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  1. A whole damn BOP from yes, a current male artist stop sleeping on 5GOD's and stream Youngblood, the album was amazing for the most part
  2. Yall losers will search for any reason to hate Beyonce but none of it makes sense. If you dont like Beyonces music fine but how can you hate someone like Beyonce as a human being? She's humble, sweet, shy, but also strong. It seems like yall pressed asses are jealous because your dry ass faves will never be on her level. Yall say you hate her for her personality but really yall hate her because of her fans and her success which is not a legitimate reason to hate someone. Thats like me saying I hate Lady Gaga or Rihanna because of their fans. It makes no sense. Yall stan for Iggy who is racist as shit, yall stan Gaga even though she worked with R Kelly and performed with hi, yall stan Katy Perry even though she called a black man the "N" word when she was angry at him, made fun of our stereotypes in this is how we do video, made fun of asians, and constantly making racist and mental health jokes but yall hate Beyonce who literally minds her business.
  3. Demi officially signed with Scooter, he made Justin and Ariana what they are today and we all know their success stories. Do you think he can help Demi blow up and finally get some recognition or is she forever doomed to be a flop with no signature hits? Discuss!
  4. The fact that the face of such a massive brand used to be so blatantly racist What's more surprising is he wasn't the product of some small INDIE company, but Warner f*****g Bros And this doesn't even mention his rapey behavior towards other cartoon characters like Elmer Fadd, unwillingly kissing and fondling him in certain episodes, sometimes while he was asleep
  5. I mean... It seems like she’s only in it for the money, such a greedy bitch
  6. I completely agree with this guy. The new track is BIM 2.0. She is so desperate to remain relevant, she jumped on a 2 year old trend to as a comeback single. It is garbage Poor thing should retire and save herself from embarrassment! Imagine being 60 and trying to be a cool, hipster granny
  7. Honestly?? The Rose Bowl has a capacity of 90k+ and they sold out 2 nights in a row, plus they’ve sold out multiple huge stadiums like Wembley, MetLife and and Stade de France all 2 nights in a row to name a few. When will your crusty ass faves?? Struggling to sell out arenas, if that?
  8. So apparently, Beyonce has been nominated for an AOTY Grammy not once, not twice but three times(Four if you count her feature on The Fame Monster) but has not won the award. That has me feeling a way for some reason. How come Beyonce has been nominated that many times but has yet to win the award?
  9. Like girl you was really defending your trash ass father while your sister was being manipulated the whole time and she recently admitted her father inhumanely forced her into a mental facility out of her will for not wanting to take certain drugs. probably siding with her dad because she knows britney is her main income. britney feeding way too many lazy ass people smh.
  10. Someone knight queen Mary! She can still release an edgy bop to put these dull sounding new r&b era chicks back in their basements! Whew! This deserves huge chart impact
  11. I'll never forgive the general public for letting these songs not achieve mainstream success You can add some songs you think should've gotten more recognition from the public.
  12. The desperation .. The backtracking.. Zara Larsson‏Verified account @zaralarsson FollowFollow @zaralarsson More Zara Larsson Retweeted Zara Larsson I feel like deleting this cause I checked and it wasn't several times, only one dm and some comments under pictures
  13. Will the Queen Of Cultural Appropriation/The Female Justin Timberlake/The McDonalds Of Pop/The Pop Star for little white children/Katy Perry have a great 2019? We all know the only successful thing Katy has going for her is her payola autoplay youtube views but overall shes a colossal failure everywhere else. Whitness bombed and her little christmas song was dry and unseasoned just like her cooking. She is receiving a lot of money from american idol but making a lot of money doesnt make you immensely popular especially when you had to rely on tour bundles to boost up your pathetic tour numbers and album sales. The GP are over it. She should reinvent her image. Shes been making basic white girl music for 10 years now. She needs to make an album full of thinking of yous. Teenage Dream was a hit era. Many white people view that era as the Thriller of the 2010s despite Katy not having an ounce of talent. Teenage Dream aged like her skin unfortunately. Haggard. Very much an album of its time. No timeless music. Prism was pretty much the same as Teenage Dream. Another elementary album catered for young children and white teenagers. She appropriated black and asian culture all in one album. Witness. In 2016 Katy was using us black people to hop on the “woke” trend. It was very inauthentic and dishonest. We saw through her fake white feminist bullshit. Witness bombed and her most disappointing era ever. The GP still drag her til this day. Karma bit Katys flat butt harshly from 2017 to even now days. She also got exposed for calling a black man the “N” word and still hasnt apologized about it. That racist obama joke was also gross. Glad black twitter tore her ass apart. Now Katys career is a joke. The only thing her fans have going to look forward to is another season of american idol. The intense decline
  14. You're only allowed to side with one team. Who y'all rocking with? (You can also why you chose this specific team. You also can't move anyone from their assigned team) Team A Whitney Houston Michael Jackson Madonna Rihanna Ariana Grande Team B Mariah Carey M Prince Janet Jackson Beyonce Selena Gomez
  15. Like what was she thinking with this mess, she had 4 outfits and NONE of them looked good.
  16. Both songs are huge bops but who snapped harder?
  17. SNATCHED WAIST KILLER ABS HIPS TITS AND ASS all natural too, she been eating them GMO chickens
  18. I live in Colorado and Im a higherschooler and this shit scares the shit out of me. I only live 20 minutes away from Highlands Ranch and have a friend who goes there. This shooting happens just 2 weeks after colorado schools were threaten with that one girl and they closed schools for a day cause of it....we really need gun control now and asap. And y’all can disagree however y’all want but New Zealand and Australia have gun control and haven’t had big shooting in YEARS when we literally have them basically everyday
  19. The song has had so much promo but no one is talking about the song and the song isn't really doing well and is falling down the charts a bit..
  20. Or will she achieve longevity as Mariah so graciously wished for her?