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  1. I dunno how ive won 2 days in the past D:

  2. hey folks

    Popjustice sounds awful. Welcome hun
  3. hi kuweens

    Hi Kari
  4. who was your first COP friend?

    I dont remember me much in the old cop i know i was a section mod and had blog full of gifts but wasnt really well known. I felt more comfortable on this one
  5. Celebrity Tattoos (Includes Poll)

    Btw i got an avril lavigne one atm and i sorta have demi lovato one it ya count the birds
  6. Celebrity Tattoos (Includes Poll)

    Yee im getting one of denis but as a anime cartoon
  7. Having a bad day i could handle seeing guy i like have interest in someone else but loggin into being off top 20 :,( SNIFF

  8. The most beautiful girl in Pop music

    Rihanna, Demi & Selena they are 3 stunning babes. Ariana is very pretty too
  9. Oiii who threw me across the list to 20 :o

  10. Random Thoughts

    Guys an update. He took a selfie with my bully. It is over i flipped out and told him to get outta my life
  11. Random Thoughts

    No he likes the beetles and queen. i dunno he just came across a bit weird to me..
  12. Random Thoughts

    Omg i just cant get into this guy but i cant reject him neither bc im always getting rejected by guys. He is way too fem for me
  13. Random Thoughts

    Crush: omg marnie thinks i actually like her, just using her to get the girl i like jealous Ex: i dated her for 2 months to get the girl im with now. Worst 2 months ever i think she still loves me shes so patheric Past crush: i ussd her to get my ex jealous. Omg shes best prop ever because shes so stupid she thinks we actually like her
  14. Selena caught lip syncing in a commercial

    Maybe she was told too, shes stunning...all we need is her face