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Found 800 results

  1. Also, do you make playlist for stuff? If you do, what type of playlists do you make? For me, it depends on my mood, sometimes I wanna listen to a specific song/album and sometimes idc. I never shuffle tho. I have 4 playlists I use every day named: New Faves, Only Kpop, Oldies, Japanese Music.
  2. hi juano here dahlings as you may have noticed, i have made an absence from COP for about a week or so and yeah... i apologize for that. it's been a pretty stressful week for me school is on the verge of driving me to insanity and some people near me weren't helping either. yes i know that i missed a week of COP revival im sorry for that too. after the hectic week i've had i honestly think i'm gonna take a break from making crownnote charts just until i regain my energy and motivation to start making them again. i know that @Burning Up has been kind enough to keep the flame going with COP Revival (Life Support Edition) and im grateful for that. I think i might actually give them the password to the crown cop 100 acc so they can fill in the weeks where i forget or am unable to make a chart which will probably most of the time but ANYWAYS i'm probably not gonna be as active on cop as i've been for the past 2 months, for a while. but you know i'll try, even if its a bare minimum effort, to come on this site. Sincerely, Juano
  3. Hey there! So yeah, I need your help with something! You may not be aware, but I am studying Music Business at college. Long story short, its about the business side of things; so for example, record labels, copyright, contracts and stuff. My graded unit is coming up and due in May, and for it I chose to do something a bit different. Its going to be a music review/reaction channel. The aim is to cover music from smaller, indie artists as this is like what an A+R (talent scouting) person from a lable would do. I will be covering bigger artists too, and to over everything on my course I will have videos talking about contracts and shit like that. I have yet to come up with a name. Craig Reacts To... is a bit generic, so I kind of want to hear ideas from you guys? Also, when the channel is set up, it might be good for y'all to recommend some artists/songs/albums for me to react to (big or small). Thanks guys @Members @Administrators @VIP @Moderators @VIP Moderators @Verified VIPS @Section Moderators @Newbies
  4. today's question brought to you by some dumbass video game Markiplier is playing You know the stuff ... like they do on those tv shows like Ghost Adventures (Zak Bagans is my favorite of all douchebags, just sayin') and Ghost Hunters and the other 9000000000 shows/video online and whatnot ... if given the opportunity to go on a real, full-fledged ghost hunt would you? Would you be scared? Bored? Hopeful? Unimpressed? I know this is a dumb question, but I'm always asking the hard hitting dumb questions that need to never be asked. That's kinda my thing. That and COP is dead af rn ... so it may as well be a ghost hunt in here today trying to find something to reply to lol. I'm sorry, don't ban me please!
  5. Okay yall I need your help So I'm going to London on Saturday to see the screening of Under The Silver Lake and then theres a Q&A with Andrew GODfield after, I've had a huge crush on him since 2016 and now I have a chance to have a MOMENT... But I'm SO nervous that I'll fuck up and omg just thinking about it gives me anxiety I've done public speaking twice in HS when I read a prayer in mass in front of 300 odd people, but I LOVE this guy and I cannot embarrass myself, in front of my mother too So should I try and ask a question at the Q&A or should I just sit there and eat my food idek what I should ask, HELP ME!!!
  6. Happy International Women’s Day to all of my fellow women! xoxo
  7. So, what are you? Let’s see if some members will come in here and lie.
  8. I have had several times back when I used Twitter It even went to a point where two barbz threatened me to leak my IP Adress to the Dark Web. I was scared for my life, I've deleted my twitter account and used VPN for 2 weeks after that. Scary shit tbh
  9. Friday was my fathers payday and he was supposed to give me my allowance.I keep telling myself that he'll give now but deep inside I know I'll get it next week. He always does this! He's always late and doesnt keep his promises. My Mother cant relate. What about ur parents?
  10. Which guys do u find attractive? Those who wearing flip flops or those with sneakers?
  11. *sigh* what has my life become. Im laying in bed crying because I just dont know. I was just asking my mums advice on something and she says shes getting worried im not applying for jobs and i spend my days doing other things. I am applying for jobs, but shes in her own made up world that im not. We had a screaming match, I said I would kill myself and she really just went to a place she shouldnt of, "you went from being praised by everyone to applying for fucking cleaning jobs"... I completely lost it, i started balling, I started looking for things to smash, I grabbed a jacket and went to the porsch to get my shoes. My brother tried restricting me so I went out the back barefoot and ran to the farm and cried there for half an hour. They were texting me saying I'm phoning the police etc. I'm back home now. My dad said we'll talk and resolve the issue, but the damage is done. I'm so angry and drained from the pressure people are giving me. I dropped out of college and im trying my best to find a 2nd job, im fighting myself every fucking day to stop my head from going to dark places and stay active. But its not good enough for people, they think they can take one look at me and decide what im doing is wrong. But they dont see me trying. Theres no denying im on a downfall, but what and how my mother said those words is soul crushing. I'm not a lazy person at all, I'm just trying to find my life after education and get my coin wherever I can. I hope this doesnt sound so cliche and rebellious but you dont know how stupid it is until you experience it. Im sorry if this was a lot to read i just needed to vent, a lot just happened and needed this for me to evaluate too. Thanks COP family
  12. It was 2015 when my father beated me for stealing his coins. Its what i deserved. Ever since then I've never shed a tear. We stan a strong cold bitch What about u?
  13. The Carrot broke inside my p*ssy when I was masturbating. I had to push it out like Im giving birth and its now itchy. Welp
  14. I'm interested to see if people listen at different times/in certain patterns I listen omw to work, usually high tempo pop music to get me pumped I listen when I'm in bed at night scrolling through socials I listen sometimes when I'm on my PC during the day, but I find I'm forcing feeding myself it to distract myself and it kinda distracts me from what I'm doing, I'm not in the mood for music in the day either so I should probably stop doing that too
  15. We all know we want clearer skin and have less issues with it so I figured it's necessary to have a thread where we discuss about Skin Care You can talk about anything from the routines, the products, your own skin and any recommendations depending on the type of skin you have If you haven't yet tried skin care and want to consider, you can still spill your thoughts, tell us if your skin is dry/oily/bipolar etc. and maybe other members will give recommendations
  16. *today's thread brought to you by Epic Wildlife on YT* So, for whatever reason ... snakes are considered one of the most feared/hated animals in the animal kingdom among humans. Which side of the coin are y'all on? Love 'em? Hate 'em? Indifferent? While we're on the subject of fears ... if not snakes, which animals do you fear most? Or are you stone cold fearless when it comes to Mother Nature's crazy creations? ====================================== To answer my own question ... I'm not afraid of snakes, they don't bother me at all. Normally when I see one I'll leave it be ... unless one of the kids is around, then snake gotta go. Same with any other potentially dangerous animals/insects, spiders, wasps, bees, etc. As far as animal I am legit kinda frightened of ... snapping turtles scare the shit outta me! They are huge, and ugly, and aggressive af. We found one in the backyard one time, it was like 2 feet long, nose to tail ... maybe a foot and a half wide. Probably weighed like 30 lbs, it was big for a damn turtle just chillin' in my backyard. It tried to bite me da when he picked it up to put it over the fence. It's shoulda considered itself lucky it was \us that found it and not anyone else bc people round here make soup outta them bitches on the regular. All we did was put it in the back field. Rude ass turtle.
  17. I currently have $15... Can I graduate already and stop being poor What about yall guys? Flaunt ur coins
  18. Everytime i see dishes in the sink waiting for me I feel like shooting myself. I hate washing dishes. I'd rather clean the whole yard
  19. Memoirs Of A Fucked Up Life or Slaying Basic Bitches: A Step-By-Step Guide or TWERK ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- They're my choices for what I would name my book, what about you guys?
  20. Do you love your country? Personally, not really, I live in Israel & I don’t hate it, I like living here but I don’t feel a special connection to it, maybe because I’m originally from Russia, which I guess I’m more connected to but I’d much rather live here