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Found 114 results

  1. I am so beyond excited to finally announce that this is all finally happening. #COPrelaunch is almost upon us. In less than 24 hours we'll get a fabulous facelift, all posts from up until today will be archived but still accessible and we'll have some fabulous new promotions. Plus a relaunched 'Create A Label' thanks to the fabulous @Joanne. We're coming back bigger, better, woker! Please dispel any negative thoughts you have about this or HAD about it and get back on the #MCGAtrain. Choo Choo! All aboard on the COP Express! NOTE: COP will go down for a few hours before we relaunch obviously to prepare for the relaunch! @Members @Moderators @Newbies @Section Moderators @Verified VIPS @VIP @VIP Moderators
  2. I am so incredibly excited to announce that I am investing over $500 into the relaunch of COP to bring this website back to the forefront of pop culture and take it to even higher heights. All will be revealed very soon! R U RDY? Bigger. Better. Woker. @Members @Moderators @Newbies @Section Moderators @Verified VIPS @VIP @VIP Moderators
  3. Hello everyone. I hope and trust you are all well. I have recently come to the realisation I am far too busy in my real life to manage this site now and thus I am going to let it close once our host takes us down for non payment of bills. I know a lot of you will be upset about this decision but I have honestly tried to find a new owner for literally the past year but no one suitable ever raised their hand. I want to let you all say goodbye to COP and share the memories of all the good times before we close forever. There will be no COP 2.0 or 3.0, I make too much money now to lend my time to this hobby. I hope you all understand and I hope all the people who never backstabbed me can keep in touch with me in the future Now let's pay our R.E.S.P.E.C.T. to the ORIGINAL World of Pop - the one, the only COP! (I only endorse FOTP and ATRL as worthy successors) @Members @Moderators @Section Moderators @Verified VIPS @VIP @VIP Moderators @Newbies
  4. This is incredible and I am so happy to see the site making a huge comeback slowly but surely. Miss Vaig is shaking
  5. Another outstanding achievement for the most successful pop forum launched. Sara is going to be absolutely SHOOK! @Members
  6. It may be quiet on here now but it's the quiet before the storm. And trust me, Hurricane COP is currently forming and the forecasts look like maximum devastation for the enemy. (kidding ) I can now reveal the details of COP 3.0: The Next Generation On July 1, the site will go down for 24 hours and a theme revamp will happen as well as all old posts archived to a section on the bottom of the forum and all the existing sections re-opened fresh. We will re-open on July 2 with round the clock promotion (i'm spending $300 of my own money) on various social media influencer profiles. It will be exactly 2 years since we launched COP 2.0 so it's only fitting we do it on the 2 year anniversary. I am anticipating over 1000 new registrations within 24 hours with the amount of promotion I have lined up as well as numerous older members returning for our 2 year anniversary for which I'll be doing a special event for as well. I am honestly SO excited for this re-launch and it will be a totally fresh start. I can honestly say I've totally changed and I know now how to proceed with owning and running a successful forum. Please leave your enthusiasm and ideas for COP 3.0 below. And dont be negative because the exact same things were said before COP 2.0 relaunch and the haters ate their words! @Newbies @Section Moderators @VIP @VIP Moderators @Verified VIPS @Moderators @Members
  7. I’ve already told the mod team about this and now letting you all know that I will not be continuing to fund the site from now on as I am unimpressed with the levels of activity and do not want to further invest in the site based on these levels so I’m essentially cutting my losses and stepping down as owner. So it’s going into a period of what is called “voluntary administration” where ideas are discussed to continue the site without me. The site costs $13 USD to run and does technically run on a profit from Adsense but those figures have decreased a lot and you likely wouldn’t see payment for a few months from them. I don’t want this site to close so I hope someone can step up and save it. Otherwise back to ATRL and FOTP we go I guess 😒 @Members @Newbies @Verified VIPS @VIP @VIP Moderators @Starboy, @Homojénik, @CUZ!CAN, @Scarlett O'Hara, @Msl, @Best Fiction, @Craig, @Elusive Loverboy, @Venti, @Mocha, @RicanText, @TattoosOnMyMind @Moderators @Section Moderators
  8. In this topic we will congratulate our members on their birthday. Our system will update this topic when a member is having their birthday.
  9. Permanent Bans: @selenator6 - Very obvious troll, disrupting threads. Don't be like selenator6. @LoveFifthSlaymony2828 - Duplicate account, troll, causing trouble. @PopStar - Repeated homophobic attacks on members and gay men in general. Warned numerous times. @Frosti - Confirmed duplicate of an infamous SJW troll Jacob aka 'E-MO-TION'. A tiresome troll who personally stalks me and this website despite hating it. @Janet [email protected]'s Bad Liar - Attacking members and terrorising the forum @arianastan - Dupe of Selena's Bad Liar
  10. ...but all eyes on us in the center of the ring just like a circus We're doing AMAZING sweeties... well at least in terms of alexa web traffic... we're up at the moment. And I am excited to announce a new theme is coming around about May 22 (after we get that adsense cheque). We'll also be doing a promo (likely not on twitter this time) and i'll be sourcing a professional for a new logo and look. I hope to have all this done by my birthday on June 1 for the NEW ERA! They tried to bring us down but we will continue to be the beautiful phoenix we are and thrive!
  11. So over the course of the last week, COP has lost three global mods and left us with just 4 which really isn't sufficient enough to cover all timezones. So we've decided to replace at least 1, maybe another one down the line if we spot an active member who would fit in nicely. That member that is joining our ranks is none other than @YouAreMyEverything! I'm SO excited to welcome him to the team and have no doubt that he will be an amazing addition! Get in contact with us sis and ask any of the team questions on your new powers! And make sure you read the rules
  12. After your feedback, I am making an executive decision to implement a zero tolerance for bigotry policy. This includes racism against all races. Again sexual orientation. Again misogyny. Against transphobia. And against any type of bigotry that is discriminative. This policy stands from now and anyone who violates this policy will be given 2 Warning Points including myself. Just to prove this to you, I give moderators permission to give me WPs and post them in here if I violate them. We cannot continue down the path we have, too many people have been hurt. It ends now. @Administrators @VIP Moderators @VIP @Verified VIPS @Section Moderators @Newbies @Members @Moderators
  13. This list will be updated in the future if I feel i've left out anything. This board will remain largely unmoderated but we need to have rules to protect our members as this is a COMMUNITY and we don't need to be fighting all the time. Also, please take note of the posting guidelines as i'm pretty OCD when it comes to keeping the board look organised lol. The warning system will work like most other boards. You'll be given points based on the offence and once you reach 10 points you will have your posting restricted automatically for 24 hours. This restriction may be upgraded to a ban and maybe extended if we've decided the severity of the offences warrants it. You will also have your ban extended if you've had previous bans on here. Warning points will be removed after 30 days of having them. Mods - these powers will be given to you shortly. We will try and be as fair and concise as possible. If you feel a mod has overreached their power (i doubt this will happen but you never know), just DM me or @laracroftonline. RULES (violations WILL result in WPs) 1. No Bullying other members - 2 points No name calling, no commenting on their looks, no deriding their character, no posting their pictures or personal information, just don't make it personal. 2. No Discrimination or bigotry - 2 points No racist, homophobic, sexist, transphobic or discrimination against persons based on their religion. (Updated as of May 2019). You might find previous content that does include discrimination and if you do then you can report it if you find it offensive and the mod team will hide the offending posts/threads. Use of N word or F word or anything super offensive will incur DOUBLE WP's. 3. No vile content / unauthorised content - 2 points No pornography posted (nudity is OK in the sex and relationships section but not explicit porn unless it's linked off the site - definitely no pics). No disturbing pictures (any of those beheading pictures, or anything that would cause distress). No mental health jokes or death threats, making fun of suicide or rape; anything in that realm. No download links unless posted in a VIP media thread in the VIP Lounge. 4. No Nasty Attacks on artists or fanbases - 2 points Any nasty attacks on artists must be put in the STAND YOUR GROUND thread (do not mention any members in that thread or you will incur WPs). Nasty attacks include fat shaming, body shaming, shaming an artist's illness or mental state, just anything deeply personal. DO NOT post these attacks outside of the SYG thread. Battle Grounds is for pitting artists against each other or for fun, light-hearted shade on artists (related to their sales or artistic output). 5. No Duplicate Accounts - 6 points 6. No Exacerbating Forum Drama - 2 points This includes spamming the forum with comments about moderation, bringing drama out of no holds barred, trying to cause a ruckus, trying to cause a pile on effect, sustained attacks on the forum and/or mod team. This includes using private messages on the forum to do so. 7. Promoting Other Websites - 2 points (or perma ban if it's a competing forum) 8. No Disrespecting Admin, Other Admins or Moderators - 2 points We've had a gutful of people disrespecting us. We don't spend multiple hours every day moderating the site to be disrespected. If you have a problem with a moderator, then message them about it. We're all reasonable people, so be reasonable in your tactics to convey your criticism about something. 9. No "expose threads" - Instant perma ban We've had enough of people making "expose" threads on members and mods to cause drama. It ends now. Zero tolerance. Take it to twitter or somewhere else if its so important. POSTING GUIDELINES (violations MAY result in WPs if constantly violated) 1. Please post threads in the right section with the right tag. If you're unsure where to post, ask a mod 2. Please use english in all threads unless there is a specific thread for a specific language in the lounge. This is not "xenophobic" it's just that the mods only speak english. 3. Please don't spam or and try to stay on topic in threads. 4. Please make sure thread titles are clear, concise and professional. 5. Please make sure thread content is presented nicely and is coherent. Please provide sources if it's news. 6. Please use search function to make sure a thread doesn't already exist. For example, this is especially important in the Stanbase section because we only allow one thread per artist. Also important in Music News as we want most of the information regarding a release to be in one thread.
  14. CHURCH OF POP is committed to delivering new features, apps and themes when we reach new post milestones, so now i can officially announce that at 200, 000 posts we will debut stan badges Stan badges will appear below your avatar on every post you make and will represent who you stan. They will be miniature pictures of your faves and you'll be able to have up to 9 of them. Since this will roughly happen in the next 3 weeks(ish) depending on active the forum is, this will give Manuela and myself enough time to get it all sorted before they launch! In the meantime, you can suggest artists who should get stan badges. One artist per post. Please read the thread before you suggest an artist as they might already have been suggested. The post must be upvoted 20 times for the artist to be awarded their own stan badge. @Members @Moderators @VIP @VIP Verified @Newbies
  15. Welcome to a new era of COP So many things have changed! First say hi to our new and improved team We welcome back @Treacherous Swiftie @Oh My Gaga @AmazingAzalean @Elusive Loverboy and @Craig and also welcome @Venus and @Blue Sunshine (a veteran mod) to the team! Marnie is taking a break but we'll welcome her back to the team down the line! The two new mods I have no doubt will be an enormous asset to the team! We're also taking steps to fixing rules, applying the rules and also communication between the team. We also expect all mods to now deal with squabbles/disagreements BEHIND THE SCENES so none of you should be witness to that. I'm really excited about this new team, i think it's the best yet!
  16. Hey guys, so i'm loving how enthusiastic y'all are over making new .gif emotes but the reality is is that we can't add every single one. Especially like 100 of the same chick (Trisha) when a lot of them are quite similar. So the new process for getting .gif emotes added to the forum is this. 1. Make a .gif emote. Please no bigger than 80x80. This is perfect size: 2. Upload it to a site that doesn't expire. 3. Post ONE emote per post that you want added and the name you give to the emote. If it receives 10 upvotes then it will be added. You might need to campaign to get it added. Please don't request more than 1 per day. I'm not a slave lol.
  17. Here we are again COP. In the same position. Once again we're looking for an admin and to take reigns of the site. We need someone with some BALLS this time (no shade @Oh My Gaga but you were too nice) I do thank you though for giving it a whirl. @Moderators @Section Moderators @Verified VIPS @VIP @VIP Moderators @Newbies @Members
  18. Hi, I know it’s a pretty sad announcement to make on this day but I needed to say this.... I’m also going to leave COP forever. The last few months on here have been extremely difficult and stressful for me, having to be relentlessly bullied by members like @Blue Sunshine and @Winter Bird every single day, and always losing forum games it’s taken a toll on my well being and I think it’s time for me to give myself a break- a permanent one. I still do want to keep in touch with some of my best friends on here who always supported me against the ruthless bullies- @Rose Mulet, @Queen Raini- if it wasn’t for you guys, I would probably not even be here right now to make this announcement. Thank you so much for always being here for me when nobody else was. I’m sorry to all of you who might be shocked by this, it’s just what I think is best for me... Thank you for understanding, - OMG
  19. After reviewing all of your applications with the mod team, we are pleased to announce the RETURN of both @Barbie and @Blue Sunshine to the mod team! @Barbie will be in charge of the MUSIC NEWS section, and @Blue Sunshine will have both CHART CENTRAL and CELEBRITY NEWS sections! We know that both of you can do a great job as mods since you already proved to be helpful and dedicated to the job in the past & we look forward to working with you!
  20. Hello all, These past few months on COP the mod team has been especially forgiving of certain things, but it's gotten to a very bad point and we decided that it's time to change some things. COP has always been known for minimalistic governing and we always gave our members as much freedom as we could in terms of what's within the rules, and we want to keep it that way. We don't believe in watching every step of yours and issuing WPs for small things, however, we don't want you to take advantage of this and go about the forum posting things that are distasteful and inappropriate... From this moment jokes about anyone transgender, looking manly, and all the variations of that, and of course jokes mocking the trans community and LGBT in general will be considered warnable offence, and we are going to take this seriously! This rule applies to EVERYONE, mods included. We want to keep the site looking presentable and welcoming to potential new members, so we can not allow this type of content here anymore. If you have any questions about the COP RULES you can ask them here. - OMG @Administrators @Members @Moderators @Section Moderators @Verified VIPS @VIP @VIP Moderators
  21. Hello all, I have some announcements regarding changes in the moderation team. Unfortunately, @shmeur and @Avril Lavigne are no longer part of the team, we agreed that they haven't been doing the best job lately in keeping their sections organised and active. Of course, they'll still be able to apply again in the future, if they're interested. We thank you for your time and dedication on the mod team! Any comments showing them appreciation & support are welcome! Now, I'm looking for new moderators in the following sections to replace them and join our team: Music News Chart Central Celebrity News You will be expected to keep thread titles up to date, keep your section clear of duplicate threads, help keep your section as active as possible and deliver fresh new content! You should be an established member on the forum of at least 3 months and with 1,000+ posts and able to dedicate as much time as possible to COP! If you're interested, please post your application here and tell us why we should choose you! If you applied already in the last few days and don't want to apply again, we'll consider your application as well. Good luck to anyone applying, and we hope to keep growing as a community! - OMG @Moderators @Section Moderators @Verified VIPS @VIP @VIP Moderators
  22. The time has finally arrived for The King to say goodbye indefinitely. Yes, I am leaving my role as Administrator and will slide into a part time Global Moderator role (although I will be mostly having a break over the next month from any type of headache inducing duties). I am leaving due to increasing stress and drama that I am unable to deal with as my mental health has been declining rapidly lately after having to deal with the serial pest known as 'OriginalDar' who has made threats against my life. There's also a lot of other factors that have come into play, but the overall theme is I NEED A BREAK. With this sad announcement I am pleased to give you a happy one. @Oh My Gaga will be assuming my duties and sliding into the Administrator role to work alongside Manuela. I have full faith in his abilities as a Global Moderator and he is probably the only person here who will be able to do as good a job as I've done. I promise you all I am not leaving. I realise I am 'the face of COP' but that has come at a cost of my mental health and I am suffering badly at the moment and need an extended break from duties. I hope you all give OMG a chance as Admin and don't start pestering him like I get pestered 24/7, it's a very taxing job with little to no reward. We deserve respect. Peace and love, The King.
  23. Just to clarify, @Oh My Gaga has not left the mod team. I won't sugarcoat it. We had a disagreement about something which is not going to be discussed further and it led to me demoting him for 12 hours. It sounds harsh but I like to run a tight ship here and sometimes strong personalities/opinions will clash. What's important is we resolved the issue and things are back on track much to the dismay of the snapping crocodiles waiting for their prey. In this 12 hours, talks also began about his replacement and also potentially demoting other mods who aren't as active as they should be. Whilst we are not demoting anyone as of yet, we are thrilled to announce that great COPer @Craig is joining the ranks! I am genuinely so thrilled to have you on board Please join me in welcoming him to the mod team!
  24. In this topic I will keep you up to date with theme changes or additions.
  25. The home button has been replaced with a Dashboard button under the COP banner. The new dashboard is similar to the main page of Gaga Daily which shows trending topics today, trending topics this week, hot threads right now and new threads. It's what we wanted to achieve in the sidebar of the main page but there simply is not enough room and now all of that is on one page. We hope you will enjoy this new feature available to you. https://churchofpop.net/dashboard #Phase2 - January 2. Thanks @laracroftonline @Members @Moderators @Newbies @Guests @Verified VIPS @Section Moderators @VIP @VIP Moderators