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  1. That's what I thought :rihwink: 

    End Thread.

    1. Elusive Lambily

      Elusive Lambily

      Cause I'm all that you want boy

      All that you can have boy

      My dick's spread like a buffet

      Boner - Bon appetit baby

  2. We been knew sis, I was coming here to post the same
  3. The delusion jumped OUT Britney remained relevant and got #1's after 10+ years in the game, after having a breakdown in front of the whole world and having two children. She still put out some of the most iconic pop records there have been. She's the youngest person ever to get a star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame, she has 6 number albums, the best selling Vegas residency of all time, and some of the most recognisable pop hits of this century. Not to mention she's sold over 100M records, not everyone has that to their name That, to me, is the definition of an icon and a legend. That, to me, is the princess of pop.
  4. Underwhelming success? She's the fifth best selling female artist of ALL TIME We'll be lucky if Ariana even reaches the top 30 She literally changed pop music and made it relevant again in the late 90's I refuse to believe a pop stan is going to just sit there and ignore everything Britney has accomplished in her 20 year old career
  5. The sis clearly didn't read my comment, I said to go to NHB, not the Lounge
  6. I mean... who wouldn't? She is a great character tbh. Showed more character development than all the other plastics
  7. Go awf sis, go awf. I wasn't even here when that rule was made, it's not my fault you didn't know it. Also stop trying cause drama
  8. Keep trying sisters :cardi2:

  9. No one does OT: Welcome @rose, I'm sure you'll post some great content And don't forget to stream God is a woman on Spotify
  10. Don't forget to stay on topic, if you want to make a thread about any of us (not that you would ever) you should move to NHB