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Found 65 results

  1. Heey guys! I made a little puzzle with some of our faves! I post it for those who are interested! Tips and guidelines: - If you find every word in the puzzle, the left over letters should form a sentence I think we all agree on! - The puzzle was made on a Dutch languaged website, but the puzzle itself is in English! - If you've solved the puzzle and want to share that, please do so in a spoiler so you dont give away the solution for those that still want to make it. - Nothing you can win with this one. Its just for fun. If you found every word, it should say "Gefeliciteerd! Je hebt alle woorden gevonden! Wat is de oplossing?" Which means: "Congratulation! You've found all the words! What is the solution?" LINK to the puzzle: https://woordzoekerfabriek.nl/solve.php?puzzleid=4a1abd9c06d2e55b61a7d6b97c3362d5 The words that are in the puzzle can be found at the bottom of the page. But in case you cant find it (Because its really small actually) I post them here in alphabetic order: - Ariana Grande - Demi Lovato - Iggy Azalea - Katy Perry - Lady Gaga - Little Mix - Lorde - Miley Cyrus - Nicki Minaj - Normani - Pink - Rihanna - Selena Gomez - Sia - Taylor Swift - Tinashe - Zara Larsson (Note: I'm sorry if your fave isnt in the puzzle. Making puzzles like these is pretty hard as it has to fit well. I might make a 2.0 with the faves that didnt make it if the reactions are well) Have fun! If you have any questions, just let me know
  2. I don't think I ever brought it to this site, I hosted it on atrl (got closed bc mods hate me) and also on others (which closed down) so im bringing it here, if I see that there is already one, i'll merge it LINKED SONG TITLES examples how to play below. Ask quesions if your Lost (tho its pretty simple) Etc. I'm With You - Avril Lavigne Go With the flow - Queens of the stone age Sheep Go To Heaven - Cake Just work with titles in the song and go on... So If The Person Above has the song title go from there i'll Start Look What You Made Me Do - Taylor Swift
  3. Similar to the "Ask the Member above you a question" but here you have to say something about the person, who posted before you Hope this won't flop
  4. This is pretty self explanatory i give two things you pick one and then you get to give two things. Tits or ass. ?
  5. Guess which one of the facts i present is a lie and you can give your two truths and a lie. I have the same birthday as Ariana Grande. I've gotten stuck on a roller coaster. Red is my favorite color.
  6. XO.

    Album Alphabet

    It's the last thing we could do in this category so let's go Ladies! ARTPOP/Lady Gaga
  7. This works just like the 'Rate the avatar of the user above you" game but you rate the users collection of stanbadges/awards (as a whole) instead!
  8. How the game works: Post anything you want on my profile, it can be a question, you can tell me something, you can show me something, anything you want just don't make it inappropriate or rude. Have fun!
  9. How the game works: Try and expose me. The expose can be funny or realistic. I will quote you to tell you if the expose if fake or real. Have fun!
  10. Turn Flop Harmony into Smash Harmony. Example: March 2017: Release of Lonely Night as the lead single. It's a radio-driven Worldwide Top 15, which peaks at #8 in the US June 2017: Release of He Like That as the second single. It becomes a top 3 smash everywhere and tops Spotify Worldwide. August 2017: Release of Fifth Harmony. It's sales are horrible, but it gets decent streams and debuts at #2. Late September 2017: Release of Angel as the third single. It becomes a top 5 smash in the US, but it flops worldwide December 2017: Release of DSYLM as the fourth single. It goes number one everywhere and becomes the years Christmas hit instead of Perfect April 2018: Release of Deliver as the final single. It flops and barley cracks the top 40
  11. Another forum game from me You will get two videos. You will choose your favourite and put it against another musicvideo. I will start Ariana Grande - Into You vs. Kesha - Praying
  12. Delete one song from each album by your main fave to make it better ****************************************************** Some Hearts: I Ain't In Checotah Anymore Carnival Ride: Wheel Of The World Play On: Change Blown Away: Cupid's Got A Shotgun Storyteller: Mexico
  13. Sure there are more males but there are very active females. Females count up, males count down. Will start off with 1000. 0 - males win 2000 - females win I hosted it on thaf shitty flop site so bringing it here instead so ill start. 1001
  14. XO.

    Yes or No

    This game is as simple as Beyoncé's songwriting skills ask the member under you a question he only can answer with yes or no For example: Member one: Do you like Bon Appétit? Member two: Yes, it's the best bop of 2017, buy Witness on iTunes Do you like summer heat? Member 3: No... and so on... I'll start Do you like pepper mint ice cream flavor?
  15. Hey guys, since we can now edit our signatures, should we play the "Rate the signature above you"? Rate it out of 10!!! Go to: http://churchofpop.net/settings/signature/ > Make sure the "View Signatures?" is green to see signatures of other people Go make your sig now. Edit by CIC: Please only rate the style of the sig and not the connection it has to the person who made this!
  16. Dirkje


    Another iconic thread you'll find in any forum. Press CTRL+V and post what comes out! I'll start:
  17. Simple forum game. The last person to post here is the hypothetical winner. For example: Person 1: "I win!" Person 2: "No, me!" Person 3: "Nah sorry bitch, it's me." I'm the winner right now, get on my level.
  18. So I thought this would make a fun game. Basically, let's say someone says never have I ever jumped off a cliff. Well if you have jumped off a cliff you would put the wink emoji. And if you haven't jumped off a cliff you would use the shrug one. Never have I ever snuck into a movie.
  19. This game is simple. You give people two choices to select from and they have to choose, and when they do, they also have to make two other selections. The items of choice could be ANYTHING. Example: Person 1: Blueberries or sorbet? Person 2: Blueberries. Chris Evans or Chris Martin? And so on. Since I'm the first post, I'll start! Wi-fi or Ethernet?
  20. You're stuck on an island and you can only listen to 3 albums for the rest of your life, what albums would they be?
  21. You all know that how we play this game. One is the Katy's best selling album and one is her worst selling album. One has 5 1# and the other has none. I didn't add TOTGA (Acoustic), mash-up and Kanye duet and also Act My Age and Dance With the Devil. List My choices
  22. In this game, you write three words of your choice and the person after you has to continue the sentence. Your three words can be anything you choose, no matter how random. You can also end the sentence if you like by adding a period at the end of your three words so the person after you starts a new one; whatever's your choice. Although usually when playing this game, it's rare to end a sentence but it's certainly acceptable. Example: User #1: Today I bought... User #2: a British chicken... User #3: to feed my... User #4: ancient Egyptian whore. User #5: So then I... And so on and so on. I'll start! Today I went...
  23. basically just write a word that the previous word reminds you of example: person 1 says sun, person 2 says heat, person 3 says bake, person 4 says cookie, person 5 says monster... etc i'll start, pop
  24. Take the tracklisting from both of these iconic divas, put them side by side, and bold the track you prefer of the two. At the end, tally which is the winner! "Where Does My Heart Beat Now" Vs "Sweetheart" "Beauty and the Beast" (duet with Peabo Bryson) Vs "When You Believe" (with Whitney Houston) "If You Asked Me To" Vs "Whenever You Call" (with Brian McKnight) "The Power of Love" Vs "My All" "My Love" Vs "Honey" "Because You Loved Me" Vs "Always Be My Baby" "The Power of the Dream" Vs "One Sweet Day" (with Boyz II Men) "It's All Coming Back to Me Now" Vs "Fantasy "All by Myself" Vs "Hero" "My Heart Will Go On" Vs "Dreamlover" "I'm Your Angel" (duet with R. Kelly) Vs "I'll Be There" (featuring Trey Lorenz) "That's the Way It Is" Vs "Emotions" "A New Day Has Come" Vs "I Don't Wanna Cry" "I'm Alive" Vs "Someday" "I Drove All Night" Vs "Love Takes Time" "Taking Chances" Vs "Vision of Love" "There Comes a Time" Vs "I Still Believe" Celine: 10 (WINNER) Mariah: 7
  25. Basically, you listen to the song above and rate it out of 10! I'd recommend listening to at least a minute and a half before you rate a song, you never know - the song could change up halfway through! Also, this could be a great way for you to discover new artists! I'll start us off!