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  1. Demi's not the first or last to have a B&W cover, it would be a waste of coins to sue over something like this.
  2. Why do I have a feeling this song might be leaked soon?
  3. I'm hoping some sort of collab happens honestly, even if it isn't something big.
  4. Do they respond? I'm tempted to ask but I dont have any bitcoin.
  5. It would've made a nice track on Dollhouse. I think Melanie has some good songs in the vault, its a shame we might never get to hear most of them unless they leak.
  6. I hope we get a full untagged version soon.
  7. For $360 you could get a better set from Morphe and still have money left over. Keep it, Kylie.
  8. Like when she stole that vintage look from Dita Von Teese? As if, Katy.