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Found 5,748 results

  1. Can you believe this is christina aguilera? Yup the platinum blonde pale snow queen we know used to look like this sometime in her life. Now
  2. Remember when this dumbass bitch said this in a magazine interview? As the interview progresses, Halsey also addressed the social implications of having a white mother and African American father. “I look like a white girl, but I don’t feel like one. I’m a black woman. So it’s been weird navigating that. When I was growing up I didn’t know if I was supposed to love TLC or Britney [Spears.]” That bitch is stupid. She deliberately left out the part of her dad being half white therefore she is NOT BIracial she is QUADROON. https://twitter.com/Hunilek/status/897594265244753920?s=20 also this twitter user is right. Us africa. Americans have distant european blood from the slave trade but does that make us white? NO. My cousins dna results came out 18% european but she still only claims black and looks black. White people will look at her funny if she claims 18% white dna just like us black folks look at halsey like shes insane when she calls herself black like bitch you only like 10% black. Also she said this ignorant shit Halsey made light of being interracial in her interview with Playboy, telling the longstanding magazine, “I still have white boys asking me why my nipples are brown.” BITCH aint NO white boy ever asked you that. Why? Because most people in the world have brown nipples!! The only people with pink nipples are anglo saxon whites (Nordic whites and eastern european whites), white latinas and albino people of all races. White mediterreans (italians, greeks, spanish) mostly have brown nipples. Penelope Cruz, Gaga, J-hoe, Britney Spears all have tan/brown nipples. That doesnt mean they are black. Halsey is a dumb ass forreal.
  3. If you don't know either of these ladies you are missing out on some quality pop
  4. Britney and Katy already had their breakdown and got their heads shaved. Who will be next?
  5. woooo chile that sounded NASTY. I feel bad for the poor couch. I hope she took a shower after this cuz I know she stained her panties after that avalanche shes calls a fart.
  6. Without Me is #2 and Eastside just entered at #9 and it’s only the beginning Did all the Halsey haters suddenly die and resurrect as stans Why is she no longer the “Closer girl” that everyone said before
  7. So I'm listening through Femme Fatale... come to Trouble For Me and I instantly thought of this track The synth are very similar and even how she sings the first few lines are similar to the Britney track. Do y'all hear the similarities?
  8. P!nk‘s seventh studio album „Beautiful Trauma“ has sold over 3 million copies by now. It was the tenth best selling album of 2017 (second best for a female) and it‘s lead single „What About Us“ was the best selling solo female single that year. What about your fave?
  9. Which female rapper makes better music in your opinion? I'd say Nicki all the way, she has released bop after bop and she spits mean bars. That girl is extremely talented and she knows her way around a track. Missy has some good songs but some of them just seem a bit simplistic or not like anything special. Well done to her for her recent songwriting induction into the hall of fame though Which rapper do you prefer?
  10. Is this girl the tea or will she be a flop? Has she got you shook?
  11. How you get that bawd Is it from Gawd Did you work real hard G E N E T I C S This is fucking DISGUSTING! This is the literal fucking definition of white privilege, only a white woman would be allowed to get away with releasing something so basic and generic and devoid of talent. This bitch can't even sing, listen to her. Suddenly I Stan Britarney Sandears
  12. Stand Your Ground is the home of artist/celeb arguments that are out of control. There's free reign here for stans, otherwise known as people who will stop at nothing to defend their favorite artists and bash everyone else's. Do not insult, attack or give rude nicknames to other members or stan bases. Leave terrorism out of the posts. Do not post anything graphic or explicit. Do not spam. Rules have been updated as of 05-27-2018
  13. Christina is half Ecuadorian from her fathers side. Her fans say her father was brown and darker than the average ecuadorian and likely was of native indian and black. Her fans have been calling xtina “loud passionate brown girl” and that she is oppressed in the industry as a brown girl. They say xtina isnt a white woman because her father is brown and you are only the race of your father according to them.
  14. I think KPOP may have finally snapped with this release!
  15. Is he an idiot??? Like you don't even tweet that the song is out? I can't find it on Spotify and so far only the lyric video is out on YT It's actually a banger and is apparently for his upcoming EP of the same name So tell me why he's so stupid please cause I truly don't know where his head is
  16. We've got to face the facts here. Beyoncé is a joke without Destiny's Child. Besides Crazy In Love, which was a masterpiece, she has released nothing but bland shit that doesn't stand the test of time. Almost all of her singles feature a rapper because few people can stand hearing her take on an entire song by herself. Beyoncé is something people enjoy in moderation, which is why she was perfect in Destiny's Child. Her over the top vocals were compensated by the more laid back sound of Michelle and Kelly. But now she is just a wreck. Everything is Love is a major flop and Apeshit didn't live up to the hype created by her rabid fans and record company. Will the Lion King movie be able to save her and put her back on the map? God knows she needs it.
  17. You can't change my mind. Adele's voice only has a nice tone, but she's not really the greatest vocalist. Xtina has the potential to be a good vocalist, but just screams. Literally no artist that has debuted after Mariah and Whitney can match Beyoncé's vocal.
  18. Recently Bhad Bhabie released Baby Face Savage (which is low-key better than any song on IOP) and locals are finally realizing the bitch can rap and knows how to ride a beat. Her tweet of the video has gone viral and she's currently at the top of YT's music trending page. The Queen of Rap title is debated between Lil Kim, Cardi, Missy, Nicki, but who's currently the Princess Of Rap? Danielle is only 15 and and she keeps on improving but at the same time remains relevant especially amongst the younger generation. Also worth noting that she's the youngest female rapper to ever chart on the Hot 100. So what do y'all think? Will she be another fad or is she the current Princess of Rap and next in line for the throne?
  19. This is truly disgusting. I haven't been this disturbed since I saw The Human Centipede at a friend's house when I was 15
  20. How much more out of touch can she get?? this is what a real has been looks like, between her and mariah idk who's the worst honestly, i'm dying of laughter IS THIS 2011 AGAIN? i bet the song is a reject from pitbull's 2011 album, and fucking marc anthony??? methney is so fkn cheap and out of reality, it's epic
  21. Taking your puppies on just a two-week vacation and by doing so, carting them onto an airplane (below the cabin) for 6 hours, and dressing them up in human clothes? Katy Perry does it. Usually i don't come for Katy, but i had to call this out because i can't stand people who put their pets in such trauma like that. have a relative stop by your house and care for them while you're on vacation instead.
  22. This chick went from a 1.6 billion viewed video (New Rules) to just 10 million with Electricity. She didn't even achieve 1/100th of the success New Rules did. Why?
  23. R.E.M by Ariana Grande is any good? The song is barely even decent, let alone a song worthy of any praise whatsoever. I don't understand why she had to lower herself to Beyonce rejects. Did we transition from cheap music videos to cheap music? Fortunately, R.A.S.H was not a single. Could you imagine the backlash? Yikes.