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  1. A username to fit my ugly flop self.  

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    2. L U K E

      L U K E

      You shouldn't value anyone's opinions but your own :gaycat:

      Look at me, my fave hasnt popped up in the news or charts once in her career but I don't care one bit whenever people shade me for it, or ignore my existence because of it :gaycat: And I was only nominated so that the category would reach the required number, people wouldn't even know I'm a Britney stan without seeing my sig. I'd rather be in the alt girl stans category or something of the sort, but it doesn't even really matter to me anyway whether or not I was nominated at all.

    3. Gratitude


      At least best band stan is up there x3 yeh im surpised luke ur not up there for alt stan. Tho seeing jt its the same 15 members over and over again and repeated. 

      But even before the award thing i felt kinda outsided and all i just never said anything :( i have since the day i joined. I mean i joined for indies sake then got attached to cop bc everyone seems so cool but now it seems to be that click running the site now :( and as much as i try to commuicate with em its oh who are your oh wait your that denis fan? 

      I feel like being under the rater like adam now x3 


    4. jackgrande


      Sis you’re not ugly or a flop omg :trisha: