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  1. groupie love is that song 10x better than summer bummer imo
  2. i'm not a big fan of his music but he's hot so
  3. i think it's time Brit gets a halftime show but i'd also love to see P!nk or Rihanna
  4. i don't understand the hate for this album it has so many bops venus and gypsy tho >>>>>
  5. this album deserved better she really snapped on lies i can't even pick a favorite song because they're all so good
  6. whoever makes these videos deserves an emmy
  7. season 9 was my least favorite... the challenges sucked, the lip syncs were lackluster, all of the drama ended with "you're my sister i love you blah blah blah". i wanted some phi phi vs sharon drama (which we kind of got at the reunion) but my favorite queens are tatianna, jujubee, raven, raja, willam, latrice, alyssa, bianca, trixie, katya, jasmine, kim chi (deserved to win btw), and aja
  8. itsbrandonbitch


    hey gorls i've been meaning to do this for a while but i'm lazy i'm brandon, unfortunately from the united states i stan the princess of pop, britney spears but i also stan other talented girls such as: lana, marina, dua lipa, rih, azealia banks, ariana and many more i'm also a big rupaul stan i get very defensive when it comes to my faves it's a bad habit but i will try to be understanding/tolerant of differing opinions xoxo
  9. BTS twitter stans are saying they should headline next year's superbowl