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    Marnie ♡
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    A Stan ♡
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    Music, Forums & Affection
  • Favorite Songs
    Warchild - Nekocat
    Find You - Nick Jonas
    Empty Room - Heartsigh
    Soap - The Animal In Me
  • Favorite Albums
    The Black - Asking Alexandria
  • Favorite Concerts
    Bring Me The Horzon
    Motionless In White
    Andy Black
    Parkway Drive
    Lady Gaga
    Selena Gomez
    Eskimo Joe
  • Favorite TV Shows
    Love Island
    That 70s Show
    Gossip Girl
    Gilmore Girls
    Big Brother AU
    Switched At Birth
    Make It Or Break It
    Pretty Little Liars
    South Park
    The Fosters

    Adding more once I remember
  • Favorite Movies
    Camp Rock
    High School Musical
  • Favorite Artists
    Denis Stoff
    Nick Jonas
    Asking Alexandria
    Make Me Famous
    Avril Lavigne
    Bring Me The Horizon
    As It Is
    Girls Aloud
    Black Veil Brides
    The Saturdays
    Parkway Drive
    Vanessa Hudgens
    Demi Lovato
    Selena Gomez
  • Favorite Type of Music
    Post Hardcore

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M A R N ✮

I'm Marnie, From Australia, The Metal Head That Is Hooked On Pop Forums, I am the member who will make fun of pop and call it crap in public but when home alone I am stanning for loving pop songs with you guys <3

The underrated alternative chick you all love to know :)


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  DENIS STOFF                  NICK JONAS                     OLI SKYES                    BEN BRUCE



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