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Found 574 results

  1. When I see girls drinking beer I just feel like asking “do you not have any class at all?”. It’s such a gross and manly drink and when girls drink it it’s so confusing.. I can understand lesbians drinking it, but actually classy girls? Just no.
  2. What's your swear word or phrase of the day? Mine is fucking hell motherfucker.
  3. Okay so there’s this guy I’m talking to who loves calling me baby (amongst other things) but he doesn’t like it when I call him baby back. I’ve never met someone who had a problem with it before so it was just like okay.. why though? And he was like “I call girls baby, they don’t call me that” Anyway, thoughts? Do you like being called baby?
  4. "This is gay!!!" Is it just me or do people not use that nearly as much as it was previously used as an insult?
  5. Pretty ironic for me to create this thread cuz I can't think of any, but I try and make people see the positive side of things There's so much beauty in this world and so many things to be grateful for, inside and outside, sometimes you need to loose everything to realize what you have I guess
  6. Sleeping alone makes me so anxious. I end up overthinking everything and it makes me SO anxious to the point where it feels like I’ll die of a heart attack or something and that just makes me even more anxious because I think I’m dying and I- What about you? what makes you anxious?
  7. I thought given the recent events we could have a discussion about betrayal. Have you ever experienced betrayal? How did it make you feel? How did you come to a resolution within your self? And what was the outcome?
  8. i am monitarized im so scared i fear for my life theyre watching me when i'm sleeping through my webcam
  9. I'm SHOOK by jackgrande admitting he's straight in his new SU. Who else lied about their sexuality on COP? Spill the
  10. I thought the chicken was lovely!
  11. After being oppressed for centuries. Do women deserve to be superior to men for a while? We'll never truly be equal until women have felt the same luxury as men.
  12. Recently I met a guy I actually liked but he’s kind of a douchebag so he would never text first or talk to me after we hooked up. Instead of playing his games and chasing him like he wanted to I completely ignored him back and made sure to post stuff on my snap story everytime I hung out with other guys (like lowkey, not selfies with a bunch of guys but just making sure you could see its a guy) and today he finally texted me saying “you’re hanging out with a lot of guys recently” and now he seems desperate and the power is back in my hands. I did that! Feels like I manipulated him, most of the guys I posted with are just friends and most of them are even gay soo, but he doesn’t know that What about you?
  13. The gold is beautiful Small reminder that the iPhone X OUTPERFORMS the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 https://9to5mac.com/2018/08/09/samsung-galaxy-note-9-vs-iphone-x/ the iPhone XS Max probably will outperform the next model in the Galaxy Note Series Quality over Andr*id
  14. I hope no one says that soy boy from Canada, he oozes cuck. I'm attracted to the strong alpha daddy types like Putin and Trump.
  15. Would you? And would you tell them or just keep it to yourself? Or what if it’s just your friend’s ex fling or someone they didn’t see for a long time?
  16. His name is Jordan Barrett and he's Australian Man if he's getting millions for being a model, there really is hope for the rest of us
  17. There's been quite a bit of negativity on COP since proabably forever recently. I know we're all going through a lot of shit irl, some of us coping with depression, anxiety, personal problems and capitalism so we come on here to vent, which is totes fine. But can you guys tell me about something that made you happy today? Just one thing, doesn't have to be huge life changing news, even the little things are great. Did the bus come on time? Was there a sale at H&M? Is the mother nature finally being merciful with the local weather? Did your weave plug finally restock those Malaysian bundles on Alibaba? Did you have a productive study session? Or did you randomly find spare change in your pocket? Did you wake up thanking god you're not a flat-earther and anti-vaxxer? Maybe next time if you're not feeling too happy you can check this thread again and see yourself and other people get happy over little things that you come across everyday or can do on your own during your free time! I'll start! Yesterday I bought mangosteens because they're finally in season and they're really smol, cute and sweet! I have clinical depression but while I'm eating these mangosteens, life is great and all is well! Also I found a small box of face masks I thought I threw away. These bitches better make my skin glow!
  18. As I promised in this thread I had made the desision to finally come out to my mother and explain to her why I was so different from everyone else, why she never met one of my imaginary girlfriends, why I barely go out and shit. I took her for a dinner but before that we decided to have some ice cream, once we were inside the car I thought my Now or Never moment and I was ready to GO. I asked her if she loved me unconditionally, she said of "course I do", then I told her that I want to be with my family together, I don't wanna be without any of my brothers, mother and sister and then with a very nervous tone of voice I told her I was gay She thought I was kidding and I told her a lot of times I was not She took it very well, she didn't cry, she didn't get mad, she was simply shocked because she said she never thought I was gonna be the gay son since I'm pretty masculine and never gave her gay vibes, she said no one in the family would have ever guessed I was gay. I've always been into sports and listen to Ranchero music which is a traditional mexican genre that is always associated with Macho Men, lol I also listen to Madonna, Lady Gaga, Janet jackson, beyonce, Brtiney, KPO, JPOP, etc and BLAST their music in my house but she sad she thought that she always thoguht it was normal and that's what the youth listen to these days and I was like.... She said she loved me and that she is sad that I've been feeling depressed all this time and she is worried that AI might face discrimination in the future, I told her that I've never been really happy and that I've had suicidal thoughts A LOT of times, that scared her a lot and she said that one thing she would never forgive me for is if I ever killed myself and she wouldn't forgive herself either, she said I look better alive with a smile in my face. Yeah it was overwhelmingly good then we had our dinner and had a good talk about my life and the future, she said she is we are gonna keep this a secret, I'm gonna come out to my brothers and sister later and my father probably next year, but it feels so good to be out with the most important person in my life My mother but seriously msot gay people say their parents already knew but my mother said she NEVER thought I was gay, things could hvae gone wrong because of this so that's it I'm happy but being out feels kinda awkward too
  19. I kinda wanna see how people gonna answer this I read a lot of interesting stories from people on how is affected them and everyone around them, positive and/or negative
  20. Is it an important social issue or is it okay to tell old people they have their limitations and shouldn’t act a certain way at their age? Is it as important to focus on as sexism etc?? What are your thoughts?
  21. I'm a 24 year old closeted gay man I feel like I have wasted some of the best years of my life in the closet doing nothing and I can't do this anymore I need to come out and LIVE, I live in a small town in the north of Mexico, funny thing gays are flourishing in this city and pretty much all the big big cities in Mexico. I know my Mother will accept me, same with my 2 brothers and my sister, they are all very pro LGBT, they even watch a series together called "La casa de las flores" (House of Flowers), there is a lot of gay sex and gay dramma in there and they LIVE for it, lmao My brothers and sister also have LOTS of gay friends, they even invite them to our house for their parties and my parents don't really care, they all have the life I want but I can't because I'm in the closet. plus my cousin just came out a few months ago (he was kinda forced to do it cause MANY family members caught him kissing his boyfriend in the park, he gave no fucks lmao), my family from both sides have had a history of gay members in the family like uncles or aunts) there is also this cousin that we all pretty much know he is gay but he doesn't say it, he's never had a girlfriend and and is the best example of a drammatic feminine queen. The only problem is my father, he is kind of homophobic though his attitude has changed a lot since working with lots of gay men in his new job, he has actually stated that they are funny, a mess and overall missunderstood people, but most of the time his is insulting them and trash talking about them, I'm kinda scared of how he is gonna take him. But everytime he starts with his homophobic shit my mother, my brothers, my sister and myself pretty much tell him to shut up and sit his ass down, we give no fucks and tell him things like "you may laugh but most gays we know are more successful and happier than you, the world doesn't need more people like you, you ain't funny, stfu, etc. I know my mother, my brothers and sisters will support me, the only problem is my father, I don't think they will kick me out of the house but things will get awkward a few months Anyway I want to come out to my mother first cause I love her and and I'm like 90% sure she will accept me, I want to invite her to a meal and shit this sunday and tell her everything, I know things will go well but I want to do it the best I can. I wanna be free, go out with the friends I truly want, find love and enjoy life Bonus: I wanted to come out in my 30's but this recent vacation in Puerto Vallarta (a very gay friendly city) made me open my eyes, I saw lots of old and very young gay men holding hands in public, kissing and pretty much enjoying life and my family didn't really give a fuck, It made me feel safe and ready to do it, plus I already have a job and my brother is building his new house, I could live with him in case my father kicks me out of the house. I want to come out to my mother this weekend, then my brothers and sister the next week and my father.....well maybe next year when my older brother finally has his house (I strongly believe his is gay too, he is a male nurse and is a big fan of girls life Madonna, Britney Spears, Christina, etc) but he is pretty masculine, just like me 2 gays in the family? maybe? LOL?
  22. Apple will cement that Andr*id bitches can't even SPELL Prague