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  1. Would her daughter lie ? I do not think so... https://pagesix.com/2019/06/16/liza-minnelli-judy-garland-wouldve-laughed-at-gagas-a-star-is-born/?utm_campaign=SocialFlow&utm_medium=SocialFlow&utm_source=P6Twitter
  2. I'm not so sure of the year here but maybe 2007? Hollywood sounds like it would've smashed had Gaga came out earlier or shopped the song to another pop girl. The way Gaga was writing brilliant pop songs way back then Is she a pop genius?
  3. I mean.. It’s fucking Avril. She was relevant in the early 2000s and fell of the face of earth after that. All of her more recent music flopped for filth. She’s literally a nobody. Why is this 00s fads new single doing better than fan-proclaimed legend’s newest single?
  4. This woman had more hype and promotion than Shallow had and yet she has utterly failed. Waves (aka Ripples) FAILED to crack the Hot 100 despite a music video, numerous award show performances, loads of buzz and radio payola. Even Allah Brooke cracked the Hot 100...whew! The only success she's had is on the back of whitey (who she campaigns against). Why?
  5. Stand Your Ground is the home of artist/celeb arguments that are out of control. There's free reign here for stans, otherwise known as people who will stop at nothing to defend their favorite artists and bash everyone else's. Do not insult, attack or give rude nicknames to other members or stan bases. Leave terrorism out of the posts. Do not post anything graphic or explicit. Do not spam. Rules have been updated as of 05-27-2018
  6. She was a main girl for 9 years (1994-2002 )a)serving nothing but bops and hits. Why have'nt she had any tribute done for her in any big award shows(BETs,VMAs) Why?
  7. I was listening to Only Girl In The World recently and for some reason, it made me think of Ariana's voice. Ariana has the vocals to sing the full throated infectious chorus of Only Girl In The World in my opinion. Would her version be bigger than Rihanna's ? Would it be a mess and flop ? Is the song too dated to be released nowadays ?
  8. To start, y'all clearly must be bored as hell if you're gonna keep hating on Taylor like this. Every fandom wants to hate on Taylor in this fandom and its because y'alls faves are flopping. Maybe if you were streaming their songs harder they could actually chart. Additionally, hating on Taylor's lyrics or artistry as of late hardly tarnishes the fact that she is one of the greatest songwriters of this generation, lets remember how she writes all her own songs (can your faves say the same?). Just some food for thought.
  9. Mariah Carey is considered a legend in the music industry. Yet, she has never won a MTV video music award. Why ? Did she piss off somebody on MTV board or something ? I get that her videography is not her biggest strenght but it's hard to believe that she's never snatched a MOONMAN. Why have the VMAS been ignoring Mariah Carey since the beginning of her career ?
  10. Both are doing terrible so are female rappers over?
  11. I need your HONEST opinions. I am in this mostly Azalean groupchat on Instagram(let me know if you wanna join) an Azealia Banks stan and I got into an argument. We got into the topic of can you really support the art and not the person. This turned into a heated debate. I argued that supporting the art still supports the artist socially and financially, but the other person claims it's not. They said that they like it because "the work of problematic people DIFFERENT and ECCENTRIC". I also asked them (who is also an Ariana Stan) if they would support the Manchester bomber if they made dope music. They responded with "I would just download there mp3 files free instead of streaming". I believe that Azealia is problematic, and anyone that supports her just gasses her up to be more problematic. I dont care how talented she is, I refuse to support her. Please share your authentic opinion on the topic (lmfao this sounds like an AP Lit prompt)
  12. Meghan Trainor showed potential in the pop world with her first era which scored a #1 album and song, many multi-platinum singles (3 top 10s) and a a Grammy win. Her second album was a little bit of a decline but still scored a top 3 single and had decent sales for her standards However, her third era which started last year has been a total non event so far so much that the album keeps getting pushed back. Is she totally doomed or she just needs better material and more promo ?
  13. No growth or elevation, it literally sounds like a Queen reject. Maybe she's following P!ss' release strategy? Why is there more autotune in her vocal in 2019 than even from her anti-LGBT hit Softer Than A Homosexual? AND the photoshopping is EVIDENT look at the bending walls: I'm fucking SCREAMING It really truly is over for Miss Oinka Tanka Carcrash
  14. So I was listening to Hands On Me by Ariana Grande & A$AP Ferg and someone said that the rapper ruined the song. I was against this and our conversation diverged into them saying that most rappers ruin Pop/R&B songs. She thinks they all go off topic in songs and overall ruin the songs they're on. What do you think? Do you agree/disagree with them? I mostly disagree but I know a few songs that I like a little less because rappers are on it. I like most rap/sung collabs I've heard though. N.B.: This person says this about mostly male rappers and they stan Cardi B (IDK why I'm including this but whatever)
  15. 1. Minazi Garbaj is totally OVER! It's uncool to like her anymore, despite the desperate cries from the garbz on social media saying she's still hot shit. She's hot shit already, a giant steaming pile of dog shit. 2. Pigcki Binaj is living in a Cardi B world now. She has to contend to being compared to a REAL successful female rapper - one that has several #1 singles and an actually Grammy unlike the white supremacist. She will always come up second best to Belcalis now Poor Oinka! 3. Nazi has NOTHING new to say. We already know what she'll be singing about - how she's deluded herself into thinking she's the "Queen of Rap" (when in actual fact she's barely scraping Court Jester these days), some silly reductive line about Roman (the gay guy who jaded her so much she's been obsessed with him for a decade - sad!) and how she's getting so much money (shame you cant yourself a #1 sus!). The public are so tired of this loser, SO beyond tired. 4. Her recent track record speaks for itself. She only had ONE week in the top 10 for Ug-Li last year and thats been her only showing in the top 10 minus the pedophile song (which was so fucking desperate we'll forget about it since everyone else has - LOL!). Carbie Dreams - FLOP. Hard White Supremacist - TOTAL TANKER!!! Bad Porn - DARSASTER!!! Flopple Up - ON LIFE SUPPORT! Bed Bugs with the midget - OMG SHE'S DONE! 5. The Hate Train will make sure the nazi stays down. Just like Igloo Australia, Kunty Perry, Ke$hit, Viley Vyrus, etc we will make sure this white supremacist stays cancelled until our dying breaths. We won't stop until her career is eviscerated! Cardi B WON! Just like I won S*** So yes, MegaTran will flop Bookmark me garbies
  16. American musicals? Sweetie could this be even worse than Hoeanne/Forgotten Now etc?
  17. So a new Taylor Swift era is upon us and so far musically it has been hugely disappointing. First came the preschool anther ME which by her standards for a lead single, performed moderately and quickly fell down the charts. Yesterday she released this second song which is absolutely terrible. It is in no way catchy, the chorus is weak and the lyrics are infantile. Talking about having several seats and rambling on about shade. So super try hard from Taylor. This is coming from someone who has enjoyed most of Taylors pop leaning work in recent years but I really feel she has lost it musically and lyrically. If this is the best she has to offer from the upcoming album, the rest is going to be utter trash.
  18. Plays victim even though she isn’t one Projects strong black woman image yet at same time plays victim so what is the truth? She just isn’t that talented We already have a Beyonce Unoriginal music Allah Brooke won
  19. I’d say #3 considering the fact of all of the payola promo the song is getting
  20. Looks fun if I was in the crowd but the vocals really were off
  21. They say it at around 1:38 I know this video is old asf and most of you have probably seen it already but i just discovered it plus I found it funny so I wanted to share it