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Found 56 results

  1. I'm on about 1800 calories (estimate) at the moment and exercising a few times a week for my holiday to the U.S. I'm eating oats with greek yoghurt/apple/berries or a banana protein smoothie for breakfast, then either a chicken salad, avocado wholemeal toast with hot sauce or 2 egg vege omelette with one slice of wholemeal for lunch and then for dinner either chicken stirfry, turkey meatballs with plate of green veges/hot sauce or something similar to that. And throw in a green juice and peanut butter protein ball during the day as well. I'm not trying to lose weight as much as i am trying to tone up.
  2. How many slices of Pizza can you eat in one sitting?? I can eat 3 on a normal day, If im really hungry I can eat about 5 Wbu?
  3. Basically do you like a soft or hard Oreo cookie? ... I prefer without the milk just b/c it's extra work to fill up a glass of milk to dip a cookie in
  4. I'M SHOOK Also, can someone embed it pls? I can only post that flop link for some reason
  5. Their fries are one of those fries where they don't need ketchup. Honestly, it tastes better without the ketchup. However, every once in a while, I'll put ketchup on it to do something different. Do you put ketchup on McDonald's fries?
  6. Which sauces do you prefer for dipping? BBQ honey mustard and ranch go good with literally anything. Fight me. Ketchup, mayochup, horseradish, and hot sauce are trash-tier imo. Mayonnaise is good on sandwiches and fish, but it's gross if you dip with it.
  7. It's such a farce of a lifestyle/diet, most of the vegans i know look...not well
  8. I say because not only are they the best tasting but also because they're so vers(atile). If you don't stan potatoes then you need your tastebuds reevaluated tbh.
  9. Just letting y’all know Source: https://bit.ly/2KvCtDz
  10. Two new studies presented at the Experimental Biology 2018 annual meeting found that dark chocolate can have positive effects on your immune system and brain power.
  11. We all know BC is more mainstream but which one is better? Is WC underrated?
  12. Aussie here and i wanna try the iconic USA fast food (only the good stuff and stuff we dont have like McDonalds and KFC). I'm thinking In And Out is going to bomb
  13. ...when you pass 25 you'll find yourself eating a sad looking kale patty with steamed brocolli on the side and wondering what went wrong FML i miss not being able to eat what i want
  14. Doesn't have to be a whole animal, it can be certain parts of their body
  15. I love Krispy Kreme the most! My faves of theirs are: * Chocolate coated, custard filled * Vanilla Slice (custard filled) * Chocolate coated plain * Original Glaze * Kookies and Kreme
  16. What does everyone think of mayochup?
  17. shmeur

    Pizza Poll

    Vote all you put on pizza in the poll so we can see how trash COP's pizza taste is.
  18. Inspired by my dinner I just cooked I've known how to cook since I was a kid (since I usually had to make my dinners every day). Bonus: What is you favourite meal to cook or eat.
  19. And yes this thread is about the drink, not the popculture term. There are many tea flavors, but what do you like the most? I like lemon, orange and in the summer licorice and mint tea.
  20. I'm sitting here with a plate of chinese food in front of me, it's getting colder by the second. I'm staring at it and shaking my head. I've come to the realisation that this plate of food in front of me represents another culture, for which I am appropriating (since i'm white and even worse, a white male - but thank God I'm not a white HETEROSEXUAL male). This plate of food is a symptom of my white privilege. The fact that I have the opportunity to get any type of food I want, simply because I am white, is literally the definition of white privilege. The fact that I USE my white dollars to buy this food is also white privilege. Who do I think I am? A white person who thinks they can just come in and buy another culture using my WHITE MONEY? I'm truly disgusted with myself for not having realised this sooner and I will not use my filthy white money to APPROPRIATE another culture again. I am so so sorry to any Chinese people who I have offended by eating their culture.
  21. I hate pulp in orange juice. The texture is just
  22. Which pizza do you prefer? 1. Dominos deserves first place and that's that on that. 2. Pizza Hut is good, but expensive (If it wasn't expensive, I would put it above Dominos) 3. Papa John's crust is dry. 4. And Little Caesars is.....what it is. It's cute if you're on a budget.
  23. It makes people act in ridiculous ways It causes problems for society, at large It can be ok in small doses but I think it creates too many problems It has certainly created issues for me in my life which is why I have become a sober chanteuse Where do you stand?
  24. My favorite are the Samoas. DELICIOUS! What are yours?