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  1. You Don't Do It For Me Anymore, Here We Go Again, Stone Cold Lady Gaga
  2. A Cardi stan in a Nicki thread, how shocking! Anyways no one said it was a rap song, you delusional fuck. And the song aged like fine wine btw.
  3. ahem https://www.metacritic.com/music/bloom/troye-sivan
  4. you stan tana mongeau. ANYWAYS! yeah I think it's a bit similar, but I don't think anyone would intentionally copy azealia on anything ??? whatever, the song is boring and will probably flop so in the end who cares?
  5. average bpm is 122 pop 88% dance pop 78% post-teen pop 64% electropop 28% viral pop 14% r&b 12% welp. I guess the pop music freak kinda jumped out.
  6. not to be the nihilistic bitch that I am but charts don't mean much in this day and age. but anyways Nicki is much more talented by a long shot, for starters she has good flow...not everyone has that to their credit.
  7. a homophobic male rapper!?!??!?!? omg what I'm so shocked
  8. God is a mid 2010s fad doesn't even come close to most of Demi's discography
  9. sis it's a joke leak I'm just trolling also I'm not being serious about your friend being deaf WE-
  10. that was all Ari, you're just deaf! https://goo.gl/jhdo9m
  11. the only good pop album this year was when my heart felt volcanic by the aces
  12. “I knew I shoulda farted, at least I’m being honest”