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  1. Korn, Limp Bisket, Good Charlotte, Falling The Reverse, Of Mice & Men, Arch Enemy, Nortland, Trophy Eyes! and a few more haha...oh and Issues. OMG the england one this year is amazing, because they got Asking Alexandra, bring me the horizon and new years day playing but sadly its in UK D=
  2. I'm fallin for a dude that is probably always going to be one sided
  3. Host: So Tonight we got a the new singer Denis Stoff! Audience Cheer Denis: Hey man! thanks for having me guys! Person 1: Oh my god, I do love you're accent! Denis: Oh really? thank you! *he laughs* Person 2: British? Person 1: No, he has like a Russian accent about him! Person 2: I only hear British! Person 1: I'm trying to guess! are we right or! Person 2: No I'm right! I mean that is spot on Denis smiles and nods his head, going red a bit Denis: No you're right, I am actually from Ukraine Person 1: Oh that is near Russia Denis: Basically same thing so yeah. Person 1: So cool, so cool! Host: Anyways Denis, you just released a album just last month, how is that going for you? Denis: Yeah really really good man, I just finished touring the States with Black Veil Brides & Asking Alexandria, so right now I'm prepped! I went back to ukraine for a bit i'm wanting to get back on the stage again. Host: so you are planning a new tour? Denis: Yeah man! i'm so stocked! I'll be also touring with Marnstar, so performing a lot but i'm stocked! Host: Oh that is right, you help record that album? Denis: Yeah, we are actually really excited! tho I've been in the studio in my spare time, it's going to be such a busy year for me..but I'm ready! Host: I'm excited! I mean you been doing music for a bit, you also have your own line with Urban Classics? Denis: yeah, a little one! it's cool to be the face, tho I basically wear anything from them now! getting free clothes from them, it's so cool *he laughs* Host: Well it's your first time on our show? so we are really glad you came on Denis: likewise man. Host: So You'll be performing Empire your new single for us in a bit! Denis: Yeah, video coming out I think next week too, so i'm pretty keen for that. Person 2: I'm sorry I have to butt in, but I am obsessed with Empire, I admit I catch myself singing to it even when it's not playing! It's just one of those tunes! Denis: thank you! but yeah it's risky song for myself to release but It was fun, I even had a bull recording it! Skip is a pretty cool dude. Host: Well I'm excited to see you perform it! so yeah will be right back to see the amazing Stoff Perform! ///// The Lights Dim Purple while the instrumental for Skips part comes on! Denis Gets on and "whips his hair" He comes on with a he starts to sing the first verse of Empire! bit of smoke comes up from the stage! Once the chorus hit the band comes on harder! Denis Jumps Up & Down Singing the chorus with his hands up, charming smile! Sure as the tide rolls in at night I'll still be here at the end of days screaming at the sky Let the fire consume and cleanse what's before me Behold, I'll build my empire before the ashes hit the ground Denis walks up once the music mellows down once hit goes back to Skips Instrumental Part, he walks up to his guitarist! and puts his arm on the shoulder and gives a cheeky smirk! Then goes back to singing his part of the song Even if the sky was falling down (down, down, down) Even if the sky was falling, I'm not falling down I stand tall through it all I've risked too much to just give up now I'm pushing on through (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) Once The Song ends Host Comes Out With Denis Album Cover! Host: Oh wow that song is bopper! Don't forget to buy your copy of Underground in nearest stores or on itunes!
  4. Yeah, you just don't know what to say to them without sounding rude, there little faces when I told them i don't follow the bible! it's like you came to my door! But I'm sure they get it a lot. They may even come across the wrong people one day too.
  5. Adding my most fave songs atm to a playlist!
  6. This just proves I used to overplay the heck outta FH Best Album I was actually stan! and why im upset they are breaking up!
  7. I'm assuming my friday? I'm not quite sure! it normally updates on a friday
  8. Sorry @Trainwreck I edited ur post so we a can get it to 20 votes! Please Vote Up Guys