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Found 968 results

  1. I've been teasing COP Phase 2.0 for a while now but because of a lot of prolonged drama I haven't been able to fully realise it. I am now in the official planning stage of COP Phase 2.0 and would like your suggestions for how we go about it and how we can maximise the re-launch of the site. Yes, that's right...we're essentially re-launching. Nothing will change except the theme. Everyone's posts and profiles and the forum itself will essentially remain the same, but we will be closing the forum for ONE DAY so we can build hype for the re-launch and come back for the back. The re-launch for COP Phase 2.0 will occur on January 2, 2019, exactly 18 months since we launched new COP. We are going to be having two massive promo slots (hopefully one on youtube and one on a bigger twitter influencer account) and we will be giving EVERY. SINGLE. NEW. MEMBER. VIP accounts for their first month. We really need all your help to fully maximise the potential this has for the site. We need promo videos.... Promo banners.... New events for the new year that will include the newbies... A slogan for the relaunch. Like... "Guess Who's Back?" And we'll need help with an updated site banner and logo (not too different but definitely fresher for the new year). Let's get to brainstorming girlies And mark January 2 in your diaries! (we'll close on January 1 and re-open on January 2) @Members @Moderators @Newbies @Section Moderators @Verified VIPS @VIP @VIP Moderators
  2. I've been doing a lot of self reflecting lately and I am not proud of how I have acted over the last three months. I have allowed my enemies to get the better of me and in doing so, I have alienated many people when they saw me acting out. I want to take a second to apologise to all the persons I have unfairly wronged, including Sara who I have targeted merely because she left the forum to go to WOP. I know I can get very vindictive when I feel betrayed but I am going to learn better to take these things in my stride. Life happens, shit happens, people make bad choices and I shouldn't let that impede my life or the running of this forum. I'd also like to apologise to the Normani, Little Mix and Nicki Minaj stans for going way over the top in my hate toward them. I still don't care for there artists, especially the latter one but I am working on maturing myself. I hope this apology can be accepted and we can continue to work on harmony within and outside of COP. Indie x
  3. I have a mental illness. I suffer with General Anxiety Disorder, and suffer from Depression. Mental illness still remains a big stigma in society. There are times I have felt helpless, but will not open up because of pressures and thoughts that maybe I am not enough. My point is, it shouldn't be a stigma. Mental illness should be something nobody is scared to open up about. I know this is a random ass rant, but I want each and everyone here to know I am a friend you can talk to if you have any personal struggles you need to talk with someone about. Mental health shouldn't define us, but it also shouldn't be something we feel ashamed of. Love each and every one of you
  4. I know 2018 has been a rollercoaster ride for COP but I want to take the opportunity to say thank you so much to all the true and loyal COP supporters for sticking with us through thick and thin. YOU guys make this site what it is, i'm merely the caretaker. I love you guys more than words can ever convey and I can't wait for us all to slay in 2019! #COP2019 here we come!
  5. Guest

    How do I delete my account?

    How do I delete my account?
  6. @Oh My Gaga needs to CHILL and stan Christmimias 1. MSL 2.
  7. So, I've opened up about my struggles with mental health plenty of time, so I thought I'd discuss something that has helped me through the rough patches lately. Recently, I have come to the decision to become Episcopalian. The Episcopal Church is very accepting of LGBTQ+ rights, and has even had a gay man become a bishop at one point. It feels so good to have faith in something. I am officially a Christian again. I went a while saying I believed in a higher power, but didn't belong to an official religion, but I've finally found a place I belong and it feels amazing. That being said - I want everyone to know I do not judge you for whatever religion or philosophy you follow! Who am I to say my beliefs are better than another person's? I just think, in general, having something or someone to have faith in is such a powerful thing. Hope everyone has a great night
  8. Roast me fads : Nothing is off limits
  9. It's probably already your bday somewhere in the world so We love you skinny @phoenixstar
  10. I was inspired by @Dangerous Woman's recent thread, and thought I'd take a shot. Everyone support her original thread too! It's talenT So, as a mod I can confirm no roasts are off limit. Technically speaking, this should be in NHB, and so should the original, but what the hell. Let's have some fun This IS for roasts, though! If you say something like wishing death or illness on me, for example, you will still get a WP. So I suggest that certain Pokémon stans should tread lightly
  11. Bill Maher


    I would like to advise everybody on this forum to stop trying to argue with the irrational. There are a couple people on this forum, who shall remain nameless, whose sole purpose here is to just talk shit about artists in a way that tries soooo hard to be edgy. Their accusations of people are not accusations that they actually believe are valid or true, they are simply accusations intended to provoke a response because they clearly crave attention that I can only assume they don't get in real life. I've been down this road with these two individuals, and one in particular, and their conspiracy theories seem to be worsening, as are their comments towards artists both dead and alive. Just ignore them. Don't even flatter them with a response. You would be giving them exactly what they want.
  12. I've seen a lot of you displaying disrespectful behaviour against the living legend Homojénik. So the question is... Are you homophobic?
  13. First of all here’s a definition of liberalism “Liberalism, political doctrine that takes protecting and enhancing the freedom of the individual to be the central problem of politics. Liberals typically believe that government is necessary to protect individuals from being harmed by others.... The chief task of government is to remove obstacles that prevent individuals from living freely or from fully realizing their potential. Such obstacles include poverty, disease, discrimination, and ignorance.” i think some people don’t know what being a liberal means and the jump into the let’s hate this bandwagon, the world would be a better place if it was liberal.
  14. I just feel like it is like walking on egg shells with SJWs sometimes. Especially the SJW branch of the LGBT community (which might as well be the entire tree lbr) Is political correctness fucking us all over? Discuss.
  15. Are there any artists that you used to stan that just stopped making music or "fell off". I was on board with everything Kiesza was doing after her first album, but now she rarely if ever puts out music anymore and has pretty much fallen off of the face of the earth when it comes to the public eye.
  16. Couldn't have said it better myself Believe it or not, PEOPLE LIE. I'm not saying to call someone a liar immediately, I'm saying don't believe a person and disregard an entire justice system's due process just because the person is a woman. It's disgusting that there are people being falsely accused. Rape is VERY serious. It's a disgusting crime, and it is very emotional and controversial to be discussing this issue, but it needs to be said, especially in the current social and political climate.
  17. 7:48 Two people jump out of the boat to try and beat it and they end up losing badly
  18. I would date Nick Cannon and dress up as Mariah and pretend I'm her tbh. jk sksksksksk
  19. @Kordeinator formerly known as 'Fifth Harmony' has given us so many iconic BG threads, a hilarious catfishing case in PYP, a divine stinky roommate story, iconic name changes for pop girls like Cumila, Seltaco, Dumbi etc). Is she a LEGEND?