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Found 99 results

  1. Hey guys, so i'm loving how enthusiastic y'all are over making new .gif emotes but the reality is is that we can't add every single one. Especially like 100 of the same chick (Trisha) when a lot of them are quite similar. So the new process for getting .gif emotes added to the forum is this. 1. Make a .gif emote. Please no bigger than 80x80. This is perfect size: 2. Upload it to a site that doesn't expire. 3. Post ONE emote per post that you want added and the name you give to the emote. If it receives 10 upvotes then it will be added. You might need to campaign to get it added. Please don't request more than 1 per day. I'm not a slave lol.
  2. In this topic we will congratulate our members on their birthday. Our system will update this topic when a member is having their birthday.
  3. CHURCH OF POP is committed to delivering new features, apps and themes when we reach new post milestones, so now i can officially announce that at 200, 000 posts we will debut stan badges Stan badges will appear below your avatar on every post you make and will represent who you stan. They will be miniature pictures of your faves and you'll be able to have up to 9 of them. Since this will roughly happen in the next 3 weeks(ish) depending on active the forum is, this will give Manuela and myself enough time to get it all sorted before they launch! In the meantime, you can suggest artists who should get stan badges. One artist per post. Please read the thread before you suggest an artist as they might already have been suggested. The post must be upvoted 20 times for the artist to be awarded their own stan badge. @Members @Moderators @VIP @VIP Verified @Newbies
  4. You can now upload 4MB avatars to COP. The previous size limit was 2MB. Enjoy shisters.
  5. It's time to welcome @laracroftonline back to COP. For the better part of the last week we've been working through a lot of our issues and coming to the realisation that we need each other. We're not we're we were since a lot of shit went down but Manuela came to me and apologised for stuff that doesn't need to be mentioned again and I apologised to her for retaliating with the stuff on my personal twitter. She's also helped the site immensely over the last few days and I'm ever grateful. There are certain people claimed that I threatened her to come back to the site and apologise to me but this simply is not the case. She made that decision on her own and I think she's woken up to the toxicity of certain individuals who were gassing her up behind the scenes as we've all seen their toxicity for ourselves these past few weeks. Hopefully, eventually, we get back to a place where she can return to the admin team and return to working together as the unmatchable, unrivalled dream team.
  6. To celebrate the Emancipation of COP and our comeback from the internet abyss, we're giving away amount $500 in prizes (like WHAT?) That's right $500 in prizes! We're committed to making this the #1 meeting place and community for stans on the internet so we're injecting some cash into this mother. Competition 1 (For Newbies & Normal members only) $150 value PRIZE: Your CHOICE of 5 of the CDs PLUS shipping PLUS a lifetime VIP Verified Account What do you need to do? 1. Make sure you're following us on twitter and have liked/RT'd this tweet. 2. Be a member on our forums. Register if you haven't already. 3. Make an introduction thread if you haven't already. If you're a newbie or normal member then re-introduce yourself 4. You need to make 50 posts at least before December 31 to be eligible to win. Terms & Conditions: 1. Competition is drawn on January 1, 2019. All usernames will go into a hat and will be drawn from a container/bucket (depending on how many). 2. If you're already registered, you cannot re-register. One account per person. 3. We have the right to disqualify you if you sign up another account. 4. Do not spam the forums just to make 50 posts. We can disqualify you for that. Good luck _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Competition 2 (For Newbies, Normal Members AND VIP & Moderators) $150 value PRIZE: Your CHOICE of 5 of the CDs PLUS shipping PLUS a lifetime VIP Verified Account What do you need to do? 1. Make sure you're following us on twitter and have liked/RT'd this tweet. 2. Be a member on our forums. Register if you haven't already. 3. Post as much as possible and try to get rep points for your posts (funny/interesting posts always scare big rep points) 4. Make the top 12 of the popular contributors list every Sunday. The top 12 will be ranked from #1 to #12 and #1 will receive 12 points all the way down to #12 who will receive 1 point. A running leaderboard will be kept and whoever has the most points by December 31 wins! Simple as that! Terms & Conditions: 1. Competition ends December 31, and winner announced January 1, 2019. 2. You cannot use another account to give yourself reputation. You will be automatically disqualified if you do this and we WILL know. 3. You cannot spam someone else's rep to help them win. If we notice this you'll get one warning to stop and then loss of rep feature. 4. If you try to sabotage anyone through mass down votes, you will lose the rep feature and be disqualified yourself. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 10 Runners up will also receive a lifetime VIP Verified account on the forums (and stay tuned for all the new things coming for this user group!) $25 value Competition ends: December 31, 2018
  7. I'm crying tears of happiness y'all For the past EIGHT days and EIGHT nights, we've been without COP and all the time I've been working hard trying to get us back online. The problem was rooted in a faulty VPS, which our host replaced. And we've also had non stop Cloudflare issues which have now been addressed. I do want to say that, whilst Manuela did trigger the issue by taking us her Cloudflare, the issue isn't her entirely her fault since the VPS issue rested with our host. And there were a lot of cooks in the kitchen so to speak trying to fix the issues which probably ended up hindering us getting it fixed. I'd also like to thank Manuela for helping us get back online. As for all the haters who were celebrating us and shading us over on WOP... eat dirt bitches
  8. It is with much anticipation and excitement that I announce our new technical administrator Ohai @A Zayed!!! He is going to help bring COP to new heights and help bring security to the site and has had a LOT of previous experience on other websites. His resume is impressive I'm also going to get him to teach me stuff He's probably not going to be active on the forums that much (that won't be much of a change though from the previous admin) but he'll be doing the hard things people don't see
  9. Hey; ... hold on, Nothing wrong, you're in the right place... We're down for more than 2 hours, this also may continue for another 20 hours due to some nameservers change, We've changed cloudflare nameservers to a new account. One more small update: No more silly in-secure content here in COP. Regards;
  10. You will notice a new chatbox in the sidebar on the main page near the top. This is a trial replacement for the newest threads widget. The advantages are: * Updates in real time as opposed to every minute. * There's now 25 of the newest threads * Mods can also get on there and post links to events happening on the forum to help promote them for you guys instead of abusing the mentions feature which we sometimes do Thoughts?
  11. Permanent Bans: @selenator6 - Very obvious troll, disrupting threads. Don't be like selenator6. @LoveFifthSlaymony2828 - Duplicate account, troll, causing trouble. @PopStar - Repeated homophobic attacks on members and gay men in general. Warned numerous times. @Frosti - Confirmed duplicate of an infamous SJW troll Jacob aka 'E-MO-TION'. A tiresome troll who personally stalks me and this website despite hating it. @Janet Jackson@Selena's Bad Liar - Attacking members and terrorising the forum @arianastan - Dupe of Selena's Bad Liar
  12. COP is going to need a new tech admin now than Manuela has left (yes left, not demoted). Someone with some good tech skills on running a website. I'm the promo guy, the guy that does all the front end stuff. I need someone good to work with who can not try to undercut me and can trust my decisions on the forum.
  13. In celebration of a new era at COP and lots of changes coming in the near future, we are seeking fresh meat That's right, we're looking for YOU to join our community and get involved on the forums! If you like chatting about: * pop music * pop culture * entertainment * youtube * celebrities * charts * social media * life stuff, etc And/or you also want to get involved in things like: *. album megarates * pop culture events * forum events * listening parties * and a host of other things Then you MUST start posting and meeting all our peeps! We're looking for newbies to help bring the community to the next level, so that's why for today only we've HALVED the post quota you need to snatch a VIP account. Today, if you surpass 50 posts on the forum you will be automatically upgraded to a prestigious VIP account. UPDATE: You now have until Sep 30 to get the 50 posts! What do you get with a VIP account? Check out all the perks here. If you want to rack up 50 posts today then do the following. * Make an Introduction thread here first (once you do this you can make threads in other sections). Ask people to ask you questions about yourself so you can reply and rack up posts! * Make a Battle Grounds thread. This is anything that could rile up the stanbases and get them to respond. Example: "Is Lady Gaga more talented Madonna?" * Go make a thread somewhere else on the forum. * Reply to other hot threads on the forum! * Check out the funhouse section with our games! @Members @Newbies
  14. Unlike other pop music forums. that charge you a premium for use of VIP membership, Church of Pop offers members FREE VIP membership. You must simply reach a secret post quota (it's 3 figures) and you will be automatically upgraded. Alternatively, if you're lazy and want it all NOW, simply donate $10 to the site using the donation box on the main page (DM me when you've done this so i know it's you). VIP membership gives you the following: Use of status updates Use of blogs Use of signatures Full use of the reputation system A bold & coloured username Ability to post threads in all sections Access to our VIP sections - VIP Lounge, No Holds Barred, Sex & Relationships, VIP Media. Unlimited editing time on your posts/threads 2000 KB size on avatars (1000 more than regular) Larger inbox storage Use of mention sets Display name changes every 60 days
  15. It is with great pleasure that I announce two new promotions for existing section mods @Oh My Gaga and @Elusive Loverboy! Both of them are now Global Moderators. I am so happy to have them both join the Global team, they've both shown to be amazing section moderators and have demonstrated unwavering loyalty. Not everyone has that to their credit. I look forward to working with you both!
  16. I've added some new post reactions to the site so we can have some more fun I've always changed the "loving it" heart reaction to "love" so when something sad happens there's no confusion when people press that reaction because it can sometimes be confusing when people are using the heart reaction and the sub-title is "loving it". So now it's to show "love". The cookie reaction has also been changed to a neutral stance (no points added or deducted) so when you don't wanna downvote someone but you want to reaction you can use "Condescending Cookie" N.B. Newbies and Members now cannot use the downvote button. Also if you abuse the downvote button, we can remove that privilege for you so do not abuse it. Thank you. @Administrators @Members @Moderators @Section Moderators @Verified VIPS @VIP @VIP Moderators @Newbies
  17. New mod positions are obviously going to spring up shortly. We've had 7 demotions and we'll be replacing maybe 2 of those with another 2 promotions in the existing team That will also mean we're going to have a smaller team but quantity >quality I'll be on the lookout for the "ride of die" types in the next week. I got a lot of shit to do first
  18. You will now see some users with blue usernames and verified ticks next to their posts. This means they have a prominent fansite or very well known twitter account (like "popcrave"). Generally, their username will be the same as their twitter handle. EXAMPLE @CupcakKe_rapper is the real CupcakKe. UPDATE: Since we're now raising money for the site to help with running costs, you can now purchase a VIP verified account for yourself for $25 USD. We will be announcing exclusive benefits for verified users imminently too!
  19. Check out the BRAND NEW Church of Pop theme! Its called Fall Season of COP! Lay outs: Try them out NOW! Theme > Fall Season of COP On top of the page: "change background image" Which one is your favorite?
  20. In this topic I will keep you up to date with theme changes or additions.
  21. Church of Pop is proud to announce a new feature: GIPHY. You will notice a little GIF button now in the posting text box right next to the emoticon button. You can search for any gif on the GIPHY app (this includes millions of gifs) and just select the one you want to include in your post. Enjoy
  22. I've been MIA for the last few weeks due to a holiday But I'm back now to gloat and drag lessor forums COP has hit a new peak of top 230k on Alexa web traffic - a website traffic ranker that ranks over 100 million websites. By comparison, the #1 pop music forum (ATRL) continues to slide down the charts a little bit more every month whilst we continue to climb. We truly have arrived Oh and
  23. Yes, we're going to finally follow all of our loyal members! Leave your twitter account below and we'll follow you back
  24. This list will be updated in the future if I feel i've left out anything. This board will remain largely unmoderated but we need to have rules to protect our members as this is a COMMUNITY and we don't need to be fighting all the time. Also, please take note of the posting guidelines as i'm pretty OCD when it comes to keeping the board look organised lol. The warning system will work like most other boards. You'll be given points based on the offence and once you reach 10 points you will have your posting restricted automatically for 24 hours. This restriction may be upgraded to a ban and maybe extended if we've decided the severity of the offences warrants it. You will also have your ban extended if you've had previous bans on here. Warning points will be removed after 30 days of having them. Mods - these powers will be given to you shortly. We will try and be as fair and concise as possible. If you feel a mod has overreached their power (i doubt this will happen but you never know), just DM me or @laracroftonline. RULES (violations WILL result in WPs) 1. No Bullying other members - 2 points No name calling, no commenting on their looks, no deriding their character, no posting their pictures or personal information, just don't make it personal. 2. No Discrimination - 2 points No racist, homophobic or sexist attacks or remarks. Obviously the n and f words are completely out of bounds. Religious criticism is a grey area, try and use tact if having a discussion on religion. These are personal views and topics which should be treated with a bit of caution. 3. No vile content / unauthorised content - 2 points No pornography posted (nudity is OK in the sex and relationships section but not explicit porn unless it's linked off the site - definitely no pics). No disturbing pictures (any of those beheading pictures, or anything that would cause distress). No mental health jokes or death threats, making fun of suicide or rape; anything in that realm. No download links unless posted in a VIP media thread in the VIP Lounge. 4. No Nasty Attacks on artists or fanbases - 2 points Any nasty attacks on artists must be put in the STAND YOUR GROUND thread (do not mention any members in that thread or you will incur WPs). Nasty attacks include fat shaming, body shaming, shaming an artist's illness or mental state, just anything deeply personal. DO NOT post these attacks outside of the SYG thread. Battle Grounds is for pitting artists against each other or for fun, light-hearted shade on artists (related to their sales or artistic output). 5. No Duplicate Accounts - 6 points 6. No Exacerbating Forum Drama - 2 points This includes spamming the forum with comments about moderation, bringing drama out of no holds barred, trying to cause a ruckus, trying to cause a pile on effect, sustained attacks on the forum and/or mod team. 7. Promoting Other Websites - 2 points (or perma ban if it's a competing forum) POSTING GUIDELINES (violations MAY result in WPs if constantly violated) 1. Please post threads in the right section with the right tag. If you're unsure where to post, ask a mod 2. Please use english in all threads unless there is a specific thread for a specific language in the lounge. This is not "xenophobic" it's just that the mods only speak english. 3. Please don't spam or and try to stay on topic in threads. 4. Please make sure thread titles are clear, concise and professional. 5. Please make sure thread content is presented nicely and is coherent. Please provide sources if it's news. 6. Please use search function to make sure a thread doesn't already exist. For example, this is especially important in the Stanbase section because we only allow one thread per artist. Also important in Music News as we want most of the information regarding a release to be in one thread.
  25. Last week we were on the Honest Youtube Channel and this week we make a comeback to Pop Crave after an almost 6 month absence from their timeline. This is a paid promotion and could bring in anywhere between 50 and 200 members, it depends how effective it is. This time we'll be including @ACT2's promotional video's so make sure you go like it and leave a positive comment! We're also going to need as many of you as possible to interact in the comments on the tweet and encourage newbies to sign up and also counteract the usual trolls/haters. The tweet should go up anywhere between 12 and 18 hours away from the time of this thread