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Found 1,621 results

  1. This is the winner dahhling
  2. The song debuted at #97 and is no longer charting. If I remember correctly, I remember certain Demi stans saying that the video would boost the song on the charts. However that clearly ceased to be the case. What went wrong?
  3. Cardi B Lowkey Wining!!!

    Ichy Massaj was overpraised by rap fans for her verse on Motorsport but when days went by people are always singing& hashtagging Cardi's Part When i scrolled on YB comments 60% comments were praising Cartoon B and some people said Nicki ruined it.... Why is Cardi Winning?
  4. Who are some artists who you can't understand why they have stans? Keep it cute
  5. Which era will be bigger: Bey's next album or Gaga's next album?
  6. If there are more let me know and I'll add them. Spill the tea: which collaboration is better?
  7. Stand Your Ground (Trigger warning)

    I mean just look at her face
  8. Favorite Album by Mimi?

    Which one of the legendary albums by the Elusive Chanteuse herself, Mariah Carey, is your favorite?
  9. Ariana - Amazing, Talented, Great Music, Amazing vocals, Beautiful and shes just a amazing person, Best Ex-act Demi - Amazing, Talented, Beautiful, Can sometimes get into drama on twitter that she should not include her self in, Talented, Deserves more success. Miley - Talented, Shes fading,Beautiful, Second Best Ex-act along with Demi. Selena - Beautiful, Has some good bops, The girl can't sing at all. She should stick with acting or modeling, Justin made her famous Now share you honest opinion on each ex-act
  10. Ready For Love has the same chorus as Middle Of The Night by The Vamps
  11. Keep in mind the good sis didn't even release an album this year, but she has more streams from 2017 than Taylor Swift AND Selena Gomez. Honestly, I'm kinda surprised Ariana was only #4. That some bullshit. But oh well.
  12. US iTunes 4. Never Be The Same (red update .. ki ) 5. Havana Why is the Cuban Beyoncé slaying so hard ?
  13. Most tragic Christmas song covers?

    I just came across this and yikes
  14. Gaga's love for dead people

    What is her obsession with dead people seriously first she collaborates with a corpse and then she makes an album about some aunt can she chill?
  15. I’m not sure if it’s just me but aren’t gays always complaining about not having representation in the mainstream music world. Sam Smith is literally the only out gay guy who has had mainstream success with music this decade yet all you gays do is bash him. Are some gay just jealous of his success ?
  16. Discuss Update: So far Camila is winning but the I Love You Jesus chanteuse Trisha Paytas is very close second so let's not make conclusions right away.
  17. Stanbases who inflate their faves sales?

    Who are some stanbases who try and say their fave sold way more than what they actually did?
  18. The real ki, kiki, kiki

    is that no matter how you twist it Nicki is the best selling female rapper of all time Nicki is the richest female rapper of all time Nicki is the most awarded female rapper of all time Nicki has the highest grossing tour for a female rapper of all time Nicki is the only female rapper with multiple #1 albums Nicki has the second highest first week for a female MC (only behind Lauryn Hill) Nicki is the only female rapper to have three or more albums certified multi-platinum btw Lauryn doesn't have a diamond album x
  19. The real ki, kiki

    is that you'll never be Cardi B - with a #1. You'll also never be Lauryn Hill - with a diamond album. You'll never be as celebrated as Missy. You'll never be as original as Kim. You'll never be as talented as Remy. And hell, you'll never be as pretty as Iggy.
  20. #SaveKatyPerry

    Tell me, everyone. How shall she die be saved? The poll is public, so… it’s best not to choose the fourth choice or you will be slammed by pressedT KatyCats. Or if that’s really your choice, whatever you choose, justify it in the comments below. No, there’s a thread about who you’ve stanned this 2017, and Katy’s not on my naughty list. Also, I am not dragging if you think I am, and I know you won’t, right? Oh, and don’t let this flop! Justin Timberlake Bieber Case, I’m here to get reinforcement from my fellow KatyCats in the forum [I don’t know who have unstanned her, but… ehh]
  21. Cardi SLAYEDT the house down girls. She really did that