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  1. Welcome back sis! I missed you!

  2. Welcome back trendsetter, the Random Thots thread is our biggest :brad: 

    1. fenty


      omg thank you !  :brad::love: also my life's greatest accomplishment tbh !

  3. fenty

    Random Thoughts

    aw thank you i was gonna name her magny ficent but that sounds horrendous
  4. she's absolutely right, she isn't too good at handling fame sadly. plus she said herself she isn't afraid of losing fans/fame so more power to her i guess. i really don't believe cardi is homophobic, but the way she tried to defend offset was a mess we all know they both knew what queer meant... and blaming the lgbt community for not educating them was not the way to go about it all in all i hope she does better. drop offset and realize why she's getting backlash.
  5. cardi's capable of making her own decisions. she gotta think more before she speaks. offset isn't forcing her to say anything. plus cardi's always been messy lol, she sort of has to get used to being shamed more since she's a huge artist now. hope she can start learning from her mistakes soon.
  6. you right i just personally think her next album will do way better since she's going back to pop
  7. fenty

    Random Thoughts

    marvy lous ! my queen despite her corny name i miss ha
  8. it did okayish for a single with just a lyric video, but i feel like she can comeback c: me a legend? thank you sis ! missed you
  9. cardi serves bops but sometimes she gotta keep her mouth shut bc there is no way she didn't know what queer meant. she went to pride parades in the past. she can't blame the lgbt community for not educating her. but i also believe she's genuinely not homophobic.
  10. no also @Ms. Knee's a mod now? legend
  11. fenty

    Random Thoughts

    you're welcome! and i know calarts + university of southern california have great acting programs, i live in the bay wish you luck
  12. fenty

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    aw good luck sis ! college is a mess but you'll get thru it
  13. i just noticed ! iconic but yeah i disappeared for a couple of months