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  1. No but arguing over ridiculous claims over someone clearly unstable and obsessed wouldn't really matter anyway. It would just be another back and forth of non sense. But then again that's pretty much all you ever say.
  2. Oh please you like everyone to a point its annoying.
  3. Because your chromosome deprived ATRL SYG attempts of threads are anything of value? Damn, maybe if I step up my game and start referring to Lady Gaga as Loopsided Tittied Italian alongside 4655 other funny remarks I'll finally be productive on this board according to you.
  4. I'm not the one acting like anyone does nor do I spend my life on this board interacting 24/7 with people for them to resent me. You must truly have an awful personality if you manage to be despised when people actually get to know you so well. Just a thought.
  5. Almost nobody here likes you. They just like the board/members.
  6. But she ain't winning any of those either.
  7. ''Joanne'', ''ARTPOP'', ''Britney Jean'', ''Glory'', ''Witness'' etc.
  8. It's what everyone brings up anyway. Even celebrities. LMFAO
  9. Yes, she buys the GP's appreciation that know Britney for shaving her head and losing her mind. Yes, she does. You're so tragic.
  10. Bey can't relate to establishing herself? She's above Britney.