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  1. Regardless, I just feel this single didn't help her branch out more. The message is getting tiring, almost every new pop artist releases a song such as this during their debut era (which is fine, I love songs with positive messages) but I just think she needs to do more to have her stand out. I liked her first song, she's extremely talented, she just needs to do more.
  2. The instrumental is an exact copy of Feel This Moment. Sweet But Psycho kind of made her stand out, but I feel this song doesn't. It just seems to me these new pop girls release a great lead single but then release something after that's generic and not as impactful.
  3. I'm the same way, it depends on my mood. I can either listen to the same song over and over, or pick one of my playlists and have that shuffle or I pick a new song after another. I like the Favorites Playlist that Apple Music generates for you every Tuesday.
  4. Thanks for giving the movie your coins for it's 60-70M opening box office weekend.
  5. For the depression one I took: Your scored 79 points. A normal result is 15 to 65 points. Your result is slightly higher than normal. Maybe you are just tired, so you see more negative facts in your life. Do not worry about it - a good rest put everything in its place. If you think that this is not a fatigue, then take the test again in a couple of days and in case of repetition of the result, follow these simple guidelines: try to live in the same mode on weekdays and weekends, spend more time in the fresh air, and try to communicate only with people whose company makes you happy. After the second passage of the test, if the result is lower then the present, you do not have to worry about depression at all.
  6. Your scored 64 points. A normal result is 15 to 65 points. Your result is at the top of the range of normal values. This situation may reflect the possible negative tendencies for your health in the future, due to intensification of the effects which influence you are exposed to in your daily life. This result also shows that you are most likely exposed to excessive mental stress.It ispossible that your body has accumulated a lot of fatigue, and you need to get rid of it. You appear to have no predisposition to Schizophrenia.
  7. In no particular order: 1. The Dutchess by Fergie 2. Double Dutchess by Fergie 3. Warrior by Kesha 4. Evacuate the Dancefloor by Cascada 5. Unbroken by Demi Lovato 6. My Voice by Taeyeon 7. A+ by HyunA 8. Evanescence by Evanescence 9. The First Scene by Yuri 10. Lion Heart by SNSD
  8. Took long enough for this masterpiece! Skyscraper 2.0 is coming, though.
  9. I honestly love this song. But, as much as I love Kesha's current musical direction, I want her pop sound back for K4!
  10. It is what she deserves! Main pop girl indeed!
  11. Because the singles that she's featured on are never promoted well except for Big Bang. And that's the tea for today.
  12. I need a new layout, anyone interested in helping me? I'm terrible with designs.

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      Oh My Gaga

      I can try to help!!

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      Thank you! I'll message you at some point later!