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Found 52 results

  1. Austrian Eurovision winner Conchita Wurst revealed in an Instagram post on Sunday that he had been receiving treatment for HIV for several years. The 29-year-old singer said he had not intended to make the diagnosis public, but had been forced to do so because of threats from a former boyfriend. Read more: Researchers develop reliable and needle-free HIV test "I have been HIV positive for many years," Wurst wrote on Instagram. "This is actually irrelevant to the public, but an ex-boyfriend has threatened to take this private information public and I will never give anyone the right to frighten me and influence my life because of it." Wurst added that the virus was below the detectability threshold and could therefore no longer be passed on. "I hope to give others courage and to take another step against the stigmatization of people who, through their own behavior or that of others, have become infected with HIV," Wurst said. http://www.dw.com/en/eurovision-winner-conchita-wurst-reveals-he-has-hiv/a-43399959
  2. I mean.. whew we love a flawfree man.
  3. A barber shop owner has slammed gender hypocrisy after he was taken to the Federal Circuit Court of Australia for refusing to cut a young girl's hair. Sam Rahim, who runs the Hunters Hill Barber Shop in Sydney's north, said he 'politely' declined a woman's request to trim her daughter's locks last December. The mother, who is understood to be a Sydney-based lawyer, has since filed a complaint with the human rights commission and taken the matter to court. 'It's left me in a lot of stress to be honest. Just sleepless and something we have to deal with,' he told Channel Nine's Today show on Tuesday. A barber shop owner has slammed gender hypocrisy after he was taken to the Federal Circuit Court of Australia for refusing to cut a young girl's hair. Sam Rahim, who runs the Hunters Hill Barber Shop in Sydney's north, said he 'politely' declined a woman's request to trim her daughter's locks last December. The mother, who is understood to be a Sydney-based lawyer, has since filed a complaint with the human rights commission and taken the matter to court. 'It's left me in a lot of stress to be honest. Just sleepless and something we have to deal with,' he told Channel Nine's Today show on Tuesday. FULL STORY: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5596711/Hairdresser-facing-human-rights-commission-declining-cut-girls-hair-breaks-silence.html#comments
  4. So I googled "who is the queen of pop" My result was this: Google what's good
  5. There’s never been a shortage of crazy “cures” floating around the internet. Most recently, one woman claimed that veganism had cured her late-stage breast cancer, while God had also cured her of her lesbianism. She later passed away. But for sheer nuttiness, Jillian Mai Thi Epperly’s “cure” deserves special attention. Epperly believes that her special brew of fermented cabbage juice can solve practically any health problem, from cancer to aging. It can reverse vasectomies and regrow amputated limbs. It can also “cure” homosexuality. “Is our society ready to accept that gay lesbian and transgender is a mutation of the human body,” she wrote in one Facebook post. “I love all of my gay friends and I want them to live a very long time and they can still love the people in their life but if they do my protocol their biochemistry will change.” In fact, Epperly sees being gay as a “mutation.” “[W]e have to raise the questions because if we don’t we will accept all other mutations and I want people to wake up to the manipulations of humanity,” she said in her post. “[M]utations come in all different shapes and sizes and they effect [sic] all different body parts and in my belief system we need not to accept these mutations because I truly believe that your quality of life and longevity of life is Paramount trumping all political ideologies.” Epperly told BuzzFeed that she wasn’t out to change gay people per se, but it was a side effect of her fermented cabbage juice (nicknamed Jilly juice). “I’ve had gay people say that their intention is to reverse her health issues but not change their sexual leanings and that is completely fine and they may find that in the process of reversing their health issues it may change their sexual desires so it’s all a possibility,” Epperly said. https://www.lgbtqnation.com/2018/03/latest-cure-gay-fermented-cabbage-juice-doesnt-work/
  6. Elon Musk's estranged father Errol Musk has confirmed that he has welcomed a baby with his stepdaughter, Jana Bezuidenhout. Errol, an entrepreneurial engineer and former emerald dealer who lives in South Africa where Elon was raised, married Jana's mother Heide when Jana was just 4. The couple were married for 18 years, and have two children together. However, Errol, 72, said he didn't consider 30-year-old Jana as his stepdaughter because, despite marrying her mother when she was a small child, she was raised away from him for long periods of time, according to The Sunday Times. Musk Snr also suggested that it was "God's plan" that led him to having a child with Jana, who reportedly got in touch with him after splitting from her boyfriend. "We were lonely, lost people," Errol told The Sunday Times. "One thing led to another – you can call it God's plan or nature's plan." When Jana called Errol two months later to say she was pregnant, Errol requested a DNA test to confirm that he was the father. "Jana is a delightful girl and a wonderful mother. She said I had changed her life," he added. He also described their 10-month-old son as an "exquisite child". Musk Snr doesn't live with Jana and their son Eliot Rush, but is helping to support them. According to the Mail Online, Errol initially told his daughter Ali about their new baby, but she was upset by the news and called him "insane, mentally ill". "She told the others and they went berserk," Errol disclosed to the Mail Online. Last year, 46-year-old billionaire tech tycoon Elon broke down in tears during an interview with Rolling Stone, during which he professed that his father was a "terrible human being". Elon, co-founder of PayPal, Tesla Motors and SpaceX, added that Errol was guilty of "almost every crime you can possibly think of", and had done "almost every evil thing you could possibly think of". "My dad will have a carefully thought-out plan of evil," he added to the publication. "He will plan evil." Errol denied his son's comments and said that he had never intentionally hurt or threatened anyone, or been charged with anything except for an incident when he shot dead three armed people who broke into his home. http://www.digitalspy.com/showbiz/news/a853231/elon-musks-father-confirms-baby-with-stepdaughter/
  7. A teenager’s driving test went catastrophically wrong when she crashed her car into the test centre. The girl from Buffalo, Minnesota suffered every learner’s worst nightmare when, according to police, she put her car into drive instead of reverse, causing it to jump the kerb and come to a dramatic halt inside the building. The accident happened on Wednesday, before the 17-year-old’s test had even got going. While the girl was unhurt, her car suffered significant damage and the 60-year-old female examiner was taken to hospital with minor injuries. The test centre didn’t come out of it too well either. Buffalo Police Chief Pat Budke told StarTribune that no one inside the office was hurt in the crash and no charges will be filed against the girl. https://www.yahoo.com/news/teenage-girl-fails-driving-test-crashing-car-test-centre-113602886.html
  8. so the reason i'm bi is because i eat both healthy AND fatty food?
  9. She was just the best ever Was like the only true talented one that covered the ex acts songs Auditioned for The Voice with Wrecking Ball. An icon ALREADY. And seriously, with all the gun law debate in America right now, I think we need to reflect on her death now more than ever I just miss her so much guys......
  10. https://sarahjessicaparkerlookslikeahorse.com
  11. A pastor in Pennsylvania is being accused of open lewdness and indecent exposure but swears “on a stack of Bibles” that police have it all wrong. When police were called about a suspicious parked vehicle, they arrived on the scene to discover two men inside a car. Sixty-one-year-old Pastor George Nelson Gregory was in the back seat, and in the front? A completely naked and bound with nylon rope. Hmmmm. When asked what was going on, Gregory told the officers that they “were just playing” and he and the other man “meet up from time to time to play with each other.” The other man confirmed that what they were doing was consensual. via CBS Pittsburgh via JoeMyGod The man who reported the suspicious vehicle told police that at one point, he saw the second man get out of the vehicle without any clothes on, and he was concerned because the car was parked outside his daughter’s window. Gregory allegedly told the officers he thought they were in a private place, and when an officer said their vehicle was on a well-lit public street in clear view of several homes, Gregory told police, “I know.” Gregory, however, says none of that is true and “that conversation never happened.” “I have nothing to hide. I did nothing wrong,” Gregory said. “I was counseling a young man with a drug problem,” Gregory said. “It did turn strange, but it wasn’t my doing, OK? And I was adamant that I’m not participating in that way. And so that’s when the police pulled up, and they assume things, but I’m standing by my story. It’s not true.” According to Gregory, he has been working with the man for a few years, and he and his wife have tried to get him help. “I won’t deny that he began to take his clothes off and propositioned me, but I will deny, on a stack of Bibles with God as my witness, that I did nothing,” Gregory said. Gregory says he had his clothes on during the alleged incident, so “there’s no reason for me to be charged with open lewdness.” Watch the report below. Source
  12. ANDERSON, South Carolina -- Witnesses say a woman apparently gouged out her own eyeballs and was seen holding them in her hands outside a South Carolina church. Anderson County Sheriff Chad McBride tells news outlets that it took two or three deputies and two emergency medical workers to subdue the woman to start rendering aid. It appeared she had gouged her own eyes out, witnesses said. A retired minister who helped the woman, Rev. Terry Mitchell, says it appeared she had intentionally hurt herself on nearby railroad tracks. He said the woman looked young, and struggled against people who were trying to help her. The sheriff's office says deputies responded to assist emergency medical workers, and no crime was committed. The woman was airlifted to a hospital. South Main Chapel and Mercy Center worker Elizabeth Hiott says the church held a debriefing to counsel those who had seen what happened. Source