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Found 447 results

  1. There's been quite a bit of negativity on COP since proabably forever recently. I know we're all going through a lot of shit irl, some of us coping with depression, anxiety, personal problems and capitalism so we come on here to vent, which is totes fine. But can you guys tell me about something that made you happy today? Just one thing, doesn't have to be huge life changing news, even the little things are great. Did the bus come on time? Was there a sale at H&M? Is the mother nature finally being merciful with the local weather? Did your weave plug finally restock those Malaysian bundles on Alibaba? Did you have a productive study session? Or did you randomly find spare change in your pocket? Did you wake up thanking god you're not a flat-earther and anti-vaxxer? Maybe next time if you're not feeling too happy you can check this thread again and see yourself and other people get happy over little things that you come across everyday or can do on your own during your free time! I'll start! Yesterday I bought mangosteens because they're finally in season and they're really smol, cute and sweet! I have clinical depression but while I'm eating these mangosteens, life is great and all is well! Also I found a small box of face masks I thought I threw away. These bitches better make my skin glow!
  2. SALEM, Indiana -- State Police say a southern Indiana man accidentally shot and killed his 6-year-old daughter while cleaning a handgun. They say Makayla S. Bowling of rural Salem was pronounced dead at a hospital. Police say her father was cleaning the gun inside a home Friday night and thought the weapon was unloaded, but it discharged, striking the girl in the head. The father's name hasn't been released. http://abc13.com/3772146/?sf193775576=1
  3. Scary or creepy encounters, situations, moments, even anything paranormal related (if you believe in that). I’m always perchedT for these kinds of stories so please share anything you have. I have one. It’s nothing particularly terrifying, but it had me and my buss quaking in the moment. A few years ago I had gone out for a late night walk to the beach to clear my head. The suburb I was in is kind of known for being pretty sketchy (especially at night), but I wasn’t necessarily worried since most of the people out at that time were usually just drunk and being stupid. Anyway, everything but the bars and clubs close around 10 pm, so it can get very creepy in the late night hours. So, after spending about 30 minutes or so sitting and staring out at the water (kiii I can be so emo sometimes), I decided to walk back to the apartment I was staying at. I had just bought a new pair of shoes and had been wearing them in, so my feet were in BAD SHAPE, so I decided to take them off and take a shortcut that would get me back in 10 minutes (as opposed to 20). The bad thing is, the residential streets have ZERO light poles (which has always been odd to me), so you’re walking in pitch black unless someone has their porch light on. There’s this creepy old Episcopalian church that has these heavy wooden doors that sits in the center of houses and a few complexes that I had to pass. I wasn’t too worried until I heard what sounded like the church doors swinging open and shut. I was already sort of on edge since I was alone, so hearing it the first time got me a little nervous. And I kept hearing it again and again, so I started to speedwalk until I passed it. Now, after that, there’s a row of mostly abandoned houses. They’ve all seen better days, and have pretty much fallen apart. The last house before you take a left that leads up a winding path has always freaked me out. It’s just..horror movie status. When I came to pass it, I looked up at the attic window and saw a sole light on. No lights on in any other part of the house (since it was SUPPOSED to be abandoned), no blinds or curtains in the windows, no cars in the driveway - NOTHING. I was SHOOK by this point and decided to run the rest of the way back. So, I’m running up the aforementioned winding path and there’s a miniature park that has these flood lights situated on either side you have to walk through that leads out onto a street (where the complex I was at is), so I’m trying to tell myself I’m overreacting to calm down and as I’m halfway through the park, I see what LOOKS like someone in a black robe bent over by one of the big oak trees. GIRL, I FUCKING RAN! I didn’t look back until I was out on the street and into the gate of my complex. So yeah, nothing extremely scary, and since it was in a sketchy neighborhood, it could’ve just been some crackhead, but in the moment I thought I was gonna be sacrificed or something kiii
  4. i always like to hear people tell fun facts about their country, or watch videos on youtube but that sucks usually cause they just read some dated piece and assume everything is true word to word and they get their facts all fucked up cause they themselves are not natives to the countries they are talking about which is why i prefer natives telling interesting facts about their countries i’ll start: i live in Finland and we - get parking/speeding tickets based on our income, meaning for the same traffic violation one person can pay 100€ while the richest pay 100,000€ (someone actually had to pay 107k once) - have no mandatory tests in school until age 18 - have the highest amount of sauna’s per person: we have 5.5 million people, yet we have over 3 million saunas - have the highest amount of coffee & milk drinked per capita, also the highest concentration of heavy metal bands per capita - are the land of technology: Nokia, Angry Birds Clash Of Clans and Hay Day all come from Finland. also the first internet messenger, IRC-chats, the first internet browser and the heart rate monitor were all invented in finland - were allied with the axis powers, meaning we fought alongside the Nazi’s, in world war 2, which is something a lot of people don’t know. also on that topic we fought a war with the russians (whose army was over 10x larger) and it is considered by many historians to be the most humiliating defeat ever for the russians those were some facts i thought were interesting about my country, now please share some facts about yours
  5. Three years ago when I was about to turn 21 and it was only because my brother found texts where I was talking about sucking dick
  6. I just saw one in the kitchen and I'm SHOOK then it flew When they're so big that you can hear their wings flapping
  7. The World Cup final is just around the corner, France has already classified and tonight's match between Croatia and England will give us the other finalist, Who will you be rooting for in the final? I hope England takes the cup this year Although if Croatia gets through and wins it would be a kii
  8. For me it’s Kim Kardashian, she’s literally PERFECT.
  9. I know this sounds extremely childish, especially coming from me, a twenty-three year old man.... But I'm more into the old-fashioned way of doing things. Rather than meet some guy online, I want to be able to meet someone in person and tell them how I feel and ask them on a date. Does anyone have experience? I need to know FULL details! There's a guy I like and I need to know how to seduce confess my feelings for him
  10. Do you believe in karma? How much does karma affect your life? Are you a part of a faith that is heavily influenced by karma? Do you think that bad people deserve bad karma? This isn't battlegrounds or NHB, so keep it cute
  11. Hey COPers. are you afraid of aging? Would you ever get cosmetic surgery? What would you get if so?
  12. I’m currently drunk so I’m in a talkative mood (nnnnnn) do you enjoy your life? I do. Do you? What makes your life great fellow COPers?
  13. Hey y'all, idk if any of you noticed my threads lately, i've had really deep internalized homophobia lately, making remarks and stuff but i hope i hurt no one, i just wasnt in a good phase, and i don't know how to accept myself, i just don't know who i am, i care too much about what people think, i've lost myself trying to please other people but what's the point, u know i wanna be myself now, and i sincerely apologize if i hurt any of you here
  14. I can usually keep my fear (or hatred of being left out) of missing out in check, but this bitch hasn’t been out for drinks since last month, and I’m gagging with jealousy seeing everyone going out (and I HIGH KEY am thinking about getting drunk sometime this weekend nnn). i guess the upside to not always going out is not being hungover and not looking and feeling like shit for the next few days but like...I still don’t like being left out of things so
  15. she looks eerily like her thoughts @Maren Swift
  16. I hate it with a passion when people tell me this!! But I’ve heard it so many times. What do you guys think?
  17. I feel like everybody pretends like they have it all figured out. But the whole "high school --> university --> highly esteemed job" route is just something that our parents + the rest of society have kinda laid on top of us. In truth, everyone keeps doing what they think is the "right" thing to do, copying the people who they think have it all figured out. But really, nobody knows what they even want. I feel stuck in a cycle almost.
  18. I use it all the time with my bestie and i dont see a problem. Ive seen some people make a fuss about it but i see no problem using the faggot word unless ur straight. What od you think?
  19. People often think that I'm a bitch. 9 out 10 times I meet new people they tell me "you're so nice, I thought you'd be a bitch", "you're nicer than I thought" or something along those lines. I must have major resting bitch face. Another common misconception is that I'm dumb.. People often tell me they're surprised by how smart I am or that I'm smarter than I look. I'm honestly not that smart so they must have really low expectations What about you?
  20. Hello, hello, hello! For my first ever COP topic, I wanted to talk about a thing that holds dear in my heart, Astrology! Most people know their Sun sign, which is the sign that ruled the period of time they were born in. For example, my Sun sign is Gemini, as I was born in between May 21 and June 21. Each Sun sign rules for about 30 days of the year, and there are 12 signs. The Sun signs can hold some truth to how you are deep down, but it does not mean every characteristics of it matches what you think you are. This is where the rest of Astrology comes in! Only knowing your Sun sign is like only knowing one song of your fave artist, you only have one piece of the puzzle. Your Sun sign isn't necessary the sign that has the most influence on you, your Moon sign or your Rising Sign might be much more influent on you and might be worth looking up to in the Astrology section of your newspaper. To discover what are your other signs, you create what we call a birth chart: with your birth date, your birth time and the place in which you were born, it determines the exact signs you got at the time you were born. For example, at my time of birth, I was born a Aquarius Rising. But if I was born 2 hours later, I would have been a Pisces Rising! Astrology holds a thousand mysteries about you and can help you understand your social life, your emotions and reactions, how you present to others and how you are deep down, your sentimental life, your sex drive, how you think, if your life will be ruled by your heart or by your mind, all sorts of things ! Now, if you create your birth chart and show it to me here, I can help you analyse it and probably can describe you pretty accurately with just those signs. You can create one on astro.com or astro-charts.com (to be noted that on astro.com, you can precise if you're straight or queer in the extended settings, idk how much it influences it but it's a possible setting) and put it on imgur.com For example, my birth chart is like this: Astrology is an art and I've studied it for almost a year, I am no expert but I do have some knowledge on it. In astrology, you might encounter terms like mutable, fixed, cardinal, water sign, fire sign, air sign, earth sign, stellium, yods, T-Squares, Planets Oppositions, etc... and if you want to, I can explain them to you, as well as what your Moon, Rising, Mercury, Mars, Venus, etc... mean for you ! If you too know Astrology well, you can help analyse charts here! I recommend following @Milkstrology on Twitter to understand even more what it's all about.
  21. I put myself through an hour and a half of workout hell every morning. I only skip working out on Christmas lol wb y’all?