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Found 85 results

  1. The game rule is simple: Rate the given artist out of 10. No decimals. No Zeros. First artist: Lady gaga She got 6 out of 10
  2. CUZ!CAN

    Yes or No

    This game is as simple as Beyoncé's songwriting skills ask the member under you a question he only can answer with yes or no For example: Member one: Do you like Bon Appétit? Member two: Yes, it's the best bop of 2017, buy Witness on iTunes Do you like summer heat? Member 3: No... and so on... I'll start Do you like pepper mint ice cream flavor?
  3. Example: Kesha - Essential Collection 1. Tik Tok 2. Die Young 3. We R Who We R 4. Crazy Kids (original) 5. Blow 6. Take it Off 7. Your Love Is My Drug 8. Cmon 9. Praying 10. Supernatural 11. Bla Bla Bla 12. Woman
  4. I couldn't find anything like this after searching for it. Don't try and start drama plz and post as frequent as you want.
  5. What's the last thing you paid for? It could be anything. I'll start... I think it was mineral water.
  6. This is a simple forum game where there will be a random or controversial statement posted in the title, which will change periodically. All you have to do is comment "agree" or "disagree" depending on where you stand on the issue. Feel free to add additional thoughts on the topic. If you have no opinion then comment, "unbiased". I will tally up the comments and post the Results in the OP as the topics change. 1. "pineapple on pizza is disgusting" 2. "Into You deserves the hype" 3. "Beauty is a talent" 4. "it is wrong for artists to remain silent on important issues" 5. "mustard is superior over ketchup" THE RESULTS CONT.
  7. This is pretty self explanatory i give two things you pick one and then you get to give two things. Tits or ass. ?
  8. Count to ten before a COP staff member posts here! For example: Member 1: 1 Member 2: 2 Member 3: 3 Staff Member: Back to zero! Member 4: 1 Like that. No tag teaming please! It must be at least three members in a row, not just two doing the counting.
  9. So I thought this would make a fun game. Basically, let's say someone says never have I ever jumped off a cliff. Well if you have jumped off a cliff you would put the wink emoji. And if you haven't jumped off a cliff you would use the shrug one. Never have I ever snuck into a movie.
  10. A popular forum game. Give a stupid reason why you "banned" the person above you. An example: "Banned for being too attractive." Let's begin, ladies.
  11. This game is simple. You give people two choices to select from and they have to choose, and when they do, they also have to make two other selections. The items of choice could be ANYTHING. Example: Person 1: Blueberries or sorbet? Person 2: Blueberries. Chris Evans or Chris Martin? And so on. Since I'm the first post, I'll start! Wi-fi or Ethernet?
  12. Inspired by Kill, Marry, Fuck Sing, Skip or Delete is a spinoff with songs! So the user will give three songs and you quote (or don't) with the songs you'll sing, skip or delete and give the next user three songs to answer. This could be a fun game i guess I will get it starting. Cardi B - I Like It Ariana Grande - Breathin Nicki MInaj - Barbie Dreams
  13. shmeur

    20 Questions

    I'm thinking of a person, place, or thing. You know the drill lol ask yes or no questions until somebody gets it right. I'm bored so don't let this flop nnn. The winner can do the next round. Round 1: winner - @Sonii - answer: Grammy Round 2: winner - @Oh My Gaga - answer: Himalayan Salt Lamp Round 3: winner - @Diomedes - answer: Tooth Round 4: winner - @Oh My Gaga - answer: Eyebrows Round 5: winner - @Sonii - answer: Brooke Candy Round 6: winner - @shmeur - answer: Die Antwoord Round 7: winner - @Swagga - answer: Ursula Round 8: winner - @Oh My Gaga - answer: Ariana's Bunny Mask Round 9: winner - @shmeur - answer: badgallaura Round 10: winner - @Sonii - asnwer: Ladder
  14. Similar to the "Ask the Member above you a question" but here you have to say something about the person, who posted before you Hope this won't flop
  15. Heey guys! I made 2 word seekers for fun! Can you guys solve them? WORD SEEKER 1: Female Artists LINK: https://woordzoekerfabriek.nl/solve.php?puzzleid=6f897a1a17cec467aefab62368bd2ee4 Words: ALLY BROOKE ARIANA GRANDE AZEALIA BANKS BEBE REXHA BRITNEY SPEARS CAMILA CABELLO CARDI B CHARLI XCX DEMI LOVATO KATY PERRY LADY GAGA LANA DEL REY LAUREN JAUREGUY LITTLE MIX MARIAH CAREY MILEY CYRUS NICKI MINAJ SELENA GOMEZ SIA TAYLOR SWIFT Note: In the puzzle there is no spaces. So TAYLOR SWIFT would be TAYLORSWIFT in the puzzle Note 2: If your fave isnt there dont be sad. Making puzzles like this is very hard and even with the website. I can always make another puzzle including your fave! What is the solution of this puzzle? (Posting the second puzzle in a new post in this thread)
  16. You have all been invited to the grand opening of Carnival of Chaos: a spectacular collection of talent, magic, and murder. I have tickets available for anywhere from 20-30 people who want to play, but please, only play if you're going to be active. To simplify: this game has elements of Slasher and Survivor, different win cons and special roles, as well as a few challenges. Each player will have a hidden role and mission. Each role is unique and has its own special ability and win condition which are kept secret. A lot of roles can joint-win together, while some have clashing win conditions and can't. The game isn't simply about a team vs another team; it is every player vs. every other player (for the most part). However, you will be allowed to make alliances because there can be multiple winners. There can also be no winners depending on how the game plays out. Also, there will be a Secret Killer acting as a lone wolf (or are they?) Each night, players will message me if they wish to use any powers or items. In the day phase, people will vote who they wish to hang! A public execution for the hungry audience! There will also be several challenges throughout, though some may be hidden. The game ends at a certain point, but the trigger is a secret. This game will also have items. Some are weapons, while others are more defensive. Some roles will start equipped with an item or can create items. Other items can be won or found during one of three challenges. Items can be traded if you and the person you wish to trade with both contact me. Items can also be donated (anonymously or not) to another player. If a player is killed by a single person, their items transfer to that person. If a player is voted off, any of their unused items may be offered in a challenge. The game will also have beasts. (The Lion Tamer has a lion; the Snake Charmer has a snake.) Items: Ankh - revives a player (or beast) from the dead. Poison Potion - poisons whoever drinks it. They die the following night unless immune. Healing Potion - grants a full day of immunity to whomever drinks it. Mysterious Potion - 50% chance of being Poison; 50% chance of being a Healing Potion. Ring of Immunity - protects the user from death once. Voodoo Doll - if the owner of the doll would be killed, its target shifts to the person the voodoo doll is of. Crystal Ball - reveals a player’s current role and mission. Dagger (Weapon) - kills a player instantly. Flamethrower (Weapon) - sets a player (or beast) on fire. Beasts: Lion - if it attacks a player, the player will die the following turn unless the lion is killed. The lion can be killed by poison or fire but not by a dagger. Snake - poisons a player (or beast) unless killed. The snake can be killed by fire or dagger but not by poison. I probably did a horrible job explaining it lol so ask any questions. Sign up here. 1) @Tana Mongeau 2) @barbiej33p 3) @neonnights 4) @MISS CAMARADERIE 5) @Black Beauty ? 6) @junguwu 7) @jesminda 8) @Breakdown 9) @aahfeekiee 10) @Elusive Loverboy 11) @One Of The Boys 12) @bleachnetwork 13) @God 14) @Oh My Gaga 15) @Treacherous Lovatic 16) @kipperskipper 17) @Dirkje 18) @H.O.N.E.Y 19) @Roobz 20) @Ahmed 21) @hammer 22) @Heartsigh 23) @ACT2 24) @MSL 25) @avril lavigne
  17. I don't think I ever brought it to this site, I hosted it on atrl (got closed bc mods hate me) and also on others (which closed down) so im bringing it here, if I see that there is already one, i'll merge it LINKED SONG TITLES examples how to play below. Ask quesions if your Lost (tho its pretty simple) Etc. I'm With You - Avril Lavigne Go With the flow - Queens of the stone age Sheep Go To Heaven - Cake Just work with titles in the song and go on... So If The Person Above has the song title go from there i'll Start Look What You Made Me Do - Taylor Swift
  18. Guess which one of the facts i present is a lie and you can give your two truths and a lie. I have the same birthday as Ariana Grande. I've gotten stuck on a roller coaster. Red is my favorite color.
  19. I got this idea from the good @Dirkje if she dont mind, rihanna has a tons of songs just pick two and the next will pick the one outta the two and so on. Hard Vs. Mandown
  20. Saw this on another forum I visit, basically what you do is you put your Spotify (or whatever you use to listen to music) library or playlist on shuffle and post the first 10 songs that come up like this: Marina and the Diamonds - Radioactive Black Eyed Peas - My Humps Marina and the Diamonds - Better Than That Sia - Confetti Marina and the Diamonds & Charli XCX - Just Desserts Inna - Heaven Madonna - Push Britney Spears - Intimidated Dami Im - Alive Mariah Carey - It's Like That
  21. This game is simple. I will post a bit of lyrics from a song and you will try to guess the next line and the song. Have fun! Round One: Got a bed with your...
  22. I'm thinking of a place that: is really diverse; full of people from all races, sexual orientations and age groups has had a lot of people migrating in recently takes pride in having more freedom of speech than its neighbours has had to have heated debates about racism ever so often is run by someone who is emotionally unstable, has questionable morals, demonizes nonviolent drug offences, is hated by twitter and hides his personal attacks behind a veneer of political discussion we all know someone from this place, some of us might even be from here! Can you guess what place this is?
  23. CUZ!CAN

    Album Alphabet

    It's the last thing we could do in this category so let's go Ladies! ARTPOP/Lady Gaga