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  1. Actually that is a good idea, tho i wouldnt want to have the result days clash with another megarate ♡ you think my deadline should be paused?
  2. Okay @hammer has sent me the submits, you got to thursday of you havent sent yet send em my way ♡ @VIP @Members @Moderators @Verified VIPS @VIP Moderators @Newbies Giving a mass tag to do a reminder if you already sent, dont stress i got em
  3. Does anyone know how maren counted the plays?
  4. Heartsigh


    Welcome to cop
  5. I been swallowing cold & flu tablets every 2 hours because I dont want to be sick but I was cuddling my sick bf yesterday..its only a matter of time
  6. Nicki is STUNNING! I hate big boobs but on her it looks great. Cardi is cute tho...she has cuteness as nicki as sexiness
  7. She's one of my besties here, I do miss her @Blue Sunshine She's not on wop yet tho, she doesn't like that we split she felt like she betrayed us for being with them which isnt true, I also got connection with them too, please come back sis @Blue Sunshine you still got that deserve mod spot x
  8. Reaching 22k is a lot harder then I thought
  9. Sent... firestarter for the win ♡
  10. Sad reacts only :jan1:

  11. Oh I already know what my 11 is gonna be