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Found 1,673 results

  1. Tana Mongeau vs. Trisha Paytas

    The Queen of Rap vs. The Queen of Pop. Who's better?
  2. RIP Nicki Minaj

    Remember when Remy Ma did this at Summer Jam? No? Neither I just saw it on Twitter. Anyways, we are now at the end of 2017, and I find it quite interesting that Nicki was not the one whose career died... NICKI MINAJ Chart entries - 13 Highest position - #8 Certifications - ~ 5,900,000 REMY MA Chart entries - 0 Highest position - N/A Certifications - 0 Discuss x
  3. the most powerful male vocalist of all time?
  4. Why did The Cure flop ?

    The monsters said that if Gaga went back to pop, she would smash. So she did and well ..... so what happened ?
  5. I'm just wondering how could a No.1 single have such tragic pure sales.
  6. mariah carey is fat lmaooooo

    These are some of the funniest and most creative fat jokes I've ever seen
  7. Could your fave pull off this song?
  8. Kim Petras is possibly the first transgender pop girl who has an enormous potential to make it big in pop industry BUT since she's an independent artist, there's barely any promo for her songs. Queen Kim hasn't released a bad song yet, all the 5 songs she released have been 10/10 so far (she keeps releasing a song every month until all the songs makes an album). The thing that makes me mad tho is that some famous pop girls with cult followings () released HORRIBLE songs this year, yet some of y'all still preached it because of course "it's _____ _____ so it's automatically good let's buy it even tho it's utter shit", while bops like these are getting overlooked. If any OTHER famous pop girl released any of these songs as singles, it'd be everywhere and you know it. Done with unfairness and being surrounded by tasteless people.
  9. The effortless belts! Xtina is SHOOK
  10. Dont be mean Britney stans, yes she blocked Knee from number one but that was LAST year.
  11. The Best EP of All Time?

    https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/vroom-vroom-ep/1083723149 pop perfection besides paradise we don't claim her, tko outsold
  12. Why did Rihanna Tank so hard?

    ShallDickHer and RimHarder released their highly anticipated bop Cant Remember To Stroke U that flopped so mercilessly It didnt even reach platinum in US...Malibu outsold Beautiful liar Won
  13. Enough Honeymoon trashing

    I just wanna come forward and say this : Honeymoon is amazing. Why the fuck do people constantly trash it? Is is NOT Lana's most boring album, far from it. It's not her worst, far from it. Gays praise Born to Die and Paradise when they were quite messy in their respective ways, ESPECIALLY Paradise, which in my opinion, is her worst work to date Except for Ride, G&M, and Cola, all the other songs are painfully mediocre Yet HM, which contains the self titled masterpiece, Terrence Loves You, High by the Beach, God Knows I Tried, Freak, Salvatore, and most importantly, one of Lana's best songs of her discography, The Blackest Day. You CAN'T listen to The Blackest Day and not be amazed, stunned. It's kind of Lana at her peak. Honeymoon is so soft and beautiful, her vocals there shine. Terrence Loves You's bridge ended careers. The vocals on GKIT are HEAVENLY. Freak and Salvatore are Lana bops. And TBD is just, wow. The only filler tracks I can think of are 24 and Religion, and even those are fucking amazing. Honestly HM is Lana's ARTPOP/Witness; heavily unappreciated by her fans Now listen to these masterpieces
  14. Random but I was just listening to two of my favourite albums from 2016, Lemonade and ANTi. Lemonade which initially was my fave didn't age very well while Qur'Anti still sounds fresh as a daisy. Is this really the case? Discuss and keep it cute
  15. In his new song Offended He raps "Do a fake dab to smell my armpits" Sounds like something Katy would right tbh
  16. Better Era:YN or L4L

    Long Dick Range released her album Lust 4 Sales and then Deviley Satanrus released her shit album Paler Now....Both eras lowkey flopped and i've been so happy to see the other bitch tank Out of these two hoes who had a better era in terms of longetivity,sales,MV and quality
  17. Is SG4 actually ever coming?

    Or is it the new Digital Distortion Poor Garbaj, truly done. I ain’t talkin poultry when I say this chickens friiiiiieeeeddd
  18. Who sang this 4 Non Blondes ICONIC song What's up better, P!NK or Lady Gaga? P!NK Lady Gaga