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  1. Jeez I don't know why I didn't do this review earlier seeing as how I listened to this legend's album ages ago (and still listen to it now). I'll be reviewing the repackaged version (Halcyon Days) because the more stellar tracks the better, right? Ellie Goulding debuted with a electronic/pop sound on her debut album Lights, which peaked at number 21 on the Billboard 200. Continuing on to 2012, Ellie released Halcyon, which reached number 9 on the Billboard 200. A year later she released the repackaged version. And here, ladies and gentlemen, is where we see Ms. Goulding's most bold and lush album to date. All of the tracks on this album feature Goulding singing more passionately than in her debut album. The production is, once again, lush, but is also a lot more edgier but melodic than in her debut. She has definitely grown as an artist and changed her sound up a bit, but in a more mature way. It's very evident there was a lot of thought and passion that went in to creating this work. In my opinion, there is literally no fault to this album. The addendum melds perfectly with the original tracks on the album and honestly deserved better on the charts. One of my favorite albums of all time. ⭐️ 10/10 Best Tracks: The whole album Worst Tracks: None of them. That good of an album.
  2. I listened to these albums a few days after this was posted but I'm just getting around to writing the review right now ?. In the Zone: where to start with this album. Overall I liked the R&B tinged pop production and all the tracks pretty much compliment each other. One of my favorite tracks is the lead track. Madonna and Britney just bounce off each other's lines/verses and it just melds seamlessly. Stellar track to be honest. And that really could be said for most of the tracks on the album. Britney's vocals really compliment the production it's pretty timeless. I could see myself listening to several tracks on this album for months on end. One problem I have though, is the slower songs near the end of the album. The Hook Up, Shadow, and Brave New Girl just sound really out of place and her vocals make the tracks extra weight for the album. ⭐️ 6.5/10 Best Tracks: Me Against the Music (feat. Madonna) Showdown Everytime Early Mornin' Worst Tracks: (I Got That) Boom Boom (feat. Ying Yang Twins) The random remix at the end Glory: This album is one of my favorite works from Britney Spears. I think it's one of the more "poppy" albums she's crafted but it really doesnt do her wrong. She tends to have a knack of writing strong hooks and having talented producers work on her albums. That's essentially what I hear on this album. Britney doing what she does best, and with her this far into her career, and having this album debut in the Top 5, you know she's still got what it takes. ⭐️ 9/10 Best Tracks: Most of the album Worst Tracks: Do You Wanna Come Over? (Not a bad track but the others are much better)
  3. Day 0: You are alone and afraid. Day 1: You hear gunfire off in the distance. Day 5: You encounter some survivors... they run you off. Day 14: You find a reinforced shelter. Day 16: You hide while a horde of zombies pass. Day 17: You hear gunfire off in the distance. Day 24: You hide while a few zombies pass. Day 26: You encounter some survivors... you band together. Day 30: You find a hunting knife. Day 39: You find a reinforced shelter. Day 40: You are swarmed by zombies... you fight them off. Day 43: You see a helicopter fly overhead. Day 61: You find a pile of corpses. Day 63: You encounter some survivors... they run you off. Day 73: You are swarmed by zombies... you fight them off. Day 75: You hear gunfire off in the distance. Day 77: You are attacked by a zombie... you fight it off. Day 94: You get lost while searching for supplies. Day 102: You are swarmed by zombies... you fight them off. Day 106: You are injured by a booby trap. Day 114: You hide while a horde of zombies pass. Day 122: You get lost while searching for supplies. Day 127: You find an unlooted store. Day 136: You are swarmed by zombies... you fight them off. Day 145: You see a helicopter fly overhead. Day 155: You find an overturned ambulance. Day 158: You find a hammer. Day 174: You find a pistol and ammo. Day 234: You find a first-aid kit. Day 246: You find a pistol and ammo. Day 296: You are swarmed by zombies... you have been bitten. Day 297: You die... you zombify.
  4. Sorry for not posting more reviews lately... a lot has been going on and I don't have too much time to listen to albums. I'll get back to reviewing soon though (like tomorrow). I promise
  5. Honestly I wasn't too happy that I had to listen to this album. Being the first album I've listened to thus far, however, I'm a little surprised. The album has a number of club-ready tracks, and some doo-wop, and some power ballads and some piano driven ballads. While most of these tracks are top tier (in terms of production and lyrics) I feel like LM just didn't know which way to go with this album. There are just too many types of sounds. Overall, it's just another great pop album greatly inconvenienced by having too many influences. ⭐️ 6/10 Top Tracks: Touch Power Private Show Worst Tracks: Oops (feat. Charlie Puth) Beep Beep
  6. Def. won't stop her from doing w/e she pleases though. And claiming that it will, for a fact, flop is just closed-minded. But dead the argument tbh.
  7. Hey, don't use Cuca at me just cuz you think she'll flop. And even if she does, that isn't what artists are all about. If they make music just for sales they're a sellout, which we know Selena not to be. But go off lmao.
  8. Because she can do what she wants. Especially if she believes it contributes to her image, her personally, and/or her music.
  9. Anything before 2000 I refuse to do ? I have to force myself to listen to anything before then so it wouldn't be enjoyable for me... Sorry
  10. Really, I did not expect this of Mr. Styles. Still, by far, not my favorite album. As soon as I got into it, I sensed a ton of inspiration from the Beatles. I'm really not a fan of the Beatles. One could even say... I hate them. Fortunately, Mr. Styles takes influence from other musical eras including funk, which is featured on the track, "Woman." This is by far my favorite track with Sigh of the Times closely behind. The falsetto featured in Sign of the Times really changed my perception of the track and even Styles himself. I just wish the stylistic choices and vocal performances on these tracks were abundant throughout the rest of the album. ⭐️ 4/10 Top Tracks: Sign of the Times Woman Worst Tracks: The rest of the album