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  1. One time my dream self ate a shattered mirror. Safe to say I felt every shard cutting my insides it was the weirdest feeling ever! Also I don't get it often but sleep paralysis is trippy as hell especially when you're dreaming there's a robber coming into your room and you physically can't turn to look! Utterly terrifying is right!
  2. I feel it if I'm dreaming it, not watching it on the TV. With nightmares I feel every sensation!
  3. Wow bitch welcome back! We stan Maren and this song issa BOP!
  4. Literally been on repeat since I heard it! Issa certified BANGER ladies and gents!!!!
  5. I honestly admire his confidence, I could never lmao
  6. Holy. shit. Youtube just reminded me of this fucking gem of a song when I was looking up stuff about the Lizzie McGuire reboot This song was my LIFE I'm literally crying in the club.mp3 I don't think I've heard this song for over 10 years..... whoa Like I just got hit by a TRUCK with FEELINGS of OVERWHELMING NOSTALGIA
  8. It pains me to say that would have to be Selena overall. She has bops and I love her, but yeah she's definitely a singles girl, her full albums can be hit and misses.
  9. Tea! what happened to that Bangerz collab? I wonder if Nicki cancelled it! I wanna know the drama!
  10. Don't get it twisted, I'm not defending her! She's done some very wrong things that she should be called out for but she's right that nobody's perfect_hannah_montana_.mp3 and we all make mistakes and that perfect people just don't exist in real life it's not realistic! We all have our shortcomings and flaws, y'know? Anyway.. thank u, next lol
  11. Holy shit I thought this was one of your troll threads but mY GOD
  12. This isn't about whether you hate her or not, but in general like, the people that tweet or leave shitty instagram comments always pretend they're these perfect people who have never done anything wrong in their lives. They love to sit back and tweet mean things whilst they're probably at home sitting in their parent's basements not actually having a life. They claim to hate you, yet they know everything about you. They judge, scrutinise, villainise, and for what? Anyway, I just think there were some points to be made here about not only her personally, but just celebrity culture and what they all go through daily.
  13. That's a loaded question, because both sides often have valid points. I guess learning to see things from each others perspective is what will help in the end. For example, if you know someone is insecure about something, try not to point it out, because chances are they know and hate it. Like they might have mental heath issues and depression because of said insecurity and that's an individual thing. But I do agree we as a society need to stop being so sensitive about certain things especially with the shit that some of our ancestors had to deal with (literal world wars etc.) why should we, a generally privileged society, be complaining about some old tweets or how some celebrities act y'know. So, yeah SJW culture is a very double edged sword to say the least.
  14. I heard about this! Sad that she's in London and probably can't deal with it right now! Hopefully they've caught who did it and know what happened!
  15. omg @LiLo the pure SLANDER watch Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club on MTV on January 8th for clear skin! Jk jk glad you praised the queen on discord