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Found 1,431 results

  1. The Queen supporting her flop sistrens. Somebody should take notes
  2. Extra Sources/TMZ Article http://www.tmz.com/2018/07/20/offset-arrested-in-georgia-possession-of-guns/ TLDR: Pulled over for tinted windows, hit with 4 charges: possession of firearm by felon, possession of Marijuana (<1oz), possession of weapon during crime, and improper lane change
  3. I guess Beyonce and Kanye aren't the only ones faking streams
  4. One day after her most recent Reputation Tour stop in Cleveland, Taylor Swiftappears to be ready to make new music. Swift was photographed leaving Electric Lady Studios in New York City late Wednesday night (July 18). After waiting three years for her Reputation studio album to come out, Swift’s fans might not have to wait so long this time around. When talking to Perez Hilton after her Rose Bowl performance May 19, the “Look What You Made Me Do” singer said she would be releasing another album before turning 30. (Swift turns 29 on Dec. 13 of this year.) That man's face lol. https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/pop/8466227/taylor-swift-recording-studio-new-york-photos
  5. Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have reportedly called off their wedding following alleged fights over when to have kids. The couple - who first got engaged in 2012 - have apparently gone their separate ways after Miley is said to have kept delaying their wedding and family plans. "He wants kids and doesn't want to keep putting it off but it's not quite the timeline Miley had in mind... he is left heartbroken," a source claims to OK! Australia. "Miley put off plans for the wedding and Liam was growing tired of it... They haven't been getting along in recent months. Source: https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/miley-cyrus-liam-hemsworth-split-12944617 so, Miley wants to be a mama?
  6. YAAAAAAS QUEEN!! Pabllo Vittar, a Brazilian drag queen and pop star, is, of course, an icon. Vittar's road to fame within the performance art and music worlds seemed to happen overnight, but they've been building their profile for years behind-the-scenes. As friends Vittar and Charli, an unabashed Pablo Vittar fangirl, chat about everything: from what it means to be an influential LGBTQ icon, dream diva collaborations, nights out in Brazil, Vittar's crush on Diplo, and more: http://www.papermag.com/charli-xcx-interviews-pabllo-vittar-2587263635.html The pics + highlights from the interview: Charli XCX: When I went to Brazil to play this festival and meet and greet with my fans, I asked them, "Who is the best artist in Brazil right now?" They all said Pabllo Vittar and started sharing with me your music videos and were like, "You have to check out Pabllo, she's the best person in Brazilian music and represents the Brazilian LGBTQ community." You are such an important figure in the LGBTQ community, how does it feel to represent your community on such a huge level? Pabllo Vittar: I feel very happy about it because it's great to represent my community in such a huge way, and we live in the hardest time ever, and to be able to represent this community gives strength not just for my fans, but also for myself, to keep on doing the work we do, which is very important. Doing this portrays such an important message to kids and teenagers who have been suffering and bullied like I did when I was that age. I see Brazil as being such a vibrant place, but I know that there still is a lot of prejudice against that community. What was it like growing up as a member of the LGBTQ community in Brazil? Was it hard? It was very hard in the beginning. I always dreamed of being able to perform, being on a stage, singing, acting, and making art, but at the same time I didn't have much hope because of all the bullying I had been through. People at school would say that I would never be anyone, and for a long time in my life, I believed that, but when you have your parents, your family and friends supporting you, everything is easier. I feel blessed for having such good people around me. You and I have done a song together ["I Got It" from Pop 2], and I'm so happy that we got to work together with Brooke Candy and Cupcakke. I feel like we created a song that, whenever I play it live people just go fucking crazy. Do you ever think we will be able to perform this song together? I would love to perform with you and I would love to perform in Brazil because I hear that Brazilian fans are the best in the world. OMG I really want that. Every time I am with my friends, we like to listen to that song. And they always ask me, "Oh, when are you going to perform that live with the girls," and I always say that I hope we can do that really soon. How many wigs do you own? Counting on the one you will give me when we see each other, I will have 25. Wow, I only have two, so I'm impressed. OK, so this is a question that I have been dying to ask you: what's it like making out with Diplo? I know you must have some friends who must have been there and done that, but from my point of view, Diplo's mouth and mine were meant to be together. His lips are sweet and soft, it felt like eating Jambo, which is a very sweet and delicious fruit from Brazil. I don't have words. How was it working with Anitta and Diplo in "Sua Cara"? I love Anitta and Diplo a lot. When I started I always wanted to collab with Anitta. And I have always been a Major Lazer fan, that's no secret. I've loved him since I started making music, so when I had the opportunity to work with Anitta for Major Lazer's album, it was like fulfilling two dreams at once. It was amazing. It was so hot there, but I would go through all that warm weather and I would eat all that sand again just to be close to Diplo and working with Anitta once again. Every time I meet him, he talks about how hot you are. I think he has a crush on you. Diplo! Come to me, my darling. I think he has a crush on me, and I also have a crush on him. I was just in LA recording my new album, but he wasn't there. That was sad. But to breathe the same air as my "daddy" was really good. What's the most inspiring thing in Brazil for you? The LGBTQ+ community. The feminine gays. I make music for them. They are a wonderful part of the community... and not only the feminine gays, but the community as a whole, and we are a very strong community. That makes me feel happy about being born in Brazil. If I could have chosen where I was born, I would have wanted to be born here anyway, because the LGBTQ+ people here in Brazil are very strong. I don't mean that the community is not strong in other places, but here we have a job to do — to unite as people.
  7. -Os números dizem e os álbuns dizem isso também. O álbum novo é um álbum que propõe desfrutar como desfrutou “The Fame”. -Quero dizer algo. Me chamaram para esse último álbum. Me disseram: “Red, precisamos trabalhar, já faz tempo que isso não acontece”. E sabe, não tínhamos tentado outra vez. Não tínhamos tentado e acabamos por fazer músicas incríveis. Mas algo aconteceu e foi resolvido que mudariam seu estilo, para algo mais country... E eu pensava o porquê, já temos algo que vai surpreender o mundo! E na verdade é que, quanto a classe discográfica, nossos amigos das rádios, quando escutassem uma música, por exemplo, que se chama “Frankenstein”, poderia surpreender ao mundo e enlouquecer os fãs da Gaga. Mas isso não foi aprovado. Foi decidido fazer outra coisa. A única música trabalhada por Lady Gaga e RedOne para o "LG5" que chegou a ser lançada é "Angel Down", presente no álbum "Joanne". Summary : He said that he was called to work on her last album (LG5) that they did amazing songs together but later they decided to change the direction of the album to make something more country. He also says that the label and radios loved the songs. About Frankenstein : he says the songs would have surprised and made the fans crazy. source: http://www.rdtladygaga.com/2018/07/redone-fala-sobre-trabalho-descartado-do-lg5-diz-que-frankenstein-poderia-enlouquecer-os-fas-e-comenta-inicio-de-carreira-com-gaga
  8. I trust they're going to let all the homeless people I saw on the streets in L.A. sleep there since they're part of Hillary's crew who want to bring in more refugees and virtue signal/preach to the rest of us about charity?
  9. On Tuesday, Lovato posted a sneak peek of the new color to her Instagram Stories, showing her face from the nose down, her new blonde color on display. Lovato plays slightly coy in this image, despite the major transformation that just went down, which, according to Maynard, included extensions. “Demi’s had dark hair for a long time — we thought what better way to switch it up than to go lighter and add extensions for length?” she says. “It was such a pretty yet also soft shade and we haven’t done a blonde like this before on Demi.” She’s been working with Lovato for roughly seven years, and says the singer is “always open [to] change and willing to take risks.” That’s something we can totally get behind. Her new shade was inspired by something inherent to most of us: just wanting to make a change. And maybe we're reading too much into this, but Lovato hinted at something cryptic recently on Instagram: "Exciting things coming soon...." As for what Maynard tells clients who want to do the same: “We always make sure clients know that the process can take several hours and/or multiple visits. In this case, we were able to co-color Demi’s hair. I worked on the front and top while my team focused on the back. This makes the process go much faster and allows us to work more efficiently and cover more ground in less time.” The process, from beginning to end, took around two days to complete. https://www.allure.com/story/demi-lovato-blonde-hair
  10. Katy still came through with Hitless Taylor earning 80M even though she was MIA for most of last year
  11. https://stepfeed.com/rihanna-s-latest-morocco-inspired-makeup-palette-stirs-controversy-5666 Rihanna has been accused of cultural appropriation and Orientalism over her cosmetics line's latest addition. The Barbadian singer and songwriter's makeup brand, Fenty Beauty, recently unveiled a new eye-shadow palette titled 'Moroccan Spice', stirring controversy among social media users. While Fenty Beauty has previously been praised for promoting inclusivity by catering to a wide array of customers and featuring a diverse group of models, many people have expressed disappointment in the 'Moroccan Spice' palette. Back in 2013, Rihanna held a concert at the Mawazine Festival in Morocco, breaking the event's previous attendance record with a 150,000-person turnout. This month, she released a Morocco-inspired eye-shadow palette that includes 16 shades with names such as "Shisha Smoke", "Desert baked", and "Nuts n Dates", which some say inaccurately represent Moroccan culture.
  12. Lady Gaga has a hit song with producer Boys Noize. Speaking to Boiler Room, the German electronic music producer and DJ, real name Alexander Ridha, praised Gaga as one of the most down-to-earth artists he has ever worked with and revealed that they recorded a track for one of Gaga’s upcoming projects. "[Lady Gaga] is so cool," he said. "She is definitely one of the coolest artists I met that is ridiculously famous, but so down to the ground. She asked me, 'You know [UK techno DJ] Surgeon?' and I was like, 'Are you f—ing with me?', and she was like 'Yeah, he's my friend, he opened some of my shows.'" He continued: "She's down to techno and what's crazy is that she got into modular stuff too. I brought my modular system—and she spilled water on it, by the way—but it broke the ice and then we wrote a f—ing hit. But now she's into modular, she bought a system, and we used that on some of her songs." Lady Gaga and Boys Noize were spotted in a recording studio back in April. Gaga is currently working on a follow-up to her 2016 album Joanne, as well as two other project: the soundtrack for her debut film A Star Is Born with Bradley Cooper, and a second jazz collection with Tony Bennet. just press play
  14. The Princess of Pop is coming omg That perfume snippet already outsold the Make Me video