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  1. No. I don’t care how much I hate someone I’d never be able to bring myself to kill them.
  2. Wasn’t it exposed that he deleted his messages? Because it sure looks like a conversation was going on. And can we call out Akademiks for his blatant disrespect too?
  3. They are freestyles. I know you're not super familiar with rap and hip hop, but these have always been a HUGE part of the culture. They are released only on Audiomack (a non-mainstream streaming service) and are still getting hundreds of thousands of listens in a matter of hours.
  4. I’m so happy she did what she did tbh
  5. I agree. And her choreography wasn't completely embarrassing either.
  6. @Elusive Loverboy going from supporting Normani to making transphobic, borderline racist, jokes about her after becoming buddies w Indie is rather humorous tbh.

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    2. Elusive Loverboy

      Elusive Loverboy

      @Minaj à Trois Can you stop? I'm getting really sick of your weak drags.

    3. Riding The M-Train!

      Riding The M-Train!

      @kordei spilt tea, I wasn't making a drag for clout, or even making a drag...

    4. kordei


      @Elusive Loverboy @WeKeepOnRockin I said borderline racist. I can give you a history lesson on why calling a black woman a man or masculine is racist / problematic if you'd like


  7. Nicki because a rapper will never be a gay icon.
  8. TITLE: Djadja ARTIST: Aya Nakamura RELEASE: January 25, 2019 GENRE: Pop / Afropop WRITTEN by: Aya Danioko PRODUCED by: Perspective Production, Le SIDE LENGTH: 2:51 TREATMENT: Lead single 'Djadja' serves as the lead single from French pop singer Aya Nakamura's debut album. Lyrically, the song is about a man who is spreading rumors about Aya surrounding her sex life, as well as the fact he is chasing her for sex. The production is afrobeat infused pop. The song is in French. LYRICS AUDIO
  9. @starlord Can I restart? I don't want Nicki anymore or any of the bookings nn (can I get a refund sksk) I'd like to sign Aya Nakamura
  10. NICKI MINAJ ON TRL // US [JAN 18] Nicki stopped by for an interview and to surprise some fans! H: Please welcome rap superstar Nicki Minaj! Nicki walks out to Chun-Li and waves to the audience before taking a seat. H: Welcome! That just playing was your new record Chun-Li, how's it feel to finally have it out? N: First of all, thank you for having me! And you know, I only recorded Chun-Li like last week, so it really hasn't been some hugely anticipated thing for me. H: Only a week ago? That's crazy! What made you think this was the right track? N: I remember I was going through beats with my producer, Chevi, and he landed on this one. It was at like 2AM, but as soon as he pressed play I knew it was the one. I was straight in the booth. The hook is actually freestyled. H: So it really just came to you? N: Like magic! H: Do you ever think about sharing the creative process with the public? N: Yeah, of course. I always do some sort of documentary to accompany my albums, and I don't want this to be any different. H: So you're confirming a documentary? N: You could say that. I always have Grizz on deck recording everything we do, so I have a lot of footage from the last couple of years waiting to be released. That's all I'mma say. H: Well I hope you do release something, I need that inspiration! N: I'll make sure to do it just for you! H: [Laughs] Is finding inspiration ever hard for you? N: Not really. I mean sometimes I feel like I've hit a block, but so much has happened to me in my lifetime that it's like I'll always have something to say. I don't plan on stopping what I do anytime soon. H: Well I sure hope you don't! Now, we have a few mega fans here to see you... Three of Nicki's fans come up behind her and hug her. N: Oh my gawd! You scared me. How are you? F1: So inredible! H: You have something for the fans, right Nicki? N: Always! I want to let you guys know how much I love and cherish and am grateful for you, and I want you to stay in school, so I'll be paying for your university fees as part of my 'Student of the Game' program! The fans freak out and Nicki stands to hug all of them. H: Thank you s much for being here tonight, Nicki! N: Anytime! Chun-Li plays as Nicki dances with her fans and the host reminds everybody to purchase Chun-Li.
  11. NICKI VISITS Z100 NEW YORK // US [JAN 18] Nicki stops by the New York radio station to promote her new single 'Chun-Li'! H: We have the incredible Nicki Minaj in the studio with us this morning, how are you? N: Better than I've ever been! H: That's good to hear. Did you miss the spotlight during your hiatus? N: To be honest, I didn't really at all! I love my fans so much, but sometimes you just need time to really refresh and recharge, you know? That's exactly what the little break was for me, and I feel I'm back and better than ever! H: I couldn't agree more! Chun-Li is one of the best tracks we've heard from you yet, what inspired it? N: I watched the media talk about me and react to my hiatus, and saw that even when I do nothing they make it into something. It was really just how people like to portray me. H: Now, your last album was released over four years ago now, are you worried people have forgotten about you? N: Maybe, but I know that what I have to offer from all those years of making music will pull people back in. Sometimes it's about having faith in the material more than the fans or the public, and I definitely feel that this time around. H: Do you think Chun-LI is a track your fans will enjoy? N: Oh, definitely! I really wanted to go back to my roots of just rapping, and I think the New York ass beat on the track will help too. And I made sure to still keep in some of those theatrics that helped me stand out when I came out. H: I definitely noticed that. Would you say the rest of the album is of a similar style? N: I don't want to spoil too much, but I'd have to say not necessarily. My fans know I love to experiment with different sounds, and no Nicki Minaj track will ever sound the same. I can say this will be my best work to date! H: I don't doubt that all, if Chun-Li is any indication! N: Aw, thank you so much. H: We can't wait to see how the rest of the era goes and we wish you well in the future. Thanks for stopping by today! N: My pleasure. H: Before you go, would you like to introduce Chun-Li? N: Of course! Hi, this is Nicki Minaj, and you're listening to 'Chun-Li' on Z100 New York! H: We will be playing Chun-Li at the top of every hour today. After Chun-Li played, the host reminded everyone to stream and purchase the track!