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Found 721 results

  1. http://quizzes.howstuffworks.com/quiz/are-you-smarter-the-average-person So, are you?
  2. My lovely friend turns 18 today Happy birthday @Salvatore You're definitely one of the best people i know from this site Have fun today
  4. Tryna name this character for my story; give me (boy) names. It's a side character so not that important but still think it'd be fun to let somebody here name it lmao
  5. This thread is called Question Mill. This is not a game or event but this is a nice way to get to know each other better: Tag 5 members. And ask each of them a question. The member answers your question and tags 5 members and ask them a question. That way the question mill keeps turning. Its fine if you ask someone that has been tagged before! Tip: Try not just to mention your best friend, but also someone you would like to know better! I'll start with tagging 5 people: @shmeur What was the last concert you've been to? @TattoosOnMyMind What would you do with a million dollars? @Trainwreck what is your best childhood memory? @hammer What languages would you like to learn? @IsThatSaraS What was your first job? Now those 5 people answer their question and each of them ask 5 people what they would like to know! If you'd rather dont answer those questions, just let them know, but lets keep the mill turning!
  6. hey hennies I let my FOMO get the best of me last night and went out and had too much to drink and am now in bed watching Charmed, slightly hungover but am getting up to go workout. i probably won’t do much of anything today
  7. So over the past few weeks i’ve been contemplating whether to stay on the forum or not, looking at the next few months in my life I need to focus on my work and education to achieve what I want/need to achieve and sadly spending my time on a forum isn’t going to help me with that. I need to focus more on grounding myself, my own happiness and my future. The high school level drama has also grown tiring and extremely draining. Am I in still high school? No. Do I have better things to be doing than arguing with people I don’t even know over why making jokes about a terror attack is vile? Yes. Yesterday and today’s ongoing drama only further confirmed my decision, i’d currently rather not spend my time in a place full of favouritism and hypocrisy where people aren’t always treated equally by the people in charge. (I’ve just seen the apology thread but my decision still stands) So i’ll be going on an indefinite ‘hiatus’, I might pop in now and then when Ariana releases a new single and I might come back when Sweetener is released but for now i’m out. I’d like to thank everyone who’s made my time on COP so great including some of the mods, @hammer @Trainwreck @Tattooed Heart @raindrops @Desperado @P!nk(RIP) @Nicki Minaj @XO. @KingOfCrescentLovatic @LANDlover @Ms. Knee @Black Beauty 👑 @Finessé Knowles @Believe In Furler @Lemons @Cyrus @Blue Sunshine @AngryAzalean @XxJTheBerrixX @byakkoya @ONIKA @Maren Swift, and this is only a few (sorry if I left anyone out i’m a mess). Thankyou from the bottom of my heart for an amazing almost 8 months here on COP, I love most of y’all so much and it’s truly been an iconic first forum experience for me. It’s given me what stan twitter didn’t and i’ll forever be grateful for that. Goodbye, and stay messy... ♡
  8. come play if u want: pw: hammerisfat https://pyx-1.pretendyoure.xyz/zy/game.jsp#game=1
  9. make a playlist with one album, and re-arrange the tracklist on that album to suit you better? I do it quite a lot
  10. Well the title says it. How ofton do you clean your desktop or even phone? I do it every 6 months and sometimes 9 months This topic was rekindled in my mind because today i tried to open my PC and it didn't open so i was scared i was over-working it
  11. He owns a HIT forum and his haters are all FUMING! Why?
  12. Follow me for more amazing thots I'll also do charity and follow you back http://www.twitter.com/KingIndieCOP
  13. So are you addicted to Church of Pop? I'll be completely honest: Yes I am! Its the last thing I do before I go to sleep and its the first thing i check when I wake up. My tabs are always open and when I'm not able to get on my laptop, I'll use my phone. I check COP when I'm in the waiting room for the dentist or doctor. I'll browse at work (mostly during breaks but when no one is watching I also do it when I'm not supposed to!) I'm on COP during meal times (I live alone and I cant really stand eating in silence as its not how I was raised) Wbu?
  14. or just wishful thinking? 😂😂😂
  15. Its officially midnight here in the Netherlands, which means its the 10th of July! So one year ago I think I made one of the best decisions in my whole life. Which was to join Church of Pop. I was really going through a hard time. You know my Uncle passed away and in the weekend of his funeral we had to put down my lovely dog. It was just so hard that I had to lose both a family member and a pet I loved so much in such a short time. But what I had the most difficult time with was the fact that I was jobless. Me being jobless for 7 months was the result of getting fired from a job I actually loved and always did my best for. But I have Autism and the problems started to show more and more to the point my boss decided he has had enough. So basically I am fired for being who I am. Even after telling him everything about my handicap and always being honest about it he fired me for having that handicap. It really really affected me more than I thought it would. But I also think it affected more than I wanted it to do. And then I decided to join COP. I really needed some love and support and I wanted to return to loving this forum again. Which was going well! I've read back my introduction thread and unfortunately a lot of people have left now. But there are still a few members that are here. Which I really wanna thank: @Oh My Gaga You are one of the few members that I remember from OLD cop and I really like that we share those memories. Thank you so much for that. Lets continue keeping those memories as they are nice! @CUZ!CAN You were one of the few people that welcomed me. I didnt know you from old cop so I was actually meeting you in my intro thread. I wanna thank you for the warm welcome as I really needed that. Trying to picking up life after everything I went through it was definitely something I really appreciated! So from the bottom of my heart: Thank you!! So after settling and having fun on COP as everyone else had and time went by. I thought it was end July/begin August I was just recruiting people from twitter like I always did. Just to support this forum. Usually no one replies or cares but that day someone did. Which was @Tiffany Pollard 👑. Sis I am so so proud of you! You know I never ever thought for a second I brought a future moderator to this forum. And now we are hosting a COP member award show together! I LOVE YOUUUUU!!! That actually gave me some confidence and the boost to keep going and still today I enjoy promoting this forum as it deserves!! But unfortunately I still didnt feel well. Even at this point I did find a little job and things were getting better. I still needed more time to recover from everything that happened. Especially the fact that I got fired. So I went on hiatus. I'm still so sorry I never told anyone about that but just went. In the past people did that to me and that really hurt. I should have made a thread or status or something. But I really didnt think about that. And because I didnt feel well still I didnt remember much other members I talked to before I went on hiatus. In January I returned. This time I was actually excited to return and ready to get into a new era. So I made a intro thread to announce my return. Before writing this I also read back that one. And realized it was the time I met some more beautiful people. And the most of them are still here, thank god! Because to all of you: Thank you so so much! You gave me the support I needed! It was the final step I needed to really feel like myself again. I wanna mention some of those: @hammer Thank you so much for all the support and love you gave me the past few months. I love you so so much and you have no idea what you mean to me! Such a wonderful person you are from the inside. Which is way more than the outside. @Blue Sunshine Sis I LOVE YOU! You are literally my sunshine every day we talk. The energy I get is always so positive and I'm grateful I'm in the moderators team with you. As I feel like it made our friendship even stronger. You should know that I will always be there for you no matter what. For you I'm even willing to wake up to care about you. Thank you for always being there for me and all the laughs we had so far. Here for another year of close friendship But really I wanna thank every single person of you. Literally everybody on this forum. I dont want anybody feel like they are forgotten or that I dont care about them. Thats why I'm tagging everyone. Because all of you made me love this forum more and more every single day. From day one till now. THANK YOU SO MUCH, I LOVE YOU!!! It also makes me realize that I had all the right to be upset because no one likes to get judged for who they are. No one deserves that. So guys: stand up for yourself! Use your intuition. If you dont trust someone, dont work for them or make him/her your friend. Unfortunately there are still uneducated people that prefer normal people over people with a handicap/color/sexuality that isnt streight/etc etc etc. So always: be yourself. If people dont like that, thats their problem not yours! And now: I did tear up writing this as I wanted to write this with true feelings only! But now for real: Lets PARTY! Again: tagging everyone as this message is for all of you! (and not for payola or power abuse. I truly mean this) @Administrators @Section Moderators @Moderators @VIP @VIP Verified @VIP Verified Mods
  16. Even if you don’t believe in that stuff I’m a Leo
  17. 62 WPs given to @USED TAMPON within 2 mins
  18. Even though they're fads. You know their hardworking at their sections. This is a thread to appreciate all the section moderators, including the ones that got robbed for a global mod position. @Oh My Gaga @MDNAInMyRebelHeart @Salvatore @AngryAzalean @Believe In Furler @Breakdown @Charli XCX @Avalanche Thank you for working hard, we love y'all
  19. Now that we're officially a year old, what was your favourite moment online from the past 365 days? This isn't in NHB so keep it cute
  20. You may now refer to me as Kingdie. It’s a hybrid between King and Indie and it’s how I will now address myself. Much love, Kingdie xo
  21. My catch phrase of the day for March 25/26 is gonna have to be Ain't that some shit ... Since I've said it like 15 times today. I wish I was kidding. What would y'alls be?