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  1. Can ppl get a life and stop dragging denis? I come on cop to get away from bullying. Dont chase me away pls.  My story im bullied so much in real life, that i begged mum for us to move away we got screwed and losing the house in 2 weeks bc of the bank and me bc i had to get away asap.   

    Denis is the only person who i keep fighting in life. He inspires me he isnt perfect people misjudge him for mistakes like i do, why i got my denis tattoo which he told me in comment keep being happy and smile and when im down look at the tattoo.

    Cop also is my get away, to be around nice people who actually dont hate or bully me.

    So pls dont start..im on edge in real life i dont want to here too. I want u all to know happy me not the broken me

     Denis stoff is my light dont shade and wack it. His all i got in my proper stan list. Stop wacking and calling him out when u dont know a single song of his. 

    Im sorry for rant but pls let this go. I dont wanna leave cop this soon i enjoy being a member and mod here. Dont chase me out.