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  1. Dangerous Woman best tracks are deluxe edition, why?

    Greedy, Into You and Dangerous Woman aren't bonus tracks??? I think you're confused bb

    Cheryl gets in a fight with Uber driver, claims he harrased her. Cheryl arriving to her hotel after the incident happened earlier today Cheryl, 34, got into a fight with her Uber driver last night after, according to reports, he tried to touch her inappropriately as he closed the car door behind her. Sources confirm that Cheryl slapped the driver and proceeded to kick him in the genitals, at which point he got more agressive, nearby witnesses say that at this stage, the driver was infuriated by the scene that was happening so he tried to force Cheryl into the car so they could leave. A witness confirmed that after he tried to close the door, Cheryl had to kick it open while screaming for help. Finally she was able to leave the car and the driver took off, his identity is yet to be revealed and nor Cheryl or her team have released any statements.

    Carpool Karaoke with James Corden James: *on the phone* I'm going to be late for work, is there anyway you can get here fast? Ok, thank you, see you soon *Cheryl opens the car door and comes in, the crowd screams and applauds* Cheryl: Hello there! James: Thank you so much for coming into work with me today! Cheryl: It's my pleasure, I'm curious to see if you're as bad of a driver here like you are back in the U.K. *both laugh* James: Can I put on some music? Cheryl: Sure, go for it! James: let's see what's on the radio... *Crazy Stupid Love starts playing and both sing, Cheryl amazes with a perfect pitch and notes* James: So, how is the U.S. so far? Cheryl: It's been great! I've only been here for two days, but I haven't stopped since, I've been in the studio and also sightseeing, I love L.A. so much James: Talking about the studio, when did you have time to record your new song Black Widow? I feel like it's only been a month since you had the baby Cheryl: Bear is almost 7 months old now! I recorded the song back in May, I came to the U.S. to visit Nadine from my old group, and I had the chance to work with will.iam. again so we recorded the song in about 2 days and I was off back to England. *Black Widow plays and both sing again, James misses most of the words of the song...* Cheryl: Careful! Oh my God you are going to kill me with your driving James: *laughs* I'm a great driver I don't know what you're talking about. Although Katy Perry had a pretty scared face at some stages when she was here Cheryl: Are you sure it wasn't the live singing that scared her? *laughs* James: Oh God... Have you met Katy? Cheryl: Yes I have actually, she's a lovely girl and a good friend. She guest judged once in the X-Factor with me back in 2010, we also went to Graham Norton together that year. *Fight For This Love plays, Cheryl is surprised by James talented singing* James: Right, we're almost there, anything else you would like to tell me before we get to the studio? Cheryl: I have a question for you actually, how are you allowed to drive in this country? James: Just between us two... I don't think I am... Cheryl: *gasps and then laughs* *Call My Name starts playing, both sing for a while and then the camera switches to the outside of the car as it heads into the studio* Tweet
  4. Zoey 101 | Follow Me

    An iconic song that changed music and television forever. Our faves can only wish they could make this much impact
  5. CAL: Discussion Thread

    Where can you get the screenshots to edit tho? I've looked everywhere and I can't find one that looks like the one my sisters have been using

    Black Widow Music Video The song starts with Cheryl staring into a mirror as the camera approaches her from behind, as the lyrics start, the camera moves to the front of the mirror and you can see Cheryl singing through the mirror. Cheryl has blonde hair with dark makeup and long black nails. In another shot, Cheryl is walking down a dark road while performing simple dance moves. As the first verses are about to finish. Cheryl stops walking and looks up to find a tall building that only has one light on, almost at the very top of the building. As the first chorus explodes in, Cheryl jumps and starts climbing the building towards the apartment with the light on. She reaches the apartment and jumps into the place only to find that the person she's looking for is not there. Cheryl, while still singing the lyrics, angrily trashes the apartment and leaves a mark on the wall saying BW before jumping out through the same place she came in from. The last scene in the apartment shows a shattered photo portrait of Cheryl and a mistery man. In the photo we see a brunette Cheryl being hugged by a tall blonde man. For the second verses of the song, sits atop of a tree in the middle of a park, in almost complete darkness. As she is sitting there she is looking for the man from the picture, until she finds him. The man, in exercise clothes, jogs through the dusky park unaware that Cheryl is following him from the tree tops, watching his every move. He stops for a second, almost as if he had the feeling he was being followed, but sees nothing. As he continues to jog, Cheryl jumps down and stands there as the man walks away of the park For the bridge of the song, the man opens the door to his apartment only to find it's been totally trashed. An expression of worry covers his face as he's picking up the shattered photo portrait and looks at the BW written on the wall, he proceeds to call the police from his phone. This part of the story has segments of Cheryl singing directly to the camera, as the song reaches the final chorus. The final chorus blasts as Cheryl is driving a car down a bridge segment of a highway. The camera speeds up and finds that all the way in the front of the highway, there is a police barricade but Cheryl continues to drive, at a very high speed, it's noticeable that her makeup is smudged, and then it becomes clear that she is crying, but she wipes the tears off her face and an evil almost crazy smile shines through her smudged makeup. As the chorus is almost finished, Cheryl comes close to the police barricade. A shot from the distance shows how the car veers off and flies off the bridge into the water. Now that chorus is practically finished, a shot of the man in his new home shows him reading the newspaper next to a woman, his new romantic partner, the newspaper's headline reads *Maniac that flew off bridge presumed dead* and he sighs in relief. The song finishes only for an eery and subtle music to start playing, the camera shows the bridge from the accident and when it shows the underneath of the bridge, Cheryl can be seen there, alive, holding her self upside down like a spider. As the camera comes closer, she opens her eyes and the video ends abruptly.
  7. CAL: Discussion Thread

    How do you make a spotify or an iTunes promo slot? like the ones where it looks like it's a screenshot

    Cheryl announces new partnership with #COVERGIRL as part of her USA takeover
  9. What are your most played songs?

    I just remember that by about the 28th of December of 2016 I had listened to Into You an average of 3.5 times everyday since it's release

    iTunes/Spotify banner

    The Radio 1 Breakfast Show With Nick Grimshaw Nick: Welcome everyone to another Breakfast Show here on Radio 1, this morning we're joined by the one, the only, Cheryl! *Nick and crew applaud* Cheryl: Helloo, thank you for having me, it's been a long time... Nick: I know! When was the last time you were here?? Cheryl: It was right before the final live shows of The X-factor back in 2015, wasn't it? Nick: Oh yeah, yes it was... Anywho, what have you been up to since then, how's the baby? Cheryl: He's doing so well, I've been so blessed to have a child and it's something I have always wanted, he's amazing Nick: And how is Liam? Surely his success has kept him quite busy lately Cheryl: It has indeed, but I couldn't be more proud of him, he released great songs and he's just receiving the success he deserves, and he's an incredible father, Bear and I are so lucky to have him by our side Nick: Lovely, lovely... So talking about Liam, shall we play a little game? Cheryl: Oh gosh... *both laugh* Cheryl: Sure, why not Nick: Right, so the game is "remember?". I'm going to play some old songs and you have to try to remember the next line of the song once I stop Cheryl: I'm going to do terrible in this, I can barely remember most of my own lyrics *chuckles* Nick: Ok, so first up, a gem from 2001, this is Britney Spears with I'm a Slave 4 U *All the people look at me like I'm a little girl...* Cheryl: Uhmm... Give me a second I got this... All the people...OH! It goes, Well did you ever think it'd be ok for me to step into this world? Nick: Yeah! Good job, next one, this you should know, from the year 2000, this is Sound of The Underground *Neighbors banging on the bathroom wall...* Cheryl: Saying crank the bass I gotta get some more... I mean, some would call that song a classic *laughs* Nick: Right... Now, let's talk business Cheryl, tell us about your new single Black Widow Cheryl: Well, I felt like I needed a really strong song to come back after being away for almost 3 years, I remember working with will.i.am on one of my albums and he told me about this track that Britney wrote with Myah Marie, who is extremely talented, and I just thought of that song a few months ago and asked if I could have since it hadn't been released. Britney was so kind letting me have this track and it's really a homage what I'm doing now. Nick: What can we expect from this new era that is upon us? Cheryl: I don't want to reveal more than I should at the moment, Black Widow speaks for itself in my opinion, it's such a powerful and sexy song and I just felt like it was the right song to choose now that I'm focusing in the American market, a market that is so hard to break. Nick: What were your inspirations for the album that is to come? Cheryl: Well, the album isn't finished just yet, but Blackout by Britney and Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande are some of my favourite albums, so I really wanted to go in that direction, something I haven't done before Nick: I see, is there anything you can reveal to us about what is yet to come: Cheryl: *laughs* the only thing I'm going to say is that I am doing quite a several collaborations at the moment, working with incredible artists that I have always dreamt to work with and I'm so thrilled to bring this to the public. Black Widow is one of my favourite songs I have ever recorded and I will say this, the music video is coming shortly and I think everyone is going to love it! Nick: Did you hear that everyone? That's a Cheryl exclusive right there! Even though we can't get much more out of miss Cheryl for now, this is her new single Black Widow, enjoy everyone and thanks for coming Cheryl! Cheryl: It was my pleasure to be here, I'll be back soon hopefully *chuckles* *Black Widow starts playing*

    "Black Widow" by Cheryl Genre: Pop Length: 3:37 Writers: Myah Marie, Britney Spears Producers: Myah Marie, Max Martin, Will.i.am British Pop Princess Cheryl has released her comeback single Black Widow, after taking time off the spotlight to start a family, the popstar is back in all her might. The courageous and bold track is only the tip of the iceberg of what is yet to come in this new era. This will be her first single to be officially released in the UK as well as the USA and she enlisted no other than Britney Spears for her new single, could a collaboration of the two be in the works? Audio Lyrics

    "this video contains content from SME, who has blocked it on copyright grounds"
  14. Demi Should Release a Sorry Not Sorry Remix with a Rapper

    Remixes usually count as one version when they're being played. S&M only went #1 because of both the solo version and the Britney feature version