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  1. But they're not singers. They're artists. They're people who produce, write, or sing their own music. Lorde isn't the best vocalist out there but man can she tell a story through a song and album. That's what the music industry needs. The vocals don't matter if the beat isn't good and it doesn't tell a story that pulls you in.
  2. Here's a thread for everyone who needs to just vent. Feel free this thread can range from rants from music to politics and everyda life, doesn't matter. I'll start. Why tf do we have a U.S President undermining the media. Also, why are we letting ourselves get played. The Russians wanted to undermine our government and we're playing into that with the left and right being split more than ever. Smh. Peace and love man, come on!
  3. As of now who do you think will be snatching -all those Grammies at the 2018 Grammys. Also, who do you think will be nominated, snubbed, etc.
  4. Friendly shade here. Post whatever as long as it's in good humor.
  5. Tell me why we have 4 beautiful, amazingly talented ex acts [refering to Selena, Ariana, Miley, Demi] who all love each other (not much says otherwise) yet we have stans from every ex act putting down the other. It amazes me tbh when every ex act preaches about peace and being kind to one another. Why must we compare them? They're all really doing their own thing which is very different. Why can't lovatics support selena new incredible song and selena ties support Demi's outstanding new song and etc like wtf man
  6. This might already be a thread but whatever. What do you guys think? It's lowkey a bop imo but I mean I thought Confident and a Cool For the Summer were also bops, but they didn't do so good on the charts. What do you think will be its peak? My money's on around 32.
  7. You do know artists in interviews get the questions they will be asked in advance so they can rule out any of the ones that they don't want to talk about, right? She wanted them to ask her that because of swish swish which is still flopping. About maturity, idk if you've listened to Bad Blood but no where does she hit "Katy" in any personal level, it's about the status of the relationship she doesn't go in there and is like "man you can't write a song without 5 other writers" whereas Katy takes it to a personal, actual diss level. "So tired you should retire" "shellfish or sheep". Yeah, maturity is staying quiet about it, Taylor never has given any sign that it's about her, the song is vague, but Katy came out dissing her minutes after the media started exploiting it and quoted mean girls basically saying "yeah guys, it's probably about me". I drag other artists, the only thing rn is we're talking about Katy, not everyone else. And that's what I'm staying, CTTR and bon appètit also flopped but somehow she got biggest sales ATM. Don't underestimate the rest when your girl did the same.
  8. Fastest album to go #1 but couldn't last there long. Biggest first week sales don't compre to other females in the past like 25. Plus honey, we're halfway through 2017, Selena, Lana, Miley, etc still have the chance to come and easily snatch those positions from her since her sales aren't that hard to beat. Wokety also flopped, I stand for feminism but let me exploit this taylor feud any chance I get, I "stand" (NOT she's only exploiting it like in I kissed a girl) for the LGBT community, but hold up let me work with homophobes and more, honey. This era is a flop
  9. Hey guys, we all know the power of music so I wanted to hear you guys make an album that represents you out of all the songs out there. The songs don't have to be the same genre or by the same artist and your album should have a title. It'll be fun, creative, and would introduce people to new music that thy might not have heard before. If you'd like you can explain the song choices but it's up to you, have fun! My album: Painful Bliss Colors -Halsey Bad Liar -Selena Gomez Drive -Halsey Out of the Woods -Taylor Swift Red -Taylor Swift Two Ghosts -Harry Styles From the Dining Table -Harry Styles Green Light -Lorde Alive -Sia Shake it off -Taylor Swift Bird Set Free -Sia Radio -Lana Del Rey
  10. Wonderland is such a bop like wow and the enchanted mix with wildest dreams is magical like I was snatched when she did that on tour. I would also have to say that red was my favorite album of hers. So much emotion and effort, it was amazing.
  11. They also say Charlie Puth will come out, ship it or nah?
  12. Hey guys, so have any of you guys heard of the 2017 predictions account on twitter? It's an account dedicated to predicting 2017 events in advance, a year earlier. Some of their claims have come true, but I'm still very skeptical. What are your guys ideas on this account? Coincidence? Educated guesses? If you haven't seen it the account user is @2017_predict
  13. Hope it's Rihanna or Taylor, but Taylor is signed to Diet Coke so that can affect her chances and Rihanna might just get snubbed another year.
  14. Melodrama by Lorde in my opinion is great both lyrically and musically. Give it a review, would love to know what you think!