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Found 647 results

  1. I wash my face in the morning with Cetaphil . I start by applying warm water and rubbing it into my skin. Then I wash it off with warm water and damp my face with cold water to close my pores. Sometimes I might put Noxzema all over my face and let it sit for like an hour. It keeps me looking refreshed. But before I apply the Noxzema, I wipe my face with Witch Hazel . I recently bought this new face mask called Indian healing clay and it works very well !! What's yours ????
  2. Why should they all be dehumanized? I get that some are straight up evil, but most people probably had struggles or something happen to them that lead to this. I’m excusing the horrible inexcusable act they’ve done, but what’s the point in dehumanizing HUMAN BEINGS? Yes, he has to pay for what he has done, but what’s wrong with humanizing a mass murderer? Just because he did something horrible, doesn’t mean that’s all he is or that this defines him. It’s not always as easy as “you know how many of us do that but we don’t go around killing innocent people”, we have NO IDEA what he has or was going through. Instead of dehumanizing human beings worry about guns being available to every troubled human being in the US.
  3. The Only thing Good about varsity is meeting new daddies every week My Grades are disgusting. I hate University.The course is showing me flames What about yall?
  4. I played dead once. It was an April's fools joke back in like 2011. I did it in my parents garage. I had some Advil and laid them out on the ground, spread and a random prescription bottle in my hand and acted like I OD'd when my parents got home. Lord. The meltdowns that happened after that ... My poor mom at the time.
  5. Last thread for today, what are you watching while browsing the forum? It can be a movie, tv show, Youtube, etc.
  6. Title. My dad is SO accepting. I always thought he would be the one to reject me, but he’s been the most receptive of my family. And I suppose that’s why I’m close to him and guard him the most in my family. I have a rather protective streak with people I love the most. My mother only accepts it cause she knows she wouldn’t have a relationship with me if she didn’t, so it’s rather strained with us.
  7. I’ve always said no, but recently I also kind of see the appeal in being a mom. If I ever get pregnant again I’d consider keeping it, but at the same time it might be selfish considering I don’t see myself settling down with anyone forever. We’ll see though. It’d have to be kind of soon though, if I’m gonna be a mom, I wanna be a young one. What about you?
  8. I often get told i'm "cute". And i sometimes get called "lazy".
  9. Do you have anything in particular you’d want for Christmas this year? I want Jeff Probst to fuck me Dannii’s Unleashed DVD but HMV ran out of stock (surprisingly since there are only about 10 Dannii fans in the world) and maybe a holiday somewhere. Not too much to ask for.
  10. so.... are you a clean hoé or a nasty one
  11. Don't people smoke year round ? I think its just a desperate attempt to show how classless people can be by flaunting around that they are marijuana smokers. Its usually teens but i am seeing more and more adults practice this behavior. Its just another narcissistic way to celebrate a useless date when at this very moment cancer patients are not allowed to buy marijuana in some parts of the world.
  12. So... I was watching YouTube videos when this random notification appeared telling me to activate Windows... I'm confused? I've had this computer for 2 years and it's telling me to activate something out of nowhere... Can anyone help me? What should I do?
  13. I've had this question in my head a long time, and because music is so subjective it's hard to really determine it so I wanted to know y'alls opinion. I think a range of genres definietly qualifies as good taste, so if all you like is Katy, Ariana and Britney I wouldn't really say you have "good taste" because there's all bubblegum pop. What do y'all think
  14. What y'all doing for Halloween? Do you celebrate it? Are you dressing up? What's the 411 sistren
  15. Why are people so rude, don't care about anyone else and don't appreciate the little help you give them? I'm going for 2 weeks in UK in vacation to my cousin and i bought myself a baggage for the trip i am allowed to have 23kilos and a little baggage to grab up in the plane (i will have my laptop in the plane with me). My aunt (my cousins mother) asked me if i can put a coat with me for my cousin, of course i said yes, she then sunday told me that she'll come and bring me the coatS so i told her , i don't know if i have place for 2 coats, one coat i can put for sure. She said ok, it's fine with one coat, the other one she'll have it put in the baggage of the mother of my cousins husband (since she's coming with me). I said ok. Later in the night she called me and said that she's at the mother of my cousins husband and she will put the coats AND OTHER STUFF in her luggage. I said fine, if she has to much in the luggage we'll take them out and put in my luggage. Fast forward to today (the they that i am leaving) my uncle called me and told me if i can put 4-5 books in my luggage to bring to my cousin, i said of course, when he arrived at my place he had a full bag of books. 5 KILOS OF BOOKS!!!! (i weighted the bag) I told him "omg you said 4-5 books" he said that they are not so many books. I said fine (since i knew i had only 15kilos in my luggage). Then i went to whatsapp and made a joke sending an audio: "OMG 5 KILOS of books whaaaaaaat?" Guess what my aunt said to me? "5 KILOS, but what about the other 20 kilos you have?" I WAS SHOCKED, so i snapped and send them an audio (we have a family group): " Gloria(random name) i paid for this luggage, the rest of the 25kilos? I have 23!! kilos in total, i have my laptop up in the plane i can't bring anything else". She then send a text: "don't put the books, leave them and we will bring to them in december when we area visting" then i send another audio: "I HAVE place to put them, i just said 5 kilos!!? as a joke, so don't act like you are upset because you act upset for nothing!" Her: "we are not upset" me the last audio: "i said it as a joke , i didn't say it as a serious thing, because i have place , before the books i had 15kilos only, so i had another 8 kilos free." she then sends me a virtual hug photo. --------- So why are people acting like you owe them and help them and when you help them they are like this? I said a little help not having all my luggage for you.... so 5 kilos in mine and another 10kilos in the mother of my cousins husband. And they will go in december with their free up in the plane luggage because they got rid of all the stuff they had to bring to them and don't waste any money on buying a luggage. Sorry for this long ass rant, i had to let it out.
  16. Do you think that you'd be homophobic or transphobic if you weren't part of the LGBTQ+ community? We have a lot of people, especially boys, at our school who aren't exactly homophobic or transphobic, but are very insensitive to the struggles that gay people and trans people go through and they really push forward stereotypes of what a man should be like. I feel like I'd be a like them. I wouldn't go out of my way to discriminate, but I'd definitely have lots of prejudices against gays and especially trans people.
  17. Or do u like other genres too? I really like lo-fi, house, vaporwave, chillhop, and stuff like that If yes post examples of what u listen aside from pop music right now i'm really into this
  18. Sometimes I just hate people around me. I just want them out of my sight. Sometimes i even think of spitting on their trashy faces.Certain People who are close to me tend to annoy the fuck out of me. They annoy me just for breathing.The sad part is that they havent done anything bad to me.
  19. I have a friend who is actually leaving for the air force in January for 2-3 years so I won't be talking and able to see her unless she's back for the holidays. Would you guys ever consider this depending on the situation you're in right now or in the future?
  20. Like you get called a self-hating gay for saying you don't care about Drag Race or go to pride events even though you openly embrace your sexuality some gay at a party asked me if I watched drag race and I said no I've never seen it and then he said I was lying like stfu hoe I hate that everyone assumes I know everything about drag race and drag queens because I am gay like how would it be if people assumed every Lesbian was into a sport ? and yes i may like mariah and rihanna and pop music, entertainment culture but i also love hip-hop, funk, reggae, deep house, lo-fi stuff, jizz-jazz idk i like a lot of music