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Found 99 results

  1. This is pretty self explanatory i give two things you pick one and then you get to give two things. Tits or ass. ?
  2. So there are 10 concerts going on at the same time in a city near you over a three day period but you can only go to three. From the list below you have to pick three concerts to go to. Here are the concerts that are available: Beyonce Regular Tickets: $500 V.I.P.: $900 Rihanna Regular Tickets: $400 V.I.P.: $750 Taylor Swift Regular Tickets: $450 V.I.P.: $875 Katy Perry Regular Tickets: $400 V.I.P.: $700 Ariana Grande Regular Tickets: $300 V.I.P.: $700 Adele Regular Tickets: $700 V.I.P.: $1,000 Madonna Regular Tickets: $500 V.I.P: $650 Britney Spears Regular Tickets: $300 V.I.P.:$500 Lady Gaga Regular Tickets: $600 V.I.P.: $775 Mariah Carey Regular Tickets: $650 V.I.P.: $800 These things are mandatory as well: Food: $30 (each night) Transportation:$10 to and from each concert. $50 to and from the city where the event is being held) (You can rent a ride for half the price but if anything should happen to it the repairs will cost you $300) Accommodation(for all three nights) Motel-$50 1 star hotel-$200 2 star hotel-$300 3 star hotel-$350 4 star hotel-$500 5 star hotel-$650 (You have the option to stay with a friend but their house is in a deplorable state) Optional: New clothing-$10 for each concert Backstage passes-Addtional $100 on the ticket for each concert You also have the option to bring others as well but depending on how many people you bring you'll have to times everything (minus clothing) by the number of people you bring Merch: $100 (Rihanna, Katy Perry, Ariana, Madonna, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga) and $200 (Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Adele, Mariah Carey) You have $2,500 spending money for the three days. Let's see how many of y'all are gonna sacrifice your comfort their your fave. (I'm so sorry this is so long btw)
  3. Hey guys, since we can now edit our signatures, should we play the "Rate the signature above you"? Rate it out of 10!!! Go to: http://churchofpop.net/settings/signature/ > Make sure the "View Signatures?" is green to see signatures of other people Go make your sig now. Edit by CIC: Please only rate the style of the sig and not the connection it has to the person who made this!
  4. Inspired by Kill, Marry, Fuck Sing, Skip or Delete is a spinoff with songs! So the user will give three songs and you quote (or don't) with the songs you'll sing, skip or delete and give the next user three songs to answer. This could be a fun game i guess I will get it starting. Cardi B - I Like It Ariana Grande - Breathin Nicki MInaj - Barbie Dreams
  5. So I thought this would make a fun game. Basically, let's say someone says never have I ever jumped off a cliff. Well if you have jumped off a cliff you would put the wink emoji. And if you haven't jumped off a cliff you would use the shrug one. Never have I ever snuck into a movie.
  6. Okay, here we go: Rihanna, Katy Perry, Jessica Simpson
  7. This is pretty simple but I'll give an example. Meghan Trainor is The next user can put whatever they want like trash for instance and then they can give something for someone else to fill in. Fuck my
  8. Have fun (sorry if this already exists, I couldn't find the thread)
  9. I don't think I ever brought it to this site, I hosted it on atrl (got closed bc mods hate me) and also on others (which closed down) so im bringing it here, if I see that there is already one, i'll merge it LINKED SONG TITLES examples how to play below. Ask quesions if your Lost (tho its pretty simple) Etc. I'm With You - Avril Lavigne Go With the flow - Queens of the stone age Sheep Go To Heaven - Cake Just work with titles in the song and go on... So If The Person Above has the song title go from there i'll Start Look What You Made Me Do - Taylor Swift
  10. Another forum game from me You will get two videos. You will choose your favourite and put it against another musicvideo. I will start Ariana Grande - Into You vs. Kesha - Praying
  11. I got this idea from the good @Dirkje if she dont mind, rihanna has a tons of songs just pick two and the next will pick the one outta the two and so on. Hard Vs. Mandown
  12. This is a game inspired by the RPDR mini challenge. Basically, just tag a COP user and READ THEM FOR FILTH. Don't be too harsh, though. This isn't NHB so no personal attacks allowed. Other than that, have fun
  13. [i'm bored lol] *waits for call to pull up at drive thru*
  14. obviously don't do songs by some irrelevants that nobody knows about, be nice and do popgirls or big artists person who guesses can do the next one or choose who does next one! so lemme start it's very easy
  15. This should be fun, ask a question and answer the person aboves question to play Member most likely to become President/Priminister
  16. Similar to the "Ask the Member above you a question" but here you have to say something about the person, who posted before you Hope this won't flop
  17. I couldn't find anything like this after searching for it. Don't try and start drama plz and post as frequent as you want.
  18. gyals im very bored now so basically the challenge is that you have to reply with something completely unrelated to the topic the last person replied about if i think your reply is completely unrelated to the previous reply's topic, i'll upvote your reply which will add a point to your score if i think your reply is in anyway related to the previous reply's topic, i'll downvote your reply which will deduct a point from your score GO!
  19. for example : JANET JACKSON- what have D done for me lately nasty D when I think of D miss you D D escapade Black D love will never do (without D) thats the way D goes D again these are SENDING ME SKSHSDFCVNN
  20. A popular forum game. Give a stupid reason why you "banned" the person above you. An example: "Banned for being too attractive." Let's begin, ladies.
  21. Sure there are more males but there are very active females. Females count up, males count down. Will start off with 1000. 0 - males win 2000 - females win I hosted it on thaf shitty flop site so bringing it here instead so ill start. 1001
  22. Swipe left (no) or swipe right (yes) to the picture above. And post a new pic for the person below to swipe on.