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Found 84 results

  1. Do you drink often or every once in awhile? A lot or none at all? When I did a gap year a few years ago, I got into the habit of drinking often (mess tbh) but have slowed down. I couldn’t deal with the hangovers or waking up after being a messy slut all night nnnn
  2. The vegan diet is SO dangerous, check this video out.
  3. Guest

    Coffee vs Tea ?

    Which beverage do u prefer?
  4. COP MEMBERZ! What is the last thing you ate ? bored here that was cake and water lmao
  5. I'm trying to figure out what I should pair with pepperoni on my pizza
  6. This was my attempt at a poll. This poll is inspired by BuzzFeed Quizzes (their Instagram is the best) (I tried)
  7. Depressed people of COP, which antidepressant is your fave?
  8. Do you like to cook? Do you have a favorite recipe? Share in this thread! Also if you try to make a recipe by someone else, you can share your thoughts if it was tasty! I know that in different parts of the world they use other measure methods. Just use a convert website! The recipes could be for anything. Foods or drinks. Breakfast, lunch or dinner, etc. Whatever you'd like to share! Go!
  9. People should be vegan because doing so benefits their own health, the environment, and is not inhumane to animals. First, becoming vegan has many health benefits. People who are vegan often live longer than those who are not. This is because many animal products are high in cholesterol, saturated fat, sodium, among other things. Red meat is extremely high in cholesterol and saturated fat, and while it does have protein, the negative still outweighs the positive. Milk and other dairy products are also detrimental to health; humans are not baby cows, and are not built to drink milk. Same goes for eggs. While there are some "healthier" meats, they all still have negative effects in some way, and oftentimes there are much healthier plant-based alternatives. Many vegans are not thin and weak, but are just like other people, if not much healthier, because they get all of the necessary nutrients (which can all be found in plants) yet do not eat nearly as much "empty calories," due to the healthy nature of fruits and vegetables. Also, eating meat is harmful to the environment. Over half of all climate changing emissions come from factory farms. Also, factory farming accounts for a huge part of deforestation. Over-fishing is killing the oceans; around the year 2040 much of the wildlife within the oceans will be extinct due to over-fishing. There is also the morality aspect. What differentiates a cow or a pig from a cat or a dog, or even another human? Both are incredibly smart animals that show emotions, similar to humans. What gives humans the right to exploit other animals in this way? Just because humans hypothetically can do this does not mean that they should. The amount of cruelty in the farming industry is horrendous. Of course, the last part is opinion, but the first two parts are not. The negative effects of animal farming on human health and the environment is proven. Sure, there are some negatives to going vegan, like giving up certain foods, but the positive definitely outweighs the negative.
  10. Like the title says. Whats your favorite food/drink? Whats your least favorite food? Spill and discuss!
  11. In these last two weeks I've been eating fried chips with hotwings daily and its not healthy. The only thing Im proud of eating is apples and i eat them everyday What about you?
  12. Title. I usually eat one solid meal a day and have a liquid drink (smoothie, maybe a Starbucks drink) to hold me over until then.
  13. I don’t post pictures of the foods I’m about to eat, I find it cringy since food to me is personal and I feel awkward about people knowing what I’m eating and sometimes the foods people post look nasty lol. What about ya?
  14. I dont think its possible to like every food when there are so many different tastes in the world! What are foods you really cant stand? I really dont like cauliflower and sprouts. Discuss!
  15. What is the best cake or cookie that exists? I love M & M pies.
  16. Films mukbangs and has almost 700 000 people watching him Literally shots vodka and eats 2 burgers, two buckets of fries, a box of chilli cheese fries and fried mozarella in ONE SITTING. And apparently he had donuts for breakfast. He is going to have horrible health issues in just a few short years. What a damn fool and anyone who watches him.