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  1. Oh boy this is what I'm worried about. Even if it's a bop I could see religious people freaking out lol
  2. I'm a fan, but I agree some stans are insane. They're making her look bad with all their wild replies on any pop culture tweet lol
  3. From the way people are describing Ariana's next official single (God is a Woman) it sounds like it'll be a very very good song. I wonder if the general public will / won't hop onto it though, because of the title of the song. I could see some butthurt people saying that God is a man, not to talk about God like this, etc. What are your thoughts?
  4. GP couldn't name a song other than Work / Needed Me / Love on the Brain
  5. I love Anti, one of my fav albums, but that's sorta a 'flop' in her career in the eyes of the GP
  6. Probably his friends going out with him to get his mind off the breakup
  7. Chin lift, I didn't know it was a thing, but it makes such a difference
  8. August 20 is a monday and July 20 is a Friday, wouldn't it make sense for it to be July 20
  9. Didn't she just say "rap" wasn't the real her? I'm not saying make songs like We Can't Stop / Love Money Party, but songs like Can't be Tamed, Party in the USA, Wrecking Ball type of songs
  10. I think she could if she just went back to pop songs
  11. Cannot wait. Crazy they were working on this before Dangerous Woman came out
  12. I think so, the producer of the video produced Lemonade and the director directed videos like All the Stars, Humble, Firework, Havana, and Loyalty
  13. Thank you, I wasn't sure if that's how it was or not, I'm glad you clarified it. I guess I could download spotify stream it on there and buy it on iTunes
  14. Sorry for all the questions I'm clueless with this, I know 1500 streams = a sale. I wanted to buy the song, but is it possible to also listen to this song by streaming it on apple music if when I purchase it it'll automatically already be in my library?