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  1. Hoping you follow the rules too sis! It wasn’t too long ago you admitted you were allowed to break the rules cause it was your forum so I hope that mentality has been left in the past too. I wish the forum all the best and I’ll always be having a look to see what’s going on.
  2. omg you're back? :shookga:

    1. KarenFromFinance


      I got the newsletter email about ending racism and drama so I had to get online to have a look, that’s all :rihslay:

  3. Happy Birthday bitch! Miss you legend! :hug:

  4. And this thread is already a front runner for worst thread of 2019
  5. In most cases some of the best songs on the album are not released as singles so I'm not worried at all
  6. They lyrics actually go: Been through some bad shit I should be a sad bitch Who would have thought It'd turn me into a savage Once you know she's saying sad bitch you can't unhear it, I thought she said savage twice too but I couldn't believe she'd put that cheap ass rhyme in this bop
  7. Not quite a fan of the chorus yet but I’m sure it’s a grower. The verses are LIT
  8. Wow you really thought you were doing smth with this thread didn’t you?
  9. Her most recent single is a pop rock anthem like her older stuff
  10. It's a shame Latin artists like Anitta and Paulina Rubio don't get more attention for their songs, they have so many bops
  11. I agree but aren't you the one that's always making threads calling female singers ugly and God knows what else?
  12. We been knew She already did it with Successful and the outcry because she's bragging about her fame already shows the double standards