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  1. Am I the only one who thought Mayhem won that one? The edit is really starting to show
  2. Cracker was robbed, I’m good with the btm2, Monet lost any chance she had to win but I still think she’ll make it far, Vixen is pressed that miss Aquaria and Eureka slayed her ass.
  3. You can change it by editing the OP of the PM
  4. Taking Madonna kissing Britney and Xtina
  5. get into it! We already did the first challenge, your tribe is headed to Tribal Council
  6. I love it! But how can the total be 100 if the score for this round was 48?
  7. I love it! Great job @Maren Swift
  8. wig flew into my anus, through my entire digestive system and back out from my mouth, but it didn't get digested, it crystallized, and now she's a glamazon wig ready to fly to venus
  9. The challenge is OVAH and the results are in! Both tribes managed to submit in time, but one of you didn't quite finish... Before we get on with the results - here are the music videos from the screenshots: The team that submitted 10 out of 10 correct answers, and won immunity from the very first tribal council is... And that means that the team who will be heading to Tribal Council today, with 9 out of 10 correct answers is... And that concludes the first challenge, thank you to everyone who attended, hope you had fun, and see you tomorrow at 1PM EST for Tribal Council and the 2nd Immunity Challenge!