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Fan badges

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we already have stan badges, but I would really want to see a fan badge feature added.

what I mean, is currently the stan badge bar looks like this

208065825_ScreenShot2018-07-02at01_36_03.png.43bc3deef03cbdf5f1ee060aa78e90c1.png (i'm using @Tattooed Heart's stan bar)

but lets say you only stan ari, demi and the weeknd , but are a fan of britney and bts, so your stan bar would look like this, with who you stan first, and who you are a fan of last


another way to do it would be to have them color coaded, for example stans in red and fans in green (obviously in this option the fan badges don't have to be rounded)



i think this would be a great way to further express your taste in music and individuality on COP:nickieducating:

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