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Found 184 results

  1. US iTunes Chart: 11.Lady Gaga - Do What U Want (feat. R. Kelly) 54.Lady Gaga - ARTPOP WW iTunes Chart: 27.Lady Gaga - Do What U Want 49.Lady Gaga - ARTPOP +93
  3. they have been right many times about their predictions and this could possibly come true she would be the 5th women in history to win 2 awards in a single night
  4. TW: R*pe The victim is now speaking out to address Nicki's false allegations ; -The source says that she's very upset and depressed over Nicki telling those lies, says it makes her feel like she has to live her own rape over again. Contrary to Nicki's claim, she was never in a relationship with him, she never even knew him, the victim's mother was not the one who pressed charges, due to personal matters, her mother was never in the picture. She says he raped her multiple times and she still has the scar on her stomach from where he cut her + at one point he stood in the mirror beating his chest saying "I'm the man, I'm the man" Says Nicki can be looking forward to a lawsuit very soon Candace points out how the rape victim was never a part of the conversation until Nicki Minaj tried to spread a false narrative causing the media to fact check. A lot of details were omitted because Candace is afraid for the parties involved since K. Petty is running with the bloods -Candace says Nicki's comment was very callous and a representation of why women all around the world are afraid to speak up Source: https://North Korea.net/forums/topic/203097-nicki-minaj-lied-about-rapist-bf-victim-speaks-out/
  5. thank u,next is now the fastest MV to reach 100 million views for a VEVO channel with 3 days and 10 hours, surpassed Taylor Swift - Look What You Made Me Do (3 days 12 hours)
  6. Top 10: 1. Childish Gambino – This Is America 2. Janelle Monáe – Make Me Feel 3. Ariana Grande – No Tears Left to Cry 4. Robyn – Honey 5. Christine and the Queens – Girlfriend 6. Ariana Grande – Thank U, Next 7. Let’s Eat Grandma – Hot Pink 8. Robyn – Missing U 9. Cardi B – I Like It 10. The 1975 – Love It if We Made It
  7. They were supposed to announce 2019 nominations on Wednesday morning, December 5th. Now, because of the day of mourning for President George H. W. Bush, NARAS has moved the announcements to Friday morning December 7th. Read more: https://www.showbiz411.com/2018/12/03/grammy-nominations-moved-to-friday-morning-out-for-respect-for-president-bushs-funeral
  8. With Nicole Kidman, Glenn Close and the others SOURCE
  9. http://www.tmz.com/2018/11/12/stan-lee-dead-dies-marvel-comics/
  10. According to Billboard, four hit Universal Music Group (UMG) titles (Eminem's Kamikaze, Lil Wayne's Tha Carter V, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's A Star Is Born soundtrack and Greta Van Fleet's Anthem of the Peaceful Army) have surprised everyone when the CD versions of those titles quickly sold out. In some cases, the CD versions of the titles weren't even in stores on their release dates. The reason for that happening is a combination of factors ranging from the happy accident of unexpectedly hot titles coupled with a demand for their physical product versions, but also CD production problems as well. This was due to the fact that all major labels have divested their CD manufacturing and the companies that bought those factories have moved them to Mexico. That in itself is not a problem, but one of the factories is still in transition from the move, leading to an unexpected decrease in output. Although CD sales are far from what they once were, there's still a healthy demand for what has now become a premium priced product with a large profit margin. According to Billboard, the A Star Is Born soundtrack moved 111,000 CD albums, while Eminem's Kamikaze sold 68,000, and Greta Van Fleet's Anthem Of the Peaceful Army sold 47,000 so far. https://www.forbes.com/sites/bobbyowsinski/2018/11/10/cds-dying-wrong/#28eb6b297dca Yaaas Gaga
  11. https://North Korea.net/forums/topic/193162-tmz-reveals-causes-of-death-of-mac-miller/
  12. This is FUCKING INSANE. Another reason the democrats are going to lose in the midterms
  13. https://deadline.com/2018/10/a-star-is-born-lady-gaga-bradley-cooper-oscars-box-office-100-million-mark-1202484538/
  14. https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/hip-hop/8476757/j-cole-interview-billboard-cover-story?utm_source=twitter
  15. Source: https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/music-modernization-act-passes-despite-music-industry-726091/
  16. Recently Gagadaily Interviewed Gaga's Friend And Producer Known for his work on Born This Way And ARTPOP With Tracks Like Do What U Want & Applause he was asked about artpop act 2 here is what he had to say: Speaking of ARTPOP, I know that you see this on a daily basis: "Leak Act 2 Of ARTPOP! Leak "Tea"!" Do you think we might ever be able hear those someday, the right way, not by hacks? Do we have to wait till she's 60 and it's a retrospective? DJWS: You know, I actually don't know. That's all like, business stuff. You know what I mean? Obviously, I would love to play that stuff. I would love everybody to have what they wanted. It is not my ambition to keep things to myself. It must be so complex. DJWS: Yeah! We worked on that ****. I probably have pieces to 400 songs. And some of them are, really good! They just weren't the right time. I don't know, man... It's not up to me. If it were up to me, everybody could come to my house right now, and we could have a big barbecue, and I'd play you all the songs and everybody would be... whatever! But it's a business. The Interview: https://gagadaily.com/djws
  17. In an unprecedented show of solidarity, some 150 artists and executives, including Paul McCartney, Don Henley, Carole King, Katy Perry, Pink, Sia and hitmaker Max Martin, have signed a letter addressed to the board members of Liberty Media, corporate parent to SiriusXM. At issue: The satellite radio giant’s opposition to Music Modernization Act, which is thisclose to passing in the Senate. Specifically: SiriusXM has raised objections to portions of the bill, which aims to protect recordings released before 1972 from falling out of copyright protection, including the exclusion of terrestrial radio from mandatory payouts to rights holders. Says attorney Dina LaPolt, one of several advocates working on behalf of the MMA (as an attorney-advisor to SONA, or Songwriters of North America), in a statement to Variety: “As we continue to move from a product based business to a service based business, bringing the antiquated copyright act into the digital realm, SiriusXM’s unwillingness to support songwriters and artists is complete travesty given that every other group in the music industry has endorsed the bill. This shows their disgusting corporate greed at the expense of America’s greatest treasures..…. our legacy artists.” Source and full article: https://variety.com/2018/music/news/katy-perry-pink-max-martin-artist-letter-siriusxm-boycott-music-modernization-act-1202944141/
  18. Having now conquered both the music and film worlds, Lady Gaga is on her way to becoming a beauty businesswoman too. Here's what we know about the line so far (it's not a lot, but stay tuned): The list of potential product types is extensive (we stopped counting at 70), and includes things like cleansers, masks, oils, and all the colour cosmetics you could think of.
  19. After months long of predictions, where both Bradley and Gaga first started out on the prediction lists outside of top 5, they have climbed their way into top 5. They have gone up and down (well mostly up) for weeks, but were never predicted to win the Oscar. Today, however both leads of A Star Is Born have surpassed all their competitors in Best Actor and Best Actress, when Lady Gaga dethroned Glenn Close, who has been sitting on top of that prediction list for months, in her first major movie role. You heard it right, Gaga dethroned six-time Oscar nominee, acting veteran Glenn Close for Best Actress. Both actresses have 17 predictions for a nomination, and 7 predictions for a win. However, most of the experts placing Glenn on top have not updated their predictions for a while, meaning that Gaga has the latest predictions for a win, and perhaps the reason she was placed at #1 is because her 'nomination predictions' are at higher positions (i.e #2 rather than #5). Things don't just stop there. Bradley has surpassed Best Actor contenders like Ryan Gosling, Christian Bale and Rami Malek and now sits at #1, with 17 predictions for a nomination and 4 for a win. In case you aren't satisfied, A Star Is Born now leads the Best Picture race with 7 predictions for a win, the most of all movies in contention. However it sits at #2 because Roma has 19 predictions for a nomination, while A Star Is Born has 18 of it. It's official, Lady Gaga has entered the Best Actress race for a WIN. https://www.goldderby.com/odds/expert-odds/oscars-nominations-2019/