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  1. nnn you think i'd return to this shithole? lmao.

    i thought after this time y'all would have changed but you're still the same group of mindless hateful people who can't have a conversation without spamming threads with the same tired hate.

    it's 2019, level the fuck up.

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    2. New Beginnings

      New Beginnings

      the lashings have been swift :rly: we really have been thirsting for a carbie to drag, don't deny us the pleasure sus skskskks

    3. Homojénik


      You posted "Cardi is fakin' it up" as your comeback thread. Don't act all high and mighty :rip: 

      Hypocrite like fave :rip: Glad you learnt so much about victim complex from Nazi. 

    4. New Beginnings

      New Beginnings

      Lol seriously though drag it @Homojénik :kelly: came back to start drama with the goddi gang and it backfired badly and now plays the victim. A garb through and through lmaooooo