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  1. I streamed it on Tidal and I have no idea how to use last.fm with that nn
  2. Yet you’re comparing sales from the late 90s / early 2000s to the 2010s...
  3. Then, to be fair, Kim’s albums could / were likely certified based on shipments too then?
  4. Both Ball For Me and Big Bank went Top 20 though. Her song with Thug was the highest charting from his EP.
  5. Stop misquoting her. She says they’re writing about 69 because they have no real dirt on her. She said they will soon be exposed in reference to her mention of God. And she’s saying they wanna bully her because every other day there’s a negative article about Nicki. Not that hard to understand sis.
  6. No, I’m not, I just find it interesting how Nicki only has ‘impact’ if you’re able to make it into a negative thing. And I mean Cardi helped a pedophile get cheques w/ Bodak Yellow, a hit I’m sure you’ve gloated about in the past.
  7. She didn’t come for Gaga, she pointed out the hypocrisy and double standards in the media / industry, which you only just reinforced with this response.
  8. So you’re telling me Nicki is the reason FEFE is successful? Ok! Where does she ‘clearly say’ that? She wasn’t even defending him at all in those tweets? You’re delusional
  9. Where did she say the BBC was paid to talk about 69? The paying and 69 mention were in two different tweets
  10. Did you just ignore what I said? Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded was certified platinum BEFORE streaming counted for certifications. BEFORE. So now I’m just questioning the accuracy of chartdata. And you keep talking about ‘free click certifications’ when that’s just what the industry is now. You’re so stuck in the past it’s funny. Besides, Pink Friday literally outsold all of Kim’s albums in pure sales...
  11. I don't keep up with Kim, but I just read on Wikipedia; Which is where I got the information from Also sis, what are you even talking about? It was certified Platinum on June 22, 2012, before streaming was counted into certifications (May 2019) and before the re-release was put out (November 2012). Even so, the industry is shifting. You can't stay stuck in the past and completely disregard new chart rules adapted to suit the new era. Well, Pink Friday is 3x Platinum, Pink Friday: RR is 2x Platinum, as is The Pinkprint. And, the thing is sweetie, Nicki's albums can and have outsold Kim's! As I've already given evidence for here; You wanna keep going? lmao.
  12. It's been 13, going on 14 years, and it could focus more on her life now rather than the past, if that makes sense. Besides, the documentary could tie into the album / album process.