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  1. Where have you been queen?

  2. This is all really cute considering I was actually added to the events team over on F*TP bc my games have been successful I think it's funny how you wanna call it your game when you've literally just copy and pasted from the original lmao. It ain't your brand so I'll use the name all i please At least I've changed it up and made it unique. I've had more success with more seasons. But I'm the flop.... ok sis, now talk about delusion
  3. In all fairness I had no clue you had a game already. But also weren't you the one who left the forum a while back? So who else to carry on the game, with more success? Things in life happen. Sorry that the internet doesn't consume my whole life and I'm attached to a forum filled with people I'll never actually meet. You act like Slasher was your idea, like you invented this shit lol. You might've brought it to the forum back in the day but I was the one who made it an actual hit that sticks like grits sis. I made the game FUN and brought in new concepts You wanna negotiate, well my PMs are open Not even trying to be shady but I don't remember you or any beef we had. It's all in the past, and I've def moved on from who SANDCASTLES was before. I was not aware of the rules, it's been a hot minute since I've been on (Our lovely Tom drove me away)
  4. Reserved (someone mass tag everyone pls and ty. Idk how lol)
  5. Hello Uglies... It's me... The Grandmaster Slasher I've been resting my weary bones and prepping a special season filled with twists, turns, sex, violence, and DRAMA! I can't reveal much because HE"S WATCHING.... but HE told me to tell you that sign-ups are now open.... and he needs at least 12 or more sacrifices players! So signup below and once the list is filled we can start! If you don't know how to play, read the description below and let me know f you have questions! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. What is slasher? Slasher is a party game created for about 12 or 14 people, but can be accommodated for more or less. A group of players are killers, and they have to vote on who to kill in the group of campers. So basically two teams. Alot of this game has to do with Private Messaging so i hope those of you who sign up will commit to it The game is short, it takes about a week or two. So don't expect to invest a lot of time into it, i just need your vote when the time comes. How To Play: The game is split into two events. Day time and Night time. I know we all have different time zones so instead of actual day time and night time it will be fictional. In the day time, all players will chat in the thread and try to get to know eachother as much as possible (to reveal if their slasher or camper) In the night time, killers will vote in a private groupchat who to kill while campers are asleep. After someone is killed during the night. In the daytime i will announce (as the narrator) who was killed and how and what role they were (camper, psychic, cop, ill get to that later tho) In the day time, campers need to vote on who the killer is. They can also chat amongst themselves, even the killers pretending to be innocent. If they are right when voting, a killer is eliminated. If your wrong, you just killed an innocent member on your team How to win: All slashers need to do is kill all of the campers. Campers need to get rid of the all killers before it is too late. If there are more killers than campers then the remaining campers lose.
  6. Need a place to download music from. Recommendations?

    1. Guest


      ...spotify is $5 a month with a student email.

      But any piratebay proxy will work. Just torrent them.

  7. Hello........

    It's me....

    Grandmaster Slasher...

    1. Dirkje


      Heeeey sis! How are you? I missed ya! :hug: 

    2. Rainbow 💫


      I've been good, just busy. I'll make a life update post tomorrow

  8. Hey guys! If anyone has a way for me to download Reason or FL Studio music software (for free), please contact me ASAP. I have a music project due in a couple days

  9. oh.. hello there

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      Hi, BLANDCASTLES :greenface: 

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      The best beyuki stan is back :oprah3:


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      Leaves for another month*

      Hello legend :wendy25:

  10. I lose brain cells entering this site 

  11. It's the best album of 2017, that's why She doesn't plan on doing another album
  12. Fuck you mean sis? I haven't gotten any DMs about games so???
  13. I'm alive btw, just busy as usual. So don't replace me as Mod (bitches)

  14. Damn. I'll give Drew Barrymore to you and @Frozen will need to pick either Anything or Wavy