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    Warchild - Nekocat
    Find You - Nick Jonas
    Empty Room - Heartsigh
    Soap - The Animal In Me
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    The Black - Asking Alexandria
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    Bring Me The Horzon
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    Lady Gaga
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    Love Island
    That 70s Show
    Gossip Girl
    Gilmore Girls
    Big Brother AU
    Switched At Birth
    Make It Or Break It
    Pretty Little Liars
    South Park
    The Fosters

    Adding more once I remember
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    Camp Rock
    High School Musical
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    Denis Stoff
    Nick Jonas
    Asking Alexandria
    Make Me Famous
    Avril Lavigne
    Bring Me The Horizon
    As It Is
    Girls Aloud
    Black Veil Brides
    The Saturdays
    Parkway Drive
    Vanessa Hudgens
    Demi Lovato
    Selena Gomez
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    Post Hardcore

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  1. R.E.M - 37 successful - 6 everytime - 13 breathin' - 65 no tears left to cry - 74 goodnight n’ go - 19 get well soon - 10
  2.  I Did Something Bad- 118 Don’t Blame Me- 26 Dancing With Our Hands Tied - 90
  3. Buy I'm sorry by drag it out and stream it
  4. Take It Off 35  Dancing With Tears In My Eyes 174
  5. Why am I such a fuck up...we were getting good again and then my aniexty had to explode and make it worse again
  6. My girl crush ♡ Tho I prefer her other music video.
  7. I've seen the shakira one a couple of times...the rest just looks like a darn mess
  8. I ate the muffin man, but spat out his shoe
  9. These are old tweets...Can people stop digging up old dirt His old news...a one hit wonder...next
  10. They prob dont hate them, they prob just think they are overrated or not into there music. Doesnt mean they only stan for flops
  11. Beyonce by far...adele has a voice but she is boring and her voices puts me to sleep