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  1. please pretend it's not ugly thanks As soon as Gaga's «Provence» was made available for digital download on iTunes a promotional banner went up on most servers around the world, promoting her brand new single. The banner will be up for the rest of the week.
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    listening to The Distance for the first time... Let's see
  3. A-P-P-L-A-U-S-E


  4. uuuuh Taylor's voice isn't really unique but she can snap sometimes
  5. you'll find out tomorrow cause if I say now it might give it away
  6. there's one keyword that if you say it you win the idol/advantage so list off everything you can think of hunnies
  7. Tea now y'all can start hunting for that idol/advantage while I PM you the clue
  8. CLUE QUESTION @Dangerous Woman @Barbie @Avril Lavigne @AngryAzalean @Mr. Gorgeous @Diaboliq @Fly @Starboy @Woman Like Jesy @The Boy @Queen of Venus @Knowles 💎 @Heartsigh @Roobz @Treacherous Lovatic @kipperskipper @XxJTheBerrixX @neonnights @Jimmyxcx @SelenaFenty @Ahmed @Elusive Loverboy
  9. HIDDEN IMMUNITY IDOL & ADVANTAGES It's finally time for idols to start entering the game... Get ready for some blindsides, surprises and tables turning thanks to them What's an idol? What's an advantage? Go read about it in the info thread But how do you get them? I'm glad you asked first we'll start with a trivia question, the first to answer correctly will receive a CLUE that'll help them find the idol/advantage, to find the idol you have to talk like you're IN Survivor, on the island, playing the actual game, there's one key word and if you post it, you'll win it! BUT the twist is, you don't know what will be up for grabs tonight, maybe it's an idol? A legacy advantage? A vote steal? It could be anything, and only the winner will know, unless they choose to share that information Now let's start! Good luck, and remember- outwit, outplay, outlast!!!
  10. as I climbed the mountain, my molars hurt anygay don't start yet!!
  11. The queef I let out poor @shmeur But that's a point to Gigi, which means - you also win immunity! Tsetse, I'm sorry but tonight you're going to Tribal Council again, see you And now - it's time to hunt for idols and advantages, get ready...
  12. LAST CATEGORY (GIGI VS TSETSE) @Dangerous Woman @Barbie @Avril Lavigne @AngryAzalean @Mr. Gorgeous @Diaboliq @Fly @Starboy @Woman Like Jesy @The Boy @Queen of Venus @Knowles 💎 @Heartsigh @Roobz @Treacherous Lovatic @kipperskipper @XxJTheBerrixX @neonnights @Jimmyxcx @SelenaFenty @Ahmed @Elusive Loverboy
  13. A Tsetse tea right there! You hoes slayed