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  1. She made terrible single choices because she didn’t want to be ‘safe’, despite releasing one of the most basic albums of the year.
  2. He didn't even respond to what she said though? Like congrats you spent hours on free content, but you still gave an (ex)racist a platform for 'redemption'.
  3. Zara Larsson - Lush Life (Single)
  4. ARTIST: Zara Larsson TITLE: Lush Life RELEASE: October 19, 2018 LENGTH: 3:18 GENRE: Pop WRITTEN by: Emanuel Abrahamsson, Marcus Sepehrmanesh, Linnea Södahl, Fridolin Walcher, Christoph BaussIman, Conta Hultén PRODUCED by: Freedo, Shuko LABEL: Opulent Entertainment TREATMENT: Lead single Released as the debut international single by Swedish popstar Zara Larsson, Lush Life is an uptempo tropical-inspired pop song about having fun with no regrets, and living a 'lush life'. The song was written during writing camps for Zara's debut album, and production was competed by Freedo and Shuko. The track serves as the lead single to her forthcoming international debut studio album, which is yet to be officially announced. LYRICS AUDIO
  5. OPULENT ENTERTAINMENT 19/10 Zara Larsson entire discography Tinie Tempah - Girls Like (feat. Zara Larsson) David Guetta - This One's For You (feat. Zara Larsson) Clean Bandit - Symphony (feat. Zara Larsson) Poo Bear - Either (feat. Zara Larsson)
  6. Opulent Entertainment Artist: Zara Larsson
  7. Happy b'day king :gaycat6: :kiss:

  8. I'm erasing and redoing the Queen era. So she has her career up to 2017
  9. https://twitter.com/NICALMINAJ/status/1049208395398492160
  10. I expect you to respect my religion as I respect your personal beliefs.
  11. Justine Skye entire discography In My Feelings - Kehlani Get Like - Kehlani Escape - Kehlani Touch - Kehlani I Wanna Be - Kehlani One Of Them Days - Kiana Lede Wicked Games - Kiana Lede Fairplay - Kiana Lede Take It All - Kiana Lede New Balance - Jhene Aiko Sativa - Jhene Aiko OLLA - Jhene Aiko
  12. JUSTINE SKYE ON KPFK 90.7 FM // October 5, 2018 Talks dream collaborations, Get Like, and her come up! ON DREAM COLLABORATIONS "There is so many incredible people in the industry today, and so many different interesting artists and music, that I wouldn't really know where to start. I mean, obviously working with some of the greats like Rihanna, Beyonce, Jay, Wayne is the absolute dream, I think they're all such amazing artists and trailblazers for their genres and times! There's also so many new talents, like I'd love to do something with SZA or Normani, or go back and forth on a song with Zayn, I think that could be really dope. Let me actually make a note of reaching out to him when I leave here!" ON GET LIKE "I'm so proud of this song, and I don't think i could have chosen a better lead! I mean, sure I have some other great radio songs that I've made, but I just feel as though this one is the perfect representation of where I'm at right now. Even if I'm not in love with anybody, the overall happy vibe of the record is something I just want to share. With everything going on in my life right now, I honestly couldn't be happier! Especially now my first ever single with a label is out, and I've heard from so many different people saying they love it. I actually just messaged my manager and told him we need to film a music video as soon as possible, so hopefully I'll have that out within the next few weeks!" ON HER COMEUP "A lot of people wouldn't know that I didn't just get signed out of nowhere, and I actually was releasing music on my own for the last five years. I acually started with covers on YouTube, and actually my first cover that did really well was a Drake song! Which is crazy, because he actually reached out to me this morning after Get Like dropped and congratulated me on it! Then in 2013 and 2015 I dropped two EPs on my own, and my second one Emotionally Unavailable got me noticed by a few different labels. I actually signed to Atlantic, however I didn't release anything under them. And then this year Freaky Entertainment reached out to me after one of my covers went viral, and now here I am!" After the interview concluded, the radio host reminded everybody that Justine's new single 'Get Like' is available, before playing it on the station!
  13. JUSTINE SKYE ON JAMES CORDEN // October 5, 2018 Talks about new single, dating life, and performs Get Like! ON GET LIKE "It's so crazy that it's finally out! I've been holding onto this song for a couple of months now, and to let it go out into the world was so crazy and scary. I didn't know how people would react to it, or if anybody would react to it at all. I didn't even stay up until midnight for its release, which is a little weird because it's my first single and all, but I was lowkey tired and I knew that if I stayed up I wouldn't be able to sleep once it was released. But yeah, the song is a really upbeat pop R&B track, and it's just about being in love with someone who can bring you out of your shell. Because it was one of the first songs I wrote when I started working on my album, I thought that it'd be a perfect lead single. Now I'm just hoping everybody else feels the same way about it!" ON DATING LIFE "You know, I'm kinda just chilling right now. I've done the whole dating thing in the past, and it's like now I just want to enjoy being single and not having any commitments. And I know that might seem weird, because my song is literally about being in love, but honestly I'd much prefer to write about it then experience it right now! Being single is definitely something we take for granted. All of my friends are starting to get boo'd up, so when we go out I'm always the wild one - and I don't mind that at all. So to put it simply, I am single and totally enjoying it!" PERFORMANCE The stage set is fairly simple, with some lights and lasers set out behind Justine. She is joined on stage by two backup dancers that are wearing bodysuits that match Justine's two-piece outfit. The beat of Get Like comes on, and Justine engages the audience. "How are you all feeling tonight!?" As she starts singing the first verse, she stands centre stage, tapping her foot and clicking to the beat of the song as she focuses on her vocals. After her backup dancers circle around her, she starts singing the second part of the verse and breaks into some light choreography. They move forwards, with the dancers following behind in a triangle formation. As she sings, "Stare me all the way down to my thighs," she does a body roll backwards and drops to the floor, before snapping back up for the pre-chorus. Justine begins to work the whole stage area, walking across it in time to the music as she sings the pre-chorus and her backup dancers continue their choreography. Right before the chorus starts, she quickly moves to the centre of the stage. Her energy is now a lot more focused on dancing, as she performs a fairly intense routine to a backing track, only really singing the backing adlibs, "Get like this for," and "Feel like this for". She fully sings the last line of the chorus, and pauses before a flash of light signals the second verse. She performs the second verse similarly to the first, but focuses a little more on keeping the crowd engaged. In the chorus, she opts to sing it all this time rather than perform the same routine, and as she sings "All you, all yours, it's yours, it's yours," for the bridge, she gets the audience to wave their hands and clap to the music. The instrumental is stripped slightly for the final chorus, as Justine delivers a vocally powerful ending to her performance. JC: Justine Skye everybody! Wow, that was incredible and tiring just to watch! JS: Thank you! JC: Justine's new single Get Like is available NOW, so make sure you go get a copy! Her Outfit:
  14. ARTIST: Justine Skye TITLE: Get Like RELEASE: October 5, 2018 LENGTH: 2:51 GENRE: R&B WRITTEN by: Justine Skyers, Rupert Thomas, Masamune Kudo PRODUCED by: Sevn Thomas, Rex Kudo LABEL: Freaky Entertainment, Sony Music TREATMENT: Lead single Released as the debut major label release by R&B artist Justine Skye, Get Like is a light-hearted R&B track about letting go of inhibitions for somebody you love. It's an overall happy song, and displays a sweet side to Justine. She wrote the song herself, and production was handled by Sevn Thomas and Rex Kudo. The track serves as the lead single to her forthcoming debut studio album, which is yet to be announced. AUDIO LYRICS