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  1. I wish I was making this up. I was in the hospital the last couple of days bc I had to get my appendix removed but anyways now that I've recovered, I decided to stop by my apartment this morning without letting my roommate know. I opened the door and that's when I saw him, sitting on a chair with his pants off, masturbating to a picture of me he had on his computer. and I was PRETTY CERTAIN he had a VAGINA. I let out a nervous giggle and acted like nothing happened. but I'm SERIOUSLY confuzzled rn. I've known him for three years and he's always been a GUY. He has a muscular build, a beard, a low voice etc. And this was the last thing I expected from him. Afterwards, I asked him, "You have a vagina?" He said, "Yes." That's all he said. He wouldn't bother explaining. He seemed upset over it now that I know. It's like he was keeping it a secret from everyone. Maybe he doesn't trust me? I tried to talk to him about it this evening but he doesn't want to. What am I supposed to do? This doesn't change anything about him btw he's still my friend, but still I- What would you do in this scenario case?
  2. My friend and I were talking about states that no one talks about. We said North Dakota and South Dakota because literally who fucking lives in either of those states. "I'm from North Dakota" like wtf? What other states do people not talk about? lmk!
  3. Do you support gay gainers? Gainers are people who intentionally make themselves fat and enjoy putting on weight, even if they are at a dangerous body weight. Here is a description from a popular gay gaining website of what it is Here are some gainers: Here is some gainer propaganda Straight people are included too, here is a straight female gainer: What is your opinion of gainers? Do you support their lifestyle? Do you think we should leave them to it or should the government launch interventions to make them stop? Would you ever try it?
  4. Are peoples lives THAT boring that they get satisfaction and glee over watching someone else's life go to shit? So what that James hit on a few straight men? I thought straight men were "trash" and deserved it? One gay guy hits on a few straight men and 3 million people unsubscribe? Where was this energy when Jake Paul was abusing Alyssa Edwards? Yeah straight men hit on women who dont want them all the time and yall dont cancel them like this. So over this bullshit honestly. Get lives and you won't feel SO shit about yourself that you have to cancel someone else! You're NOT perfect either! Thank you next.
  5. greetings so I've been hearing through the grapevine that there's been people asking about where I went and why I was gone after the COP drama that subsequently led to the creation of WOP. I can't find the posts, maybe some of them were in a discord server and others in a hidden or deleted posts, so let me just address some things here to whomever might come across this post. if you're not keen on reading huge chunks of text then feel free to go read something else! it's super duper cool with me anyway the main purpose of my online presence on my socials is to create engagement, across different topics I'm passionate about - like music, pop culture, ethnic cuisines, consumer technology and southeasian politics. it didn't matter if I got opinions I disagreed with, I just love having an open conversation on things. I love finding out what people's music tastes are like, why they like certain things in music, and what music I can recommend to them. I also love finding out how people arrive to the opinions they have today based on their thought process, the circumstances they were in and sources of information they had access to. anyone who has ever entertained me like that on COP I am so, so, so grateful for them. but I realized not long after being active here that I wasn't getting the level of engagement I wanted, especially relative to the other stuff that kept this forum afloat, like Battlegrounds and SYG - two things I personally didn't care for. I don't think of myself as some virtuous person for not liking those things, it just so happens to not be a thing that adds to my enjoyment. and after the forum branched off into WOP, it further divided an already small demographic into two communities way smaller than they were combined. [personal updates on me online] [personal updates on me irl] anyway I really don't blame anyone on COP for not making the most ideal environment for the engagements I was looking for, and to present it as that is very shortsighted. sure, there were many drama hungry members that made it difficult, but at the end of the day the very UI of forums in itself incentivizes neither high quality posts not constructive arguments. in any pop culture forum at all, the type of content I personally enjoy seeing is few and far in between, so it's unfair to paint it as a COP-specific issue. sure, from this point on we can try to promote a more positive culture that encourages people to say constructive things, but that's near impossible and will also alienate the majority who are just here to dish out on flops to escape irl problems. by the time anyone even comes close to achieving that goal, forums would already be largely surpassed by social media (mainly twitter and reddit) as the main means of pop culture discourse as this downward trend only continues. that's a responsibility i'm not willing to take, and an uphill slope i'm not willing to work against. there are so many people on here I really missed (i don't bother finding out what everyone's new handles are), even people I frequently argued with while I was still active. I had a good run of a few months here, but pop forums aren't something that makes me happy anymore. while it's unlikely that I'll come back here as an active member, I can always check back here once a month or every time someone sends me a topic where someone dramatically threatens to leave but doesn't. no hard feelings, yeah?
  6. My favourite boys name is Indie. It's classic, intelligent and screams coolness. My favourite girl's name is Alexa. I feel like Alexa would be sassy, dismissive and always have the tea of her enemies
  7. I got a 20minute detention in high school for eating a skittle (british candy) because we weren't allowed to eat upstairs...fucking dumb Then the detention fell on my birthday and the day Reclassified by Iggy GODzalaea came out, I was PISSED
  8. I'll be here in a weeks time (Albeifera, Al Garve, Portugal) so I'm interested to see where y'all have been I've been to London (many times) Madrid (which is so clean and luvly btw) Kustavi, Finland Tampere, Finland And Paris ofc Porto, Portugal
  9. I'm off to vote in the Australian election today and I just cant bring myself to vote for the Labor Party due to their rampant communism and socialism so i will be voting Liberal. I'm sure the SJWs will be proud of me
  10. I like r/funny and r/askreddit. What about you?
  11. I'm probably gonna regret asking this, but I'm just curious. My da is 58 this year and my momma is 54.
  12. I'm curious to know what y'all are doing outside of COP, not in a pervert way dw So for me rn I'm working 4 days a week as a Kitchen Assistant in a Italian Restaurant, and next year I'm going to university in Manchester to study Music Journalism for 3 years life is simple, I'm not exhausted or upset with anything, just collecting my cute coin till I get 20k to put a deposit on a house and then rent it out, she's a business women too I love being young and free tbh
  13. My fashion style is very rave + punk + casual, I love rave aesthetics like neon, a lot of colour and unpractical materials, I like studs and leather, zips, very punk sorta components and for casual I love joggers and colour block styles that don't make my alphet's look too busy Here's some of the stuff I have, post yours too
  14. I was scrolling down my timeline on Twitter and this popped up. I don't think its quite appropriate for gay men to be dressed as sexual as this for pride... idk I think it gives the wrong message I've seen pictures from other pride events with guys dressed semi-nude too... like what are you trying to say? I just think pride is supposed to be a celebration of sexual identity and coming together, ordinary clothes with the rainbow flag would do... we don't need to see the harness you wear in the bedroom when one wants it a little rough Am I being too much? Have I got the wrong idea of Pride?
  15. If given the chance/had the opportunity and funds to do so? Where would you go to?
  16. My god how much society has regressed since the 60s. No phone zombies, no drugs, no degeneracy, actual social cohesion and just an overall sense of wholesomeness. I ache for us to go back to what was.
  17. In terms of expressing your feelings and/or social interaction. Do you hold certain things back (excluding your privacy) or you just be open to say it with no hesitation
  18. I done that once because the deadline for my essays were 2 days away and I was so far behind. Drank so much energy drinks to stay awake as well You guys ever stayed up that long?
  19. do you or have you ever before in the past ? i know that it's okay not to be okay but sometimes being blue everyday gets redundant. I have to find a reason to smile even if i don't to.
  20. I always stay up until midnight whenever one of my favorite artists releases a song, so I can hear it the second that it’s released. I was planning to stay up tonight to listen to Taylor’s new song, however I have an end-of-the-year exam tomorrow and I need to get a good night of sleep .
  21. Venus

    Assignment Help

    Hello! I have an assignment coming up where I have to present a harmful representation of a group in the media. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas I was thinking of doing Women in the Music Industry here
  22. When I was younger and people would offer me candy I would say no even though I really wanted it cuz I was too shy/felt bad Also in college 2 years ago this group of people invited me to hang out with them but I never made friends with them because I thought I'd be too much off burden I know I'm wrong but FUCK I always feel like I'm bothering people even when they offer to me Open your heart up yall lets cry together