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  1. It's_been_84_years.jpg

  2. Good mornTing, ladies. Miss Britney Jean Spearsus sang a whole song live last night. That is all. Please continue with your normal homosexual activities.

  3. Um I just realized that Melanie Martinez has beem mia for months :wendy19:

  4. BritKnee Spearsus Skinny Too relevant A pop icon A meme legend When will your fave But seriously, Glory was a fantastic album. If she and her team would just get off of their asses and promote, then she wouldn't flop so hard. Then again, she truly doesn't have anything to prove. We've been knew that she's legendary!
  5. L4L is here, FTP's new album is here, and Splatoon 2 is here. Tis a good day, ladies :britjam::trisha:

    1. Believe In Furler

      Believe In Furler

      I picked up Splatoon on my break, we should play one day! Did you end up adding me?

    2. Myah Jean Spears

      Myah Jean Spears

      I did! Just lemme know whenever you're free, sis! :demifat:

  6. Yikes. She needs someone to hire someone to mix them vocals
  7. Invitation- 6 Do You Wanna Come Over?- 6.5 Make Me (featuring G-Eazy)- 8 Private Show- 7.5 Man on the Moon- 7 Just Luv Me- 7 Clumsy- 8 Slumber Party (featuring Tinashe)- 8 Just Like Me- 6 Love Me Down- 8.5 Hard to Forget Ya- 7.5 What You Need- 7 Better- 9 Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortés)- 8.5 Liar- 7.5 If I'm Dancing- 6 Coupure Électrique- 7 Mood Ring (I'm still not sure if I should include this)- 9
  8. Miss Dua Lipa and Shawn Mendes can GET IT
  9. I guess I'm really Siri Jean then
  10. Love to buy if I can, but I usually stream
  11. Mommy Roast noticed me on 7-12-17!!!!!!1111