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Found 198 results

  1. Is a kehlani and Ariana collab upon us?

    https://twitter.com/DRlVEMECRZY/status/952733192859127809 https://twitter.com/DRlVEMECRZY/status/952733958063652867 If people dont know..Ariana has a song that she teased back in 2016 called "She Got Her Own" which was later scrapped from her upcoming album. But arianators have been telling ariana to release the song so did ariana change her mind?
  2. A week later Queen of alzheimer 😍
  3. Chris Brown got himself a pet monkey -- but never got a permit to keep her -- so now he's sans monkey and could face criminal charges ... TMZ has learned. As we reported ... CB took heat last month after posting a pic of his 3-year-old daughter Royalty holding the baby capuchin monkey named Fiji, because people thought it was a danger to her and belongs in the wild. Chris told everyone to chill. According to law enforcement ... several folks notified the California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife, who opened an investigation. Turns out Chris never got a permit for the exotic pet, so authorities got a search warrant but before Chris' house got raided, he voluntarily agreed to surrender the animal.According to our sources ... CB could be charged with having a restricted species without a permit, a misdemeanor, that carries a maximum of 6 months in jail. The case has been turned over to the L.A. City Attorney. He named his daughter Royalty? I'm not surprised. http://www.tmz.com/2018/01/12/chris-brown-monkey-taken-facing-charges-california-fish-wildlife/
  4. If you're unfamiliar, Stan Twitter is a place where superfans of artists merge to debate and chat about their faves. It can be innocent and fun, but also nasty and dark. For example, stans of other artists have been attacking stans of Selena Gomez by making fun of her kidney transplant and accusing her of faking lupus to cover up cocaine use. Haters of Ariana Grande also attack her in horrible ways, such as accusing her of "killing her own fans" because of the attack at her Manchester concert last year. Recently, a meme took off in this corner of the internet, like this example below. "Wear black if you're the most influential artist of all time," this Kanye West stan says, showing four artists, but only Kanye in black. Here's another example. You get the point. Unfortunately, haters of Selena, like this Taylor Swift stan account, turned the meme into a way to make cruel jokes about Selena's kidney transplant. "Wear yellow if both of your kidneys are working properly." It's pretty gross, TBH! So, a stan account that claims to be "selena #1 stan" (but has 30 followers) responded with their own meme. They attacked Demi Lovato stans by mocking the death of Lovato's father. Lovato's father, Patrick, died in June 2013. The star has said her father was abusive and struggled with mental illness. Lovato was raised by her stepdad, Eddie, who she is close with. These attacks mostly flew under the radar until Thursday, when @OceanGrownTREEZ tweeted the above example out to his more than 38,000 followers. People began to take notice, and most were like, WTF? Other stan accounts swiftly denounced it. They said this stan crossed a line. Some called the culture toxic. "Hypocrisy at its finest." And some just kept bashing Selena. Anyway, if you didn't know this was going on, now you know! Source
  5. Karlie Kloss Accused of Dissing Taylor on Twitter

    After being accused by fans of dissing her longtime pal Taylor Swift earlier this week when she captioned an twitter post using the phrase “Swish swish,” Karlie Kloss quietly tweaked her post to instead read “Nothing but net.” However, other fans defended Kloss, saying it was likely an innocent blunder. “Guys we really need to stop. This is probably ruining Taylor’s friendship with Karlie. Us commenting rat emojis is not helping anyone,” wrote one. Rumors of a fallout between the longtime besties first surfaced after Swift, 28, left Kloss’s name off of her “Junior Jewels” T-shirt in one of the scenes of her “Look What You Made Me Do” music video. Other pals who were featured on the shirt included Martha Hunt, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, Gigi Hadid, Lena Dunham, Selena Gomez, Ed Sheeran and more. This is the original
  6. What is Taylor Swift’s “Reputation” worth? Not the jacked-up prices she’s charging for concert tickets. That’s the verdict from ticked-off fans, who are balking at buying seats for the 28-year-old pop star’s tour to promote her new “Reputation” album, citing stratospheric markups and greedy sales gimmicks. “I paid $150 for my ticket with amazing seats for the 1989 tour. Now for the same seats I have to pay about $500,” Twitter user “swiftieloves” recently griped. A look at Ticketmaster’s interactive seat charts confirms that Swift’s schedule of 33 dates for the North American “Reputation” tour has yet to produce a single sellout, from its May 8 launch in Phoenix to its Oct. 6 finale in Arlington, Texas. That’s despite seats being available to the general public since Swift’s birthday on Dec. 13. By comparison, all the dates on Swift’s “1989” tour in 2015 “sold out within minutes,” according to concertsandsports.com. “Sales so far have been a mega disappointment,” one music industry insider told The Post. “There are hundreds if not thousands of tickets left for every show.” The stumble out of the gate is especially embarrassing given that the “Reputation” album sold more than 1 million copies within four days of its Nov. 10 release. On top of high prices, some prospective buyers are getting irked by Ticketmaster’s “Verified Fan” program, which required participants to register weeks before tickets went on presale, proving they were bona fide fans and not bots looking to buy tickets for scalpers. Ticketmaster, which has used Verified Fan for U2 concerts, “Hamilton,” “Springsteen on Broadway” and other big shows, told The Post the program tries to “provide fans with the most reliable access to tickets and combat bad actors that use bots that subvert that process.” But Verified Fan — which got rebranded to “Taylor Swift Tix” for the tour — has added a controversial feature called “boosts” that promises fans a chance to “improve [their] position in line to purchase tickets.” Some boosts were innocuous, such as joining Swift’s official mailing list. But others cost money, such as pre-ordering the “Reputation” album, shelling out $50 for a T-shirt or purchasing the $60 snake ring that Swift wore in her “Look What You Made Me Do” music video. “To get ‘further in line’ to buy Taylor Swift tickets she wants you [to] buy merch from her … this greedy snake,” Twitter user “Q_Taryntino” fumed. Music blogger Bob Lefsetz called Taylor Swift Tix “a tone-deaf scam” that amounts to “upselling with a theoretical benefit” rather than a guarantee of better seats. Indeed, some fans who bought into the “Reputation” tour’s presale between Dec. 5 and Dec. 8 got nasty surprises when tickets opened up to the general public five days later. “I wasted my time buying with the presale code as the tickets available to the public were much better,” Twitter user “paigelizabethh” wrote. “Any particular reason that #Reputation tickets in the 100s section during presale last week were $446 APIECE and now they’re $267????” asked “bigbiiisch.” Ticketmaster touted Taylor Swift Tix as “an unparalleled success,” saying it delivered “the biggest registration we’ve ever had.” By charging higher prices and blocking out scalpers, Swift and her tour promoter Louis Messina could fatten their coffers by as much as $1.5 million per show, according to an estimate in Billboard. That sounds like a shrewd business strategy, but Swift still has a lot of tickets to sell to make that upside. In the meantime, the “Swifties” are getting restless. “Taylor Swift’s 1989 tour tickets sold out in only a couple of hours,” one disaffected fan, “alexiam77,” tweeted. “Today, you can *still* get really well-placed Reputation floor seats. If that doesn’t tell you your tickets are too expensive, idk what will.” Messina didn’t respond to requests for comment. Swift’s music distributor, Universal, said it wasn’t immediately able to comment. Source
  7. Logan Paul's Apology Letter

    I didn't wanna put this in Celebrity News but I don't know where else to put it but heres his shitty ass apology letter:
  8. Is X6 upon us? http://www.instagram.com/xtina/ - only her recent posts are on there.
  9. we love our messy queen on the kitchen floor she came back from her bahamas because of her health omg she exposed him for having herpes
  10. This woman is SO sad and SO jealous, it's honestly pathetic. She's almost 40!!!
  11. John Kuckian is a drama channel on youtube who recently launched his own cosmetics brand called Kuckian Cosmetics. He recently made a vlog about another youtuber, falsely calling him a pedophile and making up false tea supporting that claim. Now the beauty community (including James Charles and Manny MUA) are uniting and dragging him.
  12. We love a rich skinny queen @KnightofCrescentLovatic @Nicki Minaj @Tattooed Heart @jackgrande @sidetoside
  13. come thru clickbait (please read the spoiler)
  14. Insufferable, vile woman. And no, i don't care to spell her last name correctly.