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  1. Guys I’ve been an emotional wreck all day and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s high time we try to mend as a community and put past wrongs behind us. We must love each other and forgive each other it is the only way forward and the only way we can heal together. I am suggesting we do a COP group therapy session whereby we all address people we’ve had issues in the past and discuss these issues with them and try to resolve them and at least get to a point where we can move forward. I care so much about this community I’m even willing to let people who have deeply wronged me like MSL and Dweebz a chance to make amends with me. And I would honestly like to discuss things with Elusive. So if this gets enough positive response we will begin tomorrow in this thread! @Members @Moderators @Newbies @Section Moderators @Verified VIPS @VIP @VIP Moderators
  2. You’re actually a pretty decent guy underneath it all! Happy 26th boo boo!
  3. So I wanted to give a gift to COP, so I wrote you guys a poem for Pride Month. Writing this was a challenge as opposed to my usual stuff which just jumps into my head. I even made a cover for it. I hope you guys like it. Colors We are all different, The planets inhabitants are a plethora of colors, Like a rainbow. We are also alike. The world is vibrant, We are red, this life is ours And we only get one, The sad truth is that one day we shall all be dead. We should spread love to one another, And be there for each other. We may not be related by blood But in a way we are all sisters and brothers, Of the human race. Don’t judge people for who they chose as lovers, If you must judge, then judge people by how they treat others. We are orange. We may fight but we need not live our lives in a state of strife. Together we can heal, And Nothing good ever comes from suppressing our feels. We are yellow, Our different personalities burn bright, Much like the blinding sunlight, We spread our light like a seed and yes a world often clouded with darkness needs bright radiant beams. We are green, And the planet is our Queen, We must serve her, respect her treat her well, Or we will both perish. We are blue, Our bodies seek to soothe, Seek serenity. Peace and happiness, is a common goal for us all. When we have trouble reaching that state, We may stumble and fall, But when we do achieve it, we have a ball. Purple. You are strong, Your spirit is stronger than any ballad or love song With love comes the strength to go on, The willpower to keep fighting Life is ours, We should not waste it engaging in selfish fights, about how other people should live their lives. Instead we should live in light, Because hatred is like a blight. It only takes away from the true meaning of life. Together we are stronger, a unified universal race, and the universal language would be love, not hate.­­­ @Administrators @Members @Moderators @Newbies @Section Moderators @VIP Verified @VIP Verified Mods @VIP
  4. We’re now one month into 2018, so who have you listened to most so far? http://www.tapmusic.net/
  5. Please stop signing up accounts here to spam. You're never going to end us bitch! We're here to stay. Focus on that total darsaster you call a "forum". - Indie
  6. I'm Back Over the last couple of weeks I've been squashed with assignments for school + been sick! I am now making my return!!! Drag Race will be happening today as well And Music Wars will resume on the weekend!
  7. hey guys just dropping by to say hello and to announce the fact that I am considering making my Triumphant (2012) return to COP this summer i bet y'all missed me SO much! 😍 anyways i remembered how fun COP was when i was active earlier this year and decided to cut my hiatus short and start being more active now that i don't have anything better to do since school is over (at least until august) I also saw CAL was back and running which is GREAT and I think I might make my return to that as well. Anyways, that's all for now! love you my little juanators 💋 (jk at the fandom name plsssss)
  8. I've developed a habit of stealing choclate slabs at the grocery store What about u?
  9. In your honest opinion, who is the most attractive COPer? I’m gonna say @NoRoachesZone and though we’ve had our disagreements on this forum, I think @Dangerous Woman is gorgeous. You?
  10. I just thought a little thread to pay respects to them I'd also like to announce that @Oh My Gaga is stepping down due to extra-curricular activities so he won't be on the team anymore unless he decides to come back later down the track. So yes we're actively looking for a replacement, our eyes are peeled (someone without a twitter account of social media history would be great )
  11. Happy Birthday to the King of stanning every pop girl ever @Medoner!! You’re kind, funny, shady and make COP a little better with your presence. I hope you have a great day!
  12. to make things clear im not a dupe, im r a d a r, last year I left and Queenuela kindlyallowed me to comeback under a new account or the same one I had whatever I decided, now someone claimed I was a dupe and banned me, like.... lol, #notadupe #justice4radar
  13. I was checking Kylie's new sing (a bop) ...then I had the wonderful idea to scroll down the comments and...
  14. As she said she’s been on forums for 12 years and deserves a lot more rihspect so get down on yo kneez and put some respect on ha name! Queenarnie is a legend around here and I won’t have people trying to tear her down anymore by using a faux term like “racism” which she definitely is not. Put some respek on ha name COP!
  15. @Msl is no longer a member so I don't think there is anyone for me! what about you guys
  16. who are some members that you knew that just got gone - @CarlySlayJepsen she was mad funny but she's just a memory from the past - @fenty she had came back like a few months ago (it kinda ruined ha legacy ) i miss herrrr though - @HQzaynmalik idk if he got banned but we used to stay getting into it nnnnn . THE WARS and all the drags oh good times (this site used to be infested with snakes back then) - @Kylie Minogue used to be one of my favs but he gone now . RIP
  17. Ahmed

    I'm back

    Hi So i came back just in time for my 1st year anniversary on COP. I still can't believe it has been a year, like i refuse to believe a year went by just like that, time really flies when you're having fun, huh? it was an eventful year if i'm going to be honest; a lot has happened in that year and many lessons were learned. As always i'm grateful for everything that has happened to me; the good, the bad and the ugly. Everything. Well, obviously i'm so behind when it comes to a lot of things, so i'd love to know how's everybody doing and all that... fill me in!!!! i really missed you all @Oh My Gaga @Elusive Medellín @King or Queen @hammer @AmazingAzalean @Gratitude @Cherry Cola @Blue Sunshine @laracroftonline @Treacherous Swiftie @Medoner @Mocha @Swagga @byakkoya @MAGIC LAND @Gorgeous Pluto @Dangerous Woman @Tana Mongeau @i am chiron. @Rainbow 💫 @Homojénik @Opium @♡ HeWasAnAngel ♡ and everyone who i enjoyed talking to here at some point in time (if i didn't mention you that confirms that i'm a forgetful ass bitch who's getting old and forgetful as time goes by, but i hope you'd forgive me for that, lol!) Ok, and that's that on that. Love you and wish you lots of happiness and positivity.
  18. Check here: https://smirnoff.withspotify.com/ Only for people who use Spotify!
  19. I just noticed how beautiful and stunning our display pictures look when you copy paste them.
  20. Personally, I never have. It's always either being polyamorous, which is just a fancy term for not a legit relationship and spreading STDs, or they break up quickly. Lesbians ALWAYS stay together, so I don't get why gay men can't do the same. Does the gay community have an issue with sex addiction that is preventing relationships from lasting? Discuss
  21. Hey guys! I've always been curious about profiles and why do we even need them on forums. I wonder if people do like stalking members through their profiles activity or if they're as useless as I think they are. In my case, I only go visit a member's profile if they changed their nickname and I can't recognize them. I also go to profiles by accidentally clicking an avatar or nickname. So what about you? Are you into stalking other people through their profiles?
  22. So, my classmate got in front of everyone to do a presentation on mental health awareness for celebrities. She gets to a slide with four different celebs who struggle with mental illness, starting with some blogger nobody has heard of, Elon Musk, Steven King, and lastly, Britney Spears. Seeing this slide, I got excited that someone was bringing awareness to Britney's struggles. She had nothing but excellent things to say about the other three celebs, and I knew she wouldn't disappoint. I was wrong. Suddenly, when she got to Britney, her tone got hostile. "And now - I think we ALL KNOW who THIS bitch is!" I was shocked at the fact she said this, but even more stunned that our professor didn't bat an eye. "THIS is the BIGGEST retard of all!" Again, I was taken aback. She continued saying how she was "dismantling women's rights and blaming it on mental illness," which was problematic. I was shocked, and ready to confront her when she asked the audience any questions, but before I could the classroom stood up and gave her a standing ovation. I'm honestly disgusted by the treatment Britney got....
  23. I'm sure you will sis. I'm Sure You Will
  24. I'm on my fourth day off and very hungover today, went out last night. Feel seedy as fuck so i'm remedying that by eating chocolate and hot cross buns and ham cheese croissants lol.