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  1. The extent some people will go to to drag a nobody that no one has ever defended or mentioned in this forum omg it's so sad :britcackle: 

    1. Smollett4Prison


      The extent you'll go to avoid dragging one of your own brethren is even funnier...you've said so much regarding this topic but nothing on the actual topic of the topic :shriek: Gotta protect your own racists I guess! #LauraGate2.0

    2. KarenFromFinance


      I have nothing to say on it because it's short and simple: if he's racist then he's cancelled. The fact still stands you made that thread to try to cause drama with other members who disagree with you on several topics and not to create any type of fruitful discussion. And those are the facts :britcackle:

      I'll stop writing here before you and others try to drag me for writing more than two lines as an answer :britcackle: