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  1. There’s people who GENUINELY believe Nicki is paying for student loans to outshine Cardi I-

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    2. kordei


      She needs to be public about it in order to inform people that it's happening. How you gon pay people's loans if nobody knows you're paying loans :rip:  don't be delulu sis

      Besides, Cardi isn't doing anything like this so I don't see how it's 'outshining' her. Nicki did this last year before Cardi was even a thing too nnn

    3. DictatorIndie


      Um she doesnt NEED to inform people shes doing it, most good people who donate to charity or do good deeds do so without shouting it out to 20 million "followers"/eggs on twitter.

    4. kordei


      But the whole point of it is that she's repaying fans who helped her get to where she is. Obviously she's going to ask her FANS that FOLLOW her what they need. Again, how else would people know about it? 

      Come on sis pls don't be part of the delulu Bardi Gang nd join the good Cardi stans.