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  1. Omanko


    i can't believe this happened
  2. I lvoe Dua and I love your avatar. I don't think it's by accident and maybe check her
  3. Aura: 12 Venus: 18 GUY: 17 Sexxx Dreams: 16 Manicure: 17 Do What U Want: 24 Artpop: 28 Swine: 6 Donatella: 16 Fashion!: 12 Mary Jane Holland: 18 Dope: 2 Gypsy: 22 Applause: 16
  4. We should pay Dua for this amazing song and video
  5. Dua liked my tweet and Charli answered my question during her live on instagram
  6. Dua is my fave, she has beautiful voice and is a great songwriter, it's so sad her debut album didn't get success that it deserves Bebe is amazing too but I prefer Dua songs Zara has good voice but her songs aren't that good
  7. Omanko

    Song Alphabet

    Everything Is Embarrassing - Sky Ferreira
  8. Malibu is amazing, everything is perfect Bad Liar is good too, some fresh air in Selena's music SNS is just Demi being Demi amazing voice really talented girl and tragic song
  9. Tennis Court: 16 400 Lux: 14 Royals: 15 Buzzcut Season: 17 Team: 18 Glory and Gore: 17 Still Sane: 13 White Teeth Teens: 18 A World Alone: 14 No Better: 15 Bravado: 17 Million Dollar Bills: 6 The Love Club: 16 Biting Down: 15 Swingin Party: 14
  10. Mona Lisa and Chaotic are amazing I would love to hear whole album
  11. I think it will flop I'm not sorry, Demi
  12. I want Selena to release Fetish so I can forget about this tragedy
  13. Omanko

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    Miley Cyrus — Inspired