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  1. Kinda hard not to be on battlegrounds considering there’s only like 4 threads made everyday now and 3 of them are on battlegrounds
  2. Why can we have 10000 threads about LOP (which no one but you cares about btw) but if there’s one thread with a topic that’s actually serious it’s wastelanded?
  3. :eartha: Gurl... sis can’t even defend herself cause she knows she’s in such deep shit :eartha:

  4. Idk how you do it but your comments always sound like Trump tweets, and this is not a compliment
  5. What about Madonna's several collaborations with Nicki? Did you lose all respect for her too?
  6. Don’t let them get to you sis, the fact they obsess more about artists they don’t like over the ones they supposedly stan is enough for me to know that they’re not mature enough to have any impact on me with their comments
  7. It shouldn’t be anyone’s business what people do with their sex lives, celebrities or not. I still don’t understand why people think being a slut is a bad thing, do they even have any evidence or reasonable argument? PLUS why tf do they think they’re better than people who are sluts and think they’re entitled to judge others? I find all of this so funny, it’s kinda sad that grown people still struggle to see just how problematic they are
  8. So you agree, you have double standards based off misogynist opinions?
  9. Stick like toffee, sip like coffee Wake up, change your mind and drop me Love to hate me, crazy, shady Spit me out like hot wasabi Lick me up, I'm sweet and salty Mix it up and down my body Love to hate me, praise me, shame me Either way, you talk about me
  10. That high note at 2:29 gets me everytime.mp3
  11. Sweetener all the way With You is a bop tho
  12. I think it's hilarious how men, specially some gay men here, love slut-shaming women but in the past have bragged about all the men they slept with during a certain trip to North America The ignorance and misogyny jumped out once again, but are we surprised?
  13. Considering all the transphobia, internalised homophobia and all the other things that I’ve seen in this forum, I’m not that shocked about slut shaming