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  1. I wouldn’t necessarily say she’s a gay icon, BUT:
  2. NICKI MINAJ LAUNCHES NEW WEBSITE Ahead of the release of her new single, rapper Nicki Minaj has launched a new website as a way of teasing the release. As of now, the site is fairly plain, featuring a countdown to the release of the song as well as a teaser. We can only assume that as the song is released and this era progresses, the site will be updated. The site can be accessed HERE.
  3. I made a cover for Hard White for CAL and I- 


    1. Elusive Loverboy

      Elusive Loverboy

      You realize if the nazi would stop just throwing out single after single and actually promote what she had out at the time she wouldn't flop so hard with every release right? Who's gonna tell her? :whereisit:

  4. Demi would. Y'all stupid saying Nicki knowing damn well she wouldn't do that, of all things
  5. It's objective, to be honest. As a rapper, Nicki is better and that's really not debatable though. This seems like an odd comparison anyway.
  6. I believe it’s been eligible for 3x Platinuk since October last year nn
  7. I think it should be. Realistically it’s her impact that made the song so successful (see 6ix9ine’s other releases).
  8. Even if said artist was on the original song? like Majesty (feat. Eminem & Labrinth)
  9. On some platforms she’s a lead but on others she isn’t nnn But I guess since it was on Queen for a while she is a lead.
  10. Cardi will have a good year but I feel her success will slow down a little. Ava will have a Dua / Zara type year with a big international hit and a bunch of successful songs in Europe. Ariana will have a HUGE year with her new album. Depending on when she releases, Rihanna will dominate. If Nicki releases NM5, it will do similarly to Queen, however I feel it will help her win back the GP.
  11. I’d rather listen to Drip on a continuous loop and have Cardi be the Princess than... this. And that’s saying something.
  12. Huh? Do you even understand how the education system in Australia works Why would Islam (which in itself is a chosen case study for the elective course Studies of Religion) become a course that a primarily Christian / Atheist country must study? Some of y'all are just... no words.