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Indepth warnings

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We want indepth warnings. Copy pasting the rule is not informative and doesn't explain it well. 


We want to know WHY, WHAT and HOW the warning point was given.

This in my opinion is to stop the bullshit and warning point spree that indie goes on. Especially when he targets innocent users that do nothing wrong at all. :shrug: 

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First of fucking all, you're not innocent. You continually bait me and extremely passive aggressive. You literally had a meltdown and ran to other mods and admins because i downvoted ONE of your posts and claimed it was mass downvoting. Then today you randomly downvoted one of MY posts and have been liking shady things about me and then really trying to bring up past shit in threads not related to it. 

Once you stop trying to claim you're a victim and innocent and running to other mods/admins every time i pull your ass into line, THEN we'll talk. 

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I done nothing wrong and the COP History is right there, unless you delete MY posts. You downvote something that had no correlation to you at ALL. Just because i downvoted something in Battlegrounds. I liked one shady comment about you and you act like this? 


My suggestion still remain. Keep trying to ruin my public image, im sure the moderators can see the truth. 

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