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      Any active member that joined COP anywhere from June 27th, 2017 to August 10th, 2017 (first 44 days) should be noted that as of today, a thread will be opened by the administrators to restore members' reputation points per request.  Members that came forward requesting restoration of reputation points with an amount greater than two-thousand have already been compensated.

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  1. The Fame Is An Iconic Pop Album And that can't be denied When will basics have such relevance and cultural impact?
  2. Kylie's Dancing is secretly a bop, why is it flopping? Is it due to her age and sexism in the industry, leading to her being paid dust? Thoughts everyone?
  3. Stay shook COP, There is a Mariah duet I actually like and here it is:
  4. And haters are seething! It is a great song, it was a new direction for her, it was hella catchy and had a pleasant beat She slays on this track and it should have charted better Thoughts?
  5. Following Normani and Camila on Instagram out of all the 5H queens....Why?
  6. After the announcement of 5H hatius she's the only member who trended...Why?
  7. I'll give her a bit above minimum wage, since she was apart of 5H.
  8. I thought YES sounded amazing when I first heard it but I am getting bored of it now and I have only heard it a few times Meanwhile, No Excuses still sounds like a certified BOP Which is better though?
  9. Did Mariah have much success outside of the USA? I am from the UK so I can't speak for other countries but here she had two number one singles and two number albums By comparison, Madonna has 13, Rihanna has 9 and Kylie has 7 number one singles In terms of albums, she doesn't even make the top list for female artists with Taylor Swift and Susan Boyle ahead of her ARTIST NUMBER 1 ALBUMS MADONNA 12 BARBRA STREISAND 6* CELINE DION 5 KYLIE MINOGUE 5 DIANA ROSS 4 RIHANNA 4 KATE BUSH 3 EVA CASSIDY 3 NORAH JONES 3 AVRIL LAVIGNE 3 SUSAN BOYLE 3 AMY WINEHOUSE 3 LADY GAGA 3 ADELE 3 BEYONCE 3 LANA DEL REY 3 TAYLOR SWIFT 3 http://www.officialcharts.com/chart-news/the-female-solo-artists-with-the-most-number-1-albums__16217/ Did she have much success in your country?
  10. I feel like every time someone talks about legends, they immediately say people such as Mariah Carey, Whitney, Celine, Cher, etc. but completely skip over the queen of Motown herself, Diana Ross! Do you think people underrate her status as a legend, or do you think the passing of time has made her forgettable?
  11. I mean with 1D we had Harry go down the soft rock/britpop route, Niall doing folk pop, Zayn and Liam doing R&B, and it seems Louis is dabbling in EDM and dance. What genres do you think the 5H girls will attempt?
  12. Ariana has two #1 singles in the U.K with Problem and Bang Bang. Meanwhile, Taylor Swift only has one U.K #1 with LWYMMD. Why did it take Taylor 11 years of her career to finally get a #1 in the U.K, but Ariana just under 2 years to get hers? Thoughts on Taylor Swift being THAT local bitch?
  13. She is the one with the least amount of hits. No top 5. Her Disney TV show is forgotten and not liked by anyone. She uses issues as pitty and her concerts aren’t sold out. Why?
  14. it was #1 on itunes. whate happened. megatramps???
  15. End Oral Game tanked harder than a swimming Meghan trashner while it was star studded with a Rat sheeran and Future. Even Katys Swish Swish outsold Her new single DickActivate is failing to even enter spotify top 200 global... Whats happening with Toolbar Shift?
  16. - Selena Gomez - 2 solo albums, the first album was released in 2013. 2 out of 2 albums went #1 on Billboard 200. 7 Billboard Hot 100 Top 10's since 2013. 1/2 albums are platinum in the US. - Demi Lovato- 6 solo albums, the first album was released in 2008. 1 out of 6 albums went #1 on Billboard 200. 3 Billboard Hot 100 Top 10's since 2008. 0/6 albums are platinum in the US. ONLY facts, no shade.
  17. This girl is nothing but a bitter flop. No hit singles Can't sing Can't dance Can't write songs. Zero stage presence Not beautiful Still in the same Girlgroup with Trump supporters, even after acting all democrat & liberal Even though these apply to all the remaining Filth Germony members, Normani is the one who I've seen is the praised most by the FOMOS. Literally, What is there to stan about her? Even Tinashe outsold.
  18. Selena Gomez's or Eminem's Selena wins for me