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Found 53 results

  1. Hey, there used to be a little button next to people's usernames (and my own) to view previous usernames but I can't see it anymore. What happened to it?
  2. I would like to know how to become VIP Verified. Can someone please tell me?
  3. So I want to change my rank and it's not working Everytime I go to "Edit profile" the only option that appears is my birthday, the enable status updates option and the personal info space. Can anyone help me?
  4. It takes 15 seconds to open a thread. The black bars are almost giving me seizures.
  5. Dear administration at COP ( @Bartier&Bentleys @Nicki Minaj @laracroftonline ) I would like to suggest some things that could help minimise the issues we have seen on COP recently. 1) Outright ban of alluding to the Manchester terrorist attack as a way of dissing Ariana or her fans 2) Ban of discussions that centre around racist slurs (seems to be the big one right now) and 3) I'm not sure if this is a thing - but banning the usage of all offensive slurs in all sections by any members regardless of their race, gender, sexuality etc etc I think that these changes could help to diminish a lot of the drama we have seen on the forum lately, and I think it could make COP a much better place for everyone.
  6. hi, so I regret not giving my name a capital U. Is there a way to change this
  7. Idk if i'm missing it or if it doesn't exist... but if it doesn't exist please enable one please and thank you
  8. Whenever I browse a page on the standard theme, there's a black bar flickering when you scroll up and down inb4 I get a seizure, jesus!
  9. Does anyone else always see massive gaps underneath everyone’s posts even though there’s no extra writing/space that’s been made in the actual post?
  10. I'm really new to all of this.
  11. Guest

    What are pokes?

    I would like to know what pokes are. Can someone tell me?
  12. I think it was not the wisest decision to remove it from the Home page. I get the reason behind the Survivors games but Create a Label is not a spam at all. It actually makes me a really absent-minded, easily carried away person to forget about the game (which is horrible for my status). There were no complain about CAL in the first place and im sure us CAL players would love for our recognition to be redeemed back. Think of this as a megarate but constantly going. Plus, it always gets overshadowed by the other topics that we have poppin every 5 seconds Please vote in the poll, it's anonymous!! I tried to mention the admins on a status update but i did not get a reply unfortunately. Edit: Let me tag my CAL sistrens to speak their opinions too! @Nicki Minaj @Adam @Finessé Knowles @MDNAInMyRebelHeart @The Family Jewels @Avalanche @Joanne @Sempiternal @Ms. Knee @SZORMANI @hilaryduff @hammer @FlorianLovato @FindingApo @Perfect Illusion @PortableCandyx @Harry @barbiej33p @kipperskipper @Bianca Del Rio @Caramel @Trainwreck @L U K E @beysus @Queen of Venus @ONIKA
  13. I have been wondering this for a LONG time. A lot of people have these symbols at the front of their display name but they actually aren’t part of it. Some are leaves or magic wands or a #. How do you get it?
  14. Hi there, since the update, on the "unread content" page, the black stars aren't displaying for all the threads I have posted in and they just have a black circle instead, this is confusing. Is it possible to change it to how it was before?
  15. Is there some type of post count-limit I need to cross before doing so? Trying to reply to someone but I can’t for some reason
  16. Lets say I wanted to make a topic for music news It would have tags like Album, EP, Single, ETC so how do I get my tags back?
  17. Guest

    Thread ignore????

    I got tagged in one of those weird forum/group-wide tags to a thread about a demon "artist". It's in the safespace so I don't wanna be rude. But I do want to put that thread on ignore so I am not tagged ever again. Also when are you guys going to stop abusing the group-wide @?
  18. Have you lost reputation points and were you registered between June 27th, 2017 to August 10th, 2017 (first 44 days) please give us the amount you lost and we will check it, if it is correct we will add the points to your profile Reputation Team @badgallaura & @laracroftonline @Administrators @Moderators @VIP Verified Mods @VIP @VIP Verified @Members
  19. Can someone explain me how can i make the quotes smaller? Like in the stanbadges, ppl are able to quote their posts but make it small, can someone explain me how i can do that? Thanks in advance
  20. Any active member that joined COP anywhere from June 27th, 2017 to August 10th, 2017 (first 44 days) should be noted that as of today, a thread will be opened by the administrators to restore members' reputation points per request. Members that came forward requesting restoration of reputation points with an amount greater than two-thousand have already been compensated. https://churchofpop.net/announcement/7-restoring-reputation-points/ @VIP Verified Mods @VIP Verified @VIP @Moderators @Administrators
  21. So many people use ZEROcharts for last fm on COP. The actual ZC thread here has over 580 replies, and it can get kind of tacky to look through. Zero has an actual forum dedicated for chart discussions but it’s portuguese based, everyone there posts in portuguese. But as the multilingual bitch that i am, , i sometimes take a look around there and it’s a very nice forum. I’ve been thinking about the possibility of having a whole new section dedicated to our very own Zero Charts. How would it work, you might think? Here’s how: the whole idea of the section would be to discuss our zero charts, with topics such as “how did witness perform on your chart?” That would include responses from people saying the amount of sales (plays x 1000), its peak, certifications, chart run and such. Basically, people would simulate their charts/plays as real world sales. For instance: i’ve played Sorry Not Sorry 300 times, which amounts for 300,000 sales. Normally you multiply your album/single/artist plays by 1000 and you get the pure sales of that album/single/artist. As you all probably know, Zero also shows peaks, chart run, certifications and so on. The section would include threads like the following: The Zero thread on COP is pretty dense and with the amount of people using it, maybe a whole section with more than one thread could help with that. If you want to have an idea of how it could be, look through zerocharts.com.br/forum I think this could bring more activity and more interaction between members, plus now that COP seems to be facing changes, I’d love a feature like this. If you think it’s a good idea, I’ll be more than happy to take over the management of the section and run a trial period so that we see if the idea actually works. But most importantly, UPVOTE THIS to show your support on this idea!
  22. Why can't we post in SITE DISCUSSIONS? I think it will be such a good idea to open it to VIP Members who have great ideas and possible suggestions that will improve the site and increase our thriving success. I have no clue where to post it, if i post it to the lounge. Barely anyone will see it so. Edit: Calm Down Indie, ill do it for you