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Found 6 results

  1. Welcome to Church of Pop's Drag Race Season 4! Buckle up and get ready for the drag race of your life! LADIES, START YOUR ENGINES AND LET THE BEST WOMAN, WIN! CAST @Oh My Gaga Auntie McDonalds | @Drag Me Out Kerli | @Gotta Be Iconic Natalia Kills @kipperskipper Heebie Jeebies | @MJ IS INNOCENT Crystal Method | @Black Beauty 💫 La Diablese @Homesick Lilith | @Tana Mongeau Alotta Heaux | @Barbie Frida Slaves | @ACT2 Paris D. Lux JUDGES @Venus RuPaul | @Mr. Gorgeous Michelle Visage | @Daydream Alyssa Edwards IMPORTANT LIPSYNCS When the theme is posted make sure to send in your looks + a song you chose for the lipsyncs. A new form of lipsyncing will be introduced where I will post a lipsync theme (such as Miley Cyrus or summer songs) and the best song wins! JUDGING The judges will look at all looks and give a score out of /10 + the winner of the mini challenge will receive a bonus 5 points! TRACKRECORD https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1e5eEgWIf-GveovDDXKtfO60diPn2nUYZphsNlfbVH_c/edit#gid=0 CHALLENGES Theme | Mini Challenge | Lipsync Theme | Winner | BTM2 | Elim EPISODE I Kawaii (Super Cute) | Best Entrance | RuPaul | Heebie Jeebies | Crystal Method | Natalia Kills EPISODE II Monochromatic Magic | Reading | RnB
  2. Welcome to Church of Pop's Drag Race Season 4 Casting Call!! DRAG RACE After seeing the hype of COP Drag Race S4 I decided to bring back this amazing game from the dead! I'm looking for 9-11 new queens to sashay into the work room and slay me on the runway! I'm also looking for 2-4 judges to help critique runways and to give a fairer opinion! Please read the rules to know what you have to do to compete! HOW IT WORKS AFirst everyone will pick a Drag Queen, Artist or Anyone really to represent them in the contest. Then I will post a theme in which everyone will submit a look that relates to theme, sometimes there will be mini challenges to gain bonus points. The judges and I will then critique the looks and each give a score out of /10. The stats will then be posted and the bottom 2 will have to lipsync for their lives to a song theme I have chosen! Then someone will be told to sashay away. Each round everyone will be give 24 - 48 hours to submit their looks. To join the cast all you have to do is.. 1. Post the name of chosen representative 2. Picture of them (optional) 3. What you want their drag name to be If I react with a love heart then you will join the cast and you will be put in the list down below Good luck and I can't wait to announce the cast! https://twitter.com/COPDragRace CAST 1. @Oh My Gaga | Auntie McDonalds 2. @Drag Me Out | Kerli 3. @Gotta Be Iconic Natalia Kills 4. @kipperskipper | Heebie Jeebies The Party Monster 5. @Elusive Loverboy | Crystal Method 6. @Black Beauty 💫 | La Diablesse 7. @Homesick | Lilith 8. @Tana Mongeau | Alotta Heaux 9. @ACT2 | Paris D.Lux 10. @Barbie | Frida Slaves JUDGES RuPaul: @Venus Monet X Change: @Daydream Michelle Visage:@Mr. Gorgeous
  3. COP Drag Race Season 3 Official Thread Welcome to season 3 of COP's Drag Race! This season will be the biggest and best one yet!! #3rdTimesTheCharm! With 20 queens that are all diverse and unique, this season will certainly be full of iconic surprises!! Are you COP's next drag superstar? Tune in and see on..... *cue theme song* The winner of COP Drag Race receives a one year supply of Anastacia Beverly Hills Cosmetics, and a cash prize of ONE HUNNED THOUSAND DOLLA!!!! New episodes/challenges will be posted every day at 11 am PST. The runways will be posted 24 hours from then. Refer to sign-up page for all the rules. The Queens: Toky Xsimulator @barbiej33p Cornelia: @Roxxxy Asia Kyulate: @TattoosOnMyMind Chun Li: @Venti La Bambi: @Tomás Jawharra:@hammer Midnight Wasabi:@Nice For What Andy Whorel:@Bianca Del Rio Nova China:@Avril Lavigne Miss Payless Heelton: @MISS CAMARADERIE biblegirl666: @Oh My GagaThe G.C.: @IsThatSaraSParis D.Lux:@ACT2 The Dutchess:@DUTCHESSDREAM Manila Luzon: @Charli XCXBitchknee:@Ms. Knee Ariana Grindr:@Olivia Pope Roxy Laveaux:@Blue Sunshine ElleLaRue:@Jenna Night Tara:@Daydream
  4. This is Untucked. Backstage of the competition to become COP's next drag superstar! This is everything you didn't get to see on the runway. Girl if you're not watching untuckes...you're only getting half the story As you may know, Untucked is full of many iconic moments in drag HERstory! So of course, COP Drag Race needs to have an Untucked segment, to capture as many iconic moments as possible! This thread will serve as the confessionals/diary room, as well as the Untucked segment! Queens can post in this thread whenever they want! You may discuss the challenges, read everyone to filth, critique the runway looks, or rant about how much you hate Michelle Visage ! But keep it cute please!Michelle @Salvatore fight you and Tiffany @Black Beauty ? will use her mod powers if necessary!!!
  5. COP Drag Race Season 3: Meet The Queens!!!! SEASON 3 CAST RUVEAL!! The time has come... to meet the queens of Season 3!!!!! We have searched Cop the globe for 20 queens that posses Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent, in hopes of becoming COP's next drag superstar! This is your very first look at the queens competing in Season 2! Get to know them, before they have to shantay away! Who will be your favorite? Who will be your enemy? Who will be the messiest? Most importantly, who will win!? Only time will tell! Until then, # your favorite queen down below! @Oh My Gaga @barbiej33p @hammer @TattoosOnMyMind @Olivia Pope @Avril Lavigne @Nice For What @IsThatSaraS @Bianca Del Rio @Venti @Ms. Knee @Jenna @Tomás @MISS CAMARADERIE @Charli XCX @Daydream @Blue Sunshine @Roxxxy @ACT2 @DUTCHESSDREAM @Black Beauty ? @Salvatore @Thibziboy @One Of The Boys
  6. Welcome to COP Drag Race Season 3!!! Are you a fan of RuPaul's Drag Race? Do you think you have what it takes to be COP's next drag superstar? Well look no further! I, KipperSkipper, am searching cop the globe for queens to compete on the 3rd season of COP Drag Race! COP Drag Race is a fierce and sickening competition, in search of COP's next drag superstar! There will be daily challenges, where players must match a category (given by me) with a fashion look! Everyday two queens will be put up for elimination! The two queens must compete in the most intense challenge EVER! A lyp-sync for your life!! One queen will be eliminated each day, until there is only 1 queen standing! So come out and show your Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent, and see if you can be crowned COP's next drag superstar!! The competition will start everyday at 11 am PST. That is when the new category will be announced and possible Mini-Challenges. Note this game will last about 1-2 months long so please be active for that long! How to play: You do not need to be a super fan of the show in order to play! All you have to be is fierce! 1.Every player gets to be a drag queen, whether it is a real drag queen, made up queen, or simply your favorite singer with a drag queen name! For example: Beyonce as "Honey Bee". Once you have a queen, Pm me a picture of them and their drag name! 2. Everyday a new "Category Is" will be given by me. Players must try and match the category with a picture of an outfit (it can be from drag race, any fashion show, red carpet, performance, literally any outfit that you think fits the category. Just google an outfit that you think will fit the category. Once you have a fashion outfit, pm it to me! Note: If your queen is Beyonce, you are NOT limited to only her looks. You can use a Lady Gaga look, Rihanna look, or any look you want! So you do not always have to use Beyonce looks! Example: 3. Once all looks are sent, the judges will deliberate! A winning look will be awarded, but there will be a bottom 2! Two queens will be put up for elimination, and must lip sync for their lives!!! A lip-sync song will be given out that day as-well so players can prepare ahead of time if they end up being in the bottom 2. The bottom 2 will have to write up a performance of their queen performing to the given song! They must pm me the performance so the judges can decide who is then eliminated from the competition! (If you have played Create A Label, you should be used to writing up performances. It is just like that!) Example: 4. The judges will deliberate again, and one queen will have to sashay away! (be eliminated) Rules: 1. Be active and understand that this game takes a little bit of creativity and effort! 2. Although this game encourages messiness and shade, please do so in a respectful manner. No bullying! 3. Category's for the day will be posted first thing! If you know you will not be online, PM ME! I can give you the category earlier, or you can PM me your runway look early! 4. No bribing the judge (me). Decisions are made without bias! This game is to be fair and enjoyable for all! 5. Try and think outside of the box! Flips and death drops can only get you so far! NOTE: This game takes CREATIVITY and EFFORT!! If that is too much for you, don't join since others might want a spot! Please put some effort into this game to make it more fun for everyone! If you need help with anything, PM ME! Gentlemen, start your engines... Have fun, get creative, be messy, good luck, and DON'T fuck it up! Players: 1. Oh My Gaga 2. barbiej33p 3. Hammer 4. TattoosOnMyMind 5. Olivia Pope 6. Avril Lavigne 7. Nice For What 8. IsThatSaraS 9. Bianca Del Rio 10. Venti 11. Ms. Knee 12. Jenna 13. Tomas 14. Miss Camaraderie 15. Charli XCX 16. Daydream 17. Blue Sunshine 18. Roxxxy 19. Act2 20. Duchessdaydream