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Found 847 results

  1. Welcome to the COP Room, where all members are welcome to interact and kii about whatever comes to mind Please break this new thread in by dropping a pic of your arrival look or a quick hi I will upvote every post on the first few pages to get us started! Some quick guidelines: Please no harsh battlegrounds or SYG remarks, this thread is the same as every other thread Can a Mod pin this if it becomes a success?
  2. A special day for us Bi People that love men and women
  3. As the title suggests This thread is open to all COP members that live in the UK or any country in Europe since we both have some similarities (even within the culture) In here you can feel free to talk about anything from: Your Life Anything going on where you live (weather, events, etc.) Real Life updates etc. Non-UK/European COPers can feel free to discuss in this thread as well if you're curious about anything. If you're thinking of knowing more because you might want to travel or you just want some education then hopefully we'll have members that will help you depending on where they live. Enjoy Guys!
  4. This movie happened but literally NO ONE watched it. Is it because the cast/team was not iconic? Because they tried to piggyback off of the first Mean Girls' success? Was there not enough drama? Was it too tame/Disney/unauthentic? Why did the PPlastics manage to flOP WORLDwide?
  5. The reason COP works so well as a forum is because of the equalness of clashes between the stanbases and the love among the community. I think if you have one of more than the other, the forum will fail. A forum NEEDS some drama to survive and bring people back, a community based on a clique is destined to fail. People can hate me, but they can't hate what i've created. Long live COP
  6. I just want to say I've been completely 100% proven right over the last two days for the reason WHY I wanted to disassociate COP from the discord chats: because of how vile people can get on there. I honestly think it's sad that people cannot control themselves and want to make such nasty statements about other people just because they can't do it here. This is a pop music and culture forum. It will never be anything else. Whilst we have built a community on it, there should never be any need to urge people to kill themselves, make fun of people's mental health, bully people, slander them, etc. It's never THAT deep. But that's what it's been becoming lately. I am here to tell you that stuff is ending now. If you want to be completely vile to people then you are free to make an account on World of Pop, where i believe you can say and do anything because they've allowed truly terrible to be there including Beysus and a person who signed up 50 duplicate accounts here to spam us with porn and scat gifs. But that's on them, if they want to associate themselves with trolls then they have the power to do that now without my interference. COP will remain first and foremost a forum. Not a forum spawned off a chatroom. We're about the forum life here and that's how it's going to stay. I'm truly sorry to everyone innocent caught up in this drama. Now that i'll be running the place without Manuela I will get to make most of the decisions and I'll strive to make each decision as great as the last. #TeamCOP
  7. Let's celebrate the birthday of one of the sweetest legends from this site He's known as a good + lovely legend & an upvote giver Happy Birthday @life13swift It's your day today, have fun
  8. I'm sorry for the botox jokes. They weren't nice of me, and as a mod I should hold myself to higher standards than petty insults and bullying. I hope you can forgive me and we can move past this. @Dangerous Woman
  9. For months and months and months now I've been fighting against a secret enemy to the future of COP. This enemy has good intentions and is comprised of amazing people but they do not understand forums like I do. This enemy is the COP Discord chatroom. Every day that chatroom gets thousands of messages. ALL of our moderating/admin team is on it, most of our verified members, section mods, VIP verified mods and a lot of VIP members. Basically the backbone of the site; the people whom this site was built by. But these days many of them seem more pre-occupied with the chatroom and I've noticed something since the beginning of the year: a slow decline, but still a decline, of posts per month. Do you want to know the absolute STRANGEST thing though? Our monthly active members have never been so high. Check out the amount of active members we've had over the last 30 days compared to the same 30 days last year when our posts were substantially higher. 329 ACTIVE MEMBERS between August 20 and September 20, 2018 versus 156 ACTIVE MEMBERS between the same time period last year. Now let's look at the POSTS between August last year and August this year. August last year HAD 58 000 posts - with less than half the active members we have now. The forum was totally fun back then too, there were new posts every minute and always something popping. August this year had 35 000 posts. That is a HUGE decline. Yet our active members have more than doubled. Does no one else find this strange? We have doubled our active members but our posts are way down. People keep telling me "Oh it's just a quiet time of the year". Well no, you're wrong. I can now compare our monthly performances of 2018 with the monthly performances of last year. And do you want to know what I think the reason is? We never had a COP Discord chatroom back then. Everyone concentrated their efforts of chatting about music ON THE FORUMS. Now people are having stanwars on the chatroom, even innocent drama which I think could liven up the forum is now on the chatroom. Basically, the chatroom is now the place to be. And for the new members signing up to this site all the time, many aren't sticking around. I guess they feel left out because the chat room where all the main members of the site are is not welcoming to them. Another common excuse for the posts going down is "there's no big releases at the moment". It's funny because I've stumbled into the chatroom on multiple occasions and I've seen people discussing ....THE CURRENT MUSIC RELEASES...IN DEPTH! Releases like Avril, Mariah, etc and all of those threads flop here. We could be drawing in many new members and growing the forum even bigger if we concentrated on pouring the tea and information into those threads, but it seems that notion is lost. People are concerned about the "community" and chatting with their friends. Well my job here isn't to prosper the community, it's to run a forum. Other moderators and admins make it their job to prosper the community and I've kinda sat back long enough and seen the community prosper but the forum decline. At what point do I step in and say "well what about the forum"? You can have your community ANYWHERE. But my job is to prosper the forum and run this place efficiently. The reason why North Korea is so successful is because their main members are on their site, posting info, stats and news and helping prosper the forum. Whilst the main team at COP are now pre-occupied with a chatroom and the forum comes second best. It's sort of coming to a point now where I'm thinking: Am I promoting this forum in vain? All the work I do in bringing new members in just seems to be wasted because the posts are actually declining even though the stats SHOW I've doubled the amount of active members the forum has in a year. So why are the posts going down? What is the reason if it's not the chatroom's fault? And don't give me the lame excuses that I've already debunked. P.S. I'm sorry if this comes across as whiny but as of of September 19 we've had 17, 000 posts so far in September. We're now averaging less than 1000 a day. We're on track for the worst posting month in the history of the new COP thus far. I mean just look at the graph. Prior to March we'd never had a month below 40, 000 posts but now we'e on our fourth in a row and about to hit a new low. I'm depressed about this and I want to fix it. And fixing it requires me getting the people who are leading us down this path to realise the errors we're making and to please fix it. And I HAVE tried explaining it many times. But no one listens. So here I am posting this and wanting to get feedback from members outside of the chatroom.
  10. Title says all. I've never had an actual boyfriend, but I've had sex friends. That's about it.
  11. I'm honestly DISGUSTED. This thread has been a long time coming. So anyone who remembers a member here called Peter also known as "Pedo Pete" will know that as soon as information about him messaging known minors for nude pictures came to light (this scandal happened on Gaga Daily) we IMMEDIATELY took action and permanently banned him from the forums. He then fled to another forum called "FOTP" which he infected like an untreated AIDS carrying roach. When I messaged that forum's admin Sean and told him about all of this he ignored me. FOTP has been on the decline for years and its decline accelerated when COP launched last year. We are now ahead of them on Alexa web traffic and our daily posts AT LEAST double theirs (pretty impressive for a newly established community eh?). So because Pedo Pete injected a lot of activity back into that flailing forum, they chose to ignore me and do nothing. Essentially they put ALL of their minor members in danger by allowing him to be there. Now that they finally banned him they are claiming "new information came to light". Bitch what new information? You knew the ORIGINAL information and you chose to do nothing. No, the REAL REASON why they banned him is because they promoted him to the promotional team on FOTP and gave him access to their "FOTP Lady Gaga" account. On July 12, Pete contacted our twitter account and on July 23 he contacted us for the last time when he was offered money to sell the twitter account to us. It's quite obvious that someone else from the mod team logged into FOTP Lady Gaga and saw the messages and took action before a sale could happen and then removed him from the twitter, mod team and then banned him. We were also blocked, so that's how I know for a fact that he was banned for this reason (not the reason they're claiming he was banned for). Now they're out here acting like they did something heroic by banning him for the pedophilia shit, like NAH BITCH TOO VAGUE! You disposed of him because he was potentially a traitor. Fair enough but the real tea here is that you allowed a known pedophile to prosper on your forums and then even had the audacity to give him a position of power on your forums. Literally disgusting and this WILL be the final nail in your coffin because no one wants to be on a forum that puts kids in danger and promotes pedophiles. Sean, you disgust me. And its no wonder you're a Mikki Minach stan. YUCK! RECEIPTS CANCELLED. OVER. AND NEVER COMING BACK!!!
  12. Ahmed

    The Arab Lounge

    So as the name suggests, this place is inspired by members with arabic/middle-eastern backgrounds, members like yours truly . Here we will gather to discuss life and anything we want freely. This doesn't mean that other members can't engage and chat with us though, everyone is welcome here. The only 'rule' we gonna have is that each member will upvote the post above them, or maybe 'love'.. no downvotes! Just be decent to each other and show love you know! Gonna be giving free upvotes to everybody myself starting from now to get things started.
  13. or do you think it comes across as too serious?
  14. I just noticed how beautiful and stunning our display pictures look when you copy paste them.
  15. I'm a bit bored so I decided to do this. You guys can ask me anything. I'll answer everything. So what are you waiting for?
  16. I just reached 10.000 posts and I wanted to take a moment to just thank you all! Thank you for being such a great community and an amazing forum! Almost a year ago I went on hiatus because I wasnt feeling like myself. A LOT happened in my life and I really needed some fresh air and a break. And to be honest its very rare to me to take a break from a forum. I had never ever done that before in those >10 years that I've been using them, I wanna thank you guys for supporting me and being there for me when I needed. When I returned in January I really felt the love and welcomed which is what I needed. You guys are supporting more than you guys will ever realize. Because sometimes you guys support me when you arent even aware of that. I care a lot about this forum and its community and I'm glad to see how close we all are. Now that I'm a moderator again I really feel responsible to work on a safe and welcoming place for everyone. I felt the support when I needed it so I want to give that back to all of you. To the people that are here today. To all the members that left the forum and the people that will be a member in the future. I also wanna take a moment to thank the whole staff team. Because I feel like we are such a strong team. Of course we aint perfect but I see that also behind the scenes we work hard for this forum. Which is amazing and inspiring to me. I am so glad to be here and I enjoy every moment and every post I make. Here for another 10.000 posts! Last but not least I really love all of you but there are a few members I just wanna mention. They all know why. If not I'm willing to explain. Thank you for everything you've done for me so far and will do in the future. Because I dont think I will go on hiatus any time soon. @Nicki Minaj @laracroftonline @Black Beauty 👑 @kipperskipper @barbiej33p @hammer @Jesminda @Blue Sunshine @MSL @Oh My Gaga @Salvatore @Desperado @AngryAzalean @#Justice4BASTIEN @Treacherous Lovatic @Heartsigh @Diaboliqand so much more I'm probably forgetting!
  17. It's been a hot minute since I've done one of these! Feel free to ask anything (or roast me)
  18. Let's praise this legendary COPer @Lizzy Grant
  20. Except all of mine and that COP room thread that seems to be popular, what have been the best threads on COP recently?