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    Music, Forums & Affection
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    Warchild - Nekocat
    Find You - Nick Jonas
    Soap - The Animal In Me
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    Pressure - Drag Me Out
    The Black - Asking Alexandria
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    Amo - bring me the horizon
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    Bring Me The Horzon
    Motionless In White
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    Eskimo Joe
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    Love Island
    That 70s Show
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    Big Brother AU
    Switched At Birth
    Make It Or Break It
    Pretty Little Liars
    South Park
    The Fosters

    Adding more once I remember
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    Camp Rock
    High School Musical
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    Denis Stoff
    Nick Jonas
    Drag Me Out
    Bring Me The Horizon
    Ariana Grande
    Joe Jonas
    Asking Alexandria
    Avril Lavigne
    Jonas Brothers
    Make Me Famous
    Down & Dirty
    Demi Lovato
    Selena Gomez
    The Saturdays
    Girls Aloud
    Motionless In White
    Black Veil Brides
    Taylor Swift
    Fifth Harmony
    Little Mix
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    Post Hardcore

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  1. I personally still think you should find a new owner. I'm sure someone would take this site. Pay monthly cost even if may 3 or 2 all host it. And make it better. New owner, new members, probably even a new name? But no...
  2. To keep in contact when the site closes 



    Work in progress tho

  3. I'm really upset it's closing for good, tho I saw it coming i just didn't want to believe it. I am going to miss you I hope I can keep contact with you all on discord or Twitter. I hate for this to be the way we all part ways. I will miss cop a lot tbh. Nothing tops this site. Atrl is too buggy and too many errors and fotp i dont feel safe around. So you won't see me doing forums anytime soon unless a new one comes around. But sadly 2019 forums are not as big as they were
  4. Omg she looks so good as a 70s goddess here
  5. Tim McGraw - 3 Picture To Burn - 17 Teardrops On My Guitar - 50 A Place In This World - 15 Cold As You - 15 Tied Together With A Smile - 19 Stay Beautiful - 15 Should've Said No - 15 Mary's Song (Oh My My My) - 4 Our Song - 24 I'm Only Me When I'm With You - 15 A Perfectly Good Heart - 18
  6. Drowned World / Substitute for Love - 22 Swim - 4 Ray of Light - 23 Skin - 3 Nothing Really Matters - 30 Frozen - 82  The Power Of Good-Bye - 35
  7. Down - 3 He Like That - 15 Sauced Up - 14 Don't Say You Love Me - 82 Angel - 37
  8. With You 12 Caution 97 A No No 6 Giving Me Life 31
  9. When will your fave?  Denis is too nice to me. The ink is a year old


  10. I make these weekly or every 2nd week! I been doing 90s lately! Throwback 90s kids
  11. sweet you do things like this too i make 90s ones lately! where do you upload yours?