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  1. Tana Mongeau vs. Trisha Paytas

    Anyone who votes for Tangerine Mongoose has no taste. Queen Trisha outsold
  2. Have any famous people blocked you?

    Normani did on Twitter so I made a new account
  3. I need a rapper for an upcoming Armani release as well! Anyone interested?

    Title: Paradise Acoustic Artist: Armani Release Date: December 16, 2017 Length: 3:50 Genre: Pop | R&B | Acoustic Treatment: Remix WRITTEN by: Armani Bijoux, Nate Cyphert, Ian Kirkpatrick, Henrik Barman Michaelsen, Edvard Forre Erfjord, Lisa Scinta PRODUCED by: Ian Kirkpatrick, Nanzoo, Armani Bijoux & VIAVE Label: Freaky Entertainment, Warner Music Group Sample credit: "Paradise" containes an interpolation of the 2017 song "Don't Say You Love Me" by the girl group Fifth Harmony LYRICS INSTRUMENTAL Title: Paradise (Funk Wav Remix) Artist: Armani & Calvin Harris Release Date: December 16, 2017 Length: 2:51 Genre: Pop | R&B | Funk Treatment: Remix WRITTEN by: Armani Bijoux, Nate Cyphert, Ian Kirkpatrick, Henrik Barman Michaelsen, Edvard Forre Erfjord, Lisa Scinta PRODUCED by: Ian Kirkpatrick, Nanzoo, Armani Bijoux & Calvin Harris Label: Freaky Entertainment, Warner Music Group Sample credit: "Paradise" containes an interpolation of the 2017 song "Don't Say You Love Me" by the girl group Fifth Harmony LYRICS INSTRUMENTAL
  5. Trisha Paytas Mobbed by Fans in New York City

    Awe my fave! She's so sweet with her fans.
  6. Guys, it's time for me to come out... I'ma massive Camila Cabello stan

    1. Unbeyleivable


      I’m so sorry to hear that... I’ll pray for your recovery. :demilip:

  7. I've talked to Azealia on Facebook from time to time, let me just hit her up
  8. RIP Nicki Minaj

    a mess I should sell my Reputation tickets now I'm a flop fan
  9. RIP Nicki Minaj

    What!? A white pop girl who just released an album more relevant than a female rapper who hasn't released an album in 3 years?
  10. RIP Nicki Minaj

    I guess all we can do now is Reminisce on her 'career'
  11. RIP Nicki Minaj

    Remember when Remy Ma did this at Summer Jam? No? Neither I just saw it on Twitter. Anyways, we are now at the end of 2017, and I find it quite interesting that Nicki was not the one whose career died... NICKI MINAJ Chart entries - 13 Highest position - #8 Certifications - ~ 5,900,000 REMY MA Chart entries - 0 Highest position - N/A Certifications - 0 Discuss x

    ARMANI VISITS WKKF 102.3 // USA Armani has kickstarted her career with the recent release of her debut single ‘Paradise’, and the follow up promotional single 'Waves'. The 20-year-old, who travelled all the way from Haiti, is gearing up to have a massive first album – and it all starts with the first single. In an effort to promote the singles, Armani stopped by WKKF 102.3, a radio station in New York, earlier today. Below you can find the interview, so make sure you check it out! ON 'PARADISE' "I can't believe it's only been like two weeks since I released this song. It feels like I've been talking, and stressing, about it for a lifetime! I'm not going to lie, all this promotion and performing has made me a little obsessed with the song - but not in a self-absorbed way, if that makes any sense at all. Like I'm just constantly humming or singing it no matter what I'm doing. For example, at the Billboard Awards rehearsals for Toda la Noche, I started singing Paradise it was just that stuck in my head. So I don't really know if this is a good thing or not. But, either way, I still absolutely adore the song and am so proud of how well it is doing and the reception it is getting. I wish I could individually thank everybody who got it to where it is, but it'd be impossible. There's so many different people that came together for this - from fans to my manager. So I just want to extend a really honest thank you, and show how grateful I am, to everybody that has supported me in this journey!" ON BBMAS "God, that was crazy! I'm so happy that my performance is done though. I was honestly so damn nervous leading up to it all. Like what if I forgot the words? What if I couldn't do the dance? What if there were technical issues? Thank God it all went smoothly. There was so much preparation that went into the night and I just want to congratulate everybody for how well they did. Ever nominee and winner absolutely deserved it, and I couldn't be more proud of all of my peers. There was some insane performances too! My favourites would have to be Shawn, Olly, Fergie & Ariana! Although everyone did stellar. The night was such an amazing experience for me, too. It was my first red carpet event and it was so weird. Like, you get on the carpet, and suddenly you're expected to pull out a million different poses for a million different cameras. Everybody is saying your name, and before you know it, you're being moved along. I wasn't actually able to talk to anyone on the carpet, because I was a little late, but I just want to say I appreciate all the love that was shown to me!" ON CHARITY "I think that, as artists, giving back is one of the most important things we can do. It's the reason why I decided to partner up with Give Back Brands for the release of my debut fragrance, Island Gyal. All sales profits go towards Hope For Haiti, an incredible organisation dedicated to my home. Hope for Haiti works to improve the quality of life for the Haitian people, particularly children. I think, given that I grew up as a child in Haiti, this was the most obvious choice of charity for me. It really spoke to me, and took me back to my childhood in the nation. My upbringing wasn't horrible, but there's such a noticeable difference as to how I grew up compared to how American kids have grown up. It's just something i have noticed since I moved here just over a year ago. The brand really leans towards the philanthropic ideas I would like to lean towards going into the future of my music career. So, I'm really happy I was given the opportunity, and just want to urge all my peers that charity is one of the greatest gifts we can give!" After the interview concluded, the host thanked Armani for stopping by. The host reminded everyone to buy "Paradise", as well as "Waves" and "Toda la Noche", on iTunes. Then, "Paradise" was played on the radio. Be sure to stream "Paradise" on all streaming services! Buy it on iTunes as well! Follow Armani on Twitter (@COPCAL_ARMANI)! Make sure you request "Paradise" on your local radio station! Check back here often, as we will always have the most recent updates on anything and everything Armani!

    ARMANI & J BALVIN APPEAR ON MUSICA MULTISHOW // BRAZIL Perform Toda la Noche "Ola Brazil! Meu nome é Armani e eu estou aqui para executar minha nova música 'Toda la Noche' com J Balvin!" The instrumental for Toda la Noche starts as J Balvin joins Armani on the stage. A few backup dancers also come up onto the stage. Armani and the dancers are wearing all black while J Balvin sports a more colourful outfit. The two dance a little before they begin singing. "You took me up so high, I said 'Slow down, We've gone past our floor'" Armani interacts with the crowd as she sings backup for J Balvin throughout the first verse. Before the chorus begins, she comes up behind him and they synchronise their bodies in a wave. During the chorus, Armani dances as J Balvin walks around and checks her out. J Balvin gets the crowd to wave their arms in time with the music, too. "In a worn down apartment / Penthouse in Manhattan / As long as it is toda la noche" For the second verse, they both partner off with a backup dancer. Armani's choreography is a little less intense as she is the main singer of this verse. In the pre-chorus, they join together again, and Armani twerks a little on him in time to the music as he sings. She smiles and giggles when she's finished. "Bailamos baby / Amáramos like crazy / No esperamos here with me" Throughout the chorus, the two dance around and have fun, dancing on each other and smiling. The backup dancers are performing a routine based around the waist and hips behind them. In the bridge, Armani shows off her vocals as J Balvin watches and interacts with the audience a little. The backup dancers stop for a moment and come around Armani, before breaking off when the final chorus hits. They end the performance facing one another and singing together, before J Balvin bows to Armani as the instrumental finishes. "Eu te amo Brasil!"

    ARMANI UNVEILS PARTNERSHIP WITH SNAPCHAT Partnering up with social media platform Snapchat, Armani is going full-force promo for Paradise. The partnership will bring a new filter to the platform, which promotes Armani's single 'Paradise'. The filter features her signature, palm leaves and tropical flowers, Spotify and iTunes buttons, and scrolling text saying 'Now Playing - Paradise by Armani'. The song will play when the filter is added to a video or photo. Many artists have done this in the past and it has proven be an extremely effective strategy to promote the song to different audiences. The filter will be found on the app until January 5, 2018.

    ARMANI DISCOUNTS MUSIC Toda la Noche - December 16, 2017 - December 23, 2017 Paradise - December 16, 2017 - December 30, 2017