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      How to add stan badges   10/21/2017

      To add stan badges go to create and click award, fill in your username and find the artist you want. Or go to http://churchofpop.net/awards
    • laracroftonline

      Moving completed   12/04/2017

      We are finally on our final destination we want to thank FansCity for hosting us from now on.

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Found 71 results

  1. New layout?

    Admins, have ya'll thought about updating the layout? There's a lot of great themes from Invision that look really attractive and stylish; https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8705-red-pro-42x/ and I'm sure there's other along somewhere
  2. Question to mods

    Imagine @PopStar () or @Frozen () coming back with a new account. In general someone that's banned. Would you be able to spot the IP?
  3. Would you participate in these events?
  4. Guidance for Church of Pop

    I’m still very new and I haven’t get the hang of this website yet. So can you please help me to figure out this website? I need to know the basic things, about the forums, what’s stanbases, how to make your account popular and stuff like that. Thanks!
  5. how to post pic from gallery?

    So like I got some pics but without url....how can I post them? Why attachment is not working?
  6. Mods Admin Pls Help

    How the hell do i prevent people from constantly "mentioning" me in some stupid as fuck topic i don't want to be a part of. this really clogs up my notifs and gets REALLY annoying. how do i stop this
  7. That gif is honestly disturbing and it isn't funny. It's funny that the same people who were mad about people making fun of Selena for having Lupus and Demi for being fat and a former drug addict are kii kiing at elderly women who looks like she had a stroke. @Members @VIP @VIP Verified @Newbies
  8. So i've been given an ultimatum by a group of users that if something isn't done about insults against a certain artist, they will all be leaving. I think it's important we discuss this openly as a forum and decide as a forum. So this group of members want attacks such as "Cokehead", "lupus", "bipolar bitch" and other extremely personal insults about artists to be off limits even in Battle Grounds. Please vote in the poll above if you would like to see these type of insults banned from COP about artists. @VIP @Moderators
  9. Unwanted stan badges

    Wy the fuck do I have a selenator badge I didn’t ask for this I didn’t want this @Taylor Trump @laracroftonline

    WHY IS DEMI IN MY STAN BADGES LIST LMFAO I HATE YALL WHO REQUESTED IT FOR ME I laughed omg Now how do I get rid of that trash?
  11. Okay, so as excited and I and the rest of the members here are for stan badges it seems that many agree for various artists that their pictures aren't..how do I put this nicely...ugh the best they could be. I have come up with an idea in order to fix this issue for every stanbase. Each stanbase will go to their respective stan thread and begin discussing what picture should be used to represent their artist, they will vote on the suggestions and the one with the most members in agreeance should become the official picture for the badge. What do y'all think? @Administrators @Members @Moderators @Section Moderators @VIP @VIP Verified @Newbies
  12. Suggestion

    I have an idea! COP can have its own movie nights every Friday at 10pm EST on the website called 'rabb.it' (https://www.rabb.it/) . It can be a good way for the members to get along better and leave the messiness behind for once. I'm not messy so I can't relate to it , but the members who are can! The movies we watch can be chosen by polls and whatever the popular vote is. It could be movies starring pop girls, chick flicks, etc.. you name it! So what do you guys think?
  13. We all want this site to grow, but as we get bigger I think we need more mature leadership Taylor has a diamond album in Australia, but I seem to be having problems with a certain Australian. Speak up @IStanOGs
  14. I'm tired of having to scroll for 2 minutes to get past a certain two member's signatures. It looks tacky. One is literally bigger than my screen
  15. Hi sistren. So lately theres been a lot of discussion over whether joking about illnesses in relation to popstars ("Selupus", "BeyHIV", etc) should be out of bounds. Would you like to see the use of illnesses as insults punishable with warning points? These would be issued under the current rule we have about vile content which covers references to suicide, porn content, etc. Please vote in the poll. @VIP @Moderators
  16. Low Quality Profile Images

    I don't know if anyone else having this problem, but every image I upload for my profile picture appears to be of low quality. I've tried adjusting the resolution and that still didn't work.
  17. How do I add a pic or a quote that appears right below the posts ?
  18. How do I make a status?

    im still new to this (been here since monday). i know the basics etc. but does anyone know how do i make a status or do i have to rise my content count a bit more to do that? (forgive me if this is a dumb question)
  19. This would be a section in the general boards section. It would for discussion of hip-hop acts which don't get a lot of shine here. For example: The Weeknd, Cardi B, Future, Migos and of course old school acts like Eminem.
  20. Name Change

    Is it possible to change my name. I made the account in efforts of never using it so I put a random name
  21. fixed COP needs a proper NHB section

    Where I can say WHATEVER I want without worrying about WP
  22. In this thread you will NOT be warned for nicknames, flamebait or trolling. All other COP rules still apply. – Do not insult, attack or give rude nicknames to other members or stan bases. – Do not post anything particularly insensitive, offensive or disturbing. – Do not post anything graphic or explicit. – Do not talk about things unrelated to pop culture. – Do not spam. Stand Your Ground is the home of artist/celeb arguments that are out of control. There's free reign here for stans, otherwise known as people who will stop at nothing to defend their favorite artists and bash everyone else's. If you want to fight out a vicious argument about celebs, artists, music, charts/sales, etc., you must take it here. The argument must be about pop culture. answer the OP please
  23. Emails

    how do I turn off COP email notifications, my inbox is literally spammed and I don’t need them