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  1. I'm on my fourth day off and very hungover today, went out last night. Feel seedy as fuck so i'm remedying that by eating chocolate and hot cross buns and ham cheese croissants lol.
  2. I have two weeks left of my last semester of school and I am STUCK I have so much work to do, but this bitch I'm stuck in a group with for my documentary class basically thinks my life should revolve around her stupid docu about her trans friend!! She texted me today, on Easter (YES. FUCKING EASTER), and was wanting to meet. I had to make up an excuse that I was out of town because I was so done with her! I mean, IT'S EASTER! I pulled an all-nighter working on audio for our documentary the other night and because she couldn't figure out how to get a certain file on the hard drive to open, I am being blamed for her lack of intelligence. I have SO MANY PAPERS TO WRITE and I really don't have time for her bull shit. I don't know what to do!!!!
  3. Hi I'd love to let you know that I'm taking a break from COP and i'm doing it because COP is no longer the place i can have my fun in anymore. Every time i log in there's some toxic drama going on and it started to get tiring, boring and redundant. Yes it didn't feel good to know what i know now about some of the members i had good relationships with, but i'm not going to blame them or anything because there's no need for it, i just hope they get better and to grow from their mistakes. We all make mistakes and we all grow by learning from them, i should know about this on a deeper level because that's what i'm about and it's the path i've chosen for myself professionally. So there's no way i'm not going to forgive others for their mistakes; it might take me some time but i eventually end up forgiving others (or removing people from my life if it is something that can not be forgiven). Racism, in particular, is a deal breaker for me, i can't stand it and i'm against giving airtime+platform to it. You will never see me arguing about who should be saying the N word or any other mainstream talking point that's related to race. We're in 2019 and everything should be clear to everybody, i know better and you, white person, should know better. If you don't want to be excluded from spaces then you should do enough work to be included. It is not a POC job to educate and explain shit to white people. We, POC, collectively, have had enough throughout history and some white people still refuse to take racism seriously even after lots of lives were lost because of racism. So yes, racism in 2019 is a conscious choice and as always choices do have con$equences. It would be cool if you can apologize for your racist actions without being pressured to do so, but just know that your work is far from over even after apologizing. Hell no. You should, as a white person, actively work to educate your fellow white people on racism and how everyone should be included, especially if you're responsible for an online diverse community. In 2019 diversity and all-inclusive equals $hmoney so you, as a white person, have nothing to lose and everything to gain, so get to work, what are you waiting for? As for @Dangerous Woman, well, i don't think you should leave, yes what you've done was disappointing to say the least but the one who got hurt the most was you, you've hid your true self for so long and that was enough punishment if you asked me, so stop hurting yourself even more, looks aren't everything in this world and you should stop attaching your worth to your looks. You are a good person underneath it all and we've all loved you for your events and what not. You're a valuable active member of COP and it is not fair to lose you this way. Obviously you'd need some time to balance everything and that's your business, but just know that you're a good person with a good heart. I've seen you empowering a lot of members in here so this tells me that you're growing up/maturing to be something great and i'm proud of you. It's a new era for you and be glad it happened. Now you get to be your authentic self and that's a win for you. My break starts from tomorrow.
  4. The double standard is so real. I get she was your friend @Oh My Gaga, but you kissed DW's ass. She started drama CONSTANTLY, posted screenshots of @AlexaHasTheTeaSara, and constantly dragged people for their looks, weight, race etc. etc. She said all black women look manly, that no Asian is cute, and other hateful vile things. But you ban @Msl?? This is bullshit. I'm sorry, but I don't like your excuse. Unban him and stop kissing the ass of some girl who you will most likely never meet irl and has lied to all of us. I am down to forgive people for mistakes they've made, and move on, because I'm not the type to hold a grudge. If DW really changes, I can forgive her. But I cannot forgive unfair treatment that is given to some members over others. As a moderator, my job is to treat everyone EQUALLY!
  5. Top 7000 in Saudi Arabia they love the pop and drama Maybe LOLra would come back
  6. We all need to talk about COP. Something is happening to the website. Ever since Indie returned to the forum, it feels like we’re falling apart. People are witch hunting for old posts made by other users almost 3 years ago (this doesn’t excuse the behavior, but it’s still ridiculous). I can’t even imagine what will happen if we continue to behave this way. We need to be better. For COP.
  7. I am so embarrassed and disgusted on what I witness today. I mean it's no excuse I know I was going through a lot of anger but to say that word I apologise. It was 2016 but I still shouldn't of said that. I love you all and I'm never want to upset anyone. For anyone who saw it I'm really am sorry. I'm not good at this because I am a bit of a potato. I mean we have all made mistakes, even the good ones. I am upset at my former best friend for spamming and calling me name's and bullying me for it. Spreading those ugly tweets everywhere instead of pm me first. But Still I really am sorry i honestly am normally the one careful doing any of this. Even when signing to starboy cover I don't even sing it. I'm sorry I'm so bad at his but I really am sorry. I don't blame you if you never wanna talk to me again. I'm gonna take a week break away from cop and wop. And discord I'll be on and off for the week. I hate drama so much and I hate that 2016 Me started all this.
  8. Mine is alexa.com. It provides great information and statistics about websites and it has "the tea" according to many people. Someone called Sara also greatly enjoys the "tea" there too, at least she did two months ago. #downto1.8millionnow
  9. I just noticed how beautiful and stunning our display pictures look when you copy paste them.
  10. List or link some videos below that you constantly rewatch I'll link some of mine down below. I'm curious because it seems like with subscriptions we only watch new videos but there are always some that you love to go back to
  11. We’re now one month into 2018, so who have you listened to most so far? http://www.tapmusic.net/
  12. Would it be better if I stepped down from my moderator position and just left COP? I feel that I fucked up. I fucked myself up. Nobody likes me. I have nobody to go to. I feel miserable and I just don't know if it's worth it anymore. I feel like shit and that's because I am shit. I can't do anything right and all I do is fuck up every situation I'm in. Idk I feel like I need a rest. I don't know if I can do this much longer. I'm sure it would make everyone happy if I just left, so go ahead and start cheering and writing the same kind of replies you wrote to Indie's thread. I'm just so mad at myself.
  13. Hey y'all I want to make this announcement today and share with you all that I have decided to unstan Lady Fadga for good. She is a Madge carbon copy and all she is good for is rah rahing down the street as she rides some guys dick to get a number 1. She wants to be Madge so bad, she even got a gap in her teeth to match hers. Obsessed much! Ava Max is the new pop girl, lady gaga is over. She is trash. Imagine thinking that Lady Gaga is a vocalist? Or that she has decent music? Delusional at its finest Can't read my, cant read my... no he can't read my pokerface... uhm yeah we can bitch
  14. With a revamped account and personality are you guys excited?
  15. It's like I feel I am always involved in some mess or drama here. How long can this go on for, like What am i doing ? What is the point even ?
  16. Hi everyone. As you can guess from the title, I am officially leaving COP for good. This is not a prank, this is not a joke and this is not a spur of the minute decision. I have thought good, long and hard about this so please don't tell me I'm making the wrong decision, I am making it to protect my mental health because so many people here are vicious toward me and bully me on a daily basis. The most troubling thing for me recently has been on Marnie's discord chat where she has let people bully me on a daily basis (tell me to die, get in a car accident, kill myself, etc) and then having the mods ban ME for the most ridiculous things. They have let the power get to their heads and I'm not going to stand by and be apart of that anymore. The deep betrayal of mods to me has put me in a terrible head space and I need to disassociate myself from COP for good before I do something irreversible to myself. I want to say thank you to all my LOYAL friends for being on this journey with me, especially to @Elusive Loverboy who I want to keep in contact with after I leave here. To the people who wavered their support to me, don't bother saying goodbye because I don't want to hear it. YOU are why I am leaving. I have dealt with enough scumbags in my life, thanks. I might be online in the next couple of days sporadically whilst I tie up loose ends with Manuela but this is officially my last post. Goodbye. @Members @VIP Moderators @VIP @Verified VIPS @Section Moderators @Moderators @Newbies
  17. Hey sis. I wanted to do a public apology so it would feel more sincere. The way I have treated you has been wrong. And it's been for no reason whatsoever but to get under your skin. I don't hate Normani. I actually think she has some great music. Waves is a really good video. But this thread is about you, not Normani. I don't want you to ever feel like a target again. I don't want you to feel less about yourself because of the way I have been treating you. It's not right, and it's not fair to you. I want you to know that I think you're a kind person and I appreciate that you're willing to speak up for voices that may feel silenced. I hope you can forgive me, but if not, I understand. @Almeda 💫
  18. Sometimes too much music makes me feel dizzy. Has that ever happened to you?
  19. Hi Little Indiesters I need some help! I’ve recently been perma banned from Marnies chat on discord and I’ve been trying to find out who exactly banned me but I’ve been met with silence. I will reward the person who provides me with the tea big time so please help me out here I’m getting desperate
  20. Pick 10 contestants who you'd wanna see in an AS5. You can't pick anyone who has already been on a season of All Stars, has either been banned from participating or flat out said they would never (Willam, Pearl for example), or has won a season already. For me it would be: Shea Couleé Kim Chi Courtney Act (I know this is super unlikely, but it would be interesting) Laganja Estranja Soju (we need more iconic cyst moments) Peppermint Trinity K Bonet Nina Bonina Brown (Annoying af but the drama would make the show interesting) Darienne Lake (She has to quit though to continue the season 6 quitters tradition. Plus Bendelacreme was her rival in their season so it would make sense!) Ivy Winters (Just so Ru can say her name again)
  21. Post a song that you think describes a COP member in some way and the person who guesses it can post a song to describe the next member. Let’s start with this:
  22. So, a lot of women (especially WOC) have voiced their admiration for Michelle Obama. I've noticed the LGBT community admires her as well. So that being said...how has she inspired the users on here?
  23. I think Gigi is so inspirational. She's seriously impacted the representation of transgender women in media, and built her own brand. She's had video collaborations with huge names like Kylie Jenner. She's just overall a great role model for women and LGBT people I love her!