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Found 753 results

  1. I was just about to go out and catcall at some women and maybe rape one of them. Until I saw the Gillette ad. Thanks Gillette! Man I love straight males, they're really snapping with these memes lmaooooo
  2. This is most likely gonna sound crazy, but enough of y'all know me well enough to know that I'm not exactly sane so ... That being said, this is a legitimate question, I'm not trying to be weird or funny or anything. This is something that happens to me a lot and it strikes me as odd and I'm genuinely wondering if this has ever happened to anyone else. I don't exactly know how to word this so please bear with me ... Alright, y'all know I love crime docs and horror films and such and I'm sure y'all know the kind of imagery those things encompass. So what happens is ... lemme just ask. Have you ever been watching say a horror movie or whatever and a scene comes up where someone is stabbed/cut (more often than not superficially) and you can feel it? I mean like physically feel the sensation of the blade on your skin? The pain? That weird ass rush that comes with the breaking of skin/bleeding? There have been times where I've watched someone on a movie or whatever cut themselves/get cut and I can feel it as though I've just done it to myself. Especially if the cut/wound is on the hand/wrist area (for reasons I'd rather not get into rn). Like I said, I know I'm not exactly sane ... but this just seems too weird even for me. Y'all can laugh at me if you wanna ... I just feel the need to ask. Thank you for putting up with my rambling.
  3. was bored and wanted to post sumn, so how was y'all's day? 🙈
  4. I have had several times back when I used Twitter It even went to a point where two barbz threatened me to leak my IP Adress to the Dark Web. I was scared for my life, I've deleted my twitter account and used VPN for 2 weeks after that. Scary shit tbh
  5. I cringe so badly when people post a throwback photo and its a photo of a sperm cell.... that makes no sense Yes you need a sperm to make a baby but you also need an egg cell too. The egg cell is just as much as the baby as the sperm especially since its mainly the one that creates our flesh and bones. I remember when I took bio molecular in college and one of the students said we were all inside our fathers scrotum at one point and the professor embarrased him with facts with slide shows and power point presentations from biologists around the world stating that the sperm cell isnt the baby. It becomes ONE in the mitosis stage with the egg cell and they BOTH become the baby. Stephen Hawking and Neil themselves had to confirm that sperms arent babies yet humans continue to be stupid and still believe sperm cells are babies. Stephen actually said that if we’re going to be technical we are actually more of the egg but the sperm cell is still important in delivering the sex of the baby but the egg is also important for creating the flesh, bones and brain.
  6. Once when I was like 11 or 12 my friends dad wished me a happy birthday and I said "thanks, you too" I wanted to die. A nightmare, literally a nightmare
  7. The original series? the next generation? deep space nine? voyager? enterprise? im not including Discovery since its horrible. I love em all but I think next generation is my favorite. Data is a trip!
  8. I know spiders can look creepy especially when they are all bundled together but overall I dont get how people are deathly afraid of them. Its not just women and gay men either. A lot of straight men are also scared of spiders. My straight best friend never comes to my room because I have a pet rose haired tarantula. Chris Evans who plays Captain America says he cries when he sees spiders. I was at the gym a few weeks ago and a big spider was in the mens locker room and CHILEEE i have never seen a group of tough alpha males behave like gazelles being chased by a lion. Eventually some guy slammed it with his running shoes but still it was hysterical. Men act so masculine yet turn into Alyssia Edwards when they see a spider or rat. Venomous spiders arent that common. Why are people afraid of them? My pet Tarantula is actually very cute. Yes he has 8 eyes but hes weirdly cute with his fuzzy self. He has no venom and is friendly.
  9. I have. This one chick who used to work at my current workplace but left about four months ago to go to another job. Anyway, i recently went over to her new workplace and visited her and found out she gets paid wayyyyyyy less, the business is also tiny and she seems kinda lonely there and also she just seems to fill her days with doing a lot of things with no pay off. She also seem robotic as hell and doesn't have much of a personality anymore. I honestly think she's losing her mind but she claims that she's doing better than ever and that her new workplace is way better. When I pulled her aside and said "are you sure you're happy here?" she snapped back and said "you're just jealous i moved on!" I was like yeah OK gurl... Any stories?
  10. I'm reading How to Become the Parent You Never Had: A Treatment for Extremes of Fear, Anger and Guilt by Geoff Graham What about you?
  11. He is very sexy and would definitely get it good It's kinda hard to find a good picture as most of them are screen grabs from his videos but when you see his videos he is very hot Here are some photos of him The only downside is he rants in all his videos, they are interesting but if he rants like that all day long then I wouldn't be able to spend too much time with him
  12. I got this map as a gift from my cousin where you can scrape off countries you've visited, so this is what I got Which countries have you visited so far?
  13. The amount of people I know IRL and on social media who have AirPods but literally have not a single cent to their name makes me kiiiii so much. It’s badically like people are buying them now to prove they’re not broke but it makes me think they are more broke now. And they’re only $200, I have $300 bose headphones
  14. Are you more attracted to gay or straight men? I personally prefer straight men. Most guys I have a crush on end up bringing up their girlfriend in the conversation and then I'm just like "damn" I just prefer a guy who is a guy and is chilled and traditionally masculine I am not attracted to feminine men It just doesn't do it for me, I am attracted to men and masculinity. I know that some gay men are masculine and those are the ones I am attracted to but most guys I like are probably straight I would say.
  15. we had one ages ago but it died! so gonna re open one for the new year I will post My Phone ones Later but my new set up on my new PC! two screens! i'm satisfied with! post yours
  16. Have you? When I first began traveling, I was SHIT at budgeting (aka I blew all of my money on going out to ridiculously overpriced pubs/clubs/restaurants) and would have to spend some nights in some QUESTIONABLE places until I could make an acquaintance who could offer a room for rent until I moved on. The horror stories I could tell. And if you haven’t stayed in one, would you ever consider it? Some are better than others, but it’s definitely an...experience.
  17. I'm by no means transphobic but, this is a question that i've been asking myself lately, when you think about it, transexuals people only suffer because their external apparence doesn't please them, they needed to change their external apparence to feel like themselves, but like, this apparence will not last because we are all going back to dust, like those men turning into a woman and do surgery to be perfecty beautiful, small nose, big lips, big breast, big ass... idk. Transsexuals say that their main issue is they feel like they are trapped in the opposite gender's bodythat their mind is male and their physical vessel is female or male, im a male, but I don't feel like a man i feel like me. i don't like doing man things, I like doing the things I like to do. i have facial hair and a penis, but they are not integral parts of who I am, because an individual is more than the meat they walk around in, what does it mean to have a male or female brain? i've met women that were more stereotypically masculine in their thinking (aggressive, ambitious, domineering) than many men, and men that were more stereotypically feminine (nurturing, sensitive, caring) than many women. i think transsexuals are emotionally immature and as a result attach disproportionate salience to superficial gender constructs. plenty of feminine men live their lives without wanting to chop off their penis and vice versa. transsexualism is nothing but an extreme manifestation of human vanity but as i said i don't hate trans people but i just don't understand some of them because physical apparence isnt everything
  18. Post your favourite photos here! It can be your fave photo of your fave, you, something you took etc. Explain why you love it too
  19. Do you stan the Jackson family? They are HUGE and so many of them have had showbiz careers My favourite apart from Michael would be Queen La Toya, she slays and her reality TV show was iconic Do you like the Jacksons? Who are your favourites? Also, don't forget the iconic Bubbles the monkey
  20. When I see girls drinking beer I just feel like asking “do you not have any class at all?”. It’s such a gross and manly drink and when girls drink it it’s so confusing.. I can understand lesbians drinking it, but actually classy girls? Just no.
  21. I'm taking Intro to Statistics and Comparative World Religions.
  22. I literally just can't deal with that. I can't see anything wrong in being virgin if you are already 18+. Everybody decides when they should have their first sex, people shouldn't be concerned on people's choices in intimate life. I understand that American pie movie was popular in early 2000s, but now it's irrelevant. But some people in 2019 still think that being virgin is embrassing
  23. I'm always thinking about it. I'm not scared of death itself, but I'm scared of the way I will die. I just think about "what if this happens," or "what if that happens," and it isn't a healthy way of living. I just can't help it. I was wondering if anyone else has the same issues.