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  1. “I’m literally so nice to everyone” 

    *calls you uncultured, untravelled and basically an ignorant* 


  2. And you’re really desperate to come for me if you think I didn’t mean it was 36% of Black people smh Its called context sweetie, if you’re going to call me uncultured and untravelled you shouldn’t make simple mistakes like that
  3. The sad part it’s “exploding” but it’s still so low 36% approval for an “elected” president is embarassing to say the least
  4. The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Pretty Little Liars and The Simpsons Stream Friends on Netflix
  5. Nnnnn what a mess COP proving once again their double standards, if Nicki had thrown a shoe y'all would have crucified her by now Well actually you people are still trying to do that even tho the girl remained unbothered by the whole thing
  6. Not you defending IDC The only way Blazed would be better than TLIC is if Pharrell wasn't on it
  7. You two need to find Jesus smh Blazed is the worse song in the album and the megarate is here to prove that
  8. Get Well Soon gets me everytime.mp3
  9. This is going to be so hard, my favourite song changes everyday Except for Blazed, sis can choke
  10. The lyrics to this have never been more heartbreaking than they are today May Mac rest in peace and may Ariana find peace during such a hard time
  11. The sad part is they probably are young adults/teenagers just like us who think they're making sense
  12. Anyone trying to blame her for his death is honestly sick, but considering so many people had no issue whatsoever in blaming her for Manchester, I'm not that surprised at what the Internet has done in this sad day
  13. I know omg It's honestly shocking that people can be like that, she should have been receiving messages of love and compassion, just like anyone who just lost someone dear to them. The matter at hand is that Ariana shouldn't have been brought up in the first place, and whoever did is sick.
  14. Why does the internet have to be such a vile place, people can't even mourn someone they liked without being awful towards someone else, have they no compassion? Do they think she's not upset too? Honestly, the fact twitter and instagram even had to mention her, it should be about him and the legacy he'll leave I'm so upset by the news, he was such a great underrated artist and I can only imagine the struggles he had during his time here