off a recommendation list. Wild Wild Country (Cults) The Keepers (Crime, Catholic Church) The Seven Five (Corruption) Long Shot (Prison) Evil Genius (True Crime) One Of Us (Religious) Aileen (Crime) Forensic Files (Crime) Salt Fat Acid Heat (Food) Women Behind Bars (Crime) Interview with a Serial Killer (Crime) I Am A Killer (Crime) Oklahoma City (Crime) I Am Jane Doe (Sex Trade) Ok, I'll stop now but I think Netflix produces some amazing content and I can't wait to discuss with yall!
  4. Have you hunties seen any good documentaries? I watched one recently on the Manson family and the murders they committed. Those girlies were twisted!
  5. What's your favorite movie released this year? I STAN:
  6. I finished watching this today and it's honestly one of the best movies i've watched
  7. I can't say it's the best movie on earth. But it's far from worst. I like Madonna's acting here, the character suits her perfectly. Plot is rather naive and simple. Though I didn't expect her death in the end, it was too dramatic and odd.
  8. ! If you didn't see the movie don't watch the video. !
  9. Almost everyone watches movies nowadays. What better way than share your opinions and get recommendations than to have a whole thread dedicated to Film Reviews! To keep everything somewhat uniformed, I've created a template to help out. (Poster of the film) Review goes here. Rating (x/5 stars)
  10. Golden Globe nominations were announced today, I've put my personal favorites underlined Trashy picks in general, this award season is going to suck
  11. Other nominations: Best Picture Best Director, Best Actor - Bradley Cooper SOURCE
  12. Do you know any really good drama movies, maybe some tear jerkers? I am having a movie night with a friend in 2 days and he said he doesn't like most comedies so we should watch a drama, I'm just thinking about what should it be.
  13. The contrasting views on the Alien Agenda and Exopolitics as they appear in the Films 'Arrival' and 'Alien': https://afrikaiswoke.com/2018/07/25/alien-agenda/
  14. The soundtrack & Shallow are still #1 in many countries, maybe her and Bradlegend snapped
  15. What’s the sitch? The hit 2002 animated series Kim Possible is getting the live-action treatment in a new Disney Channel Original Movie — and every hero needs an archnemesis. Enter mad scientist Dr. Drakken (Todd Stashwick) and his sarcastic partner in crime, Shego (Taylor Ortega). Animated Kim Possible/Sadie Stanley as Kim Possible “Shego is one of the funniest characters from the original show, but she’s also incredibly tough,” says co-director Adam B. Stein. “We had to find someone who could be hilarious and pull off the eye rolls and nail filing that Shego’s known for, while still being physically threatening.” Thank goodness for Ortega. “Todd’s really tall,” says Stein. “[In casting], Taylor was the only one who could push him around with just her presence.” Stein and his co-director, Zach Lipovsky, ultimately decided to forgo animated Drakken’s signature blue skin in favor of creating a character that is more grounded and less, well, cartoony. “It’s like he’s got a blue infection within,” Lipovsky says of the new Drakken. “It’s like some experiment or some dastardly plan went wrong years ago and now he’s got this side effect where he’s got a bluish hue.” Shego’s look also has an update: “When we looked at live-action versions of the original costume, it felt a bit like pajamas,” Stein says. No sleeping on the job for these villains! The live-action Kim Possible movie is expected in 2019. https://ew.com/tv/2018/11/20/kim-possible-dr-drakken-shego-live-action-movie/?utm_medium=social&utm_content=link&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=entertainmentweekly_ew&utm_term=3C00F59A-ED06-11E8-AC69-7FCD4744363C&__twitter_impression=true
  16. https://www.express.co.uk/entertainment/films/993054/Mary-Queen-of-Scots-movie-trailer-historical-accuracy-Margot-Robbie-Saoirse-Ronan Earlier this month the first trailer for Oscars hopefully Mary Queen of Scots was released. The film follows the rivalry between Queen Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots in the 16th century and stars Robbie and Ronan. However the teaser has already received criticism from historians for being historically inaccurate. Speaking with the Telegraph, Dr Estelle Paranque, an expert Queen Elizabeth I, said how the two queens never met and weren’t friends despite the trailer depicting the opposite. She said: “It shows a friendship at first, but there was not a friendship, Elizabeth tried to be kind to her at first but Mary never saw Elizabeth as an equal. “She saw her as a rival from the start. That's really problematic as you're selling something that is untrue. “People want drama, but they never met so they could never explain their motives to one another - that is one of the triggers that lead to Mary's death, she could never explain her motives or what happened in her own life before her death. “When in the film she says she considers Elizabeth as her inferior - she would never have said that to her face.”...
  17. What's the latest movie you watched and how did you like it? Mine was: I thought this movie was alright. Nice athmosphere and great soundtrack. Reminded me a bit of Southbound.