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  1. I agree that Havana didnt need the feature but people here are reaching saying the song is trash lmao it's literally better than pretty much everything on iTunes US top 10 right now
  2. I'm not here for Quavo but I gotta admit OMG went harder with his verse, damn Havana IS EVERYTHING and this we'll be me until THTHTL comes out
  3. Her team is so competent and so smart, they're thinking long term and are really putting effort into building the Camila Cabello brand. This is fucking amazing for her and she looks stunning, dat hair face and body tho!
  4. Legit one of the best songs released this year, I love it so much it makes me feel so good I hope her album is on the same level!
  5. I expected more cause they hyped it so much, but its an alright video, the location is dope. Diplo is so hot and I hope Anitta breaks thru in the US
  6. Just released Green Light? It was released in March and didnt she release her second single already? I saw Perfect Places tanking in the US iTunes. Royals can be compared to few debuting singles, I think Lorde will hardly ever repeat its success. Lorde SHOULD be outpeaking and outselling Camila...she has grammys, a monster hit, is a stablished artist although she's only in her second album. And even then, she went gold in Canada and silver in the UK, but Camila also already did that with CITC. Camila is doing more than fine.
  7. Girl...I like Lorde and Melodrama is the shit but all of her singles flopped in the US. You cant come for a debuting artist that is probably outselling a stablished artist like Lorde in the US right now (I dont know Lorde's single sales in the US right now Im just assuming cause Im too lazy to look them up but they all tanked, although deserved better)
  8. People call any song that doesnt go #1 everywhere a flop these days. US radio paid CITC dust after like 3 weeks, but she isnt flopping by any means. The song is certified gold in Canada, certified silver in the UK and its likely going top 10 in the official charts there, certified gold in Australia, three of the biggest music markets. It broke top 60 on the charts in Germany with zero promo there and its one the biggest and toughest markets to crack. Its at 141k pure sales in the US, it will be certified gold before her album comes out. She's selling more than well globally and domestically for a debuting artist.
  9. Sia, Benny Blanco and Camila are literally the writers for CITC...and Sia's manager dragged harmonizers right and left on twitter when CITC was released lol
  10. Her solo collabs she did while in the group were amazing for her in every single way. 5H most likely wont have a bigger peak than WFH. If anyone lost fans with the split it was 5H, as evidenced by Down's sales. She's one of the most humble people and knows her place. I Have Questions actually got her praise from critics and interviewers who take music seriously like Zane Lowe. Your arguments...girl lol.
  11. Watch when the day comes you'll be boping to one of Camila's songs that much pent up pettiness inevitably turns against you
  12. "Is it better than Demi has ever released?" Absolutely YES lmao how is this even a question tbh. Good For You was the best pop single song to be released that year (was it 2015?)