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Found 4,471 results

  1. 10 million views with this in one month, i'm impressed. I mean hip-hop is notoriously homophobic but i'm inclined to think a butch lesbian would make it over an effeminate gay.
  2. Is this the most disgusting thing Nicki has ever done? Thoughts @Treacherous Lovatic @Maren Swift
  3. Who's next to crack/Take a hit to her/his career We already had: Mariah(2001) Katy(2017) Xtina(2010) Britney(2006-2007) Madonna(1990 erotica era) Janet(2004) Michael Who's next? Rihanna?Adele?
  4. Im not a BeerOunce stan but you cant deny this womans art.Her performance and star power are on top just like Shawn on top of Nicks Vienna. Her live vocal abilities and endurance are unbelivable just like Nicks pounding speed on Shawns Cheeks At this point she surpassed HagDonna along with Whitey Jackson and every legend....No one cant touch BeerOunce in performing
  5. Like, why do people still stan these artists? They don't even make it to the news, headlines, Twitter Moments even, anywhere = nothing. Yeah, they still make music and stuff, but only two types of people know about that: the artists' stans and the people who the stans talk to about the artists and their latest update. I don't wanna drop names, but legends or not, hit or not, 'tis no excuse. Others keep reminding us about what they have done iconically... decades ago. Or to be nice, years ago (or even at a time when it didn't really matter?). Although, hiatus or hiding from the media is exempted but those who still makes music only two types of people know about. Discuss this, please.
  6. While all of the new and even the older pop girls are pretty shitty performers and do nothing to make their performances exciting, Bebe Rexha is at least TRYING to bring some "extravagant" pop performances back. Is she our biggest hope to become the next big, interesting pop girl?
  7. - She implies the negative articles of her association with 6ix9ine and his child pedophilia are paid articles from those that wanna belittle her album campaign. - Defends her collaboration with 6ix9ine by bringing up a double standard that people were praising the Gaga and R. Kelly collaboration. Tweet is now deleted. - She says HDD’s #’s are fake news. Trump’s impact on her Her meltdown Here are some of the tweets.
  8. Did the numbers mean more to the fans than to Nicki Minaj?
  9. - Queen launches with 185,000 equivalent album units earned, of which 78,000 were in traditional album sales. - Queen, saw its sales bolstered by an array of merchandise/album bundles sold via Minaj’s official website. Queen also benefits from sales generated by a concert ticket/album sale redemption offer with her upcoming co-headlining tour with Future. She said yesterday the HDD’s #’s were fake fakes and implied she sold 200K on a separate tweet, so what’s the truth? Billboard or Nicki? Is Nicki lying to her fans again? Or is Billboard being paid by Atlantic records to belittle Nicki?
  10. Stand Your Ground is the home of artist/celeb arguments that are out of control. There's free reign here for stans, otherwise known as people who will stop at nothing to defend their favorite artists and bash everyone else's. Do not insult, attack or give rude nicknames to other members or stan bases. Leave terrorism out of the posts. Do not post anything graphic or explicit. Do not spam. Rules have been updated as of 05-27-2018
  11. Let's face it, she can't sing properly and sounds tonedeaf most of the time. If she had vocal training and improved, would she sound like this? I think so, her tone would sound less nasally and smoother.
  12. The local, insecure Post Malone loving straight boys are eating it up like pussy stan twitter can’t relate
  13. Bikini Massaj is that immune plastic bitch.Barney Dicks is expected to debut top 10 next week on dilboboard after all the cancellation she've gone through Despite people claiming that Cardi destroyed her career just like Nick destroyed Shawns hole,she's about to have more hit than her this year. Queer also outsold WheatNess
  14. didnt even chart in the Hot 40 but they're supposed to be today's biggest singer and rapper kiiiiii The Dark Horse clown's audience couldn't give a sh*t anymore.
  15. I think Maren Morris is a closeted lesbian and probably calls her male gay fans the F word once they leave her M&Gs. Probably why I could never stan a country hag. What do you think?
  16. What do u think cop? the second song makes me so happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  17. He's about to perfom on VMA's on monday. This year He released a same album for the the third time which reached #1 (frontloaded mess) and then dissapeared. Sperms In My Blood flopped harder than Nick's stroke game...I dont even know his second single The most annoying part is how he keeps getting good promo spots?Where is He?
  18. CumLicker forSalesello gave us a smash hit Bannanas which reach #1 on DildoBoard but now she seems to be dissapearing just like Miley's relevance and its sad. Never Stroke the Same was cute hit but what about other singles. She released a Sumsang Ringtone with Parallel which tanked harder than Nicks dick when starring at Shawns Booty. Real Sperms are no where to be found on the charts Is She about to be over or she's coming for more?