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  1. i didn’t even know the 13 reasons guy was gay...but good for sam
  2. the general public is not checking for Shania. she has loyal fans that will actually buy the album but miley and demi both have hits off of their albums and more people will stream the albums too.
  3. bodak yellow is a bop, can't wait to hear her album! she deserves the success, and FUCK snakelor
  4. its gotta be B'Day, its the albums anniversary
  5. I want to hear the piano version! I love this song a lot, and its so heartbreaking now
  6. I've never heard anything like that, she's a really sweet person
  7. its her debut and she's classified as "alternative r&b" and she outsold a main pop girl's album
  8. wait, this is def Taylor shade. what iggy video did halsey copy?