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  1. Such a pity that a song/video of this quality is nowhere to be seen on charts !! And no no one is paying no one ! Such a foolish attempt to lower down a great artist! Bye
  2. Greedy is hands down one of her best! Still pissed that its never gonna get single treatment
  3. Britney Jean is actually a decent album ! Lack of promo and performances made it a flop! Till its gone , Passenger and Brightest morning star all are bops
  4. Hire RedOne to produce 2-3 dance pop bangers , avoid stupid (one hit wonder) producers like Mark ronson and be as authentic as possible without losing the pop star charm and there you go
  5. There are always speculations about their sexuality (especially shawn's) . Charlie and shawn are close and charlie is also supporting shawn on his tour so what do you think will they'll be ideal couple if they start dating each other? ?
  6. Atleast make it listenable like Prism let alone the perfection that was Teenage dream .. i have lose faith on her music after the disaster that was "Shitness"
  7. The critical acclaim its getting and the decent performance overseas is kind of overrated ..its a good song no doubt but the lyrics are cringy , the production is not so polished and i think charli xcx could've done it better justice than lorde ! Whats your say!!??
  8. Okay so here's the thing ! You asked about her "best" album and not "personal fav" of ours. so i think her best is definitely DW (more cohesive and better produced) but my personal fav would be Yours Truly as R&B Ariana is my fav?
  9. Well MR cracked the top five and The Cure got a major welcome in US markets due to SB. It definitely helps a lot in re-launching a established artist!