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  1. Interesting discussion. He has been dealing with depression and substance abuse for years now. Whenever we see him, he looks like an unkempt mess. If you watch his instagram videos including his wife, they are hella weird together. He is involved in that hillsong cult who use him for money. He is currently 25 years old. I would not be surprised if something tragic happened. https://consequenceofsound.net/2019/03/justin-bieber-music-hiatus/
  2. +2 from its so called "free falling" explain how its free falling @King or Queen
  3. What are your thoughts on the puerto rican Britney spears?
  4. Honestly this girl and her crap music is being spammed by youtube. I am SICK of it.
  5. Not even J Balvin could save this song from floppery! Shocked!
  6. What do you guys think of Pitbull? He gave us some bops, but they all were feats except may be I Know You Want Me. So he can be considered as one-hit-wonder, because "his" other hits were successful and listenable because of featured artist
  7. While Havana was a rip-off Santana's Smooth, Rihanna sampled his another hit
  8. Miss Lo needs checking for this, getting away with using other artists vocals on her own songs! a THIEF! At least try and make your voice sound like the chorus hook singers!
  9. Stand Your Ground is the home of artist/celeb arguments that are out of control. There's free reign here for stans, otherwise known as people who will stop at nothing to defend their favorite artists and bash everyone else's. Do not insult, attack or give rude nicknames to other members or stan bases. Leave terrorism out of the posts. Do not post anything graphic or explicit. Do not spam. Rules have been updated as of 05-27-2018
  10. I guess she could get a job at a gentlemen's club. Maybe she should get a job at Planned Parenthood since she likes abortion so much? Any ideas???
  11. I've noticed since joining COP that Ed Sheeran isn't the most likeable person here. In fact, while viewing the COP Awards thread, not only did i notice that he was nominated, but he also won. Some where even saying he deserved it. I'm by no means a stan or a fan (he has a few songs that I like) but I'm just curious to know why y'all are so hostile towards him?
  12. The movie is basically about a big nosed girl trying to make it in the music business. Discuss.
  13. Sweetener=thank u, next>>>>>>>>>>>>>My Everything>>>>>>>Dangerous Woman>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Yours Truly Disagree? Oh well, that's cool. You're entitled to your own wrong opinions.
  14. Are there any words or phrases that you feel are overused by stans these days in pop culture circles. Off the top of my head ( in no particular order) 1. Wig/ Snatched my wig or any combo with wig and snatched 2. Have several seats. 3. Slay/Slayed 4. No Promo 5. Payola. 6. Hunny/Sis/ Sweetie ( when trying to be shady)
  15. In before whore stans claim "BuT LovE LiEs pEaKedT at #9!!11!!" let's take a look at their ACTUAL solo singles: Camila - Never Be The Same: Top 10 smash hit, 185M+ views on YT. Lauren - Expectations: 25m+ views on YT Ally - Lowkey: 13m+ views on YT Whoremani - Waves (Which isn't even solo, this whore is not even relevant enough to release a solo song): 5m+ views on YT: TOTAL FLOP considering the initial success of Love Lies (thanks to Khalid) and Dancing with a stranger (Thanks to Sam) Why is Whoremani such a flop? Is it because she's talentless as a turd? Is it the karma for her cockiness? Or is it because she's "a dark-skinned black woman(?)" Discuss and keep it cute.
  16. It's so beautiful. I love this song so much When will our faves? NEVER
  17. Stick to acting sweetie This song was NOT the tea
  18. I have so much second hand embarrassment for ha She really thinks she's the second coming of Beyonce doesnt she? More like Ciara but without the success Give it up NorMAN. You'll never make it on your own
  19. This clip seems to suggest that Yes, Yes she is. That voice, WOW. Masterful use of the whistle register.
  20. Sally Walker is the same song as Money. I mean who does she think she is fooling.. Same song ..
  21. I say Whitney Houston. Anyone who knows anything about vocals knows that Whitney was that chick when it came to female vocals. Mariah and Celine are great and all bu Whitney's voice was otherworldly. She's called THE VOICE for a reason. She is not only the best voice in the vocal trinity but also in the history of recorded music. (Maybe even more)
  22. MARIAH - Why do you do stuff like this ? WHY ????? Photo from the booklet: Meanwhile the reality looks like this
  23. Looks like the Grammy wave is well and truly over for Lady Gaga as she freefalls down the chart to No 9. Meanwhile Ariana Grande reclaims her place at the top of the chart for a sixth week with 7 Rings. Grande's first single from the album spent 7 weeks at the top. Interestingly Lady Gaga's biggest drop from 1 to 6 in years last week was matched this week by the Jonas brothers as they too slipped from one to six. Full story on billboard.com: https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/chart-beat/8502882/ariana-grande-7-rings-number-one-hot-100-sixth-week
  24. I think doing a gig as a guest judge would do wonders for her career! She would be seen as a bigger gay ally and if Troye Sivan can do it, why can't she? Thoughts?
  25. I see it all the time on Twitter with people saying that NORMAN has the most solo potential out of all the girls in Fifth Harmony, She's the Beyonce of the group, The group is holding her back , she's going to slay solo blah blah blah. I personally don't see it. ONE, she is a terrible singer. Every time she sings live her voice sounds raspy like she has old cum stuck to her throat. Yes she's a great performer/dancer but her live vocals are atrocious. I understand She's more of the Ciara, Aaliyah, Tinashe and Janet Archetype ( great dancers but average vocalist) but at least those other girls can sing.... She's the weakest vocally from Fifth Harmony and I don't see it for her. The only reason people like her is because sh'es viewed as the underdog and she's black (tea) What do ya'll think? Is NORMAN overrated?